ClockworkMod/TWRP Recoveries

For those of you who want to root your Galaxy Note 3, backup/restore ROM, or install custom ROM, you will need either ClockworkMod(CWM) or TWRP recovery for your Note 3.

This is a list of current working ClockworkMod(CWM) and TWRP recoveries you can use:
(We will update this as more become available!)

If you have a rooted Note 3, you can easily install CWM or TWRP using Flashify app.

For AT&T or Verizon Note 3, you cannot install CWM or TWRP recovery as bootloader is locked.  BUT you can install SafeStrap Recovery here!

ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery

KitKat/Lollipop Android 4.4.2 CWM Recovery (Please do not use with Jelly Bean Android 4.3 TouchWiz!)


SM-N9005/SM-N900T/SM-N900P Qualcomm Note 3 – CWM Recovery – Download – Credits (Also works for T-Mobile/Sprint)

SM-N900 Octa-core Note 3 – CWM Recovery – Download – Credits

SM-N900S Korean Note 3 – CWM Recovery – Download – Credits

SM-N900W8 Canadian Note 3 – CWM Recovery – Download – Credits

Jelly Bean CWM Recovery (Please do not use with KitKat TouchWiz!)

SM-N9005 Qualcomm Note 3 – CWM Recovery – DownloadCredits

SM-N9006 – CWM Recovery – DownloadCredits SM-N9006 – CWM Recovery – DownloadCredits

SM-N900T T-Mobile Note 3 – CWM Recovery – DownloadCredits

SM-N900P Sprint Note 3 – CWM Recovery – DownloadCredits

SM-N900 Octa-core Note 3 – CWM Recovery – DownloadCredits

SM-N900S Korean Note 3 – CWM Recovery – DownloadCredits

SM-N900W8 Canadian Note 3 – CWM Recovery – DownloadCredits

KitKat/Lollipop TWRP Recovery

TWRP Recovery v2.8.5.0 for all Qualcomm Note 3 like SM-N9005

TWRP Recovery v2.8.5.0 for T-Mobile Note 3 SM-N900T

TWRP Recovery v2.8.5.0 for Sprint Note 3 SM-N900P

TWRP Recovery v2.8.5.0 for Canadian Note 3 SM-N900W8

TWRP Recovery v2.8.5.0 for US Celluar Note 3

TWRP Recovery v2.8.5.0 for all Exynos Note 3 like SM-N900

Jelly Bean TWRP Recovery


N900P Sprint Note 3 – TWRP Recovery KitKat – Download – Credits [Latest]

N900P Sprint Note 3 – TWRP Recovery JellyBean – DownloadCredits

SM-N900T T-Mobile Note 3 – TWRP Recovery – DownloadCredits

SM-N900W8 Canadian Note 3 – TWRP Recovery – Download – Credits

229 Responses

  1. Androiddewdreviews says:

    Hey Max, sweet that you got your note 3 im happy for you. Got my rooted a few days ago as i couldn´t wait for starting my youtube page with note 3 – gameplay videos, etc etc.

    So happy rooting to everyone and be careful.

    Isn´t it lovely to be stoned on android!

    Kind Regards The Android Dewd 😉

    • Android Dewd says:

      Hey max, just for your interest, we also got a fully working TWRP for our SM-N9005. Flashed thru odin and runnin X-note 4.0. Perfect battery life, going to try fox hound to, anyways take care man.

    • hai says:

      After i load the CWM via odin and tried to boot into CMW. it said:
      Couldnt do normal boot.
      odin mode
      . Write protection enable.
      Any help ?

    • cajundood says:

      anyone figure out the locked boot loader on the SM-N900V (Verizon) model yet??
      I’ve had this phone over a year and still cant find a working root.

  2. Androiddewdreviews says:

    Also, my maestro and my teacher was zedomax, this is the dude that i learned everything from. And that is from the Note 2 section, as i own both devices and also the Note 10.1 N8000, i will always be a follower and a dude high on android.

    Regards yet again 🙂

  3. Lane Barrett says:

    I think you should put a LARGE disclaimer about the AT&T version. /i could see many people trying the wrong ROM for a devices not compatible yet. The N900 download is very similar to the N900a and could lead people to bricked device possibly. My 2 cents. You Rock Max!! I always come here first. Any idea on a release for AT&T ROOT for Note 3 N900a?


  4. ryan says:

    Which one of these roots will work for sprint?

    • frank says:

      Hi my note 3 will not allow me to back up my stock rom using twrp it keeps saying failed any help

      • Max Lee says:

        Double-check you have enough space in your internal storage or microSD.

        • jeremiah says:

          i would like to root my note 3 AT&T SMN900A but
          i need my phone please when are you going to have the software so i can dowlooad the stuff so i can root this modle please respond you have said you will have this abaible this comming week but it has been over like 2 months that you have had that posting saying that please let me know as i need this co i can use my phone for work… Jeremiah W.

  5. AJ says:

    Sprint one didnt work for me N900S , I did everything right, it pass and rebooted! When i tried to Install the SuperSU file, i could boot into Recovery, it went back to Odin Mode Screen. Said it couldnt do a normal Boot

    • Jeff says:

      Same happened for me with the T-Mobile cwm for the N900T, just goes into ODIN mode again, won’t boot into recovery mode.

      • MrPlastic says:

        He’s got the wrong link for the T-Mobile CWM, if you look at the file it says n900s, which is the sprint version.

        Get the original from

  6. Jim says:

    I have the N900P Sprint Note 3.. did everything by the numbers and when I tried rebooting I got a dead android robot saying no command.. not the clockworkmod like I’m used to.. what went wrong or can I try something else?..

    Please help

  7. rbreban says:

    Would this work with sm -900w8? ???

  8. mike says:

    i just root my n900t ,looks like not full root a part of app still need supper user permit!

  9. John says:

    @Jim same here with n9005. No command. No CWM but Android system recovery.

  10. John says:

    Sorry, just fixed this by deselecting auto reboot in odin en pull battery on pass.

    • Han says:

      hey thanks John! I was having the same problem too.

    • nick says:

      Are you using SM N9005 LTE 4G version. I got mine to Pass also..but no cwm recorvery. Can you confirm that You got your full root by pulling out batery after Pass sign…
      Mine now is ( Modified Status ) but no CWM..just the a Reboot in blue comes out…

      • Dirk-Jan says:

        This actually worked for me. I’ve got a SM N9005 LTE 4G Version. I de-selected ‘auto-reboot’ and I waited until Odin was finished (it displayed ‘reset’ in blue). I disconnected my phone from my PC and removed the battery, put it backup and it automatically rebooted into CWM recovery. However, it got stuck there. So I removed the battery once again and rebooted my phone normally. After that I was able to boot normally into the CWM recovery.

  11. Jim says:

    Is there a way to remove the clockworkmod and go back to stock.. the reason is that I was able to get full strength and great reception , I flash clockworkmod and dropped to 2 bars and terrible reception.. for some reason that flash managed to mess something up.. Max could you check into this to see if by chance this can cause reception issues.. thanks

  12. e313 says:

    I can not get clockworkmod i did everything it said plus the deselecting auto reboot in odin and pulling the battery out on pass and its still say Android system recovery. HELP PLEASE

  13. e313 says:

    So the at&t version doesnt have CLOCKWORKMOD yet????

  14. e323 says:

    I’m rooted for my att note 3 now, I just don’t have clockworkmod, I have super user and all the rooted apps work I just can’t flash no roms or make backups can somebody help me or tell me how to unroot

    • faslane says:

      if you check the XDA forums under Galaxy Note 3 you will see some information on how you can go back to stock. Basically you use a program called gordon and reflash the stock firmware back to your particular device. Make sure 100 percent that you are flashing the correct firmware for your particular device and carrier though otherwise you’re screwed.

  15. ahmed says:

    need root for sm-n900 GSM WCDMA

  16. ahmed says:

    what i choice for sm-n900 GSM WCDMA

  17. JR says:

    DOes the twrp on here support the Exfat 64G Sd card read?

  18. max kegg says:

    I rooted my device for sprint and it says command not found. I read all the posts here and i see many are having sane issues and fix on this??

  19. Greff says:

    Log from Odin:
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!
    RQT_CLOSE !!
    RES OK !!
    All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0)

    When I enter the roecoverymeny I dont have the option “flash from zip” ??
    Model SM-N9005

  20. BoomerZ360 says:

    When will the release for ATT CWM be available? And why is it taking longer then normal?

  21. Nikky says:

    Hi Max,

    I followed this tutorial and everything went well. Apart from the fact that when I get into the recovery it is still showing up with the stock recovery?
    Have you or anyone else encountered this problem??


  22. Ryan says:

    Careful guys I think max made a typo on the links here for the CWM recovery for the N900t

    if you accidently flashed this to your n900T like i did , dont fret Odin with the correct version (linked below)

    The link gives you the recovery for the N900s (SM-N900S Korean Note 3 )

    here is Max’s link for the N900t CWM recovery

  23. Thomas says:

    Hi Max,

    Thanks very much for your tutorial and support to other users.

    I have a question though; I have a store bought Australia Qualcomm SM-N9005, and I’m using Odin as you suggested to try to restore it, however every time I press START in Odin it fails.
    Here’s what I’m doing:
    Turning off Note3, entering ODIN mode
    Opening ODIN on PC, plugging in USB
    Click PDA, open /n9005-cwm-recovery-
    Click Start
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:10)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    Device says

    I know I must be doing something obvious wrong, can you help me please?

    Much appreciated,

  24. Craig345 says:

    When will the release for ATT SM-900A CWM be available? And why is it taking longer then normal?

  25. Dan Alva says:

    The file and link for the cwm recovery tar is incorrect… its identical to the korean tar can you please make sure its fixex.

  26. hadi bdeiwi says:

    i tried all the recoveries non of them worked with my att note 3 why?

  27. andy says:

    max, there is wrong cwm recovery file for tmobile sm900t version, i flashed it and got me stuck, it end up i have to download the right file from different site and flash it, and i am through and good to go. just want to point it now, so u could update it.

  28. troyd says:

    i have a big problem after i used the new cwm on my tmobile note 3 it doesnt want to get passed could not normal boot odin mode. i tried accessing recovery but nothing

  29. Brad says:

    Any status on the Verizon Note 3 (SM-N900V) CWM Recovery? I Need a Custom Recovery that works to be able to load the NFC capable version of Google Wallet.

  30. Shawn says:

    I was just curious, I have seen the “*Note – DO NOT RUN RESTORE ROM YET AS IT’S NOT WORKING ATM!!!” warning/disclaimer — but then I see the section: which tells you how to backup and restore ROM’s… This to me was (slightly) contradicting. I do also see though how some of the specific models do have a “*New – Restore fully supported now!” next to them.

    Am I just to assume that (for the time being) if the “*New – Restore fully supported now!” line isn’t next to ‘your model’ you should not attempt to do a ROM recovery/restore?

    I am just trying to make sure I have ALL my bases covered before I attempt any modifications to my literally brand new samsung galaxy note 3 (just picked it up today). Also, by no means am I a novice to the ‘world of tech’ or rooting phones, granted I’ve never rooted any samsung phones (I have mainly rooted the HTC EVO4G in the past)…

    • Shawn says:

      Just a quick follow up as I realized I did leave out a small tid-bit of information. Although I assume it should be almost obvious. My phone model/carrier (SM-N900P Sprint Note 3 – CWM Recovery) is NOT one of the models/carriers that has the “*New – Restore fully supported now!” by it…

    • Max Lee says:

      You can use TWRP Recovery instead if CWM is not supported for restore yet, all TWRP recoveries support restore function out of the box.

      • faslane says:

        I stand corrected. So an ATT N900a COULD use twrp then Max?

      • Will Whitteker says:

        I am having so much trouble rooting sprint note 3 SM-N900P. I cant find proper cwm and don’t understand twrp. My phone stock is 4.4.2 and I had it rooted fine. Then I did a full stock unroot back to factory wiping everything. I did this to update to 5.0. Now I am having trouble finding proper file and tutorials to root using updated OS. Can someone please help?

    • faslane says:

      Yes… NOT try a cwm install or recovery for anything not specifically listed as ccapable. For instance, Im on ATT n900a and there is NO cwm available yet. All I have is root but no custom recovery, thus no backup or rom support yet so make triple sure your device is capable to avoid a mess. I ALMOST tried seeimg a N900 option but remember the letter at the end. N900 “A” is my actual device so no CWM available. Good of you to triple check and ask first. it would appear that some people here have installed the wrong recovery on their devices and are now stuck.

  31. faslane says:

    Is there any update or status on a CWM for the At&T galaxy note 3 by chance?

  32. RootNoob says:

    Any update on ROOT for ATT NOTE 3?

  33. RootNoob says:

    Any update for ATT NOTE 3 ROOT CWM?

  34. Samuel Arkoh says:

    Hello this is sam.. and i need help so seriously right now please.. i mistakenly restored a rom on my phone and now my phone is stuck.. it keeps rebooting and cannot get into the home screen. i restored the stock firmware with odin but still the same… pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase HELP. Thanks guys

    • Max Lee says:

      which Note 3 do you have? model number?

      • Samuel Arkoh says:

        i have the n900p. the sprint version.. and this have happen on 2 different note 3 and i have to return to the sprint store and i just got my 3rd one now and i dont even want to root it anymore because im scare to use twrp and it will mess up everything

  35. ben says:

    which can i use for the us cellular note 3

  36. ben says:

    i have the sm-n900r4 please help

  37. Jim says:

    okay so after hours of trying to install CWM the new one o n my 900T i finally realized that the tar file is wrong the tar file that is supposed to be 4.4 for the 900t is catually for the 900s please fix files i hope that there is a new 4.4 CWM for the 900T thanks for all your work , i really hope that i van odin the new 4.4 CWM on my 900T soon that is if there is an update for the 900T i thought i was going crazy tried like 10 times before i figured it out ……………………………..

  38. Frank39 says:

    Why no release for Galaxy Note 3 ATT SM-900A ?? Its been weeks and why still no CWM ROOT?????

  39. Vriend says:

    Ihav the SM-N9005 but i cant root it beceauce everytime i try it fails .Im from the Netherlands and when i start up my Phone the T-Mobile logo shows.Do i have to try the 900T version.
    Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Dousenberg23 says:

    Are we still seriously waiting for the CWM for ATT note 3 model SM-900A?
    Never seen it take soooooo long. What is the problem guys? WE NEED A CWM ASAP!!!!!!

  41. Mike says:

    Hi guys & gals greetings from Scotland. Im relatively new to all this. I have recently been lucky to get an o2 soon to be 3) sm-9005. May I confirm it is the “SM-N9005 Qualcomm Note 3 – CWM Recovery” that I would need? Sounds silly but the qualcom part puts me off. Also if it is indeed this one then can i also confirm that restore does indeed work as i plan on removing a lot of bloatware.

    Thanks in advance

  42. Hadi says:

    we need we need clockwork recovery mod recovery for the Galaxy S for the Galaxy Note 3 AT&T version please I am talking through the speaker phone off my keyboard of my Galaxy Note 3 and I love it so much and I love your shows and your nephews Mr max

  43. zapdad says:

    So. .. Having trouble with my n900t which is the note 3 tmobile version. I used the cwm recovery with no luck them flashed the twrp With some luck but then went to flash supersu and go to check root and it is not rooted. Please help with this issue. Thank you

  44. nick says:

    I think NOW i know y we are having some screew ups each time we try falshing cwm . We have not on our debugging on our note..and I have found IT.

  45. H10 says:

    still no CWM for att note 3?

  46. Japanese says:

    Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900j

    Is it possible to this model?

  47. yorkshire411 says:

    Please ignore my query James kindly answered this in a previous note.


  48. Jeff says:

    Max, do you have a correct link for the N900T yet? The link you posted gives us the N900s, not the T. Please help?

  49. brit says:


  50. irfan says:

    Hi … u doing good job , i learn every thing from your website and when ever your new video comeup its really easy to under stand …..
    i want 2 things please
    1. knox counter reset , after rooting the phone i am unable to use knox , and with i un rooted i was still not able to use know its basically blocked access .
    2. need a perfect method over T mobile note 3 stock firmware the wifi tethering ….
    please help

  51. Etienne says:

    For those of you who are not able to boot up in to CWM follow these instructions:

    1. Use Odin to flash CWM to your phone.
    2. After you get a green PASS pull out the battery and disconnect the USB cable from your phone so that it switches off completely.
    3. Put the battery back in the phone (Do NOT switch on your phone) and hold down the Volume Up + Home + Power Buttons and you should now boot into CWM

    This worked for me on my Note 3 SM-N900

  52. Dan-sahn says:

    I have the Japanese note 3 variant. LTE/CDMA. SM-N900J would also like to know if there are any plans for TWRP/CWM/Root/Custom roms. if anyone has any info please point me in that directions. I would like to think I could use sprint or verizon roms as they are cdma as well? Man I miss the simplicity of the Nexus line. thanks

  53. matt says:

    thanks Etienne
    finally i boot into CWM and rooted my note 3 (SM-N9005) successfully after followed your instruction.

  54. michael says:

    Hi, I was at MJ1 when i rooted and have installed CWM, and now I have upgraded to MJ7. I want to install Omega Rom, but now that I press volume up, power and home, it goes to Android Recovery, not CWM. What should I do??


  55. Chris says:

    Will any of these work on the US Cellular variant? SM-N900R4

  56. Mr. McKenzie says:

    Hey Max,
    I’m not sure if you’re aware but the CMW file for T-Mobile (SM-N900T T-Mobile Note 3 – CWM Recovery) the u have link under “Download” isn’t the right file.
    This is the file you have for T-Mobile when i click on the link:

    This file is for the Octa-Core Note 3. My worker tried to root their T-Mobile Note 3 using that download file, NOT aware that it wasn’t the correct file and ended up bricking his phone. We have no idea how to fix this now. Do you have any suggestion….Pleaseee Help!!

  57. tiredofwaiting says:

    Seriously how long is it going to take the devs to set selinux to permissive, which can be done with wanam in exposed, and flash a custom recovery for att note 3 n900a? It’s been a month and a half and we’re still without a viable means of making backups. The most frustrating part is that most devs keep holding up since they’re trying to keep warranty in tact. Screw the warranty just bring out a means of recovery if it breaks warranty or not. Flash my efuse, trip my Knox counter do whatever just give us a recovery already. We knew the risks of rooting and flashing was warrant voiding yet now when it comes to recovery it’s like oh no we can’t do this or that it’ll void the warranty. Who cares…seriously how much longer can this be. The safestrap page said about a week 2 weeks ago….what’s the problem?

  58. Lane says:

    Agreed. Voiding warranty was always a risk. bring it already. Theres a fund up to a few hundred at least. .so lets do this already!!!!!!!!

  59. Nubin says:

    Will CWM restore be supported for the Octa core version? 🙁

  60. tiredofwaiting says:

    So I went into root explorer and changed selinux from 1 to 0 actively disabling it…what else exactly needs to be done before a recovery is able to be flashed. This is getting ridiculous. We’re past 2 months now without a means of backing up our att n900a and for what? For some extremely limited hardware warranties that the devs seemingly care so much about after years of modding and not giving a shit about it? I have my note tweaked beyond belief max clocked exposed modded, themed, modded keyboard and on an on…just can’t believe that I have no way to backup my stock modded rom for either new mod themes or as a just in case backup. What do we need to do to get these devs in gear…is the thousand plus dollars on xda just not quite enough cash or what. Lte is great but at this point with the amount of money I’ve pledged for bootloader break I’m about to a point of just ordering an international unlocked and boxing up my att note 3 fir a later date. Seriously max what do we need to do to get a custom recovery?

    • Lane says:

      Exactly…there has GOT to be a way and probabky is. This is ridiculous it was even locked down to begin with. Hell, even HTC supports and allows unlocked bootloader without denying you warranty. They specifically allow it. Im hapoy with Note 3 on ATT *N900A But would like to at least backup my current stock rom. With Apex and root its fine but I dont want to have to wipe it should something go wrong. Whatbthe hell is KNOX anyway? Ceryainly not a feature of any kind that owners care about. (I know what it is) and its some unnecessary security crap that no one bought their N900a for or even see it as a bonus to have. This is ridiculous.

  61. tiredofwaiting says:

    Anyone waiting on twrp for att note 3 n900a…head over to xda where hash code has finally finished the first build of safestrap custom twrp recovery. I have it installed and finally have a backup of my rom and data.

    The wait is finally over. Ita a simple install. Download apk, install as usual, it auto flashes the recovery, restart to menu and enter custom twrp.


  62. tiredofwaiting says:

    Att note 3 development section…there’s literally 4 posts as of now, i’ says sfaestrap for att note 3 as the op heading. it is not in the general threads, as it is development that’s why it’s it’s under that heading. good luck

  63. Robert H says:

    Hello, I have the SM-N900W8 Canadian Note 3 – and I tried both TWRP Recovery and CWN from the links provided above. After I successfully flash the PDA file in Odin and reboot into the recovery I get an error message …
    Recovery booting…
    No command….
    then it brinks me into a # MANUAL MODE#
    Android system recovery
    gives me the following options:
    roboot system now
    apply update from ADB
    apply update from external storage
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    apply update from cache

    Max, or anyone else, can you please help?

    • Mario says:

      Wow you said this December 27 2013 … We are now Jan 26 2014, and I tried it. I got the exact same problem with my Canadian version of Note 3. Did someone help you with that? 🙁 What can we do?

    • ray says:

      hi did you get resolution as i have same issue

  64. tegany says:

    Samsung note 3 n9005 Is this your root work with version Hong Kong
    This information is full of the device
    Model: SM-N9005
    Country: Hong Kong
    Version: Android 4.3
    Changelist: 2061029
    Build date: Tue, 05 Nov 2013 06:08:04 +0000
    Product Code: TGY
    PDA: N9005ZHUDMK1
    CSC: N9005ZZHDMK1
    FCC ID: A3LSMN9005
    SSN: N9005GSMH
    Thank you for complements

  65. tegany says:

    Where respond to my request, I wait in the rapid reaction
    Do you agree with the program of your root Alenchh El Correo
    Model: SM-N9005
    Location: Hong Kong
    Version: Android 4.3

  66. tegany says:

    Coin your root did not work please help This is the message …. RECOVERY BOOTING   RECOVERY IS NOT SEANDROID ENFORCING   SET WARRANTY BIT: RECOVERY

  67. dan says:

    The URL listed for SM-N900T T-Mobile Note 3 – CWM Recovery appears to be incorrectly linked. It links to the same one as SM-N900S Korean Note 3 – CWM Recovery.

    Currently linked as:

    I believe it should be:

  68. ken says:

    Just upgraded from sprint s4 to sprint note 3.. Never had problems with root or recoveries. . I used odin for root and passed just fine. I have root access. . I then used odin to install cwm. It said passes. When I boot into recovery, it just boots and reboots over and over. I then take battery out and do a normal start. All boots fine. But no recovery! !! I’m not the smartest person in the world but I’m stumped. . Please, any suggestions?

  69. Torsten says:


    i have flashed your N9005 CWM File with Odin.
    until now everything is ok but then

    Recovery Booting
    Set Warranty Bit : recovery

    and the phone restarts as before but no cwm.

    what am i do wrong?

    PS: My Phone is the T-Mobile LTE Version (Debranded)

  70. FIRAT says:


    How can root 4.4.2 sm-n9000q octa?

  71. Sandesh says:

    Do we have CMW compatible with note 3 n9006? does not work.

  72. DANG-D says:

    DEVICE SM-N900

    I bought a note 3 online and was trying to restore it to the original operating system/factory reset. but ALL THE COMMANDS ARE IN CHINESE OR KOREAN, HOW CAN I GET IT TO CHANGE TO ENGLISH

  73. Griff says:

    The SuperUser link is not working.

  74. George says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Need help from you guys or any Experts. I was trying to root my China Smartphone SM-N9006 Samsung. But, while doing this process I think I hit Reset and it has changed the ROM or Firmware. Is there anyway I can recover it back. Before this when I power on the phone it used to display Samsung Logo now it is displaying Android.

    Any help from you guys would be appreciated. The problem is that everything has changed to Korean or Chinese language.

    Desperately need help.

    Thank you..



  75. Kelvin says:

    Hi Max! I see there is no mention on this page of the Verizon 900V, yet you have a page for the Hyperdrive ROM (and clearly like it a lot). Am I missing something? Where do you get the CWM recovery for a Verizon Note3 if not above?

  76. Kelvin says:

    Disregard, I found your link ( and got the secure check fail upon trying to apply the MD5 file. Back to Google I go…

  77. Chris says:

    Hi Max,
    I have my N900 Android 4.4.2 KitKat .
    I’ve downloaded KitKat Android 4.4.2 CWM Recovery ” SM-N900 Octa-core Note 3 – CWM Recovery ”
    I’ve followed your steps from 1 to 10 but after step 10 and when the symbol appears instead of being in CWM recovery to choose “Install zip”, then “Install from sdcard”, then choose the SuperSU zip file I downloaded earlier. I’ve got android system recovery :
    -reboot system now
    -apply update from ADB
    -apply update from externalstorage
    -wipe data/factory reset
    -wipe cache partition
    -apply update from cache
    so i rebooted my system .
    what should I do to root my N900 ? Which WCM should I choose for my android 4.4.2 KitKat ?
    Thank you a lot .

  78. Chris Carlo says:

    Is there a way to re-root back to 4.3 since wifi-thethering is broken on most of the Kitkat T-mobile rom? I need help on this thank you in advance.

  79. Mario says:

    This link is not working:

    SM-N9005/SM-N900T/SM-N900P Qualcomm Note 3 – CWM Recovery – Download – Credits (Also works for T-Mobile/Sprint)

  80. Michael D says:

    Any word yet on the AT&T (900a) CWM recovery?

  81. cristi says:

    hello … I need CWM to me N9006 Note 3 KitKat

  82. anthony walters says:

    Max I have a sprint note 3 ive gone step by step it shows pass but every tine I try to boot back into recovery mode it boots back with sprint not twrp or cwo ive tried to pull battery still nothing please help

  83. Moe says:

    Done Everything, followed the steps and now i got no root access to any apps that requires root, this is so frustrating…


    where is AT&T Recovery ?

  85. mystie says:

    I have an sm-n9006. I just rooted my note 3. First i used the autoroot for sm-9006 and it got me into a boot loop. Then upon searching I found someone used the autoroot for sm-9005 and it worked. I tried it out with success too.

    Now I want to install GApps but I can’t find the CWM kitkat version for sm-9006 anywhere. So was just wondering, can i use the sm-n9005 CWM for my sm-9006?

  86. luis says:

    900p for sprint, after the rebooting and passed thing. i reboot and i get no command any help?

  87. Robert says:

    This is my 1st time trying to root a phone.

    I am having an impossible time rooting my galaxy note 3

    SM-N9006 (Chinese)
    Android ver: 4.4.2
    baseband: N9006ZCUENE1

    I tried several methods, mainly ODIN with ” n9006-cwm-recovery-”

    the problem is that every time I have to reboot the phone in recovery mode, I get:

    RECOVERY BOOTING (in blue),
    Set Warranty Bit: recovery (yellow)

    and it bootloops till that. ( root de la vega, kingo, ODIN, etc… same problem, grrrr!)

    I am guessing that’s because I am using the wrong firmware to flash my phone

    I just want to install Google play store ( Chinese note 3 blocked it, some bull**!!!!) and customize my phone
    any help please?
    I even tried unplugged the battery and back again, pressed three keys at the same time but nothing new rather than this message.

  88. K4C3 Undetected says:

    i have problem

  89. Johm says:

    I need help installing twrp recovery on my tmobile note 3 model number small n900t android version 4.4.2 kernel version 3.4.0–660648 build number K0T49H.N900TUVUCNB4


    • Max Lee says:

      Please only ask once, if you ask on different posts and social networks, I will have hard time keeping track! Already answered this one TWICE!!!

  90. slacro says:

    i have download the file SM-N900T T-Mobile Note 3 – TWRP Recovery , SM-N9005/SM-N900T/SM-N900P Qualcomm Note 3 – CWM Recovery , SM-N900T T-Mobile Note 3 – CWM Recovery all of them for t-mobile but all of them are image file i cant extrat anything with winrar. i cant find no tar files

    • Max Lee says:

      You can flash this with ODIN:

  91. kyle says:

    RECOVERY BOOTING (in blue),
    Set Warranty Bit: recovery (yellow)

    sprint note 3

    flashed twrp

    boot loop
    Does nothing but load this over and over can do anything buttons do nothing… I DID NOT BRICK MY PHONE DID I ???

    • Max Lee says:

      Try using this one and flash with ODIN:

      • kyle says:

        didn’t work the first time… 2nd time like a charm.. thanks man.. I don’t like the cwm.. twrp is what I had on all my evos and im more use to it.. thanks again, your than man…

  92. kyle says:

    oh last question…. what rom are you using right now for this phone… or a suggestion please.. I ran viper on the evo 4g lte.. I like having lots of tweaks, battery life and I love the s5 battery saver option.. don’t really like the one color themes like kkk has..

  93. cristi says:

    on Galaxy Mega i527 i get “secure check fail recovery”…

    i am looking for the “Reactivation Lock” in the settings but is not there. any ideas?

  94. zackk02 says:

    Hi, I already have SU access and my Note 3 N900W8 is rooted. I want to make a backup of my actual rom in order to start playing with differwnt roms. Im using CWM recovery and I want to make the backup through Rom Manager. Everything seems normal, but when I want to make the backup of the Rom and get into the recovery mode it get me the message “Recovery is not enforcing seandroid” andstart again and show the same always. I’ve to take off the battery and then put again and turn it on in download mode and press low volume button and then start normally the Note 3.

    So, the issue is that I cant make the recovery due to what I wrote before. Any help?

    I think that I choose a recovery that is not compatible with my phone or something. I’ve 4.4.2 and the phone is from Telcel, a mexican company.


  95. Drew says:

    My TMobile NOTE 3 is currently ROOTED and on TWRP.
    Was wondering if I could go from TWRP to CWM without a problem? If so how can I do that?
    Thanks Max

    • Jeff says:

      Please tell me how you got it to work on twrm??? I have been trying for 6 months now, neither cwm nor twrp have worked. I keep getting “Recovery Booging, Recovery is not SEAndroid Enforcing, …” message. Nothing has worked and I still haven’t found a solution.

  96. midomad says:

    hi i wana thank you but help me please!!!
    after i download [RECOVERY]CWM Based Recovery for N900 N9005 N900T N900S it don’t want to open and when i opened it windows disc image burner only this and say ( burn! or cancel )
    and odin can’t find it like yours only says the folder is empty and can only open (winrar archive)
    so i can’t do any thing please help me and tell me what should i download or any thing please
    waiting you

  97. midomad says:

    i have samsung note 3 sm-n9005 binary: samsung official
    Mr.Max please help me
    waiting a helpful answer!

  98. midomad says:

    i tried the galaxy s4 way and i downloaded root checker and told me you have a successful root
    when i downloaded GameCih it told me (( error : you have no root))

  99. midomad says:

    i want to make root to can download GameCIH and hak all my games
    you know how to make it with a successful way
    if yes tell me please
    waiting you!

  100. Josh says:

    I can’t get in to twrp recovery boot mode to save the back up of my stock ROM or install my new one it just goes in the recovery boot mode and stays on that for 5 seconds then reboots to that over and over and to get out of it I have to press the volume down, home button and power button to get to the odin menu and click restart please help

  101. liviuflorin says:

    A version appeared Cwm-recovery to Note 3 sm-9005 hlte ??

  102. liviuflorin says:

    I installed hlte-CWM-recovery- (0806) .tar a Note 3 (SM-9005), and it works great.

  103. Marylouise Kandarian says:

    Thanks for the great article, I was hunting for specifics such as this, visiting look at the other blog posts.

  104. joost says:

    hello android friends,
    I’ve updated my recovery today on a samsung note 3 .
    After installing my phone continues walking down a restart.
    the Note 3 will go to recovery mode , but at the moment he want to actually go into the mode restart the phone.

    i tried ;
    – To proceed to download mode does not work .
    – Remove the battery and wait several time units .
    – Reinstalls USB drivers.

    Sometimes someone advice?

  105. Turnbasenerd says:

    I apologize in advance for not reading all the comments to see if this was fixed. I have a Sprint(SM-N900P) Note 3. I followed the steps and after I flashed the SU provided CWM showed a” may have possibly lost root try and fix” option when i went to reboot in CWM. I chose that option and after the reboot I still didn’t have root. Verified through Titanium Backup and Root Checker app. I repeated the steps and also tried the battery pull method after flashing the custom recovery in ODIN. So I went to google play and found my SU app by chainfire, the one provided in the instructions. I updated the app and it worked like a charm. SU finally opened and and auto flashed the update. Then asked me to remove KNOX. Which was successful. I now have root access. Thanks again for the Instructions!

  106. Mumtaz says:

    u people did a great great job , i came back after 2 days just to thank u thanx alot , my problem is resolved

  107. Jahangir says:

    Very important Post. Thanks for post.

  108. underived says:

    if i use flashify apps to flash twrp recovery, does it will trip knox warranty

  109. Jeff says:

    I’m still unable to root my phone. I’ve tried cwm and twrm from this site, from the download galaxy note 3 site directely, from xda developers site, from trueandroid download site, nothing works. I have the SM-N900T on 4.4.2 with baseband version N900TUVUCNB4 Kernel version 3.4.0-2587359 and build number KOT49H.N900TUVUENK3. Nothing has worked. After flashing any of the recoveries from Odin I get the message “RECOVERY BOOTING RECOVERY IS NOT SEANDROID ENFORCING SET WARRANTY BIT: RECOVERY”. I have not found a solution in this forum so far, if anybody can help I would appreciate it very much.

    Thank you,

  110. TOM Yayavic says:

    Odin is not recognizing the note3. I have downloaded USB driver installed. Note 3 driver installed successfully but in Odin interface, nothing on the slot COM1. any hint?

  111. Kuro says:

    I cant get into recovery mode to install my SuperSU on my note 3 SM-N9005 5.0.SHould i use cwm or twrp?

  112. farukh says:

    Hey i cant find the tar file for twrp for my smn900 model.
    i am on android 5.0 lollipop.
    i am only getting the fusc image file for the twrp which is not found when clicking pda on odin.
    please help

  113. puw says:

    Hi, Hopefully someone can advise a novice (even after reading up countless tuts that have left my head spinning).

    Note3 SM-N9008 – Chinese version.

    My wife’s upgraded to a Note4 and given me her Note3, which I want to change to an International Stock Rom and in changing make the Note3 into an N9005.

    I’ve read that if I change the CSC say to a UK CSC code, I can make the phone into an N9005. Is this correct? I’ve looked at the specs of a 9005 and a 9008 and they look exactly the same. I also read that unless I make this change, the 9008 will not accept another stock rom from a different model/locale – correct?

    If correct is this step one? Or to do this, must I first root the phone to get full access to do this?

    Based on someone’s reply to the above and following your detailed how to do this, If successful do I just need to then follow the above and I’ll have a fully working 9005 with a stock rom that will be able to auto-update to Lollipop? Or will I need to manually install any updates?

    I would also like to make a total backup of the current rom etc. What app does this for me? CWM? Can this be backed up directly to PC or must it be done to an external memory card 1st?

    Sorry if these questions sound very basic, but I find the tut’s miss out these points and jump straight in as though you should already know.

    Thanks in anticipation of getting a quick reply and help.

  114. Rainish says:

    Note 3 AT&T N900A lollipop send the video in my gmail I’d plase.

  115. DAVID says:

    my SMN9005 is jelly bean so is there any compatible TWRP for an SMN9005 jelly bean on your site or is it possible to get the TWRP of SMN9005 kitkat for a jelly bean thanks… hope your reply

  116. Milanda says:

    Hi, I have a big problem with my Note 3, 9005 international variant,32 gb…the motherboard was changed in waranty program…but after that, I rooted my note amd lost the warranty…and here comes the problems…cause my phone random reboots…After the service period, he was under 4.4.2 kk…I flashed via Odin 5.0 lollipop polish variant…random reboots…I tried cm12, cm12.1 unofficial temasek…tried to revert to 4.4.2 bibcat rom…I tried a lot of custom roms…but random reboot is still present…any advice? Thanks

    • Max Lee says:

      Try testing with a minimal set of apps for few days, if it still reboots, that could be some kind of hardware problem. Otherwise, it could be your apps acting up, also avoid any anti-virus apps, they cause many reboots in my experience.

  117. puw says:

    Dear Max and fellow Note 3’ers

    Can anyone tell me please if there is a FULL English stock ROM for a SM-N9008 TD-SCDMA (3G) (China Mobile). This is the Chinese Note 3 which I inherited from my wife and I am in China. I say this so you won’t bash me for thinking I’ve bought a cheap version instead of buying one where I live, since I live in China. Changing the language to English is not enough, because all warnings etc come up in Chinese.

    Please can someone reply. I’ve looked into changing to a 9005 and have been warned that in doing so because it is TD-SCDMA I will screw up the modem basically and render the phone useless (unless I am an Android Note3 hardware/software brain surgeon guru – which of course I am not).

    Thank you.

  118. Pablo says:

    I have latin american SM-N900 exynos with android 4.4.2.
    After installing SM-N900 Octa-core Note 3 (KitKat/Lollipop Android 4.4.2 CWM Recovery) with ODIN i got PASS.

    When restarting the phone into recovery mode i was surprised seeing the stock android recovery intead of CWM.

    Anyone can give me an advice here? i want to root the phone as i did with other samsungs phones before but never had this problem.

    One thing that i did wrong at first is that i downloaded and flashed the jelly bean version, but then i flashed the correct kitkat version a couple of times. Can that be causing problems?


  119. Drew says:

    Note 3 SM-N9005 in UK Kit Kat 4.4.2

    I have root & want to install TWRP is
    correct file or
    As I read somewhere that 4.3 is the correct TWRP
    dont want to Brick my phone

    Thx in advance

  120. Shanphit says:

    help me please !!

  121. hassan says:

    i have samsung galaxy note 3 sm 900v verizon version my device is rooted im instaling jasmine 5.0 rom from safestrap error came out installing rom e footer is wrong e verification this error came out what can i do my device stuck on logo i clear all cache delivk any help

  122. hassan says:

    i have samsung galaxy note 3 sm 900v verizon version my device is rooted im installing jasmine 5.0 rom from safestrap error came out installing rom e footer is wrong e verification this error came out what can i do my device stuck on logo i clear all cache delivk any help

  123. hassan says:

    i have samsung galaxy note 3 sm 900v verizon version my device is rooted im installing jasmine 5.0 rom from safestrap error came out installing rom e footer is wrong e verification this error came out what can i do my device stuck on logo i clear all cache delivk any help and i dont make any backup

  124. hassan says:

    i press key volume+power+down open bootloader
    odin mode
    product name:sm:-n900v
    current binary: samsung official
    system status : custom
    reactivation lock:off
    qualcomn secureboot: enable(csb)
    rp swrev: s1,t1,r1,a4,p1
    secure download ; enable
    THIS R THE THING SHOW ON BOOTLOADER anyone help me my device stuck on logo samsung e footer is wrong e verification this error came out not installing my rom because of this error

  125. hassan says:


  126. mujtaba says:

    my recovery is not changing even after flashing via odin please help my device is n900

  127. marko says:

    when i open odin and choose cwm file and press start he said faild i dont know why ?????

  128. Rodney says:

    This CWM Recovery did not work for my T-Mobile Note 3 SM-900T. I downloaded the file and tried to open it and received a message stating that it would work for this purpose.

    Work this correct CWM Recovery for my cell phone?

    SM-N900T T-Mobile Note 3 – CWM Recovery – Download – Credits

  129. Eddie says:

    I was just wondering which CWM Recovery do I use for my Note 3 N900T 5.0 Lollipop?

  130. says:

    Hoy día todas las fotografías que tomo lo son con las Olympus m4/3, aunque procuro ir probando las cámaras de otros
    fabricantes para no perder criterio, el mercado de las cámaras
    sin espéculo está en un instante muy interesante y los próximos años se presentan emocionantes en ese sentido.

  131. says:

    Hey amigos ayudenme con un recovery avanzado para galaxy note 3 sm n900a vercion 5.0 lollipop
    Xfa he buskado y buskado en internet y no hayo para este estilo de dispositivo xfa me pueden ayudar

  132. Sergio says:

    Max, I know you are a busy man, but a few of us have the same issue with the t-mobile phones N900T 5.0 Lollipop… are these files updated for our phones?

  133. Moyez says:

    I have Galaxynote3 4G
    Model no.SM-N9005
    Android version 5.0 lollipop
    So which one do I use.

  134. Mherville says:

    Problem with my note3 5.0 sm n9005… su sait need to re root… but my checker said its ok… pls help max

  135. Mherville says:

    Pls… help… need to manually re root my note3 5.0 sm n9005. Max, help plsss. No su binary install and super su cannot install it…

  136. jibranseo says:

    i have not found the 1 file for SM N900V

    You can see above no root files in link


  137. Abdallah says:

    Hey max Mine is lollipop can i do with the CWM as the link which you have given in describtion they say it’s for kitkat only where should i find lollipop CWm please reply asap

  138. Bob says:

    Hi, I have Samsung G Note 3 SM-N900. I rooted my device with King root and was trying to upgrade it with Marshmallow. I downloaded Resurrection Remix Android 6.0.1 and Google apps and followed the instruction, while booting through recovery mode, I noticed that the recovery menu does not have ADVANCE option. I believe wipe dalvik cache option is in there. However I stilled went ahead and did the thing. While Installing ZIP file (Resurrection Remix Android 6.0.1) an error message was displayed FAIL TO VERIFY WHOLE FILE SIGNATURE. Pleas advice what should i do?

  139. Abdul says:

    When I rooted my AT&T NOTE 3 can I flash any andriod?

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