C-ROM for Galaxy Note 3! [Android 4.4.4/Floating Multi-Window/Gesture Unlock]


For this week’s Galaxy Note 3 ROM of the Week, check out the latest version of C-ROM, available for T-Mobile, Sprint, Canadian, and SM-N9005 Note 3 users.  (Sorry, not available on AT&T or Verizon Note 3 as the bootloader is still locked!  You cannot install any AOSP ROMs (What is AOSP?) on AT&T or Verizon.)

Latest version of C-ROM is built off the latest Android 4.4.4, brings goodies like a 100% functional floating multi-window (better than what we saw with previous versions), and performance/battery life is exceptionally good.

My favorite feature on the C-ROM right now is the gesture unlocking security feature, which is pretty simple but faster than pattern security also you can make any kind of gesture that hackers can’t guess, so probably more secure too.

Some of my other favorite features include On-The-Go-Mode, Shake Events, and App Circle Bar.  All of these are feature that may be found on other AOSP ROMs but I find it handy to have it all in one ROM so I can enjoy them all on the C-ROM.

For customization, you will be able to easily tweak your status bar, enable lockscreen notifications, and much more.  Active Display, PIE Controls, HOVER notifications, and OmniSwitch are also available.

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  1. Adam says:

    ROM is great but it will reboot my phone whenever it pleased

    • nick says:

      Thanks for letting me know that..That means it has still not clear that BUG yet! The old one too have that problem..not stable after ..one day…it will start to shut down by its own..r you on sm n9005? If yes..im on that model to. ASOP roms will never work on that model..for ome reason.

      • Max Lee says:

        I’ve seen that happen during the first 30 minutes, but it should go away after everything settles.

        • AOX1 says:

          having battery issues. battery life is short.

        • Sanjay says:

          Hi Max,
          My Note3 has gone into boot loop when i tried to root. I have wiped the complete data and formatted the device. Now it does not have have any OS.

          Will this ROM work with SM-N900?? This is Indian Version.


  2. Laurence Thomas says:

    Has anyone checked to see if GPS is working for the Sprint note 3? My only gripe about this rom

  3. bryan says:

    Hi max….just wanted to know if this aosp rom has mms issues..sending and receiving. .group messaging? ?

  4. hi man i have a question about key virtual button how can i dissapire beacuse i have a note 3 i dont know what i do

  5. Johnny says:

    Excellent ROM, only problem is SERIOUS BATTERY DRAIN ! . Any fix for issue ?? . Thank you.

  6. Jason says:

    Hi Max, everything is fine with this ROM on my 9005. HOWEVER, as with most custom ROMs for the 9005, it has the sound distortion problem. I’ve played around with it and realised it only happens when the phone tries to play from two sources at once (e.g. touch sounds + music, or dial tones + music)

    I’ve tried looking for a solution but couldn’t find one so far. Have you got any ways to fix this?

    • Lester says:

      I’ve had this problem too. The only way to fix it is to go to Google Play Music > Settings > Equalizer> it should bring you to DSP manager> enable equalizer. That should fix it

  7. JoeC says:

    Love your site Max. You’ve helped me void warranties on every Android phone I’ve owned. Just wondering if you’re still running that Lean kernel w/this 4.4.4 version, since others seem to not be experiencing the same battery life you seem to be. Haven’t watched the video yet, hope you didn’t answer this in there. Keep up the good work brother.

  8. al Adamson says:

    Can I flash C rom on sm n900?

  9. al Adamson says:

    is this rom available for sm n900 as well?

  10. elchapinde617 says:

    I just finished installing this rom. So far, the only issue I’m experiencing is when I’m using the Apollo app to play a song, its starts making cracking sounds from the speaker. Is there a fix to this?

  11. vupcc69 says:

    Is there a way to have the ir sensor working?

  12. Laurence says:

    I really love this rom. It’s by far one of the best out there. I hope they figure out the GPS issue on the Sprint Note 3. Keep up the good work Dev.. Thanks for the post Zedomax.


  14. which version of lean kernel works with this version of c-rom 4.4.4

  15. Big rafa says:

    Can I come directly from infamous to this? It seems infamous’ development has died for some reason and I’d really like a newer rom

  16. luis silva says:

    Does this rom play well with sprints note 3 (gps , signal etc?) other akop roms gave my phone/me headaches before

  17. Hello Hello Mr Max,

    You still got goods man! Thanks again n again from back when; “rom? wtf is the go with this ROM stuff” not long ago on n1 to this years n3 & soon ++ = whatever is next.

    Please let ne know what ideas or suggestions u may have for best working rom e.g having phone stanard bits stable features, parts etc that most if not all phones call standard these days e.g working gps, bt etc etc.

    In the past tried tonnes of rom releases and from all over and now kept on bobcat since you reviewed initially
    Love bobcats now on v10 though getting tired of having to keep touch wiz as only want 1 or 2 dependent applications as in below
    (i believe they are depending on twiz based attempts n limited knowledge etc. ? Not if any ‘waysround & so on)
    any suggestions would be awesome…….. Either way, roms that cater for below or apps that allow/connects to the below:
    MY SET
    ROM | Phone |&ME@ or Country Code:
    • Bobcat.V.10
    • SM-N9005 – XXUFNF4
    • G’day maaate! How the F_aark are ya?+!
    Samsung app dependencies:(can be swayed towards alternates if any suggestions?)
    • Gear 1- but maybe gear 2 as my untampered 1 just died/off/bye/gone!? & might not have my proof purchase)
    • Side sync – yet to get it working but really..rrReally want that or equivalent share screen tool option i.e. view & ops

    ps. not really bothered bout other features e.g. pen, though of course would preffer to keep but will kill if have to.


    • Max Lee says:

      You may have to stay with TouchWiz for Gear support (I’ve heard there’s a way to install on AOSP though), and also Side sync is TouchWiz based I believe also.

      Just stick with TouchWiz if you absolutely need those. Sorry if I couldn’t be more helpful.

  18. kbp says:

    Is anyone having problems with galaxy app store….or using the gear 2 (watch)….can get mines working…please help…I love the ROM so far but can get it to work with my watch…please help.

  19. nick says:

    After 3 days of using this rom, it started to get unstable..dont y this always happens to my note 3 . It will start to blink blink..and ultimately reboot it self..back to bobcat.

  20. Beef says:

    Do you have the md5 so I can make sure I have a good download? I’m not able to do any Status bar options cuz it always crashes when trying to go into the setting options for it. Already tried clearing cache and dalvik and fix permissions.

  21. pete says:

    Hey max,

    Whenever I flash an aosp rom the dialer never works. Meaning the screen goes black when I make a call and I can’t access keypad, it then goes into the notifications. Sometimes it will reset after I attempted to make a call. Do you know why this is happening? I love this rom and any aosp rom really but this dialer issue is killing me.


  22. harry says:

    Installed V7.1 on my note 3. Was really enjoying it until … Bluetooth connectivity is hopeless and battery life not great … have gone back to Carbon. Am prepared to give C-Rom another go if these issues are addressed.

  23. Karon says:

    Question, is Carbon a Touchwiz base rom….I really love C-rom but it doesn’t work with my Gear, Gear2 watch.

  24. Bob says:

    Loved the Rom, but unfortunately had to change to another. The battery life was killing me lasting less than half a day with minimal use. Shocker.

  25. Joseph says:

    After having battled all night to try and root then flash I finally have it working, but my calendar app keeps failing. Can you help me out? It says “unfortunately calendar storage has stopped” and won’t sync…

  26. Ryan says:

    I love this ROM and all the customization features. However, I’ve run into a battery draining issue. The main problem is it takes a day to charge the phone back up. Any ideas on what I have done wrong (im a newbie when it comes to flashing and dont understand it 100% yet) or maybe the ROM just needs to be tweeked a little more?

    Mad props to the dev(s). I love this ROM and will try it again if I can figure out the battery situation.


  27. alzebair says:

    can I have it for sm-n900

  28. alzebair says:

    Can I have it for sm_n900

  29. Lester says:

    I’ve had this ROM for a few hours and unfortunately I had to switch back to my stock ROM because my phone randomly crashes and reboots. I think there’s something wrong with my phone because whenever I install any AOSP rom I’ve always had the same issue: randomly crashes and reboots. Also when I tried installing LeanKernel or Temasek kernel my phone’s screen would go black. I can still hear the system sounds but the screen is black and can’t see anything. Does anyone know how to fix this?? My phone is a Galaxy Note 3 SM-N00W8.

  30. Phillip r says:

    Hey max every time I click on the WiFi settings in settings I get an error “unfortunately settings has stopped”. So I can’t connect to WiFi . Is there anyway you can help me out

  31. BN says:

    Question Max is there a way to activate my NFC?

    • crysten says:

      There is an option in settings/more../NFC, but when I check it it just unchecks itself. Therefor my NFC does not work :/ anyone know why?

  32. rotem says:

    Can you give me a link to download this c-rom for note 3 n900?

  33. riyazz says:

    i instaled c rom update 4.4.4 but i dont like this.i want to go older version 4.4.2. can you give sugestion.

  34. riyazz says:

    i instaled c rom update 4.4.4 but i dont like this.i want to go older version 4.4.2. can you give sugestion.am using note 3 sm-9005.

  35. raikanmp says:

    Im currently on a rooted stock 4.3 and would like t o move over to this. Can i flash directly from my stock software?


  36. aepafos10 says:

    Hello i have 2 problems with my c-rom if someone can help me..the first problem is that when i have my wifi open and i lock my phone then the wifi is switch off and everytime i open the screen needs to make refresh and connect again..there is a setting in wifi setting where it says keep wifi on during sleep and i have it as “always” but continues to do this annoying thing..can anyone help??
    The second problem is that the phone does reboot without any reason..is any solution to this also??
    Thanks guys

  37. Michael Cruz says:

    hi MAx i got a problem with my S Pen is not working with this rom.I been trying to fing a option in the settings to enable the S Pen but i got no lock.Need help.Other that the rom is great thaks for the video

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