Galaxy Note 3 Stock Firmware

We will be posting Galaxy Note 3 stock firmwares here.

What is a stock firmware?

Stock firmware is the “original” operating system/software your Note 3 shipped with.  These can usually be flashed using ODIN and they are 100% stock firmwares.  See How to Unroot Note 3 on how to install these stock firmwares on any Note 3.

If you ever mess up while installing custom ROM or you just simply want to return to stock firmware for warranty purposes, you can use Note 3 stock firmwares to get your phone back to 100% factory status.

Galaxy Note 3 Stock Firmware for AT&T SM-N900A

Download Android 4.4.2 NC2 Firmware for AT&T Note 3 SM-N900ACredits (Extract EXE file then run EXE file)

Galaxy Note 3 Stock Firmware for T-Mobile SM-N900T

Download Android 5.0 Lollipop FOB6 firmware for T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900T – Link [Latest]

Download Android 4.4.2 NB4 Firmware for T-Mobile Note 3 SM-N900T

Download Android 4.3 MI7 Firmware for T-Mobile Note 3 SM-N900T

Galaxy Note 3 Stock Firmware for Sprint SM-N900P

Download Android 4.4.2 NC5 Firmware for Sprint Note 3 SM-N900P [LATEST][Wifi-Calling]

Download Android 4.4.2 NAB Firmware for Sprint Note 3 SM-N900P

Download Android 4.3 MI3 Firmware for Sprint Note 3 SM-N900P

Galaxy Note 3 Stock Firmware for Verizon SM-N900V

Download Android 4.4.2 NC4 Firmware for Verizon Note 3 SM-N900V [Latest]

Galaxy Note 3 Stock Firmware for SM-N9005

Download Android 5.0 Lollipop BOB6 Firmware for SM-N9005 [Romania version – but can be used on all SM-N9005] – Link [Latest]

Galaxy Note 3 Stock Firmware for Canadian SM-N900W8

Download Android 4.4.2 NB7 Firmware for SM-N900W8 Bell – Link [Latest]

Download Android 4.4.2 NB7 Firmware for SM-N900W8 EastLink – Link [Latest]

Download Android 4.4.2 NB7 Firmware for SM-N900W8 Fido Mobile – Link [Latest]

Download Android 4.4.2 NB7 Firmware for SM-N900W8 Globalive Wind Mobile- Link [Latest]

Download Android 4.4.2 NB7 Firmware for SM-N900W8 Koodo – Link [Latest]

Download Android 4.4.2 NB7 Firmware for SM-N900W8 Mobilicity – Link [Latest]

Download Android 4.4.2 NB7 Firmware for SM-N900W8 Rogers – Link [Latest]

Download Android 4.4.2 NB7 Firmware for SM-N900W8 SaskTel – Link [Latest]

Download Android 4.4.2 NB7 Firmware for SM-N900W8 Telus – Link [Latest]

Download Android 4.4.4 NI1 Firmware for SM-N900W8 Videotron – Link [Latest]

Download Android 4.4.2 NB7 Firmware for SM-N900W8 Virgin Mobile – Link [Latest]


Galaxy Note 3 Stock Firmware for South American SM-N900W8

Download Android 4.4.2 NI1 Firmware for SM-N900W8 Columbia MovieStar – Link [Latest]

Download Android 4.4.2 NH1 Firmware for SM-N900W8 Mexico TelCel – Link [Latest]

Download Android 4.4.2 NJ1 Firmware for SM-N900W8 Panama – Link [Latest]

Download Android 4.4.2 NC1 Firmware for SM-N900W8 Puerto Rico – Link [Latest]

Download Android 4.4.2 NC1 Firmware for SM-N900W8 Trinidad Tobago – Link [Latest]

Download Android 4.4.2 NI1 Firmware for SM-N900W8 Uruguay – Link [Latest]

Galaxy Note 3 Stock Firmware for SM-N900

Download Android 5.0 Lollipop BOA6 Firmware for SM-N900  [Russian version – but can be used on all SM-N900] – Link [Latest]

Galaxy Note 3 Stock Firmware for SM-N9006 (China)

Download Android 5.0 OC3 Firmware for SM-N9006 China – Link [Latest]

Download Android 4.4.2 OA3 Firmware for SM-N9006 China – Link

Galaxy Note 3 Stock Firmware for SM-N9002 Duos (China)

Below are stock firmware for Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9002 Duos, the model with dual-SIM slots.

Download Android 4.4.2 NK1 Firmware for SM-N9002 Duos China – Link [Latest]

Don’t find your firmware?  Leave a comment about your model and the country so we can get it uploaded here for you!

132 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 3 Stock Firmware

      1. droid-all-day

        the super user management tool…a.k.a. super user app from playstore used to manage all your root prievlege apps,has a full unroot option in the settings,or could simply download your factory firmware and flash with odin,your download is on this page!!

    1. Phelsumania

      Mate we all knowingly tripped our knox, their aint no way to untrip that my friend. You will never get your warranty back. best bet is get insurance and put a brick trough the screen if you ever have any issues. Ive never had an issue with voiding my waranty and ive rooted and tinkered with every phone since 2005. however my sim card slot has failed now and i dont have any warranty and never will :-) solution is a brick and some insurance

      1. Orchid

        Actually I have never known any of the carriers to care one way or another and still cover warranty.
        I have also seen Samsung Knox flag already tripped new out of box on a few occasions and also have
        seen a few instances where a tower failure during an OTA update also tripped the flag erroneously
        and they already know this and are aware of these things so cannot blanket block warranty.
        In most cases, they don’t care or ask. If they do ask, they have no way of knowing if you tripped the
        flag or they did (either carrier or samsung or even malfunction in that part of the phone) and subsequently
        it does not void any warranty so I really would not be concerned about any of that. Plus just as a side
        footnoote, it took about 7 months but I figured out how to actually restore the Knox flag on Note 3
        and Note 4 phones so again really makes no difference anyway now either. Yes, for those that didn’t
        realize, there is actually an undocumented soft code to do this that doesn’t require opening the board.
        Bottom line is unless you actually use knox features specifically (eww who would?) then I really would not be concerned about any of it, least of which warranty.

    2. ZipFlip22

      Great News. We now have AT&T Stock firmware.
      Here’s the Link. Use Odin to upload and your right back to 100% Stock.


      Your welcome in advance…lol

    3. ZipFlip22

      Great News. We now have AT&T Stock firmware.
      Here’s the Link. Use Odin to upload and your right back to 100% Stock.


      Your welcome in advance…lol

  1. Kevin

    anyone tried and suceeded with the unroot method for TMO SM-900T? I’d like to ensure the unroot method works before rooting. Max is great and I trust him, but would like to hear success stories.

  2. Alfred Dixon

    I have a SM-N9006 I purchased in China last week while visiting. I want to overwrite, e.g. Flash another “English” ROM over the Chinese ROM. Is there another model’s stock ROM that will work on my N9006?

    1. Orchid

      I would be careful about flashing non-matching roms such as Chinese to English roms. Some devices have the same hardware, some versions have different hardware and in those cases, the roms even between same larger model branch may not be compatible between subversions of the same phone.

      First check the hardware specs. If the rom you are using is for a model with the same processor, graphics, and communications hardware then it is probably safe enough to try the rom out. In this case, worse thing that might happen usually is that you just brick the phone and have to flash again.

      If however the rom is for a different sub model with different hardware per named above then it is possible flashing the wrong rom might actually damage the phone so again be careful.

      Also, regarding the mention of China, you should also make sure you do indeed have the real phone. Several Chinese manufacturers make “Note 3” and “Note 4” phones actually called by this name and even have the same model numbers as the Samsung phones hoping to confuse people but these are not made by Samsung and are not compatible and if you attempt to flash a rom designed for a Samsung phone on one of these, it is going to get very ugly very fast. Don’t do it — needless to say if you get your phone cheaper from China, you better make sure that it does indeed actually say “Samsung” as the brand and it really indeed is the real phone.

  3. steve

    I’m in the exact same situation as Alfred, to add to that with the chinese rom on the phone i’m having a hell if a time getting apps loaded. especially google play. any help would be appreciated.

  4. gary

    cause the file for Rogers – Canadian version is N900W8VLUBMI5

    but my phone baseband version is N900W8LUBMJ1

    Can trust this stock firmware?

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  7. Raul Moreno

    Just recovered from a bricked sprint note 3. I flashed jellybom rom and then ran titanium backup thinking it would fix the YouTube app but it did not so I tried to flash my backup rom but it went on a boot loop. After that I tried the new firmware,kernel,rom,recovery erased everything with all recoveries with no success. The only thing that saved from having a 750 dollar paper weight was a script flashable by tarp from senior member firasusman on xda. It’s called as script / fix brick loop after restoring from twrp recovery_01.11.13. It took my a week to find this so if it helps pass it along. Thanks

    1. xMADTACOx


  8. Jack

    I have an unlocked AT&T Note 3 with T-Mobile service. I would like to have the WiFi-Calling feature from T-Mobile.

    Does any know whether it’s possible or not to flash a T-Mobile Note 3 SM-N900T firmware to an AT&T SM-N900A Note 3 phone?

    If it’s possible, how do I do it? Will I get the WiFi-Calling feature once the phone is flashed with the T-Mobile firmware?

    Thank you all for your help.

    1. antonio

      im in the same boat. I have a sm-n900a my phone is not unlocked as of yet. but about to jump too. looking for the apk file in T-Mobile’s note 3. if your do find this file please share.

  9. Attogee

    Anyone knows if Galaxy Note 3 Stock Firmware for AT&T SM-N900A is available and where to get? I’d appreciate a quick response. Thanks

  10. shah

    Hello i have SM – N900W8, my phone is stuck on galaxy logo and i cant find original firmware, can i use SM-N900T firmware from above with getting into more issues

  11. Jen

    I live in China and recently purchased the SM-N9006. I haven’t found any custom ROMs available for this model yet. Is it possible to flash it with a stock ROM from the western models? I’m trying to get rid of Chinese bloat and have access to gapps. I already rooted without any issues, but the gapps installed seemed to have problems accessing google servers. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

  12. GEE

    Any idea when the Note 3 Stock Firmware for AT&T SM-N900A is coming out? I desperately need it and sure there’re many people out there in line as well. Or is there a script to fix or break the “write protection”? I think that’s where the problem is. It’s a brand new phone so I’m desperate. I have tried everything recommended on the web but not working. Here’s is what I’m getting on the screen now when I run ODIN. Any assistance would be highly appreciated.
    ODIN Mode
    Product Name:SM-N900A
    Current Binary: Samsung Official
    System Status: Official
    Knox Kernel Lock: 0x0
    Qualcomm Secureboot: Enable (CSB)
    RP Swrev: S2, T2, A2, P2
    Write Protection: Enabled
    FAILED …….

  13. Eridon G

    When will the AT&T firmware become available? I have the SM900a and my phone is buggy giving me pop ups saying Direct pen input is not working and my phone constantly does that so I need the stock firmware to fix it. Trying to do AT&T’s OTA fails at 26 percent

  14. joel

    tengo un clon chino note3 1:1
    modelo N9000 con chip MT6582 quisiera saber si tienes Nota 3 Stock Firmware para telcel SM-N900

    1. Gee

      How do I get my hands on the new AT&T Odin you have? Can you share the link here since many people are in need of it? Thank you.

    1. Phelsumania

      have you got a custom rom? or did you perform the latest official samsung OTA update? The latest official samsung OTA update casues that issue apparently (no sim card read). Your in a bootloop, to fix it redownload an offical firmware and make sure it has completely downloaded correctly. Then full wipe your phone and flash the official firmware. Now go to dialer and put *#1234# or *#06# (cant remember which neither will case damage try em both) which will tell you your phones imei number check this against that on the barcode of the box your phone came in. If they dont match theres your issue. Their is no fix to my knowlede available so if you tripped the knox counter rooting you might be boned i am afraid. possibly consider taking out some accidental damage insurance and put a brick through the screen.

  15. Rocky

    I got the Combo from ShopHQ, Note 3 and gear to match. Labeled T-Mobile on the Note 3, who I have been using since my Note 1 international unlocked. Started rebooting almost every time I
    1. Went to Internet on Stock Browser
    2. Opened email in Gmail
    3. Accessed Drippler
    4. Opened a map and squeezed to zoom.
    5. If I looked at the screen too long.
    I rooted the phone and installed Darthstalker Note 3 which has not shut down and restarted as often, BUT, now I get the red and yellow on every boot-up,
    ” kernel is not seandroid enforcing”, “warranty set:kernel”.
    Should I restore the backup I made after rooting my Note or is there another solution?
    Thanks in advance,

  16. dave

    does and one have a idea when the stock firmware will be out for the att note 3 sm-n900a
    this web site says soon but it had said that for weeks if some one can please help
    I need to put the phone back to stock to many troubles after rooting it and after unrooting it
    it still is buggy

  17. soko

    I cant download it. I am in malaysia. I neet it xmen9005 stock firmware but say u only can download up to 1024. How to get stock firmware pls help

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  19. JAY

    Im STUCK on the boot logo until the current Galaxy Note 3 NB4 Stock Firmware for AT&T SM-N900A is available :(
    when i did a wipe thru safe strap i bricked my phone now im super stuck

  20. sheldon

    Seems like we have been abandoned with this at&t firmware it’s been coming soon for 5 months or so never went thru this with my S3 I’m shocked you’d leave us hanging without so much as a post

  21. Eli

    Hey max… I softbricked my international note 3 version by flashing a wrong firmware using odin…. It is booting but it is stopping on the screen that says firmware upgrade has encoutered an issue. please select recovery mode in kies and try again…. Please help….

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  23. deadfront

    For those of you stuck in boot loops and bricked. Put your phone into download mode and use Kies lite. Select to the second option after recovery. The one about upgrading. It will restore you to stock. I’ve used it on several phones. Including my note 3

    1. russnutt

      i got stuck in a boot loop and I had to factory reset from android recovery after I flashed the rom twice. After the reset it booted right up!!!

  24. Hollywoodj5500

    I have now Kit Kat on my Note 3. I like to know if I can go back to Jelly beam? Just would like to know.

    1. Habib Anwar

      I’m in the same boat as Hollywoodj — updated to kitkat and my sd card stopped working. How can I go back to Jellyu bean 4.3 att stock

  25. ALI

    Doe anyone have any idea when the firmware for the Note 3 from AT&T will be up? My phone is soft brick and nothing else has worked.!!!!!!

  26. Frank

    I putchased an unlocked Note 3 ATT branded. I would like to know if it’s possible to change the firmware from ATT to T-Mobile? If so, can you please explain the process, dangers etc….

    I am a disabled VET and uncle sam does not shit that much money monthly. So I don’t want to end up with a brick. I found a deal on this note but it seems that it’s kind of glitchy on the Tmobile network and from what I am reading, that’s an issue with the RADIO? Anyhow, I would really like to get it to work on the Tmobile network and use Tmobile software if at all possible…..Anyone’s expertise would be greatly appreciated…..

    1. Max Lee Post author

      You can root, install SafeStrap recovery, then install T-mobile Note 3 ROM, then you can use Tmo wifi calling.

  27. Johm

    Hi max,
    Thanks for all the resources you have on your website. Is there a problem with your server it seems that downloads are taking a really really long time. Or maybe it’s just me. Thanks again.

  28. demario

    Any luck on Stock Verizon firmware as of yet? I put a custom rom on my 4.4.2, but now I’d like to go to my normal after towel root firmware… is that possible. .. this Biggins Rom is eating my battery, I was getting a day and a half after just rooting with no custom rom…. please help a brovah out max. .. I’d appreciate it!

    1. Max Lee Post author

      If you made a backup ROM you could easily. I am still looking around. At worst, I can put a backup of my own phone you can restore using SafeStrap.

    1. Max Lee Post author

      Which Note 3 do you have? Carrier/model? Also what version of Android did you use? Did you do a factory reset after?

  29. andy

    Hi max,

    I have recently update my note-3 tmobile to latest Baseband NF1 and now i lost root previliges i had before. How can i root this baseband or is there any way to downgrade the Baseband or revert it back to older one?


  30. Guest

    Still waiting for that AT&T stock firmware… trying to get my Kitkat fix but can’t do that with the stock root rom that’s on the phone atm. Any word on that?

  31. Fitzroy Brown

    When i try to download the stock frameware for the SM N9005 from the site you have listed,it asks me to sign up but there is a problem doing this. Can you have the stock frameware on your webpage so i can get it there?

    1. Fitzroy

      Anyone knows where I can find the firmware for the SM-N9005 please? the link listed here doesn’t work. I want to unroot my Note 3 international version.

  32. BigT931

    When well the at&t firmware be up would like to flash back to original. i really don’t even use custom ROM.

  33. blitz216

    Hi Max,

    If I want to revert back to stock rom, what about the custom recovery which I’ve installed when I flashed my phone with custom roms. Will that be an issue when reverting back to stock? My phone is SM-N9005 w/ KK 4.4.2

    All the Best

  34. Arne Stangnes

    I have a note 3 bought in Norway. Now I am moving on to note 4 and
    let my wife take over note 3.
    Rooted with easy root and Odin
    Running Stock kitkat 4.4.2 PDA: SM-N9005XXUGNG1
    TWRP Manager and TWRP custom recovery
    I have found and dowloaded:
    My CSC code for Norway was N9005NEEGNG1 but I cannot find the file in Sammobile.
    Is i safe to flash this file with Odin?
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Arne Stangnes

  35. O.A

    Sup All,

    I downloaded the AT&T Firmware to unroot and go back to stock . I came from Jellybean to KitKat so I hope this works also do i have to go thru odin as comment in stock firmwares above says extract and just run exe file .

    Thanks for the help

  36. Steve Limerick

    I have a Note 3 SM-N9005 16GB which is Sim free and unlocked, I have noticed that the firmware is for Hong Kong
    N9005ZHUENJ1_N9005ZZHENJ1_N9005ZHUENJ1 and I want to change it to N9005XXUGNG1_N9005OXAGNJ3_N9005XXUGNG1 which is UK unlocked. Every time I try with Odin the process
    fails while trying to load the update. I re flash the Hong Kong firmware and everything is fine. Is there any way to achieve what I’m trying to do or is there a fundamental issue with the firmware and the phone.

    Many Thanks


  37. Dragon-Knott

    I have been trying to download both of the ones for T-Mobile on 2 different computers and at 3 different places but they keep stopping less than half way through the download.

  38. Lackdon

    The T-Mobile note 3 lollipop update was released 5 March waiting patiently for our of ur rooted stock roms currently running Cm12 nightly can’t Wait to jump back over to touch wiz

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  40. Rob

    This is probably a dumb question but I’m a little behind times when it comes to rooting and ROMs (S3 was last time I rooted). Anyhow, I currently have a SM-N900A Note 3 with 4.4.2 NC2 version, I have it rooted using Towelroot and have Safetrap, my question is, is it possible to run firmware from an SM-N900W8 such as Rogers NB7 firmware listed above?
    I think I already know the answer but look forward to getting confirmation. Thanks in advance.

  41. Waleed

    Hi dear Admin I need stock Lolipop5 rom For Galaxy Note3 N900V plz Upload
    and Also Upload Kitkat 4.4.4 Stock For Galaxy Note3 N900V thanks

  42. Joss

    What a great job you’re doing on that site. Since I bought a note 3 from someone who rooted it, I can’t erase his datas. I need to unroot it and I was looking for the telus Android 5 for the SM-N900W8 model. I think that is the file N900W8VLU2DOC4.


  43. Matt

    I was attempting to go back stock. Attempting a work around to get the data connection working again, none of the APN solutions worked. So, now I have phone with what appears to be no OS, and Odin will not load any of the 5 stock ROMs that I have tried so far. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  44. Naqash41

    i have galaxy note 3 (Made by Samsung Korea)… chip is MT6582
    i tried many roms of HDC Galaxy note 3.
    Sp Falsh tool gives the error of CHIP SET NOT MATCH
    hit SCATTER FILE IS NOT match..
    i read about it. it is error of wrong rom and scatter file..
    now please you give me Stock rom for flashing. my cell is totally dead. and i have no backup. or last solution is stock rom

  45. Damien

    i have a note 3 n9002 dual sim from china. last update on android 5.0 lollypop.
    i would like to root it and setup the original version of android.

    which files i have to use please (odin, android, cf, firmware…)

    Thank you for your help

  46. Rasyid

    Haii , thanks for your firmware upload. i have download that.
    But , it must take password. Can you give me a password from the rar ?
    Android 5.0 OC3 Firmware for SM-N9006 China – Link [Latest]

  47. carlos

    Hello, I have a samsung galaxy note 3 purchased in the US operator Verizon, model sm-n900v, Android 4.3, cdma, and want to change it to GSM for use in Cuba with Cubacel operator, my question is, what should I do to achieve this, thanks

*Note - If you have a question about your phone, please make sure specify which model and carrier you are using also!

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