Galaxy Note 3 Root FAQ

This is the Galaxy Note 3 Root FAQ page.

If you are new to rooting, you should read these first:

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How to get OTA updates after rooting?

We recommend you install rooted stock ROMs instead (so you don’t have to re-root) but if you want to take OTA, you can re-install stock recovery.

AT&T and Verizon Note 3 with locked bootloaders

Free Wifi Tether for Note 3

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125 Responses

  1. Rocky G says:

    When I win your Note 3, :), I would really like to know which one to ask for. I currently have a Note and a Note 2, both are International unlocked versions. This new Note 3 seems to have Several Variants. I use Tmobile and would like to continue service w/them. Also, I would prefer the 8 core chip. What would that model # be?

  2. Tyler S says:

    Will the root work with the At&t GN3?

    • Tyler S says:

      Will the root work with the At&t GN3? *edit*

    • Max Lee says:

      This root method won’t work but I will update it when it does. I just got my ATT GN3 also just couple hours ago.

      • Tyler S says:

        Gotcha, thanks for the feedback!

      • Kurt says:

        I bought a Note 3 off contract (900K KT version). Can I get service with AT&T and/or T-Mobile? Also, is there a root for the KT version? Sorry for the off topic questions.

      • Yasir says:

        Max i recently bought note 3 SM-N 9005.I am from Pakistan and my problem is that I want to update my device to android 4.2.2 kit kat,but i cant found that firmware on Samsung websites,Pakistan receive that updates very earlier and now that is unavailable at sam mobile or Samsung update live website.Please guide me

  3. Dennis Goodman says:

    Will the root method in the video that you recently posted work, with the att varient of the note 3? I believe you weren’t sure if the boot loader was locked or not.

  4. Robert Chang says:

    Hey, what’s with the region sim lock from Samsung. Will International Note 3’s work with a U.S. sim? From what I have read, they will not.

  5. Mani says:

    Hi there.
    Was wondering if there is any way of activating the AWS on att phone. (like the note 2 and the s4)


  6. carlos says:

    At&t galaxy note 3 tethering please!
    Any working method would be appreciated 🙂

  7. Anthony says:

    When I try to load the UPDATE-SuperU-v1.65 the phone always comes up with “No Command” on the screen. It does not let me get into the CMR mode to install the zip. Any ideas? My model SM-N900.

    • Max Lee says:

      Reflash CWM and pull the battery when your phone starts rebooting, then put battery in and do the buttons to get into CWM.

  8. Anthony says:

    The message I get when trying to load is ” failed to verify whole-file signature”

  9. Chris says:

    Hi I am new to Android and rooting so I have a few Questions about rooting. One is or will there be a program that can be run that will Automatically root the Note 3? Also after I root the device how would I keep it updated?

  10. Adrian says:

    I have the Verizon Note 3, you said free Wifi when downloading “hot spot toggle” does that only pertain to people whom have “unlimited data”?

  11. dembowy2k says:

    Help sprint logo stay for ever after I install on twrp the sprint note 3 ODEXED file please help me how to remover from twrp. Thanx

  12. JIm says:

    Hey Max.. as you may know with the Sprint Galaxy Note 3 there has been a lot of reception – Garbled voice – drop calls ect… problems.. I see that a update had bee release ( MJ4 ) that is suppose to have fixed these issues.. BUT>>> when I go to Software Update it says “My system has been modified, software updates are not available”.. would be able to find out if there may be a file that we can get to flash our phones so we also can get better phone reception because right now mine really sucks.. Or will there be a rom that may bake this updated software into it that we can flash… please let me know.. Im sure there are several Sprint Note 3 users that are going to be in same boat,,

    Thanks Max

  13. Mike Brito says:

    Hi,i just flashed cwm for tmobile n3 and now it doesnt go on cwm,just go straigth to download mode

  14. Dave says:

    I’ve successfully rooted my VZW Note 3, but now can’t encrypt it. Is it possible to encrypt a rooted Note 3? If not, is it possible to root an encrypted Note 3? I could roll back to unrooted, encrypt, and re-root if that would work.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Marcelo says:

      Hello Dave,

      Have you had a solution? Now i’m having the same problem. galaxy Note 3 android 4.4.2 stock. rooted with cf-auto-root and I can’t encrypt the device. It’s reboot and do nothing.

      • Dave says:

        No, but I haven’t bothered to do anything about it. If anyone does find a fix, I’d be interested.

        • Sharon says:

          Hi. I’m having the same problem here with my unrooted N9005. Turns on and no encryption. Any solution? Thanks.

          • Sharon says:

            Found it! I have the app APPOPS installed. Went to “device” section there, and found some system apps that had no permission to send/receive SMS. Turned all permissions to green on all com.sec…. and now encrytion works.

  15. Dern Little says:

    I have the sprint galaxy note 3 and I am rooted and have twrp installed and I keep getting the update notification. What can I do to stop the notification?

  16. Mark Gallagher says:

    Im having the same problem as Mike Brito, flashed it and cant get into the CWM, just keeps running right to the Odin mode

  17. Carlos Caceres says:

    I’ve Rooted my Note 3 thanks to your video, many thanks. Unless I’ve missed something, it seems that the ATT SM-N905A does not have TWRP nor CMW. Also, no ROMS are yet available. Is there some special issue with ATT, the nations largest carrier? I would think that ROMS for ATT would be the first to be developed.

  18. dylan says:

    Is there anyway to download the aws radio frequency? Just like how its done on the s4

  19. Larry says:

    Hi I have a AT&T galaxy note 3, the phone was rooted and last night but today AT&T did an update to my phone and I lost my root, so I decide to reroot again with odin but it fail! and no matter what I do (Hold down the Volume UP and Home buttons then press the Power button for 4 seconds or volume down) I still see the same message “firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again”) It wont go into recovery mode, download mode. Please help!!

  20. cengiz says:

    I am from Turkey. Before last week I bought a note3 n9005 mobile phone in Germany. Normally the phone no simlock and I used the phone with German Simcard all last week. But now in Turkey when I insert to Turkish Sim Card, then The phone is sim lock. I rooted the phone with your directions and I bought to Region lock away and used but the phone is still sim lock. How can I do? Could you please help me…

  21. Brandon says:

    Is there any Roms yet for AT&T????????

  22. JIm says:

    Hey,, Max or anyone… I have been searching now for a good hour attempting to get information on how to change the boot animation on the Note 3.. Most all articles and videos refer to that I just don’t see in the folder.
    Can someone, anyone please let me know if they have found a way to change out the boot animation on the note 3.. it just cant be that hard.. us out.. I’m sure there are others that would like to know how to do this also.. thanks

  23. sean says:

    I “rooted” my note 3 by following all of your instructions, it passed the odin process and everything, however I don’t think the root took and now I am unable to do ota updates on my device. I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong bit if you could offer any help if greatly appreciate it. I’m using a galaxy note 3 on Sprint sm-n900p

  24. Rich says:

    OK I have a headache that I’m hoping you can all help me with. I have what seems to be a Chinese clone of a galaxy note 3 they look identical apart from the Galaxy name missing. The problem I having is when I go to the bootloader menu (power+volume up) it’s all in Chinese. Can somebody walk me through the correct button pushes to either change the language to English or to flash the phone to an English ROM.



  25. Gary Yun says:

    Hi Max,
    I followed your method to root my SM-N9005 & did complete backup in CWM Recovery very often. My CWM-based Recovery is v6.0.4.4 compiled by Xiaolu(20131011). After system backup completed & following the on screen instruction to reboot, I always see a message “Root access possibly lost. Fix?” on top of the screen & provided an option “yes – Fix root (/system/xbin/su) or no” for us to choose. I always choose “no” to continue. If I choose “yes”, what will happen to the system?

  26. andrew a. says:

    hey max wanted to ask for your help was looking at your video and was trying to go step by step to root my note 3 and its still not working note really sure what im doing wrong and wanted to know if you could help me out i have t-mobile thanks

  27. Craig says:

    Could anyone help with final Root process, seemingly being blocked? Similar to Gary’s post.

    My Setup:
    SM-N9005 (three network UK)
    CWM Recovery is v6.0.4.4 (Had to switch off auto restart in Odin, and manually remove the battery after download in order for this to stick, was reverting to stock recovery otherwise)

    Have installed via CWM. Installation completes successfully, but after rebooting the phone the root privileges are missing. Subsequently booting into CWM, i get the option to fix ‘root access possibly lost’, selecting yes does not provide any root access and the option presents itself again in CWM.

    Given the phone was a pain to install CWM, i suspect it is reverting the attempt to install the SuperSU update. So far i’ve tried a hard boot by removing the battery after successful installation of the SuperSU (similar to how i got CWM to stick) but this doesn’t work.

    Any thought’s or suggestions of how to get SuperSU to remain installed and working?

    Thats in advance for any help.


    • Tymnus says:

      Same issue… Battery pull isn’t working. Cannot install Super SU. Installed TWRP via ODIN. BUT, cannot get into recovery. Bummer dude.

  28. Techguy30263 says:

    I am still deciding wether or not to root my Note 3 and have a question that is the deciding factor. After rooting and installing the hyperdrive rom will the IR Remote still be functional?

  29. Mark Gallagher says:

    I would definitely recommend rooting and putting a custom ROM on the note 3. I rooted mine and put Jedi Elite 5 on my Note 3 and I absolutely LOVE it.

  30. Dang says:

    Okay, so question? I rooted my buddies T-Mobile Note 3 I installed Jedi on for him is was working perfectly fine but like an idiot he factory reset the phone. He brought it back for me to fix it because it will not leave out of the odin mode. The knox counter tripped and when I try to set it in recovery mode, nothing happens back to odin. Tried twrp and cwm recoveries tried to reroot to no success. Any advice or suggestions?

  31. Juanskarlos says:

    Hey Alex, no updates?

  32. dan says:

    hi everybody…i got the att galaxy note 3 mj5 rooted and just get the new software update today thinking for kitkat… but it just change the baseband version from mj5 to n9000aucubnb4 with 4.3 android vesion …and i lose my root access..but i just rerooted with kingo and adakadabra….root access again,,,,,so i just waiting for kitkat,,,,,,,thanx ….sorry for my english…im from mexico

  33. bryan says:

    i updated from 4.3 to 4.4.2 kit kat and i cant root my device with chainfire
    any thoughts to this as to what i can do or is chain fire going to be updated
    not sure if i just have to wait now or what please let me no,thank u

  34. mr_ecow says:

    Hi Z…Max,

    Your rooting methods have not failed to work for me . I would like to root my updated sprint note 3 kitkat 4.4.2.

  35. Alex Thompson says:

    I’ve been using your channels and websites since I had the note2 and now I’m have a problem with my note3 n900t that’s running 4.4.2 kit kat . It seems that I my cwm recovery isn’t really the cwm recovery, because I’m using the file u gave us and when ever I try to load cwm it looks nothing like the one u have, and it doesn’t give the option to install the zip, in fact I think it’s only function is to install the super SU update . I’m at a lost can u help me please, or anyone that knows my problem. Thank you

  36. Pete says:

    Hi Max,
    My Note 3 is already running 4.4.2 and waiting for 4.4.3 (ment to be coming soon) I am sim free n9005. What roms are there for this setup? At the moment I am not rooted.
    I like the look of the X note but if I rooted and flashed that I would be going back to older firmware.
    Could you give some advice please
    Cheers Pete

  37. Ole Johan says:

    HI, Ive got the Note 3 SM-19005 or something. the international version. I rooted it and it worked fine for a while but then all of a sudden I cant sign in to google. Ive tried to factoryset it, but it doesnt work, i have also tried to clear all data off all the google apps, and uninstalled google play updates.

    What should I do? Should I try a different rom?

  38. Meteos says:

    Hi. I rooted my phone but it cannot install custom rom and it does not cwm recovery. Pls help

  39. wanna_root_in_au says:

    Awesome work HighonAndroid and has been since my note(1) !!!
    Would be lost without this and all associated sites helping us ALL out.

    My query is:

    Now (just now) i followed the guides here (on this site) re rooting my 4.3 JB, SM-N9005 aussie version. (didn’t drink and was straight forward this time). I previously was bad (and a bit tipsy) trying all sorts of impatient tactics jumping round from site to site, tutorial etc etc. I know i should have stuck with Max a.k.a the realness! As during my ‘tarting’ around on other sites i took a shameful and regrettable route, trying kingo and srsroot .exe options, basically fear my note is now tainted as has like a trip to the ‘polly’ except worse i have had an unprotected root 🙁 i.e. i may be carrying additional crap, left over sludge from being a quick click hussy the other night.

    History noted, does anyone (this is to you Max) know of a cleanup method, tool or process to ensure no residual files and or data exists on my N3 that is, from previous mucking around?

    It seems factory reset/data wipe doesn’t completely do it using CWM?

    Currently i’m on CWM-based recovery v6.0.4.5 and using SuperSU v1.94 – (and are they ok?)


    • Max Lee says:

      That looks fine cwm recovery doesnt erase everything just your system and data, to do a full factory reset you can use stock recovery which i only recommend when unrooting. Stay high on android! 🙂

  40. Mihai B. says:

    Hello everyone,
    I need help 😉
    I buy SM N9005 second hand and i try to root, but in Odin menu, when I push Start button, I receive messaje “FAILED”.
    I try different USB port, different cable but same message.
    When I verify with Root Checker ….. I was surprised to now my device is rooted :-).
    I’m new Android user and I dont know much about root ….
    Now I want to install Bobcat 4.4.2, but do not know which option to choose, because I do not know what the program is rooted device.
    How do I find the best option for me?
    Thanks in advance!

  41. Harry says:

    how to root chinees note3 sm-n9002 or intstal kitkat on it

  42. hari says:

    Hi sinkster,

    I am facing some issues with my samsung note 3 ( clone)
    1)before to reset the device it was showing welcome note as Samsung note 3 with Samsung tone, now it showing mediatek and android.
    2) after reset my what’s up is showing error msg that, you have not connected to network (I can download or open websites through same network).
    3) my SD card is 8GB card, but in storage its showing only 1.27GB capacity, I have tried with other SD cards also.
    3) In world time my country or cities are not showing. India is my country.

    Can u suggest any tricks or methods to solve this issue.
    Waiting for or reply.

    Thanks & Regards

  43. Verizon Root says:


    Awesome website and great content! I’m interested in rooting my SM-N900V which is running Kitkat 4.4.2. On one of your pages you advocate using RDLV to Root the phone while avoiding tripping the knox counter. There are several pages I’ve come across that seem to suggest that RDLV doesn’t work on Kitkat 4.4.2 or that it had been patched to prevent rooting without tripping the knox counter. For example Is this information correct? If this is correct are there other rooting solutions that might work or a way to revert back to 4.3 Jelly bean to get around this issue?

    Thanks in advance and again, I love your work.

  44. danny says:

    does any one have the same problem that phone keeps restarting will using it im on pac man rom it does the same thing on diffirent kernels also does it have something to do with a boot message saying kernel not seadroid

  45. O.A says:

    Hi, Im new to rooting and installing custom roms.

    I have an AT&T Note 3 which I just rooted using TowelRoot and installed SuperSu. The phone originally came with Jellybean 4.3 and I upgraded to KitKat 4.4.2 , My question is do I have to use Knoxraid first or can I use SafeStrap then install custom rom .

    • Max Lee says:

      KnoxRaid is only for people who had earlier version of Jelly Bean, if your phone has a least been upgraded to KitKat once, you are good to go, don’t worry about it and use SafeStrap.

  46. Omar says:

    Just replaced a screen of Samsung galaxy note-3, phone rebooting by self. what could be the problem. any thoughts?

  47. O.A says:

    I forgot to thank you , everything went good . Installed S5 rom although its nice im back to stock rom and might flash another rom to a diff slot .


  48. James says:

    Yesterday my note 3 update new software automatically, and now i cant be root my note 3 with using the towel root software, help me to solve it.

    • Max Lee says:

      Which Note 3 do you have?

    • Joshua says:

      I am having the same problem as above!
      I have the Sprint Note 3 with 4.4.4, build NH7 with the MDF security update.
      I only rrecently decided to root my phone and just tried the towelroot
      method with no success. After trying it displayed “this phone not ssupported”.
      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance!!!!

  49. nick says:

    Max can you help me
    After I flash Alliance Rom with CWM recovery. Some how now..It has change to twrp there a way i can have back cwm ? How should i go about this ..

  50. glenn says:

    Hi max,

    Nice work here, I have tried a few different roms now.
    I have a tmobile n900t note 3 that I bought online in the uk.
    I have the bobcat rom on it version N9005, the baseband is N900t
    I’m with Vodafone UK but have tried various networks everything about the phone works fine except mobile internet which is so slow it scores .o4mbs on downloads speed test.

    I believe, although I could be wrong? That this may have something to do with the baseband being N900t?
    If this is the case is it possible to put another baseband on the phone?
    Any help would be appreciated

  51. Cletus says:

    Hi Max
    Sorry this isnt about roms but I thought it might be werth putting up. There seems to be a common defect with alot of Note 3 USB Ports. If you experiance charging problems then insted of sending it back under warrenty which can take several weeks, you can always buy a replacement part for ~ $15.00 AU and its dead easy to install.

    (Max again if this post bothers you just deleet it or move it some where else)


  52. king says:

    Thanks for the great job. I downloaded and n900s-cwm-recovery for T-Mobile phone with Android 4.4.2 . I also downloaded and installed samsung_usb_driver from Samsung website. When I started the root process. The Odin software can find my phone. Please help me. I already installed the driver

  53. king says:

    Sorry i did not finish my question
    I have 5 options to select
    1. Reboot system now
    2. apply update from ADB
    3. apply update from external storage
    4. wipe data/factory reset
    5. wipe catche partition
    6. apply update from catche

    Which option do I need to select


    • ibrag474 says:

      You need to power off your phone and go to download mod.
      1. Power off phone
      2. At the same time push and hold volume down home and power buttons.
      3. Select option to continue.
      4. Connect usb cable from phone to pc.
      5. Open odin and flash your recovery.

  54. sani says:

    after update to 4.4 i tried to root my note 3 sm9005 but i failed ,i installed c-rom and now my phone has lost imei and it is not registering to its network (which is 02 uk) need help !!

  55. danish says:

    How can I flash kitkat 4.4 version on rooted SM-N9005 running on 4.3

  56. Carter says:

    Hey there, I’m very new to this site. I’ve been with my note 3 ever since its launch last year and really loved it. But now I’m getting sick of how invasive and laggy touch wiz is becoming, and the fact that Sprint won’t let me tether to my tablet. I’ve never rooted before, but I’ve heard that rooting the note 3 is great and very effective so I’d like to do it. I’ve watched plenty of videos and read many instructions on how to do so, and I think I pretty much get the idea. The only concern I have is that my SM-N900P model has 4.4.4 Kit-Kat as opposed to 4.4.2 and all the root instructions and recoveries are for 4.4.2. I want to know if it’s okay to root from my 4.4.4 or if there’s anything I can do to change it? … Or if it’s not able to be done yet? I’d really like to know what my options are and also if there’s any extra advice for rooting seeing that it’s my first time ever rooting a device.. Anything would be helpful.


  57. justin says:

    Hi i currently rooted but i wanna know if there is a way to receive more then 160 characters in text.?

  58. Paul says:

    I have a Note 3 16gb Hong Kong variant.
    Does anybody have a link to an up to date rooted stock or custom rom for this device?

  59. Mike H says:

    Hi, I just installed the x-note rom but my wifi won’t connect. I tried install the wifi, BT, NFC fix zip file, and that seemed to stall the phone at the kitkat screen. I then went to play store and downloaded the build Prop app, changed the line changed it from true to false, rebooted and still didn’t work. Please help. Canadian note 3 sm-n900w8.



  60. Mike H says:

    Oh yeah…it’s on the Bell Canada network.

  61. ibrag474 says:

    Hey Max, how i can backup efs on my note 3?

  62. Kadir Oncul says:

    Does everything on this website work with Galaxy Note 3 Neo also?

  63. Paul says:

    My phone keeps having issues with my apps suddenly stopping. Is there something I can do to fix this issue? It didn’t start having this problem till after I rooted my phone. Any suggestions to fix this would be greatly appreciated. TIA

  64. abd says:

    how i can add arabic to my phone note 3 verizon

  65. Terry says:

    Hey Max I have a queation. I’m running C-Rom on my t mobile note 3. And I’m wondering are they any ir blaster apps that works with c-rom?

  66. Jason Ames says:

    Plz send me news letters.

  67. martin says:

    I have a note 3 it’s currently telling me it’s custom so cannot update even tho it aint rooted and has never been rooted so… i decided to root it haha I’ve rooted it and now would like gummy rom on it im pretty new on doing this so any help to my email would be a massive help thanks 🙂

  68. Steven Nieto says:

    My phone broke root for some unknown reason. I was using the BOBCAT ROM it was fine for a week or so. now it says im not rooted and the apps are failing.

    how can i re-root my phone?

    CP- N900TUVUENK3
    CSC- N9005AXXGNJ1





  69. zarul says:

    Please help me!!!..

    i could not find the recovery “tar” file, the one zip file i downloaded just contain an ‘dics image file’. i’ve tried to download all the SM9005 file including the kit kat and Korean version even mine is Jelly bean but still could find the file. Please help me, now i’m stuck at the “downloading, do not turn off target!!” screen on my phone, i cannot do anything, or reverse the step and just normally reboot it without rooting my phone…pleaseee

  70. zarul says:

    By the way, I’m using the SM9005 LTE note 3

  71. Alex says:

    Can you make a new guide for rooting a Note 3 with Lollipop? I want to upgrade to Lollipop, but I don’t want to lose my root. Thanks so much!

  72. Weretiger says:

    i forgot my passcode to my old note3. can i root then get rip of the security? I wanna save all my msg and photos!! Now the phoneying there feeding dust!!

  73. Luis Lisandro says:

    Hi Max
    Please help me, My Note 3 SM-n900 was fully rooted thanks to you, and I was playing with some ROMS 4.4.2, but yesterday I decided to install Lollipop 5.0 I Just downloaded the ROM from SAMMOBILE but after flashing, the phone boot’s with the samnsung logo and then i cannot see any image on the screen, I can only see several windows indicating that “X” or Y ” services has stopped.
    I tried to install my latest back up but the results still the same.
    what can I do? I your follower since I have Note 2.
    thanks in advance.

  74. giri says:

    Hi, im somehow or other stuck on the samsung splash screen after trying to install a couple of roms. My folly is that i did not back up my previous rom. I have been into reset factory settings, cache and even formatting the system and then tried installing. nothing seems to work. can you help? im using sm9005n note 3

  75. faiz says:

    I have rooted my note 3 n9005
    but sometimes i loss the root access and have to restart it to regain my root access.
    but why?

  76. faiz says:

    I need a toturial to root note 3 with this firmware N9005DXUGBOF1_N9005OLBGBOF1_XME

  77. Karl says:

    I have just rooted my note3 smn9005 yesterday. And after rooting some of my apps or almost half of my apps(messages,downloaded apps, etc) were being automatically stopped and some weren’t display at home screen or even in apps menu. I’ve done the cwm recovry and yet it doesn’t helped to return in normal set-up. I repaeted the steps already and also i have tried unrooting using supersu and still i’m in trouble. Need help on how to recover my phone properly. Thanks in advance.

  78. André says:

    i have a note 3 n900v on lolipop can i flash it with offical n9005 firmware because i stay in south africa so dont need verizon network

  79. scott says:

    I just bought a samsung note 3 sm-n900a with 5.0 sw build date is 2015 how can i root this model

  80. Enkhtumur says:


    i have samsung note 3 (model: SM-N900L) with android 5.0 version. so which ROM do i pick to upgrade my system?

  81. boB Roszkowski says:

    I need some Help/Advice/Guidance,

    I have an AT&T Note 3 N900AUCUBMI1 running 4.3 in the US. When the Note 3 came out, I rooted it with RootDeLaVega. My goal is to get it running the latest Android rooted. I would like to completely wipe out the phone and start over. I am not up to speed with the latest methods and request some help. The amount of information on the internet is quite overwhelming. What would be the best solution? Thanks boB

  82. Betwel says:

    I have a lollipo 5.0 rooted Sm900v, now it can’t show/accept any sim card, its useless, how do i remove its uselessness

  83. Orgil.G says:

    hello . i bought SM-N9006 note3 /firmware version is 5.0 N9006ZCUGOH2/ from china. so i can’t use google servise, gmail and youtube. i tried downgrade version to officail 4.4.2 using Odin. it’s finished fine. but not power on. Now i can use 5.0 without Google service and some app. HOW TO FIX IT ???. PLS HELP ME

  84. kreeem says:


  85. Paul says:

    It seems this may be a dead end. Everything I try indicates the Note 3 SM-N900A cannot be rooted.
    I even contacted a professional service that does this and they say it’s not possible to root this phone?

  86. momen hany says:

    hello i have a note 3 n9005 i’ve root it but I installed bad recovery and it stuck in downloading mode or something like that what should I do???????????????

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