How to Disassemble Galaxy Note 3! [TEARDOWN]

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For those of you who may have to repair their own Galaxy Note 3 in the future, I’ve made a quick video tutorial on how to disassemble/assemble the Note 3.  This should give you a good understanding of how to disassemble your phone safely and also repair your phone easily by replacing parts if you happen to break them.

If you broke your screen and your touchscreen is still working, please see How to Separate Glass Only on Galaxy Note 3.

If you broken your screen and your touchscreen is not working, please see How to Replace Screen Digitizer on Galaxy Note 3.

And if you do have warranty or insurance, I highly suggest you to use that before trying to fix the phone yourself as disassembling your Note 3 will void its warranty in most cases (if your Note 3 comes with a warranty sticker, my SM-N900 didn’t but my SM-N9005 did).

Step 1. Take the back cover, SIM card, microSD card, and battery out.  There should be around 11 or 12 visible screws.  Use #00 screwdriver and unscrew them all.

howto-disassemble-galaxynote3-1 howto-disassemble-galaxynote3-2

My SM-N9005 came with a warranty sticker on the back (while my SM-N900 didn’t).  If yours has one, you need to unscrew the screw that’s hiding under the sticker.  And yes, this will obviously void your warranty.  If you don’t have one, you got lucky.

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14 Responses

  1. stephen says:

    Can I use a att note 3 board in a sprint housing

  2. Marius says:

    Thanks for great disassembly instructions. My proximity sensor stopped working. I followed your instructions, disassembled, cleaned, reassembled. Voila good as new.

  3. goforce says:

    if I wanted to remove my notes 3​​, I need special screws will invalidate the warranty? I’ve seen some that have the blue signs along the thread

  4. holman aragon says:

    galaxy note n900 CRACKED lcd lcd and touch can serve n900A at&t CARRIER LCD? and to disarm it I damage the flex ribbon chiarging dock and say H_3G can serve the n900A?

  5. holman aragon says:

    galaxy note n900 CRACKED lcd lcd and touch can serve n900A at&t CARRIER? and to disarm it I damage the flex ribbon chiarging dock and say H_3G can serve the n900A?

  6. J Kim says:

    Hi, can you please tell me where I can purchase a motherboard for the Note 3? It has water damage and the repair person told me I’ll need to get a motherboard and he’ll do the installation for me. Also, how much would it be going for now? Thank you in advance Max!

    Go map suh me dah!

  7. Angel says:

    My phone suddenly stopped working of its display. If the device had been power on, it over heat at a place between the camera and the battery. The service center told me to fix the new LCD. After fixing the LCD, they told mother boat also did not work. So I agreed to buy and substitute the new mother boat. After the substituting it, they told that the device still over heat. They said that we need to repair the sensors. How should i tackle this problem? What is the main problem of my device? Could you suggest something, please?

  8. maheer says:

    I want samsung NOTE 3 schematic
    I want compensation instead of legs that have been removed by heating with a Mistake
    Illustrative image of this link

    Thank you

  9. edonissan says:

    I have N9005 LCD broken so Can I use LCD N900 to change it? or any different betwen LCD N900 & N9005? thanks…

  10. sanjay says:

    i want to sansung note 3.n9005.modal.mother board.pls help contact no.9818604890.

  11. ZEUS says:

    Please, can i replace my SM-N900 motherboard with SM-N9005 Motheroard. please reply!

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