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Our goal is to make the best video/online tutorials showing you how to root, install custom ROMs, and more on the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android smartphones.

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37 Responses

  1. Joseph Almaguer says:

    Hey…I am wondering how the progress is going with the Galaxy Note 3 custom roms…?

    I have a SM-N900T Galaxy Note 3.

  2. Justin says:

    Is there any roms or way to get a 3 button headset (Volume buttons) to work?


  3. praleesh says:

    Hi Bro,

    i rooted my note 3 international version SM-N9005 as per your rooting step. its rooted successfully. but unfortunately after some days it lose the root access and i can’t enter the CWM also, when i’m trying to enter the CWM it shows this message —- Custom binary blocked by reactivation lock. SECURE FAIL : RECOVERY….

    how can get rid of this problem….. pls help

  4. Slade says:

    Hi Max great work on all your ventures! I’ve used your site for my g3, g4 and note 3 all with Sprint. I followed the steps for my sprint variant, and while odin completes with a pass. Each time I try recovery mode it boots into the stock recovery. Am I missing somethine, I’ve tried both twrp which I’m a fan of and cwm…so close I can taste. thanks Slade.

  5. Pravin says:

    hi there. i have the international version of note 3 the sm-n9005 and i did exactly what the tutorial says and when i try to boot into recovery after using odin. it was no command with the android logo in the middle and its not cwm recovery. im not sure whats wrong here. pls help. thanks!!

  6. Stefan Bradley says:

    I rooted my note 3 sm-n900a with your tutorial and there seems to be a firmware update. I can’t update it, I just get a failure message. Is there anyway I can update without uprooting? Also any updates on sm-n900a recovery?

  7. Albert says:

    Hey max how’s it going?

    Simple question, why there are no custom roms for the Galaxy Note 3 USA AT&T? I can’t find them anyway!

    Thanks and have a good day!

  8. Carlos says:

    Hey Max:

    I’ve been reading a bunch of threads that inidicate that safestrap for the AT&T is now working except for FLASHING new ROMs. Do you have any idea when this feature will be resolved and therefore when we will begin to see new ROMs for the AT&T phones. I’m a bit frustrated, I feel I should have kept my Note 2 which I had fully customized and now Im stuck with a Note 3 I cant flash ROMs on. I appreciate your views on this subject. Happy Holidays

  9. Kevin says:

    HI, I follow the method to root the ATT Note3, Then I can’t login to main screen anymore, phone directly show SW REV CHECK FAIL : Fused 1 > Binary 0. please help me out. Thanks

  10. roman says:

    I was wondering if there is a update for at&t mj5 root. please help…

  11. nick says:

    ware is kit kat coming on note 3???

    • al says:

      just got KITKAT on my sprint n3. seems to be working ok I’m not happy with the all white notifiction bar. and it keeps telling I have email for the same emails over and over.

  12. dana joseph says:

    I need help I have a note 3 from sprint n900 already rooted have hotspot mod which I dnt want 2 lose…ok here’s the deal I unlocked my phone from sprint, I was wondering if there’s an international rom or something I could use 2 work with any carrier including sprint?…

  13. Brian says:

    i have the sm-n900a but it is the n900aucubnb4 build number. The method on this site for my phone model says the root wont work for my note 3. If this is so then is there a root method available for me?

  14. Muhammad Jawad says:

    I am using Note 3 SM-N900 with Criskelo Rom V09…
    Its amazingly stable…
    i dont know why this rom is not mentioned here?

  15. Jimmie Deveraux says:

    I have a Sprint Note 3 and last week, I rooted the device and flashed SACS 4.4.2. Since then, I cannot get LTE/4G on the Sprint network. I have called Sprint a couple of time but the issue remains. When you go into STATUS, the network is SAMSUNG. I’m pretty sure that it should be Sprint. Does this mean that I have been BRICKED…? Do you have any ideas or things I could try to resolve the issue?

    Any information would be so greatly appreciated.


  16. jiyun nam says:

    Would rooting make note 3 to be able to use tap and pay with google wallet?

  17. james says:

    Max. I have a At&t rooted note 3 with alliance Rom. My service is with at&t but I don’t get good reception where I am located and was thinking about going with Verizon because that’s what works in this area. If I bought a Verizon sim, will it work in my phone with different apn settings and try to put the network into cdma only mode. Can you let me know what should I do.? Wouldn’t have this problem if I was home in sunny SF CALIFORNIA

    • Max Lee says:

      You cannot use Verizon with AT&T Note 3 as it does not have CDMA hardware required for Verizon network. You do need a Verizon phone.

  18. Dave Gordon says:

    Max, I’m looking for a CM11 like rom for my note 3. But I would like to use the samsung software for the stylis. Do any rom have the smasung note software in them?

    Thanks – – – love you sites

  19. DMorton says:

    I’m thinking of trying a rom on my note 3, if I don’t like it how do I remove safestrap and get back to my stock phone settings

  20. hardeep singh says:

    i have indian note 3 snapdragon sm-n900 running 4.4.2
    how to root it can u plz tell..
    waiting for your reply . reply asap

  21. Chuck says:

    Hey u have been very helpful. I have a rooted Verizon galaxy note 3 running the jasmine custom rom android 4.4.2. For some reason I can’t connect to the roku at my job via screen mirroring wirelessly. Is this a known issue?

  22. MikeK says:

    Ok. I have an AT&T Note3. Samsung -SM-N900A. I unlocked it and now use it on the T-Mobile Network. I have issues with the mobile network getting lousy reception. My son has a tmobile iphone and does not have the same issues. Should I use a tmobile rom or an At&t rom? Is there a rom that can boost the reception? Thanks for help in advance. I can not wait to get all the AT&T crap off my phone.
    4.4.2 Android

  23. jason says:

    i have a Verizon galaxy note 3 android version 4.4.4 model sm-n900v how can i root this one i have looked everywhere try ed a lot different ways you seem to have the most knowledge so far if you have found a way please let me know thanks

  24. jay mai says:

    I bought a Tmobile note 3 N900 from a guy on craigslist. It was unlocked so that I could use on AT&T. Now i switched to Tmobile service, but i gave my gf the Note 3. She kinda did a factory reset process to clean the phone. But then the phone wasnt able to use. I called Tmobile, they said the phone is blocked becuz the original buyer didnt pay full amount or reported stolen since Jan 2014. But the whole year i’ve been using the phone and it was fine. So i knew there should be some software to unlock the phone again. Can you help le me please how to unlock to use different cariers. Thank you so much

  25. Hal Raymond says:

    When following instructions for root not3 at&t.
    I found i have version 4.4.4 … tried the rest of instructions to “make it rain” and i get device not compatible… is there something I am missing.
    Thanks in advance

  26. Onur says:

    Hey Zedomax:

    custom binary blocked by reactivation lock

    How can I solve this problem

  27. Robert says:

    hi. I have a rooted Verizon Note 3, I followed your instructions and upgraded from 4.4.2 to jasmine rom 5.0 and i also wanted to use the exposed installer but i used flash fire to install the exposed framework SDK. my phone got stuck on bootloop. What can i do to get out of it and still keep my root. Can you please help me.

  28. Jason says:

    I have a SM-N900T T-Mobile Note 3 rooted 4.4.2 NK3 baseband and NF9 as a build version; and I have been experiencing a weird error. When I turn my WiFi on and after it connects to ANY access point; the device reboots after 5 or 6 seconds. The device then boots with a message stating that it is in factory mode. Ive been hunting for answers here and on XDA but have not found a fix. I have also tried looking into the efs folder using Rom Toolbox and ES Filer Explorer both with SU access….the efs folder is completely empty…but I still have voice and data..no issues there. Just can not connect to any wifi access point without the device rebooting.

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  30. Khan says:


    I have rooted my phone Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900 successfully and also have cwm recovery.

    I followed the instructions here and have installed cm 13.0-20151125-UNOFFICIAL-ha3g with Android 6.0.
    I also have the playstore and all the apps.

    Although the SD card is recognized and easily accessible in my other devices, it does not show as storage in this device and hence I am not able to even see it nor access it in any way!… Why? This the first problem I am facing and the second problem is that I believe that since this is the unofficial version of cyanogenmod, I don’t receive any updates whatsoever. What to do about that?

    Earlier, this device was rooted and running stock KitKat rom for a long time. Later i flashed lollipop via odin and then cwm and then installed cm 13 via zip file in SD card via cwm. Please help at the earliest.

    Thirdly, I wanted to ask you a general question,
    Is it possible to change dns servers(primary and secondary) to custom servers which uses mobile data and not WiFi which happens to be a non rooted device? I have tried a lot of apps but with no success?..

    Kindly reply in detail at the earliest and inform.

    Thanking you,

  31. Allan says:

    Hi Max. I recently rooted my note 3 n9005 and installed the Darklord rom succesfully, i latter removed the rom and installed the original samsung firmware, and lost my root and voided my knox warranty. Now I am failing to reroot the device. What should i do

  32. Jim koz says:

    I recently rooted my Verizon note 3 that is on lollipop. When will these custom roms be available to the Verizon note 3, and how will I load them. I am currently on the of1 lollipop version from verizon. Thanks

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