Best Galaxy Note 3 ROMs

This is the page where we will be posting/updating with the “best” Galaxy Note 3 ROMs for the average user.  With that said, we would like to tell you there is no such thing as “best” custom ROM but this list is here to help noobs/beginners find a good, stable custom ROM to start with.

*Note – This list is continuously being updated so please check back often.  Last update – April 16th 2014.

Best Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900 ROMs

  • VN ROM – Based on stock Samsung firmware, VN ROM brings you a mix of nice transparent theme along with many features you will not regret having over stock ROM.

Best Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 ROMs

  • BobCat KitKat ROM – Based on stock Samsung firmware, BobCat ROM brings you a custom theme along with a ton of great features/MODs.   This is certainly one of the best custom ROMs you can get.

Best AT&T Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A ROMs

Coming soon, AT&T Note 3 custom ROMs should be coming in few weeks.

Best T-mobile/Canadian Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900T/SM-N900W8 ROMs

  • Jedi Elite KK ROM – Based on stock T-Mobile stock firmware, Jedi Elite ROM features a ton of great features/MODs developed by proven XDA developer Ptmr3.  You cannot go wrong with this ROM if you are looking to keep your stock Samsung feature but want faster speeds along with features/MODs.
  • BobCat KitKat ROM – Based on stock Samsung firmware, BobCat ROM brings you a custom theme along with a ton of great features/MODs.   This is certainly one of the best custom ROMs you can get.
  • Wicked ROM – Based on stock T-Mobile firmware, Wicked ROM brings you some wicked theme along with many features including wifi hotspot working out of the box and much more.

Best Sprint Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900P ROMs

  • JellyBomb Domination ROM – Based on stock Sprint firmware, JellyBomb Domination ROM is a full-featured custom ROM with a custom blue/black theme and a load of features/MODs more than you can digest in one day.  Developed by renowned XDA user JoshBeach, you cannot go wrong with this ROM if your wish is to have ALL of the features/benefits of having a rooted Note 3.

Best Verizon Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900V ROMs

  • HyperDrive ROM - Based on stock Verizon firmware, HyperDrive ROM is super, blazing fast along with a ton of customization/features, you can’t go wrong with this ROM, must try at least once!!!
  • Jelly Beans ROM – Based on stock Verizon firmware, Jelly Beans ROM is one of the best custom ROMs that keep stock firmware features while adding a ton of new features/MODs and also this ROM is super-fast.  Why would you run stock ROM when you have Jelly Beans ROM?

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You will need a rooted Galaxy Note 3 to install all ROM/kernels.

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57 thoughts on “Best Galaxy Note 3 ROMs

  1. Androiddewdreviews

    Guess we will have to wait for the roms, im happy staying stock as it works perfectly. But beware if you didn´t know by now max, the Recovery is Buggy so please, if you wanna do a backup, be ready for some trouble when you restore.

    You will be welcomed to bootloop heaven, the place we all hate to be at :)

    1. Damian

      Im running Dynamic Kat 2 custom rom on my at&t galaxy note 3 sm-N900A and it completely removed knox lmao. And its awesome!!!!!

      1. Raymond Chan


  2. Brian schweinert

    Just found a secret door for the note 3… to get developer options go to settings and go to about phone, go to build and hit it a bunch of times and it will open developer options..

    1. Pat

      Wow, I have no idea how you managed to figure this out, but it works!! God I can’t wait for custom roms to come out… I hate TouchWiz :(

      1. Arj

        Custom ROMS already out..OMEGA and theres V1 and V2 as well mate… I was rocking V! untillk yesterday when I upgraded to V2…..and everything works smoothly….no bloatware as well..


    YES I am having a hard time installing bootanimations on the note3 usthe manualing rom tool box pro.I also tried way by going to where the boot animations are at .I change all the stock animations by putting .bak.Rebooted and still the stock animation is coming up.Can you please help me with these issue.Thank you

  4. celo

    I am having problems with root .Every time I go into recovery it tells me I have to fix root.Also tried the root keeper programs and none are working.PLEASE HELP.

  5. Raul Moreno

    There’s a hotpot mod out for sprint. Team Venus has it at xda forum. Flash kernel my build and hot spot mod and you’re good to go.

      1. Raul Moreno

        Team venum has a mod out it works on sprint stock. All you have to do is download two files the m15 kernel and the hot spot mod file then just flash it in twrp recovery. You can wipe dalvic cache and reboot. After that you will have native hot spot mod. remember to make a back up just in case your downloads are wrong or corrupt. Have a nice day

  6. Collin Burgher

    Is there any way to keep on 4G when on voice calls? My data goes away when I’m on voice calls and returns after. Please help.

    Thanks in advance

  7. Collin Burgher

    Thanks for the response. I downloaded the file, restarted the phone and when I selected to start tethering, I get the error message “mobile data is unavailable or invalid sim” have the N900A model. Any suggestions?

  8. JIm

    I have posted a couple different place on the problems the Sprint Note 3 users are having with just making phone calls.. Sprint came out with a software update to fix these issues but with a rooted phone we will not be able to update through the usual process because our phones have been modified.. I did find this post

    Not sure when it will be available but looks like the makers of Jellybomb for Sprint Note 3 are aware of this and are working on a fix.. Sooner the better.. Just though users might want to know this…

  9. Greg

    HI Max all this work on different fronts thanks from all of as
    ? I am looking to by Galaxy Note 3 N900t or N9005 LTE to work with Tmobile in US and for travel in Europe
    I red that N9005 is better to SIM and Region unlock (rooting is fixing sim i think) what is you opinion.
    Thanks all for all positive inputs.

  10. Dave Leach

    hi max, just spotted x-note aroma 4.0 are you doing a vid on it and is it all ok, dont want to flash just in case, your help would be appreciated, cheers, Dave.

  11. denizel

    Dear Team,

    I have rooted my phone as per your prosedure and it was sucsessfully .
    Also I have installed “region lock away” software and did as you said.
    Everything goes as per instruction but unfortunately phone still ” sim network unlock pin” and I can not use it.
    Can you please help me sort out this problem?

  12. GlammaGeek

    Hey, have you checked out the Lab Rats Rom? I mean, that baby is some kind of sick. I just love it. Rumor has it that they’re releasing an updated version in a day or so. I have an SM-N900T and it’s working pretty darned good.

    I have no affiliation with the devs whatsoever (except being in love with the ROM), but I just thought it’s something you should check out.

  13. Howard

    There is jellybomb domination by Josh beach and team venum and freeza. Only For Sprint Variant Thx Max You Taught Me All I Know Thanks For Your Videos And Anyone Needs Any Question Let Me Know Thanks

  14. Johny Chingas

    Links please. I need to updated from ml3 to ml5 or higher. I cant because I rooted before the update. Any ideas? ?

  15. WilsonB


    Great vid’s and will bookmark your website..
    Using Verizon Note 3…

    ** Has anyone successfully tried a Android 4.4.2 Rom (w/ Pen working) ? **

    I know it’s any day now when Verizon will push the OTA update, but know it would prob break the Root and SmartStrap boot 3.71

    Long story short.. the other day tried Chmod boot manager and tripped my knox.. ;-(
    ** IF ON VERIZON NOTE 3, ONLY USE SmartStrap.. ***

  16. Raul

    Check out toxic Swamp Rom for sprint note 3. It has a nice green theme and hot sspot working. It’s on Xda development

  17. Geoff

    How long is a few weeks? The AT&T message that the rom’s will be coming in a few weeks has been up for months now! There are many AT&T rom’s that work on Safestrap and have since last year. Why aren’t you reviewing and posting any of those?

  18. RaulMoreno

    Sacs Tom is clearly the best rom for Sprint Note 3. Even the call quality is more vibrant. I updated my phone with Kies to 4.4 to be able to flash this rom.

  19. vriend

    Hello Max and others,

    I have the note 3 sm-n9005 whit bobcatrom XXUDMK2 european firmware base build 3.0/android 4.3/rom developer Apachi/baseband N9005XXDUDMJ4/buildnumber JSS15J.N9005XX

    Now i want to put on the newest bobcatrom for kitkat.
    Is the kitkat together whit the bobcatrom in one packet or do i have to install the kitkat update apart first before the bobcatrom.And where can i found the right kitkat for mine telephone.
    An lot of questions and hope to get the some help from you guys.

    Many thanks so far

  20. SJ

    i have note 3 n900 exynos rooted and installed vn 11 rom..
    i have charging issue, it charge too slow or it does not charge only.. and battery drains fast too..
    what to do..??

  21. Carlos

    Es muy bueno este Foro. Tengo un problema. No soy muy novato en esto pero es la primera vez que tengo un note 3. Cuando pongo el wifi activo, se queda ahi con la palabra “activando…” (turn on) y no hace más. Tengo un note 3 n900 y quisiera saber cómo podría arreglarlo o qué ROM me recomiendan, si es problema de Kernel, si es si, cómo lo instalo…. mi Note 3 es libre de fábrica. Gracias.

  22. tomas

    Hi looking for bit off help after flashing meny custom roms whent back to stock and back to custom lost gps any sat nav i instal or even google maps works fine whit mobile data on .when i choose only gps it cant geth a singnal ….? Any ideas


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