MIUI ROM V5 for Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900!


For this week’s Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900 ROM of the Week, check out MIUI ROM V5!

Based on latest Samsung TouchWiz Android 4.4.2 firmware, MIUI ROM V5 brings you the best of MIUI “UI” layer on top of Samsung TouchWiz firmware.

What does this mean?

MIUI ROM usually is built on CyanogenMod or TouchWiz base.  With TouchWiz base, you will be able to still use your Samsung camera, S-Pen Note apps, and some more.  Basically, you don’t have to sacrifice all your Samsung features to get this ROM (unlike AOSP ROMs).

For those of you who don’t know, MIUI ROM is another flavor of custom Android created by a company called Xiaomi in China.  You could actually buy a Xiaomi phone like Mi 3 if you wanted OR you could simply install MIUI ROM to experience first-hand what Xiaomi phone is all about.

Of course, MIUI ROM is a completely different animal from TouchWiz and AOSP so it can be very refreshing.  Time to time, I do enjoy running MIUI ROM on some of my Android devices, particularly because MIUI ROM has the best theme engine on the planet “right now”.  Even CyanogenMod founder Steve Kondik has said he will make CM11 ROMs with new theme engine like MIUI ROMs.

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  1. Muhammad Jawad says:

    My phone was rooted with CWM recovery installed with a custom rom BuRc RoM v.1.1 [23/06]. I flashed this rom as mentioned and all went well and i started using. After an update it restarted and now just showing Samsung Note 3 icon on boot again and again. Cannot go in recovery also. What to do?

    • Max Lee says:

      Not sure what update you are talking about but you can probably fix the issue by doing a factory reset.

      • Taufik Lama says:

        i also tried the rom and it shows an update and when you update it enters a nonstop boot loop.then i restored the tarp recovery and it boots up normal again with the update,but 3g or 4g or any mobile data aint working.
        hope they fix this soon, this rom is awesome!

    • Groudie says:

      I may be late to this one but go into download mode (Volume Up + Home + Power) and flash recovery again.

    • Austin Brown says:

      LOL… Installed on my SM-N900W8 and worked ok… but all the text was Chinese!!!… LMAO!… Back to CM11 via the trust restore button. !

    • ryan says:

      I’ve had exactly the same problem.
      I also found that CWM was no longer able to operate, but I managed to reload it by getting the phone into download mode by pressing volume up, home button and power at the same time and the re-flashing CWM using Odin.
      The phone then rebooted into the updated MIUI, but then the google apps wouldn’t work.
      I then reverted to my backup of VN ROM.

      MIUI looks great and is really quick, but many of the same arguments against TouchWiz apply to it as well. It has very poor Google integration and encourages you to use a completely different app store. I don’t think it’s worth the hassle.

  2. Faisal` . says:

    I’m only getting Play Store (that too buggy sometimes) and no other gapp, no gmail, no g+ etc. Any idea where can I find the complete gapps package for this rom ?

  3. al adamsin says:

    Poor rom ..keeps sticking in bootloop and the wont enter recovery..very dissapointed..rom is very fast and smooth and differnet.

  4. al adamsin says:

    How do i formatt system?do i have to go into recovery?

  5. al adamsin says:

    Hope this works because i love this rom.its very different and nice and i love the themes.

  6. Faisal` . says:

    The rom overall seems to be pretty sleek and very good with a few hiccups here and there. Hopefully they will release regular updates to make it better and better.

    I have noticed that the soft keys get activated by themselves continuously every few seconds without any activity. Might be a bug or something. Plus the Xposed Framework doesn’t work with Miui which for me is bad news because I use it extensively for different tasks. Is the alternative WMS Tools equally good ?

  7. alvin Adamson says:

    same problems.tried formatting system then reinstalled the rom.still ending up in a bootloop.still wont enter recovery..loved this rom..so fresh.so different but i will have to forget about it.i think its very unstable..

  8. motwkl says:

    Rom a beautiful, but I wish you could file for the Arabic language for each of the lists ………

    Thank you

  9. jose vasquez says:

    Zedomax I have a question for you will these rom work on my galaxy note 3 from tmobile?
    I’m in chicago

  10. Groudie says:

    I’ve tired it and I love it! I haven’t come across any major issue except losing recovery after flashing. I just had to install it again using Odin. The version you’ve provided is a bit outdated. The latest version could be found here:


  11. Lenin Méndez says:

    Can I install this ROM in a N900A (AT&T)???

  12. anirup says:

    the is a good rom asss well as fastes i have ever seen but also has lots of bug and it cant let me enter recovery mode.
    this sift bricked my phone 🙁 .


  14. al Adamson says:

    Thanks alot for the advice Groupie. I love this rom but kept losing my recovery whenever I flashed it..now I just flash back my revovery using odin.very simple.im glad I dont have to go back to stock just to change this rom..you solved my recovery problem. .Thanks Groudie.Now I can enjoy this awesone rom.

  15. Joseph says:

    Do not connect to Internet…help

  16. Abdel Azeem says:

    Odin can not recognize the phone after rom installation where I can flash recovery .
    There is no gmail app in the rom only google play .

  17. anirup says:

    What to do if I forgot to flash du ..should I root my phone agai?n

  18. Wisidsak says:

    I have hack and reboot by itself to much

    and I re-install many times

  19. pramod says:

    i have note3 SM N900 korean version can i use this ROM
    currently using kitkat 4.4.2

  20. maria says:

    Lets be clear here which the author is not, this is NOT for the AT&T N900A model and will not work on it!

  21. maria says:

    For you who want to get a good taste of the MIUI OS just install MIUI launcher 5 or 6! Much safer, you get many perks including the store, themes, access to 98% of the features of the rom. Just download direct from MIUI.

  22. Manu roy says:

    Ihave samsumg not3 sm n900 . I have lenguge problum . igive the mistake cod *#0098# so plz hep me i wants to convert in english lenguge

  23. Manu roy says:

    I have samsung not3 sm n900 koreac copy i have lenguge problum . i give the mistec cod *#0088# so i wants to help me i wants the english lenguge plz sir help me
    What is the cod for english lenguge

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