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How to Backup/Restore ROM using CWM on Rooted Galaxy Note 3!

One of the coolest features on CWM Recovery with a rooted Galaxy Note 3 is the fact that you can backup and restore ROMs.

What does backing up/restoring ROMs mean though?

When you make a backup ROM, it will backup your whole OS including your apps, settings, app data, everything except for contents of your internal storage such as personal photos, videos, and other files.


How to Install Wanam Xposed App for Rooted Galaxy Note 3!

For those of you with a rooted Galaxy Note 3, did you know that you can use an app called Wanam Xposed to customize your UI and system?

You will be able to add some cool features like call recording, 4-way reboot, screen-off flashlight shortcut, enable camera during call, enable all apps for multi-window, change clock/battery/icon colors, enable NFC during screen off, and a ton more.


How to Enable All Apps for Pen Window on Rooted Galaxy Note 3!

The Galaxy Note 3 comes with floating windows in additional to its multi-window feature, allowing you to have floating windows of any apps you desire just like a desktop computer.

Well, the Note 3 only supports handful of apps like YouTube, Calculator, Phone, and Clock but there’s an easy way to enable this Pen Window feature for ALL of your favorite apps.

How to Unroot Galaxy Note 3! 80

How to Unroot Galaxy Note 3!

For those of you who want to return your rooted Galaxy Note 3 back to stock factory status, you can by unrooting your Note 3 with ODIN and stock official firmware.

This will allow you to fully unroot your Galaxy Note 3 and make it just like the day you got the phone.  Also for international models like SM-N900 or SM-N9005, you can use this method to change the country firmware.  E.g. You bought your phone in India and you want to use it in France but your phone doesn’t support French, you can install French firmware on your Indian Note 3.