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How to Install SM-N9005 KitKat Custom ROM on T-mobile/Canadian Note 3!


For those of you who want to install SM-N9005 KitKat custom ROM on your T-Mobile SM-N900T or Canadian Note 3 SM-N900W8, Android 4.3 patch does not work.

But the good news is that I tweaked the patch to make it work along with any T-Mobile KitKat kernel such as Compulsion or Saber kernel.

Before you try this, you must have the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat bootloader.  If you’ve never upgraded to the official KitKat ROM for

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How to Install Custom ROM using Safestrap on Galaxy Note 3!

howto-install-custom-rom-safestrap-galaxynote3-1 For those of you who want to install custom ROM on your Galaxy Note 3 with a locked bootloader, now you can use SafeStrap recovery by XDA user HashCode to do so.

This is a custom recovery that works around the locked bootloader so you can install custom ROMs, very similar to TWRP but slightly different.

Currently, only Verizon Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900V is supported but AT&T Note 3 SM-N900A should be supported in the upcoming weeks (my guess is around next week) but the instructions should be same for both.


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How to Upgrade to Android 4.4.2 Firmware With Root on Verizon Note 3!

howtoupgradetoAndroid4.4.2KitKatfromAndroid4.3VerizonNote3WithRoot-1 Android 4.4.2 KitKat TouchWiz firmware just came out couple days ago.  For those of you unrooted with stock firmware, you probably received it via OTA (Over-The-Air).  Well, that can be a good thing that you got the update, but did you know there’s no known root method on Android 4.4.2 KitKat with Verizon Note 3?

Fortunately, for those of you rooted and/or on custom ROMs, you can keep your root and upgrade to the latest Android 4.4.2 firmware without losing root! (All thanks to XDA user BeansT

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How to Use GSM SIM on Verizon Galaxy Note 3! [World Phone]

howto-use-gsm-sim-on-verizongalaxynote3-1 For those of you traveling abroad outside the U.S. with your Verizon Galaxy Note 3, did you know that your Verizon Galaxy Note 3 is a “world phone”?

The Verizon Galaxy Note 3 comes “unlocked”, meaning you can use any GSM SIM card and use it as a world phone.  And yes, this method will allow you to use your Verizon Note 3 on networks like AT&T or T-Mobile.  However, you will not be able to get 4G LTE on AT&T or T-Mobile, you may be able to get 4G LTE in other countries though (if 4G LTE is compatible with Verizon’s 4G LTE frequencies).  HSPA+ w

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How to Install SM-N9005 ROM on T-Mobile or Canadian Note 3 SM-N900T/SM-N900W8!


If you are a T-Mobile or Canadian Note 3 user with either SM-N900T or SM-N900W8, we have some great news for you.  You can now install any SM-N9005 custom ROM on your T-Mobile or Canadian Note 3 with everything working out of the box.

This is for Android 4.3 Jelly Bean ROMs ONLY, for Android 4.4.2 KitKat, go here instead.

Previously, you could install SM-N9005 custom ROM on T-Mobile or Canadian Note 3 but the problem was that Wifi, Bl

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How to Unlock SIM/Disable Region Lock on Galaxy Note 3!

howto-unlocksim-disableregionlock-galaxynote3-1 For those of you who want to use your locked Galaxy Note 3 on another carrier or want to disable region lock because you bought your Note 3 from overseas, here’s how to unlock SIM and also disable region lock on your Galaxy Note 3.

Step 1. Insert a SIM card that’s not supported by your Note 3.  E.g. I’ve inserted my T-Mobile SIM card onto my AT&T Note 3, now I get a SIM locked window when I start my Note 3.

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How to Save Battery Life on Galaxy Note 3!

howto-save-battery-life-galaxynote3-1 A lot of people who are new to Galaxy Note 3 sometimes don’t know how an Android device works and how to save the maximum battery life.  Well, by understanding some of the basics of how the Note 3 works, you will be able to get a ton more battery life.

First, there’s couple things on your Note 3 that will drain your battery the most which includes your screen brightness, syncs on GMail/Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Etc.., and 4G LTE,  There are many 3rd party apps like Greenify that you can use to completely disable apps from draining battery but you can also simply turn off

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How to Wifi Tether FREE on AT&T and Verizon Galaxy Note 3!

howto-wifitether-free-att-verizon-note3-1 For those of you who want to enable wifi tether for free on your AT&T SM-N900A or Verizon SM-N900V Galaxy Note 3, there’s an easy way to do so without root.

Step 1. There’s a bug on the Samsung firmware that allow you to turn on the hotspot toggle through a 3rd party widget so all you have to do is download a Hotspot toggle app such as Hotspot Toggle Widget.

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How to Add Popup Browser to Galaxy Note 3!

howto-add-popup-browser-note3-1 Many of you who have bought your brand, new Galaxy Note 3 have used Galaxy Note 1 or Note 2 before and if you have been missing pop-up browser, here’s how to get it back.

Of course, you can use new Pen Window feature on the Note 3 to get the same effect but it can be cumbersome as you need to take your S-Pen out, select Pen Window, draw a window, select the app, then browse to what you need it to.  With Pop-up browser, you will be able to open up your favorite browser links more easily in one tap like you did with the Note 2.

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How to Install Custom ROM using TWRP on Rooted Galaxy Note 3!

howto-install-rom-twrp-rooted-galaxynote3-1 Don’t know what custom ROMs can do for you? See What is a Galaxy Note 3 Custom ROM first.

To install a new custom ROM, you will need a rooted Galaxy Note 3 with CWM or TWRP recovery installed.

For this tutorial I will be using TWRP Recovery to install a new custom ROM.  To install using CWM Recovery, please see How to In

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