BobCat ROM for Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005!

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For this week’s Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 ROM of the week, check out BobCat ROM!  (Sorry, I found out the hard way wifi/cellular gets buggy if you install SM-N9005 ROMs on T-Mobile or Canadian Note 3s, but there should be a fix later down the road.)

One of the best custom ROMs for the Galaxy S4, BobCat ROM is also now available for Note 3 SM-N9005 users.

BobCat ROM features Knox-free (so you don’t get annoying notifications and who need Knox anyways?) with lots of goodies like Multi-window Manager app (so you can add all of your favorite apps to multi-window), Pen Window Manager app (so you can add your favorite apps to Pen Window), custom dropdowns (which you can change using UpdateMe app), custom BobCat theme, Wanam Xposed app (to customize UI/system shortcuts), and lots more.

Although this is only the first version, the BobCat ROM definitely impresses by putting together many features you would probably want over stock ROM.  Other notable features include call recording, face unlock, Xposed App Settings, loud-volume MOD, and even some more.

If you are looking for a good, custom ROM that’s 10 times better than stock, definitely check out BobCat ROM over the week(end) and do let me know what you think!

62 Responses

  1. Rocky D says:

    Actually there are already fixes available that allow you to install N9005 Note 3 roms on the Canadian N900W8 with WiFi & Bluetooth Working. I posted some instructions on XDA. Here is the link:

    I found that T-Mobile Note 3 roms are also compatible on the Canadian Note 3. I am currently running DarthStalker Note 3, and it comes with Canadian / US Note 3 support built in! I didn’t have to flash ANY fix files to get everything working, everything was working right after i finished flashing the rom. I am not sure if the other T-Mobile rom developers have incorporated this into their roms, but Darthstalker for sure has.

    • Gary Yun says:

      I flashed BobCat ROM without doing any prior memory wiping into my Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005. Everything is working fine including WiFi, 4G data & Bluetooth. Neither amendment nor setup is needed. The graphic is nice & cool. I like this ROM very much!

    • Harold says:

      Let get high on android lol my question is I running bobcat rom Evo v7 on my sm-n900t is running almost fine my issue is the wifi is not working the bluethoot is working fine do you know how to fix the wifi problem

  2. spooner225 says:

    In the call log , always shiw unsaved numbers even thought I saved my contacts . Max, can u pls help me

  3. spooner225 says:

    In the call log , always show unsaved numbers even thought I saved my contacts . Max, can u pls help me

  4. nick says:

    Hi Max
    This Rom is such a good rom. I use to use it on my Note 2 without any issues. Now that Im on a note3, its event more awesome.
    Flashing of this V1 of Bobcat Rom, for Note 3 when smoothly with no issues. One very noticeably thing I see is, My Sound have improve tremendously..this is without using ‘ The Loud Mode ‘..My speakers are so clear. I have not check out other things yet..and they are a Ton of settings and things from this Rom. Will keep you up date if I find any interesting thing from this Rom that needs the Attention..Cheers ( SM N9005 )

    • Michael says:

      That would be great if you could give us all the output as to the quality of this rom. Thanks.

      • nick says:

        I dare tell you that this is one or the best Rom out there. Y i say this is because, First thing is..Its always simple to flash this rom. I never had any problems with my Note2 wails using this rom. And now with note3 its awesome too.
        So far this rom is working really smooth and fast. There is no lagging what so ever..and its not complicated like other roms too..U cant really go wrong with this rom.
        Im still trying out some settings..cheers

    • VR46 says:

      I tried this ROM, but the settings icon won’t work from the dropdown menu. What could be wrong? I had the file directly downloaded from this site though. I find the graphics of this ROM very nice and smooth with a lot of features to modify how the Note 3 works. I just have the settings issue. What could be wrong then? I flashed via CWM, applied superSU update and even made a hard reset to be sure there’ll be no remnance of the previously stored ROM (which is X-Note by the way).

      • Michael says:

        Thanks for the feedback. SInce I rooted now and Samsung isn’t going to update my phone anymore I’m going to flash this one. There are some issues with the stock rom. One is metadata doesn’t work via bluetooth, unless you are using the stock music player, which sucks.

    • Gary Yun says:

      I also flashed into SM-N9005 in Singapore. So far so good! Bluetooth, WiFi & Data are working fine out of the box. Only can’t update to version 3 through the “OTA Update” provided in the ROM. Any idea to resolve the “file downloading error”? This error is also happened to “UpDateMe” too!

  5. nick says:

    Bobcatrom. Second day and No issues. its running batter than stock Rom. ( Battery Life is good too )
    In this , U will find this thing call, Wanam Xpose. With this You can almost do any thing with your Note3..and I mean anything. You can custom your note3 to the blady teeth..Im just going into it now..just set up My batery wiget and some colours at the top of the bar.
    Now The battery wigits are blady cool..You will have at least..if not mistaken..8 or 15 wigit to chose from..And ITS all in awesome colors.
    Im loving this rom so will only take 4.4 may b..for me to change..haha…cheers

  6. VR46 says:

    Got the setup just now! No need to wipe data/factory reset prior to flashing Bobcat ROM via CWM recovery. And my settings issue was solved. I actually intended to restore back my apps using Titanium Back-Up once I had this ROM running (after a complete factory hard reset), but then, just rebooting after the flash did the trick! Now a very smooth Bobcat is running!

  7. Rimy says:

    I have flashed this rom and all went smooth, I configured my accounts etc. and rebooted afterwards, My Note 3 is not rebooting. I get a yellow triangle and the message “Custom binary blocked by Reactivation Lock” and in red letters :”SECURE FAIL: KERNEL”. Am worried, what should I do? I have read all the feedback before attempting to install this rom. All the feedback was positive. PLEASE HELP!! I googled and found a solution with Kies 3, I tried it without success.

    • Rimy says:

      I can also not boot into recovery, the same message comes up.

    • VR46 says:

      You must disactivate “REACTIVATION LOCK” by unclicking it in the Security Settings. Your present ROM couldn’t be altered if this feature is ON.

      • Rimy says:

        Thank you. I solved the problem. The phone did not want to boot at all so I did not have access to go and change the setting. What I did was the following: I downloaded and flashed stock rom with Odin, the phone booted up and I went to settings and disabled reactivation lock.

      • Gary Yun says:

        Hi VR46,
        I’m a Chinese in Singapore using SM-N9005 with SMS in Chinese very often. I understand that most of these custom ROMs could input Chinese in SMS but receiving parties just saw “?????” only but no issue to WhatsApp users. I did try to flash a custom ROM without wipe data/factory reset on Note1 GT-N7000. Result was positively showing Chinese SMS to all parties. I’m very interested to use this BobCat ROM either with or without wipe data/factory reset. Can you share me with your experience in this Chinese SMS area if you are a Chinese user? Thks…GarYun

        • VR46 says:

          Hi Gary,

          Using chinese characters in SMS is working for the Bobcat ROM in my Note 3. I did this by sending SMS to my friend using his android phone (a Sony Experia Z). No issues at all, it can be received and read by the other party. But you have to activate the chinese characters first. In the Settings –> Control –> Language Input, you can configure the language input to Chinese. Then after that, you alter it in the SMS mode (window where you type your message) by holding onto the space bar and choosing the chinese characters for it to be integrated in the keyboard (btw, all chinese characeters will just be seen on top of the regular letters and not in the keypad themselves).
          You can try this ROM in your N9005, smooth and flawless. Except for the bluetooth, which so far, isn’t working. 🙁

          • Gary Yun says:

            Hi VR46,
            Thank you very much for your clear explanation & let me understand that BobCat does support Chinese input. It seems too bad that I’m a vocational driver using bluetooth headset very often! Is there a way to resolve this bluetooth issue for BobCat ROM? May be I need to wait for next improved version!

          • Gary Yun says:

            I also experienced that I had Galaxy Note 1 GT-N7005 4G LTE flashed with a custom ROM then 4G modem not working. I searched modem over internet then flashed a new modem to resolve the issue.

          • Gary Yun says:

            My SM-N9005 is running BobCatROM v1.0 smoothly without any issue. Recently found a BobCatROM v2.0 for kernel MJ7 but mine is MJ3. What will it be if I just flash v2.0 over the existing v1.0 without doing any prior cache wiping? Any experience?

  8. Archie says:

    Everything works well except Bluetooth , which is unfortunate !

  9. Ozar says:

    It is a great ROM … but has anybody noticed S Health doesn’t work? Anything I can do about that

  10. ozar says:

    How do I get the Android on my pull-down notifications page?

  11. Mullaby says:

    Has anyone else got the S Health issue or does it work ok?

  12. jerrald says:

    Hi. I love the app, but for some reason my wifi won’t turn on when I have roms installed… anyways to fix that?? Thanks!

  13. Haizer Mohammed says:

    Hi There,
    Thank u soooooooo much, my friend,
    I had so many phones and rooted so phones, installed so many custom roms,
    But I have never come a cross a Rom link this, this is a perfect Rom, thank u so
    Much for hard work, plez am requesting u to make a Rom for
    Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 4G Lte, am willing to pay u for this Mega rom,
    Plez help me, am waiting for uar reply.

  14. Will says:

    Hey there!

    What happened to you?
    You OK?

    Haven’t seen new posts since early December!!!

  15. Guss says:


    I’m still new to flashing ROM’s on my Note3, the main reason for me to flash a custom ROM is to get rid of KNOX.

    I want to ask please:

    1. Do you recommend installing the 4.3 (to my understanding is stable) or the latest 4.4.2 (has little bugs – according to XDA form users)??

    2. I have successfully rooted my phone. Can you please help with step by step kind of a way on how to flash this ROM?

    Thank you in advance,

    • VR46 says:

      Just rooted using CF Auto Root for N9005. Then flashed with the latest Kitkkat 4.4.2 using ODIN v.3.09. Well, everything is fine with all the stuff KitKat has to offer. No bugs of anykind at all.. Did this after my last Bobcat root’s titanium recovery was not restored (for some reason of incompatibility maybe which technically I have no knowledge of..for now).. Yeah, loved Bobcat, but without bluetooth and some more missing functions stated above, I preferred the new KitKat 4.4.2.. now all up and running!

      • Gary Yun says:

        I rooted my SM-N9005 then flashed BobCatROM v1.0 over the stock ROM without doing any prior cache wiping. Everything is alright running smoothly. Not long ago, I also flashed BobCatROM v2.0 over the v1.0 in the same way. So far so good! One day may try the KitKat 4.4.2

  16. rui says:

    Hi everyone!

    i’m a newbie in doing amazing things on gadgets. would this/these ROM/s disable the region lock of the Note3 n9005?
    I have rooted my n9005 and installed regionlockaway app but it did not work. i dont know where i went wrong that’s why i thought if the ROMs will do the trick.

  17. Deepak says:


    I want to flash this rom on my SM-N900 international variant it possible

  18. Sammy26 says:


    I have a Note 3 SM-N900 and want this great & cool BobCat ROM on mine Note 3.
    Is there a BobCat ROM for Note 3 SM-N900!!!!!

    …….please somebody……

  19. Gary Yun says:

    Hi Max,

    Didn’t hear from you for a long time! How are you doing or are you still on holidays?

    Hope to hearing from you soonest!

  20. alanna says:

    hi max is there any way this could be loaded to a sprint n3?

  21. Soeren says:


    This rom looks amazing, but im not sure if it will work on my device? you might be able to help me out, since it looks like you got a lot of know how about this subject.

    AP: N9005XXUENC2
    CP: N9005XXUENC2
    CSC: N9005NEEENB2

    This is the codes i get, but the bobcat rom says XXUENB7, so fare i got my device rooted, and got CWM on it, or a touch version of it, but when i get to selecting CSC’s there is nothing matching Denmark or Europe for that matter, should i avoide installing it or?

  22. Pete says:

    Hi Max,

    I downloaded Bobcat rom and all seemed fine untill about an hour later the rom started ‘semi rooting’ ie when the screen shuis off approx 30 seconds later up comes the Bobcat logo but without startup sounds and seems to reload.
    Any help here would be great.


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