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BobCat KitKat ROM for Galaxy Note 3! [SM-N9005/SM-N900T/SM-N900W8]

For this week’s Galaxy Note 3 ROM of the week, check out the latest BobCat KitKat ROM, available for the international SM-N9005, T-mobile Note 3 SM-N900T, and Canadian SM-N900W8.

Based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat SM-N9005 firmware, BobCat ROM brings you a ton of customization through its AROMA graphical installer and BobCat ROM Control Settings. BobCat ROMs comes optimized for maximum performance, no KNOX, and much better battery life over stock firmwares.

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Jedi Elite KK ROM for T-Mobile Note 3!

For this week’s T-Mobile Note 3 ROM of the week, check out Jedi Elite KK ROM!

Based on latest T-Mobile Android 4.4.2 firmware, Jedi Elite KK ROM is probably the best way to enhance your stock firmware with an AROMA graphical installer (that lets YOU choose which apps to install), enhance your overall speed/performance/battery life of the phone, and plethora of options including Viper4Android, LMT Pie, Floating Notifications, Wanam Xposed, Pen Window Manager, and lots more.

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Anthem IOAP ROM for Galaxy Note 3!

For this week’s ROM of the week, check out Anthem IOAP ROM for Galaxy Note 3, available for any LTE-based Note 3 with unlocked bootloader such as T-Mobile SM-N900T, Sprint SM-N900P, Canadian SM-N900W8, SM-N9005, etc…etc… (If you have unlocked bootloader with AT&T or Verizon Note 3, you can also install it.  E.g. you bought the developer edition.   But does NOT work with Safestrap.)

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Wicked ROM for Galaxy Note 3! [SM-N900T/SM-N900W8]

For this week’s T-Mobile and Canadian Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900T/SM-N900W8 ROM of the week, do check out Wicked ROM.

Based on latest T-Mobile official firmware, Wicked ROM supports Wifi Calling (of course) and native wifi tethering out of the box. To get wifi tether working fully, you will need to add an extra APN in APN Settings, just make additional APN with “” and everything else empty. If you have trouble, see our video above as it shows you.