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Overclock Snapdragon 800 to match Snapdragon 805 Frequency!

There are always processors that can be overclocked more than others and if you are a Note 3 user, you are in luck as Qualcomm 800 can be easily overclocked from its stock 2.3Ghz to 2.726Ghz no problem, giving you nearly 20% boost.   And yes, overclocking it that much will give you decreased battery life but in my testing the battery life still outperformed one on Note 4 (due to 1080P instead of 1440P screen and your screen eats up most of your battery life, not CPU).

For my overclocking experiment, I wanted to get the best operating system running so I loaded the latest Android 5.0 TouchWiz firmware on my T-Mobile Note 3 and also the latest CM12 nightly on my SM-N9005, both with Leak kernel installed.

Kernel of Choice for Note 3 Overclockers – Lean Kernel!

Lean Kernel is probably the best custom kernel you can use for your Note 3 for overclocking as the developer has been around and makes some excellent kernels.  It is available for most Note 3 variants without a locked bootloader.

When I first did my benchmarking tests with Antutu fully overclocked to 2.726Ghz, I actually didn’t get better results.  In fact, my scores were lower than stock at times.  There’s one little change I made a big difference.  I knew from my experiences overclocking Litecoin rigs (for making crypto-currency) that sometimes you can undervolt your highest frequencies to bring the temperature down.  I did exactly that, turned voltage at 2.726Ghz from 1170 to 1140.  And the results were amazing, I was finally able to break through 48K on Antutu benchmarks!  (My stock Note 4 on KitKat did 46K on Antutu.)

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25 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Hey pal.
    I used the kernel and during an tu tu test, It restarted 3 times! I HAVE A SM-N9005 NOTE 3.

  2. Dan Andrei says:

    Is it works if I have flashed a custom note 4 rom port on my SM

  3. Romies says:

    Hi, i also had some reboots when running the test and one time my Phone didnt do anything after it shut down. After i removed the battery it went on. I could not finish one test, but yes the Phone is very fast! What is it i do wrong?

  4. Sherwin says:

    I followed the step. Now I have Kernel is not seandroid Enforcing.. What do I do?

  5. Nate says:

    Any possible list of roms for the us cellular note 3? sm-900R4.

  6. R Smith says:

    Will this work with the Verizon SM-N900V running Lollipop 5.0?

  7. Tusker says:

    Flashed the lean kernel for my SM-N900P and now it just says “Kernel Is Not Seandroid Enforcing”. I made a backup on flashify but have no idea how to access it as the phone wont boot up. What can I do here?

  8. Pat says:

    Hi! I tried to install this kernel, and it works fine, but i can’t overclock my device. When i choose 2,7 GHz and click apply i get 1,7GHz again and again. Can you help me?

  9. Pat says:

    and I have android 5.0.2 (ported from s6 edge, N9005 version, kernel is installed (i can see it in settings)). Of course my phone is rooted.

  10. tech mein says:

    i installed this kernel set the voltage to 1145 hit apply it was ok but when i try to change the frequency profile to 2726400 and hit apply it returns to 1958400. what should i do? thanks

  11. ahmed says:

    I am using the CM 12.1 and kernel doesn’t work with it ?
    Can u fix this?

  12. Hmz says:

    Hi! I tried to install this kernel, and it works fine, but i can’t overclock my device. When i choose 2,7 GHz and click apply i get 1,7GHz again and again. Can you help me?

  13. Arian says:

    Hey im running a 5.1.1. teamsek Cm12 ROM i tryed to flash Kernel but my phone does not start 🙁 Thank GOD and YOU of course i backuped my boot and phone now works fine, without overclocking. So what can I do?

  14. Lamar says:

    I want to try Lean Kernel on my AT&T SM-N900A can this be done and how do i install it. I am running darklord 2.2 for SM-N900A.

  15. Lamar says:

    I would love to have twrp recovery but everytime that i try ( I have tried with odin and flashing) i get something about AT&T software or something and to take it to a AT&T store ( i fix this problem by either flashing a kernel or a full flash) can you please help me to get it on my phone? It is rooted and i can unlock my bootloader. Thank you ….. you are the MASTER of Android. Oh yes i am using Safe Strap now and i try to install twrp going flashing back to NC2 kitKat.

  16. momen says:

    Can i install this kernel while usin darkwolf rom?

  17. Jesse says:

    Will this kernel work for Sprint note 3 running ‘DarkLord Note 7 custom ROM for Note 3’?

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