Canadian S5 ROM for Galaxy Note 3!


For this week’s T-Mobile, Canadian, and SM-N9005 Note 3 ROM of the Week, check out the Canadian S5 ROM!

Ported straight from Canadian Galaxy S5, the Canadian S5 ROM brings you almost all S5 features onto your Note 3 such as Ultra Power Saving Mode, Download Booster, and even S5 camera.

The S5 camera works near flawless so you can get all the features on the Galaxy S5 with your Note 3 including Panorama, Virtual Tour, S5 camera menu, and more.  The only thing I found was that Selective Focus feature doesn’t work (it will hang your camera) and you get a minor annoying error message when you stop recording videos (but your video record just fine so…).

Battery life seems to drain a bit quickly with the stock kernel but you can easily fix this by using Compulsion kernel, which also gives you overclocking up to 2.65Ghz.  The ROM itself is super quick though, you do not need any overclocking unless you want to maximize your graphic-intensive games.

Overall, Canadian S5 ROM is nearly perfect, there are some bugs but for all the features you get on your Note 3, it’s definitely worth trying as it will literally turn your Note 3 into an S5 but with bigger battery and screen.  Yup, makes your Note 3 better than an S5.  So, definitely give this beasty custom ROM a try this week(end) and do let me know what you think!

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  1. George G. says:

    Hey, I just installed the rom on my sm-n900w8 and after I flashed the compulsion kernel. It’s a nice rom thanks for sharing but the kernel is not the best. I would like to make the frequency lower to 2.5 or 2.4 but I can’t . There is an app or some flashable zip to fix this?

    • Jason Zhang says:

      I’m planning to flash it to this, but reconsidering after reading your comment. I thought it says it can be “over clocked to a max of blabla Ghz”, so doesn’t it allow you to config the clocking?

      How’s the battery life?! 😀

    • Max Lee says:

      Did you try using TricksterMOD app on Play Store?

    • Jaehyun says:

      I was using this rom few days now, it’s best rom so far but i found a bug.

      when i using the pen when the screen is off, works great but after that i have to use pen to operate i can’t use my finger anymore. i have to restart the phone. is there way to fix it?


  2. Jason Zhang says:

    Hey Max are you sure this is the best Kernel? It seems to drain battery quite rapidly

  3. thomas says:

    Will this rom work on Verizon note 3???

  4. Joe U says:

    Hi Max, thank you for this awesome rom and your instructions! I have an issue with my NFC sim card that I normally use it for payment, it stopped working now… I tried the NFC fix already but only the phone NFC is working but not my NFC sim card. Do you know what I could do to fix this?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Max Lee says:

      Oh which Note 3 do you have? If you have T-Mobile/Canadian Note 3, you may have broken NFC by flashing the fix, NFC works out of the box for this ROM.

      • Joe U says:

        I am using the international version SM-N9005. Normal NFC is working after the fix but my sim nfc is not registering for some reason. Defect NFC Sim??

  5. garrycas says:

    I really like this ROM but unfortunately it does not have a native email client which is a big bummer! Oh well time to move on to next ROM.

  6. cambo slice says:

    Im using the sm9005…great rom and feels great but the network mode option is not there…is this normal?

  7. la makina says:

    hellow friends I have a problem, I installed the rom s5 v16 on the galaxy note 3 n900t t mobile usa. everything works fine but something is wrong, I do not have 4g network, I only have LTE. I already changed the APN however I just have LTE.. can someone help me please. thanks

  8. harresh says:

    hey max, i cant seem to get the private mode to work on either the at&t and the canadian note 3, are you having the same problem?

    also where can i get the stock email apk. that comes with every rom i had so far, i can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  9. Ehsan says:

    Hey max
    I have a problem with my N9005
    It seems its NFC and Private mode doesn’t turn on
    What can i do?

  10. zoinks says:

    well the S5 ROM works great… so far… As for the battery life the Qi charger is an option aside from the kernels on this page. The stock Internet Explorer has some locked in favorites but if you know what you are doing this site “” works to allow you to delete ALL unwanted bookmarks but try your own risk it’s just a page that has the right advice

  11. harry says:

    How can I get the original touchwiz email app? i cant seem to find it.
    also has anyone else had a problems with launching private mode?

  12. zoinks says:

    this ROM is like a Note 3 S5 hybrid smartphone has their Sammys earlier ugly grey keyboard sens to be it unless you find one you might like on the “play” site for apps but if you want to try this at your own risk ” ” then you’ll get that OTA update to make your Sammy keyboard black with the white letters but if you’re unsure don’t try this go to the play site and search for onr you like but if you want the black keyboard with whit letters by Sammy the try this a at your own risk… Not mine… working for me fine

  13. ben says:

    download failed 3 times and i have good connection ..but why always failed …anyone having this issue ? or im using the wrong browser or something? cant download big files? using the default browser and uc …none of them works

  14. Bakir says:

    Hi, Max
    I installed the ROM and it’s great but the calender and “process.andoid.acore” keep crashing and i get an error so many times an hour. Whatsapp is therfore not working because of the “” not working.
    I’ve tried every solution online but it didn’t work. (going to Contacts Storage and force stopping and deleting data, going to Contacts and doing the same thing, then rebooting, deleting facebook, force stopping google services, force stopping Whatsapp and deleting data)
    Titanium Backup won’t detect my backups

    Device: SM9005 international
    previous ROM: stock 4.4.2 from Samsung with root

    please I need help!

  15. kamran javeed says:

    My play store is not working what is the problem plz reply ASAP thx

  16. noob says:

    Can’t scan for WiFi network. to solve problem?

  17. noob says:

    Hey Max to fix the wifi problem reply ..u always slow reply everything …!!!

  18. noob says:

    No wifi. No nfc and worse of all ..slow charging compared to other roms like xnote ..well ..feeling like using USB 2.0 in this rom ..sucker max!!! Hope u eat your mom’s shit

  19. Baw$$ says:

    I had tried every Canadian S5 Rom installation methods possible before coming across your link on Google. Installation was a breeze therefore i’d like to thank you for it. Keep up the good work.

    Note 3 for life!!!

  20. bryan says:

    Installed rom..everything is working..good good that I downloaded v17.1 of this port and it’s awesome. .thanks again

  21. wtf says:

    im using n9005 but after flashed this rom model number in the ‘about phone ‘ changed to n900w8 ..canadian note 3 ? pls reply me max due to the model number changed .should i flash the compulsion kernel for n9005 or n900w8 wifi is broke after i flashed the n9005 compulsion kernel ..havent try the kernel for n900w8 afraid that it will brick my phone for flashing the wrong thing?

  22. wtf says:

    im not sure the culprit that broke my wifi and nfc is the kernel or something wrong with the rom ..why my model number was chaned to n900w8 ….pls max ..reply me pls ……

    • Robert says:

      look for N900W8 KK WIFI-NFC, place it on your sdcard, boot in recovery, install it, reboot and you should be good as new.

  23. Arnaldo says:

    This rom rocks! !! Great work. It even made prefer tw over pure android based roms. Very smoth, fast as feck and I get to keep my Samsung features (s pen, air command, all of it). A huge thank you for this post!

  24. anuj says:

    can this rom be installed on international note3 n9000 ???? in india we get note 3 n9000 model max

  25. Hermann says:

    i have insatlled the rom on my canadian note 3 and it works really good so thanks a lot
    Only downer is that i’m unable to use the s voice wake up command on the lockscreen and i use it a lot cuz i got bluetooth in my car. Is there a fix for that ? or even better can i install the native note 3 svoice on the s5 rom cuz i dont believe the s5 svoice can bypass the secured lockscree wich the one on the note 3 does

  26. adam graham says:

    This is very smooth on my sm-9005 note 3 my mobile data runs much faster i get 13mbs download speed where as on the stock rom i only get 3mps

  27. Ankit says:

    After installed this ROM wifi is stoped working in my note 3 n9005 any solution..?>

  28. Andy says:

    I installed this rom on my tmobile note 3 and runs perfect, everything is working excellent. Just waiting for an update. Thanks Max.

  29. div says:

    the network mode has been disabled in my note 3 n9005 i can no more switch between network any help

  30. ibrag474 says:

    In this rom not working NFC how I can fix it?

  31. Eric says:

    Great rom MAX. Installed on my T-Mobile Note 3 and its as good as advertised. Everything works as indicated and my Note 3 is in beastmode. Installed compulsion kernel v16 and the battery life went to another level. Keep up the great work.

  32. AK says:

    Does this rom still support Tmobile Wifi Calling?

  33. John says:

    Awesome rom and it runs great! But just one problem. When I go into settings and select More Networks, I dont see network mode under mobile networks. Is this something I cannot change?

    • Jean Louis Hardy says:

      Put this in the dialer and then you can manage mobile networks.
      This is to change your network to lte

  34. john vella says:

    any chance that you will add Microsoft Exchange to the account list? i absolutely LOVE this ROM, but without that email account ability, i can’t get my work emails.

  35. Andy says:

    Hey Max
    I’ll been used this rom for a couple weeks and work perfect but 3 days ago I lost my 4G and only have LTE. Any solution for that? Please I need some help. Thanks

  36. Jean Louis Hardy says:

    Ever since I have updated the Rom it’s been great, but it keeps ejecting the SD card says ready to remove anybody else have this issue or have a fix for this please let me know.

    32gig sdcard SanDisk #4

  37. Zibi says:

    I noticed that camera is not fully functional.
    There is no slow motion and fast video modes.
    You can only choose between normal, limit for mms and smooth motion.

  38. TOMAS says:

    Works great in N900T .. thanks!

  39. Seb M says:

    Hi max,
    Thanks for the rom !
    Few issues for me tho,
    I have the n900w8, and I can’t connect to lte network. (With the good apn)
    I also get crash from google map. Even when ita not open.

    • Seb M says:

      Nevermind, I found how out what was the problem.
      I did what Jean Louis Hardy said on :
      December 29, 2014 at 4:02 am
      Put this in the dialer and then you can manage mobile networks.
      This is to change your network to lte

      This enabled my Lte, and for the Google Map issue, just uninstall the updates from playstore. That’s it 🙂

  40. carl says:

    .can i flash this with my n900s note 3

  41. spamboo says:

    hi max,

    flashed this firmware and everything works fine thanks! but i got a problem that i just noticed now i cant flash any note 3 roms it says “incompatible” and my model number was changed to sm-g900t instead of sm-9005 can u help me pls.


    p.s. my device is note 3 international sm-n9005 and i used twrp 8.x.x to flash this rom

  42. monografia says:

    You could definitely see your enthusiasm within the article you write.

    The sector hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to
    mention how they believe. Always follow your heart.

  43. Muneer says:

    I was trying several custom rom for note 3 and finally gave up. Any of them, were not perfect. The best ROM for note 3 is the “Note 3 Stock ROM” after all.

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