How to Unroot Galaxy Note 3!

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Steps 1 through 3

For those of you who want to return your rooted Galaxy Note 3 back to stock factory status, you can by unrooting your Note 3 with ODIN and stock official firmware.

This will allow you to fully unroot your Galaxy Note 3 and make it just like the day you got the phone.  Also for international models like SM-N900 or SM-N9005, you can use this method to change the country firmware.  E.g. You bought your phone in India and you want to use it in France but your phone doesn’t support French, you can install French firmware on your Indian Note 3.

And for those of you who want to just run stock, I don’t recommend this method (only for warranty/returns) but instead find a rooted stock ROM in ZIP format you can flash using CWM or TWRP recovery, that way you can keep your CWM/TWRP recovery and run stock ROM.

This unroot method may ERASE EVERYTHING ON YOUR PHONE, so please MAKE A BACKUP before proceeding!!!

Step 1. Turn your Note 3 power off.  Then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together for about 5 seconds until you see a warning screen.


Step 2. Hit Volume Up to enter ODIN Download mode and connect a micro-USB cable from your Note 3 to your computer.


Step 3. Go to Galaxy Note 3 stock Firmware page to find your stock firmware for the Note 3 you are using.  Make sure to download the correct firmware!


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76 thoughts on “How to Unroot Galaxy Note 3!

  1. Kevin

    Thank you so much Max!!!! You always come through on everything :) I needed to do stock reset, in order to get the software update and then I will root my phone back.

  2. David

    What if I don’t want to mess up all my data
    I just keep my data in my phoen, but i want to root it, what should I do?

  3. sush

    I first rooted my sm-n9005 wondering if i could mod the dock apps, after realising even after rooting it there are no mods out there to do so, so, I unrooted it to the stock firmware. Now, when i check the software update, The phone still says the device has been modified and update service is unavailable. I had made sure each and every step I took to root and unroot were correct and followed accordingly with the correct stock firmware.
    Is there anything that i didn’t do right or haven’t done it yet to get it back to the original state.
    Any help will be appreciated.

    1. Marcos

      Just use an app called triangle away you can find it in playstore which resets the count to zero and then you’ll have the updates again.

  4. wallyhern

    I just purchased a T-Mobile Samsung Note 3 and I’ve been trying to add certain applications that I use on a daily basis to the multi window tray but the phone does not allow me. Is that possible? Are there places were you can take your phone to get this rooting process done?

  5. Robert Ramirez

    Hey Max, I have loaded the updated recovery , but was still not able to do a restore with it going into bootloop. I have even tried unrooting using odin but it still in bootloop. Sigh. i have tried three different computers and different but sill nothing. I’m at my roots end , could use some advance

  6. Bjorn

    Just to let you people know, the international model (SM9005) DOES have a knox counter. So if you flashed a custom recovery you’re knox counter warrenty void will show 0x1, so Samsung DOES know that you phone was rooted and you have NO warrenty

  7. rigo

    When I rooted my phone, the air command tools are gone. Can no longer use clicker on spen. Is there a way to fix that? N900P back on stock rom n firmware but not working. Wtf…lol anyone know how to fix it please!!!!!!!!!!

    1. neezZZ

      see!! no need to worry dude! just go in settings, in the search bar type air command and you will find the option. Just you have to turn it on and the clicker will work!!! :)

  8. Tonny

    Been doing some research and it seems that KNOX can NOT be resetted and thus I mother F’ed my warranty. Should have done my research more thoroughly before rooting. Well if anyone can figure it out please please please provide all of us with the information that you might have. THANK YOU

  9. Richard

    THIS ARTICLE DOESN’T SHOW HOW YOU CAN UNROOT YOUR PHONE. At the moment it looks like it won’t be possible with the Note 3.

    Don’t think that if you root your phone that this technique will give you your warranty back.

    To the owner of this site, change this page because it makes people think that it is safe to root the phone and not lose the warranty.

    1. Tonny

      hey Richard,

      Well the article that you just posted your comment on clearly states how to UNROOT the note 3 by running odin and install the stock firmware. I dont know what you mean by rooting my phone that i will get my warranty back. I already know that once you root, knox counter changes and that is where you lose the warranty.

      And it is safe to root the phone but you DO lose warranty. It was my own fault for not researching what the knox counter was even though it was stated on this site in another category. I just went ahead and rooted it anyway. THEN i noticed the knox counter change. thats when i did my research.

  10. Suraj

    Please help me. Because I download the file but there is 3 files.
    PDA: N900XXUCMJ7
    CSC: N900ODDCMJ2

    What I do because my system is Modified.

  11. Betillo

    Hi Max,

    I’m really hoping you or someone can help me out here.. I’m rooted and was running the stock rom.. decided tonight that I would download and flash the new Jellybomb ROM for my GN3. After doing a titanium backup and downloading the rom file.. I opened my CWM, made a nandroid backup, wiped cache, dalvic and did a facory/data reset.. Just after doing that, I went to flash the rom but for some reason, I didn’t see it on my extSD card.. So I restored my backup and went to go hunt through the phone to find it’s location..

    Well, after restoring and rebooting, It’s stuck in a bootloop.. I pulled the battery and tried re-restoring.. same problem.. then I just cleared everything and factory/data wipe… still in a bootloop… going nuts!

    I really hope someone can help me out, here!

    Thanks in advance!

    I think I’m gonna try and completely Unroot.. I can’t think of anything else to do..

      1. Betillo

        Was still stuck.. so I ended up fully unrooting and then just using Odin to reinstall CWM and SU… Thanks for all the help, Max! I’d be soo lost if it weren’t for all your helpful videos and such..

      1. Betillo

        Yeah, everything worked alright after unrooting and reinstalling cwm.. at some point I may install twrp just in case..

  12. Richard


    If people are rooting their phone, thinking they can easily unroot it afterwards AND STILL BE IN WARRANTY, they are wrong.

    You understand the difference between unrooting a phone and resetting the Knox counter. One is possible, the other impossible (at the moment). Neither of them will get your warranty back on a Note 3.

    Someone replied to my earlier msg saying they lost their warranty because they thought the procedure was reversible.

    So please…. make it clear that unrooting does not get your warranty back. (Even if it’s for a defect totally unrelated to rooting… Grrrr…)

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  15. Michael


    I have a rooted SM-N9005. Problem is that I can’t find the right stock firmware on sammobile as all the stuff they’ve got on there are tied to some carrier. I’m only trying to unroot it because I intend to purchase a sim unlock code since the region lockaway app didn’t work. do I have to unroot before using the sim unlock code though? if I do then which firmware should I use. SM-N9005 is supposed to be European International Unlocked right?

  16. Piper

    HI MAx
    Well, after restoring and rebooting, It’s stuck in a bootloop.. I pulled the battery and tried re-restoring.. same problem.. then I just cleared everything and factory/data wipe… still in a bootloop… going nuts!

    I really hope someone can help me out, here!

    1. Jose

      I have the same exact problem even after flashing stock rom via Odin. I currently have a t-mobile note 3 version and based on the xda threads, it is caused by wifi scanning, but my phone bootloops before it even loads the OS. Please let me know if anyone has found a way to fix this!

      Thank you!

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  19. Ram

    I’m kinda new in this process. I bought my SM-N9005 from an online store. The box has some European language and and at the back of it, it says “ so I’m guessing that this device came from France. I’m from the Philippines and I want to know if I can use this method to update my firmware from jellybean to kitkat using a kitkat firmware in my region. Thanks in advance!

  20. Taylor

    Just used the Android 4.4.2 NAB Firmware for Sprint Note 3 SM-N900P and everything worked perfectly. It even let me OTA update. Thanks for everything.

  21. Nils Invincible

    Hey Max…my note 3 version is sm-n900w8.but your download page doesnt say anything about that model…so i should i just go ahead and download any version of firmware?
    Your help is always appreciated…
    Thank you

  22. slasher1986

    hay max i have just unrooted and flashed stock firmware on my n9005. for some reason it is not letting me surch for a sfware update. it is telling me that i can not because my system is modified. is there any way of getting around this issue?

  23. Nishant

    Hi would like to know tht if i unroot my device nd put the stock fiemware and all.would i be able to update my phone to the latest firmware which samsung rolls out.i knw its a silly qurstion but please help with the same.

    1. grv

      hii…. i am using samsung note 1 N-7000. my phone is working on 4.1.2 . whenever i tried to update my phone to a newer version of android and i checked for new software update version of android , the phone shows the window “the latest updates have been intalled” please help me to get out of this ..and how can i install the newer version of android in my phone

      1. Max Lee Post author

        4.1.2 is the latest version, if you want the latest Android 4.4.4, you can root and install custom ROMs, also goto, this is for Note 3 only!

  24. diga deshmukh

    hello author i have SM-N-900 i done this method after that My cell not showing his IMEI number its showing null what should i do?

  25. JC15

    How do we reboot into stock recovery after flashing this stock rom? I’ve removed safe strap but it gives me an error when trying to open the stock recovery to do the system wipe… Has anyone else had this problem?

    My screen also still says custom after unrooting…

    1. JC15

      Does installing the stock firmware also re-establish the stock recovery if I erase safestrap? Because when I Uninstalled safestrap and tried to run the stock recovery I get an error…

  26. Edgar Gomez

    Can you explain how to unroot AT&T Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A with safestrap?
    Thanks. Everything I know about rooting I learned it from you, since I got my Galaxy note 1.

    1. jules

      sorry tmobile galaxy note 3 have downloaded 2 stock roms but they are in file form not tar when unzipped … any help would be great

  27. mr. snooze

    hi my phone is not booting and now not being able to be known by odin i did a factory reset and now its jz going to the galaxy note 3 screen. i can get to the download screen and the screen with the factory reset. is there a file i can flash there that will make it come on

  28. Nate V

    Help please. VRW SM-N900V 4.4.2 NC4

    I had rooted my phone and using SafeStrap tried to install a CM ROM
    It failed and I went back to Stock ROM and noticed my phone could not get service
    I went though all of the above steps and used ODIN to go back to unrooted stock and I still get no phone service.
    It tried booting with NC2 but that leads to the bootloop.

    I really just want to be able to use my phone for calls/texts, at this point I do not care about ROMS or root.

    Thank you
    Nate V

  29. Erin

    I unrooted my Verizon Note3…really without realizing what that meant. I am generally pretty tech saavy and decided to try and unroot. I have downloaded the ODIN app and I have attempted about 5 times to download the correct firmware (N-900VVRUNC4) . I can never get the completed download because it is such a large file and takes lots of hours. I found another file (nc2kernal.tar.md5) which I am guessing has the updated OS. I tried following the steps through ODIN with this file. After only a few seconds it said it was done, it showed green PASS inside ODIN, but when the phone rebooted, it still said custom, and then it just stays on the red Verizon screen. I cannot get it to boot up at all now.
    Can you email me the downloaded file (N-900VVRUNC4) …PLEASE!!! Or can you help me with why I can’t get that to download? Please just tell me it’s not hopeless!!

  30. crisia

    Sorry if this question is already answered but I wanna know.. if I have installed a custom rom (aosp) and want to un root my note and return in to stock (for warranty and all that) what method should I do? Thank you :)

  31. brandon ambrose


    Odin keeps saying “There is no PIT partittion”. What does that even mean and can i do to fix it so i can unroot my phone. Please someone tell me what to do!!! Can’t find anywhere to fix this..

  32. Jinesh

    The stock firmware cant be downloaded, it stops on 96%.
    I am downloading through “FDM” & it stops on 96% saying server does not support download resuming.

    please help.

  33. cheny

    Had tmobile note 3 unlocked and unrooted when traveled outside the country, the phone had issues when came back to US, sometimes can making phone calls, sometimes can’t. I Unrooted the phone based on what it said in the article above, seems like work better, but still having same issue sometimes. Did i miss anything? I downloaded the newest tmobile firmware instead of the one originally came with it. should i get the original firmware, then upgraded later? should i get the international version too since it got rooted with the international version?
    I am confused, please help!

  34. Wong

    Works perfectly fine! Unbelievably easy steps and working fine. Thanks a lot! You save my precious phone

  35. Hamza

    Hey I’ve been trying to reset my Samsung SM-N9005 Note 3 for a while and every time I do it, ODIN momentarily reaches a state of “no response” then fails. I tried different ports, cables…etc. Does anyone have the solution? I’m currently running Android 4.4.2 rooted with Windows 8.1 64 bit.

  36. Amir Aiman

    Hi there, I have a question .
    Does I have to unroot my Note 3 SM-N9005 if my note 3 are failed to root
    I actually have rooted my note 3 with your tutorial , it works, with all the root access and other stuff . But after short time, I install a root checker , its says ‘Sorry Root access is not properly installed on this device .
    later I try to reroot using odin and install zip file just like the tutorial but nothing happen .
    Should I unroot or what ? I hope that you can reply me :)
    Thanks .

  37. Marnie

    I purchased a second-hand Note 3 and it took me quite a while to realise that my phone was rooted, I saw my friend using her Note 3 with Android 5 and I kept trying to update my software (because mine was running Android 4.42) and I kept getting ‘my phone is modified…’ I was so frustrated until I read up about rooting..etc

    Went online on how to troubleshooting and it got me here. I did exactly these steps very carefully. And walaa I finally get to unroot my note 3 with Android 5 running.

    It’s working perfectly fine now, Thank you!

*Note - If you have a question about your phone, please make sure specify which model and carrier you are using also!

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