S5 ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note 3! [UPDATE 4]


For this week’s AT&T Galaxy Note 3 ROM of the Week, we’ve got a nice surprise for you Safestrap users, the S5 ROM by XDA user Skizzy034!

This is a “real” S5 ROM, ported from a Galaxy S5 to the AT&T Note 3, with pretty much every feature of the S5 working (except ones that require S5 sensor) including Download Booster.

The real surprise here?  My AT&T Galaxy S5 still does not have Download Booster working because AT&T decided to disable it but my AT&T Note 3 can use it thanks to this ROM.

The S5 ROM obviously features everything you would expect from a stock Galaxy S5, which means your menu button will become recents button along with all the apps.  Of course, since S5 does not have S-Pen, the S5 ROM fixes the issue by adding its own S-Pen menu to Settings menu so you can activate all of your favorite S-Pen features including Air Command.

Also the camera has been defaulted to Note 3 camera, which is great since you have a functional camera. (S5 camera will not work on Note 3 yet.)  Other than that, this is a best ported ROM I’ve seen that actually is “ported” from S5, instead of just taking some parts from it.

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  1. SirFelix says:

    That’s great news.. was waiting for this rom 😀
    Mine is N900 is its s5 rom ready ?!! With no bugs or so or I should wait until its fully done like that of at&t
    If its ready please refer me to its link .. Thanks in Advance =D

  2. heathen says:

    Works great on my Sprint Note 3 the only thing that doesn’t work is my data which really isn’t too bad of a problem since I have wifi at work and home

  3. harry says:

    Hey max does this s5 room work for Canadian note 3

  4. keng sim says:

    yes..?? has anyone tried on a can note 3 ???

  5. noah says:

    I can’t find a way to root my att variant cnc2 am I crazy or is it impossible? Thanks

  6. keng sim says:

    installed on my telus Note 3,,,
    it took it,,, had to manually select network and set APN

    phone, text, gmail

    not working
    web browsing, exchange email

    odd !!!!

  7. harry says:

    Does this rim have power saving?

  8. note3oc says:

    It would be great if you could write an article about getting the best t-mobile cyanogen clone. I know temasek once had the best cyanogen rom working for t-mobile cherry picking patches etc. But he seems to have dropped xda and moved to twitter and I can’t track down ( dont have the time ) to figure out the latest parts of his work to get a good solid cyanogen rom working on the note3.

    I leave it to good people like you to hear requests and write good articles about it.

    Last part of the trial ends here:


    Would love to find this work that has been maintained a bit.

    Cheers – great site keep up the work.

  9. jason says:

    Just installed on Rogers note 3. but lost my root access, any help please.
    UPSM works, Alot of cool little features like floating tool box i like that.

  10. Danilo says:

    I keep getting Samsung update error report logs and when I open contacts I get com. android.phone process has stopped. Also at one point the Samsung keyboard kept crashing and I had to do a factory reset.

  11. Jordan says:

    Great news max, and I can confirm this… GeoHot has realeased by far the easiest fastest root EVER… push one button, and the best part is, it worked on my at&t note 3… all you have to do is go to http://www.towelroot.com on your android device, click the red icon in the middle, install the apk, open it, click make it rain and that is it!!!!!

  12. Danilo says:

    Experiencing issues with polaris office 5, something about libraries

  13. john says:

    I’m having trouble turning on my wifi …. it’s on att note 3 . I press on it it doesn’t turn on. Please help.

  14. Emilio says:

    Thank you for all your hard work. Following your steps to root and install safe strap was easy on my note 3. Trying to using xda was not. Thanks again and keep getting high on android.

  15. tyrus Bartholomew says:

    Hey Max am on S5 rom. For AT&t and my system storage
    Is 29 of 32. Can u help me don’t know why my stock backup won’t work
    Am stuck on S5 rom help Pl.

    • Elroy Cohen says:

      I’m having the same issue.

    • Max Lee says:

      Did you install the ROM on stock ROM slot?

      • Elroy Cohen says:

        ROM Slot 1 not Stock.

        • Max Lee says:

          Try the stock ROM slot, I stopped using ROM slots due to that storage problem. Just make a backup ROM of your stock ROM then install it there, you will get 100% of your storage back.

          • edgar says:

            You have to create the partition in rom slot 1 2 3 or 4 with more data space(i put in 12000mb) and then wipe cache and the you install the rom

    • Rainey says:

      I’m know this is a month late. I had the same space issue because I installed the ROM in slot 1 and not in the stock rom slot as stated. When I did install it into slot 1, I regain my space back… Not 3 on AT&T. Rooted using Towel root.

  16. Elroy Cohen says:

    Worked like a charm….Thanks!

  17. Elroy Cohen says:

    Another issue I encountered is voice crackling over my Bluetooth headset(s). It’s an intermittent problem. I had this problem with jellybean and KitKat seemed to fix it somehow. Now that I have the S5 ROM, it’s back. Anyway of patching or fixing this? Is there something I can copy and paste from stock ROM? I’m on AT&T. Thanks!

  18. Will says:

    Have N900A unlocked and rooted. Having problems downloading keyboards and applying them from GP store. They will download but not allow the checkmark in settings. Also any way to mod the left menu button to change back to menu? Other than that this is awesome!

    • Max Lee says:

      Long-press Hold menu button down for actual menu button.

      • FLoyd says:

        Hey MAX great work man, need your help if you can assist. This ROM is beautiful and running great on my SM900W8. However i’m unable to use my rooted apps such as SuperSU.. It says no SU Binary installed.. SIGH.. so i cant use Titanium Backup etc etc, what is causing this?

      • Aj says:

        I have 2 issues with this ROM. 1. need the menu button back on my N900A. It’s the google search function for some odd reason. and 2. The batter drain is super fast. had it drain all the way and fully charged, same thing. Other than that, the ROM is really nice with no other issues (so far). Can you please help me resolve both issues? Thanks


    • Rainey says:

      Will I had the same issue with the keyboard. Over on the XDA forum, there is a S5 keyboard fix and Wi-Fi fix. Once installed, I was able to switch keyboards.

  19. Gilex Mondares says:

    any update? V3??

  20. Mike says:

    I installed the S5 rom on my AT&T note 3. It seems everything works fine except the lock screen. I am not able to set up a PIN to lock my phone. It allows me to enter the PIN, but the phone won’t save it. Any ideas how to fix it? Thank you.

  21. Ahmed says:

    Hey there, I installed S5 rom on at&t note 3 N900A. Everything works like a charm. It’s fast and smooth.
    One main problem im having is battery drain. It’s draining ridiculously fast. Even though it has Ultra Power Saving Mode but that seems like not helping at all. Last night the battery was at 40% and I turned on Ultra power saving mode to see how that works and if it helps with the battery draining. It said it should go for 3.5 days. when I woke up in the morning it was completely depleted. Every 5 min battery goes down 3% without even touching the phone, No Wifi, No bluetooth, No location, No GPS. I had to switch back to stock today because of this issue otherwise this rom is perfect.
    Let me know if there any fix for this.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Max Lee says:

      Make sure you go through one power cycle to tell the battery life. Sometimes the phone software gives wrong battery stats until your next power cycle.

  22. Hernan says:

    Got my N-900A working perfectly… of course it drains power, but just a little bit more, got mine going the entire day without any problems. The best tutorial for this AT&T Note 3 it’s this one!!!!!!

  23. eric says:

    I recently downloaded this rom and it works great! However, It seems as though the spen functionality has suffered. For the most part, it works as intended, but on certain apps it doesn’t work correctly. specifically, the apps papyrus and flipaclip. When I draw, the phone will register the stroke 90 degrees clockwise of where it should have went. So if I draw up, within those two apps it will draw a line horizontally to the left. How can I fix this?

  24. Iggy Galarza says:

    S5 Rom is a great Rom but the battery is a issue. I am not able to have my phone only last a few hours. Had to go back to stock rom with root.

    If there anything someone can let me know how to fix this problem would be great.


  25. Kurt says:

    I have stock KitKat rooted with towel root and safestrap. Does this meet the prerequisites for this, “Before installing, you must have the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat bootloaders installed, if you’ve never installed a KitKat TouchWiz ROM, I highly suggest you to install KnoxRaid ROM first, which will make you install the KitKat bootloader.”

  26. Jeremy says:

    Hi Max. I succesfully updated to ATT S5 Port Update 4 on my AT&T Note 3 SM-N900A. It boots up and says “Android is upgrading. Starting apps.” It loads the lock screen, stays on for about 5 seconds and auto restarts. It seems to be stuck in a loop. Any suggestions? Thanks! Much appreciated.

  27. Felix Leo says:

    Is it OK for Samsung galaxy note sm-n900 exynos?

  28. SmokeTheDon says:

    Hello, kind of late in this but after installing this rom my notification center clock as well as status bar clock are both off by 4 hours and I cannot correct no matter what setting I go in to. Had anyone else experienced this or is their something I am missing?

  29. Earl says:

    This might be a stupid question to other people in here. But I just wanna ask if this ROM can also be install in my Note 3 LTE? SM-N9005 and my Note 3 is not AT&T?

  30. Will says:

    Need hdmi mirroring to this rom won’t work…

  31. Darnell J. says:

    Hello all…

    I successfully installed the s5 rom on my ATT Note 3. However after firther review… I found that my lock doesnt work. I.e., I attempted to set a custom pattern and/or pin/password and it only will allow SWIPE.

    Can someone help me with this?!


  32. tyler says:

    Hi max, the lock screen doesn’t have security after installing this rom, the pin lock set up don’t work, any way to fix that?

  33. Brendan Corr says:

    On the V4 the multi tasking is back to holding down the home button, and screen mirroring along with gear manager, and maps does not function. Screenmirroring is much needed

  34. john says:

    I have a problem with this rom update 4. Doesn’t work in note 3 at&t the dual camera and the s pen show problem with many games like clash of clans. And others. In the notifications aRea can’t change anything cause y try many times to do that but in every try I had the same error. Please try to fix this. I love the rom but without my s pen or my dual camera I’m unhappy. If you can fix it please or returent only the stock camera ofor the note 3 like the update #2. Thanks for all.

  35. Edgar Gomez says:

    I love this rom, but I have two problems, the first one is the little dots for me I don’t need them, they are useless and annoying. the second one is more critical, battery life is draining so fast. With the first version of this rom that you recommend before , battery life was better. With this last version battery drains very fast…not even half day with regular use…

  36. admin says:

    Remove the n900 in the same s5 ROM we also faydalanal friend

  37. John says:

    Hey max can I install the s5 rom on my att note 3 with safestrap without installing the Android 4.4.2 kk rom? The know raid. I already have the stock 4.4.2 kk rom.

  38. Mr green says:

    Private mode failed to launch. Phone restart on its own sometime. Battery drain much more than note 3 stock rom. Sometime using browser it go back to previous page on its own. S health force close. Scrapbook force close.
    Yes I did a clean install. tried fix permission
    This room have potential but need improvement.

  39. TNelly says:


    Thanks for all the great tutorials. Is it safe to go straight from alliance rom to this on the note 3 ATT version?

  40. Jason truong says:

    Great Rom, bad battery drain.

  41. PCTitan says:

    Only issues with this ROM is the battery drain. Like many here, the battery on my N900A is draining at an outrageous speed. I’m willing to help out to fix these issues in any way that I can since this is such a nice ROM. Let me know how I can help.

  42. Rom se en note 3 at&t
    No funciona dual cámara
    No funciona HDMI
    No funciona el control por voz para la cámara y demás.


  43. Chase acker says:

    I recently just installed The s5 port on my AT&T note 3 I love the way it works it’s beautifully so far I have a battery drain problem battery doesn’t last very long how can I go about fixing it. The battery only lasts a day before you have to charge it again try reinstalling it a couple of times to same issue every time.

  44. James says:

    Hi MAX I’m going to try this S5 rom before I do I have safestrap already on my att note 3
    My only issue is when I first do back-up of my current rom I get an error if I uncheck data
    and just do system back -up NO ERROR There reason for that? I have 64 gig ext card loys space left 37 gig

  45. David says:

    Love the Rom on my att note 3 however my wifi is very slow. Any fix for wifi issues. It also doesnt stay connected after reboot. Have to re enter password. Battery seems to drain faster also.

  46. kryss pigott says:

    Ok been running this rom for a week. It’s nice smooth but kills battery if it’s not in power save mode. With that aside is this a full custom rom. As in I can change themes and roll on a new launcher?

  47. alex says:

    hi thanks for the ROM just problem with screen mirror doesnt work, any solultion?

  48. avo says:

    nooooo, I love this rom but it drains battery way more than original one.
    Battery monitor shows most usage for Android OS, any ideas or plans to fix it?

    Thanks 🙂
    p.s. it’s an att note3

  49. David P. says:

    Anybody know if nfc works on this rom

  50. tionne says:

    Can you download themes?

  51. tionne says:

    Has anyone else had a issue with the touch pad? At times the top left corner will not work. After a reboot or app kill It will work again. Ive checked in developer tools and with touch enabled it shows that im touching the screen but no action.

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