Does Rooting Galaxy Note 3 Void My Warranty?

Rooting your brand, new Galaxy Note 3 will most likely void your warranty.

But there’s also ways to “unvoid” warranty and in most cases, you will be able to “unroot” your Galaxy Note 3 completely back to stock without carriers knowing you’ve rooted your phone.

These methods are not readily available yet but as open-source developers start to work on the Note 3, there will be methods to unvoid your warranty easily.

Of course, sometimes carriers (such as U.S. carriers) do not even check to see if you’ve rooted your Note 3 as their primary concern is with hardware.  They will most likely check for water damage and so long as you have stock Samsung firmware, you will be able to use your warranty fine.  (E.g. I’ve personally sent a Sprint phone with custom ROM but they got it replaced with no questions asked.  So it may depend on your local store but most places are not too strict about rooting.)

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  1. john sode skov says:

    Hi ..have a small problem.. when trying to put the CWM recovery on my phone (SM9005) it fails all the time.
    then i noticed that when the phone is in Download Mode it says “WRITE PROTECTION ACTIVATED”.

    is that some thing you have seen before.. (the phone is a danish phone.)

  2. john sode skov says:

    Fogot one other problem .. when I try to download the Superuser .zip the download page fails..


  3. longlostyeti says:

    Is your phone encrypted? and where is the source of that CWM file is in the root of your phone memory or phone sd card? i had a similar problem with my work phone, because our company cellphones are encrypted i could not write anything to it.

  4. Chris says:

    I have rooted from your site with all different ROMs since the Note 1 and up until now I have always been successful however I can’t get the simple task of downloading the n9005-cwm-recovery- file not to become a Disc Image File that Odin will recognize.

    I know it’s simple but just can’t figure it out

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