How to Root AT&T/Verizon Galaxy Note 3 on Android 4.4.2!

For those of you who couldn’t root your AT&T or Verizon Galaxy Note 3 on Android 4.4.2, it was because the latest Android 4.4.2 is unrootable.  BUT, XDA user GeoHot has figured out how to root it!

This root method actually works on all Galaxy Note 3 models with Android 4.4.2 and also does not trip KNOX for those of you worried about it.  It will work on Android 4.4.2 with build numbers ending in NC2 or NC4.

Step 1. Before beginning, make sure you have Android 4.4.2 by going to Settings->About phone on your Galaxy Note 3.


Step 2. Open up your browser on your Note 3 and go to then hit the Lamda icon.


Step 3. That should have downloaded a file ending in .apk, press on it in your notification drawer.


Step 4. Hit “Settings”.


Step 5. Make sure “Unknown Sources” is checked ON.


Step 6. Hit “OK”.


Step 7. Hit “Install”.   This will install the Towelroot app.


Step 8. Hit “Accept” if you see a Google warning.


Step 9. Also check on “I understand that this app may be dangerous” and hit “Install”.  Don’t worry, this app isn’t dangerous, most root apps such as this are flagged by Google Play Store but there’s no spyware of any kind on this app.

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  1. jess weidner says:

    How long does it take SU to disable knox? Mine has been sitting for about 15 min “disabling knox”. Thank u sooooo much for the root info!!

    • Sai says:

      DO this it worked for me when hanging on the knox screen.

      Press the home button to get back to your home screen.

      Then hold down the home button and a list of open
      applications shows choose the one “Unknown sources”
      click that box again to give permission again. Once I did that
      the app restarted and I clicked the install button at the bottom and then
      the knox came up again to disable and I hit ok and successful. That was it.
      and mine was lagging on the knox for awhile before I did this by guessing lol…

    • Deirdre Elliott says:

      I am having trouble installing the superSU onto my phone. keeps saying installation failed. please reboot and try again. what am i doing wrong?

  2. jess weidner says:

    Nm, i was able to continue though the su kept saying it was disabling knox. I pressed the home button, powered off just in case, and powered back on, downloaded titanium backup and opened it, su kicked right in as it should:}

  3. Pstarkey001 says:

    Keep getting error message after installing SuperSu saying that no binaries have been found on my AT&T Note 3 with Android 4.4.2.

  4. Robert A. says:

    Finally, some relief from all the horrible bloatware.
    Can’t thank you enough!! That’s the reason I subscribe to your blogs!!
    Totally Awesome!

  5. Rich says:

    Keep getting “there was a problem parsing the file” when trying to open superuser apk

  6. simon says:

    Can we install custom rooms with this root?

  7. Romero says:

    The link to towel root . com is not working

  8. Missileman says:

    Everything went great until I ran superSU. I got the following screen, then it closed.

    There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!
    If you just upgraded to Android 4.3, you need to manually re-root – consult the relevant forums for you device!

    H E L P !!

    • Jay says:

      I’m having the same problem.

    • murat says:

      “”Everything went great until I ran superSU. I got the following screen, then it closed.

      There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!
      If you just upgraded to Android 4.3, you need to manually re-root – consult the relevant forums for you device!

      H E L P !!””

      dont work again root metod

    • Michael Duke says:

      I had the same problem. I powered off, removed the battery, let the unit sit for about 30 seconds, then put everything back together and powered up. SuperSU ran just fine, even disabling KNOX without hanging. Please reply if this works for you (I hope it does.)

      Michael “hillbillyhobbit” Duke

    • Joda says:

      I has this issue as well. It means the towelroot didn’t work properly and you have to try again. Make sure the Bin version is correct (check for updates, the most recent AT&T S4 update, NC1 works). Once you have tried TowelRoot again, go back into SU and see if the binary will update.

      • Joda says:

        NOTE: I think the instructions above are outdated. When I ran TowelRoot, it said that your phone SHOULD NOT REBOOT and if it does, it means something went wrong.

        • Luis says:

          Exact same problem here. After tapping the “make it rain” button I got a “no supported device” message.
          Any advice?

      • bpbby says:

        yes this worked for me was having trouble with permissions redid the towel root step and it worked thanks

  9. Zach Michal says:

    Any luck for sprint version?

    • Chaney Oliver says:

      Would appreciate the info on how to root my sprint phone to use Straight Talk. Build number ends in “NC5” instead of 2 or 4

  10. Todd says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love having my phone rooted now and having control over something I paid a lot of good money for.

    1. Can I now uninstall the towel root app?
    2. Do I need CWM or TWRP on my Note 3?
    3. If so, which one should I use for the Note 3?
    4. Also, if so, how do I go about finding it and installing it? Is it just like any other app that you download and install?


    • Rich says:

      Yeah, im wondering this also. We can only use SafeStrap to install roms? Are there even any roms for ATT Note 3 yet? I thought older Note3’s on old software were able to root already.

  11. pat says:

    I too had the problem, with SU was able to continue though the su kept saying it was disabling knox. I pressed the home button, powered off just in case, and powered back on, reran SU and it completed quickly and completely.

    Very nice root package and thanks Mucho!

  12. murat says:

    Everything went great until I ran superSU. I got the following screen, then it closed.

    There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!
    If you just upgraded to Android 4.3, you need to manually re-root – consult the relevant forums for you device!

    H E L P !!


    • Rich says:

      over at XDA they’re saying to download SU from here >> because people are having issues with the version on the play store.

  13. Romero says:

    Your link for seems to be broken. Can you fix max?

    • kixfan says:

      Go to the address bar and backspace to remove everything after the .com and it will work. It added a %20 that broke the link

  14. Romero says:

    Okay so I just typed in instead of clicking the link. Problem solved thx

  15. pat says:

    How would I unroot should the need arise?

  16. Gabe says:

    Just download superuser from the market

  17. Greg says:

    I tried unrooting and device status still shows custom, there is no way to go back to official once you root with towelroot with safetrap even after you uninstall safetrap recovery and do full unroot with SuperSU. You’ve been warned. There is no stock odin files available.

    • Rich says:

      So is this true or just someone trolling? I haven’t installed safestrap….does rooting alone show the phone as “custom” then instead of official?

  18. Atanace says:

    How about T-Mobile Note 3 on 4.4.2.
    Does this root work for T-Mobile 4.4.2 Note 3?



    • Max Lee says:

      Yes should work but you really don’t need it unless you just want root, you can just root using TWRP method here:

  19. Ron Tennyson says:

    ZEDO…please help. verizon note 3 help. towelroot went ok, superuser seems ok…but could not get the latest version of safestrap to dl, read that i had to use the previous version it seemed to dl ok. tried flashing 2 roms
    and keep getting 2 errors which shut down flashing and it boots back to stock rom. E: footer is wrong and E: signature verification failed

    • kixfan says:

      I got safestrap app to install but it wont install the recovery for some reason. Anyone know a fix?

      • Ron Tennyson says:

        i think i have the same issue…SS seems to install but when i select recovery , the phone just boots back up like normal…

  20. kevin lee says:

    Max. Do do you know after rooted and use safestrap to install new rom, can’t even login into new system. Please fixed you post.

  21. murat says:

    Everything went great until I ran superSU. I got the following screen, then it closed.

    There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!
    If you just upgraded to Android 4.3, you need to manually re-root – consult the relevant forums for you device!

    H E L P !!

    Problem solved its works but i dont understand Safestaps does not avtive to “reboot to recovery button”

  22. Matthew Sauer says:

    I’ve seem to be able to root ok using the towelroot app. However, I am having all sorts of problems with SuperSU that I can not seem to figure out.
    1. On reboot I get the Custom logo with an open padlock now.
    2. When I try to open SuperSU, I get the dialog that says binaries needs to be updated, I go through the prompts selecting Normal, and then it comes back fail and to reboot.
    3. When I reboot, I go back to try again, and again I get the SuperSU Installation failed! Please reboot and try again.

    I’ve uninstalled it several times, reinstalled it, tried various things I’ve read in forums and haven’t figured it out yet.
    Anyone else have this problem and direct me to a fix?

  23. Jobby says:

    AT&T Note 3: Is there any way to get CMW recovery after this root method?

    • Max Lee says:

      No, because the bootloader is still locked, you need to use SafeStrap recovery instead!

      • Rich says:

        So we can now use any rom available for ATT Note3? ALso…how do we make a complete backup of our phone? Does safestrap do that?

  24. mr. snooze says:

    Having trouble with safestrap able to complete the the installation but the status is telling me that it’s not installed . Don’t see it on booting up ….plzz fix

  25. VP says:

    After rooting using towelroot, will I be able to Mobile hotspot turned on. I am using SM-900A in a different country and hotspot is disabled although i have a data pack. Will rooting enable be to get tethering/mobile hotspot working again

    • Max Lee says:

      Try this first:

  26. Wayne Doucet says:

    I thought that using this method, I was supposed to be able to root my phone without tripping Knox. I usehe “ISIS” application from American Express and AT&T, and when I attempted to use it today, I received a message stating that “Yor phone is rooted and Isis is not supported.” What can I do now? Am I able to safely unroot my phone and enable Knox again? Is there a workaround?

    • Alkay says:

      Isis knows that your phone is rooted, however, you haven’t tripped knox; that is something seperate….if you want to check to see if your knox is tripped, power off your phone, then press volume down + home + power….the screen will come on with an android giving a warning about installing custom roms or whatever – press volume up and you will be in Odin mode….in there you can see your knox status – if it is 0X0 for the knox statuses then you have not tripped knox. (btw you need to pull the battery to restart the phone)

  27. Anas says:

    This is not working with me.
    My version is 4.4.2 i got the message while installing towelroot that it is not compatible.

    • Max Lee says:

      Which Note 3 do you have?

      You can use other root method if you don’t have AT&T or Verizon Note 3:

  28. Alkay says:

    IMPORTANT: For those who have an issue with SuperSU giving the error while downloading binaries. -this happened to me (I downloaded supersu from the website-you probably did too) …go to the market and UPDATE SuperSU, then go back into the SuperSU app, it will ask you to update binaries again; do the same process and it should give a success and tell you to reboot.

    • Alkay says:

      Also, I just went into Odin mode and checked my knox status: SYSTEM STATUS: Custom, KNOX KERNEL LOCK: 0X0 KNOX WARRANTY VOID: 0X0 -WOOT

  29. Evoplug says:


    Im having a problem with safestrap. When i stry and install Hyperdrive rom I get an “error mounting systerm” I cant install a costum rom perioud. Does anyone know how to get around this?


    • Evoplug says:

      I forgot to add that also when i try and reboot it says there is no OS installed.

      • Max Lee says:

        This may happen if you try to install 4.3 TouchWiz ROM on 4.4.2 custom firmware. I have had this happen to me and the only way is to flash latest stock recovery with odin or flash 4.3 bootloaders. I have done this on AT&T Note 3 before but not sure if it’s possible with Verizon Note 3.

  30. daniel padilla says:

    i root it now i cant used mybluetooth

  31. Bill says:

    I just rooted with no issues but the super user link is not working at this time, Any ideas of when it will be working again?

  32. John says:

    Does this work on Sprint?

  33. John says:

    I heard that once rooted, a Note 3 cannot be changed to another phone number. Any info on that?

    • Max Lee says:

      Changing numbers has nothing to do with rooting, you can change numbers easily just swapping out the SIM card, not root related though.

  34. Chris says:

    I just rooted my AT&T Note 3. It was almost as easy as one-click root from a long time ago. Thank you so much!

  35. zeid chleuh says:

    First of all Thank you so much for your website. Very appreciated. I was wondering if there is any rom that has bluetooth tethering on the note 3. Or is there another way to enable that? I tried foxfu and easy tether but it doeant work for the gear.

  36. Victor Hernandez says:

    I tried to install and run the apk but after I click Make it Rain, it tells me my phone isn’t supported. It is a Note 3 running 4.4.2

    Can anyone help me? PLEASE

  37. kixfan says:

    This may be a dumb question but I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere. I rooted my AT&T Note 3 as above. Everything went perfectly. Now I’m thinking about flashing Alliance Rom but I’m a bit scared. One of the steps wipes my phone completely. Will I be able to get my app data and game progress back? If so how do I do this? I have done a backup in Safestrap and also run Titanium Backup on my phone. Whats the procedure for restoring everything? Thank you for your help.

    • Max Lee says:

      You can use Titanium Backup app to backup all of your apps + app data. Also make a backup ROM, that will save everything just in case you need to restore your phone.

      • kixfan says:

        Is that the same as clicking backup in safestrap? I already did that and moved the backup to my actual PC for safekeeping.

      • Jobby says:

        Max, I’ve downloaded Alliance ROM from you and before I was going to flash it, I downloaded Titanium Backup for all my apps. But, when I go to run TB for my apps, there are no apps listed to backup. I checked the TB troubleshooting page and it told me to run a command with an adb shell to check if my phone was properly rooted… So I did. When I ran the first command, everything was fine. But when I ran a command to check my busybox, it was showing me that my phone was not properly rooted… Help???

        • Max Lee says:

          Did you install SuperSU app?

          • Jobby says:

            Yep. And then I even tried pushing the update supersu app that comes up when you click “Problems?” and realized that it took me to a different superuser app than what I was using. So I installed that one too, retried TB, still nothing.

            • Jobby says:

              But the weird thing is: whenever I open up TB, after its done checking the license and all that, it shows me a toast notification that says there are 394 app data elements. But yet, when I go to run a backup of apps, only 2 elements are available (my text messages and a bloatware version of AT&T messages.

  38. Ren says:

    I installed tr and that seemed to work ok. It said no reboot needed. I still rebooted. Tried seeral versions of superSU but every time I run it and let it update the binaries (normal) it comes back saying “installation failed !”
    Tried superSU from the original link, the other link mentioned in the comments and I tried the SuperSU from market. All with the same result.
    Any idea? SM900V

  39. doubyoohoo says:

    worked perfect for me! Disabling KNOX tripped up for a min but I just rebooted and ran SuperSU again and it killed KNOZ dead. PERFECT!

  40. Anil Badola says:

    Towelroot does not root my note 3 sm-n900. Android version 4.4.2. Baseband versio N900DDUENG1. Kernel version 3.4.39-1955999. Build number KOT49H.N900XXUENG1. Please help i am so desperate to root my note 3.

    • Max Lee says:

      You can use the regular root method:

      • Anil Badola says:

        But max i dont want to trip my knox and this old root method will trip knox. Can we have any other option that will root my note 3 without tripping knox? Please help

  41. Rob says:


  42. James says:

    why it is showing my phone isn’t supported currently.

  43. Robert says:

    Will there be a new version of towelroot that supports the latest update?

    • Max Lee says:

      Oh not sure. You may have to wait again for a new root method to come out. Towelroot basically works by exploiting security flaw in the latest Android 4.4.2 OS, meaning if they block it, someone smart like JCase would have to find a new exploit.

  44. jeoff says:

    Hello. I need help. I tried to used it but I received a message says my phone is not currently supported. Plss help.

  45. Javier says:

    As a newbie to device rooting, I was a little apprehensive and so I read nearly every word on this site before attempting it myself. I’m happy to report that it went by very smoothly and I love my rooted phone!
    Thank you!

  46. Heffay says:

    Will running this root wipe my data?

  47. Jobby says:

    Max, any solution to the Titanium Backup problem? Refer to the comments above…

  48. Deirdre Elliott says:

    Ok so everthing is installed butwhen i go to the SuperSU. It says no apps configured…..what dos that mean??

  49. Dave says:

    Note 3 is a 900A model, android 4.4.2 build ends withC2 and SE enforced dated 6/27/14.
    A ll i get from the towel download is a couple of pages of program listing; it is not coming to me as an .apk file. Is this solution dead?

  50. Gary says:

    Thank you so very much! It worked like a charm! Got stuck on knox, but following advice from above by hitting home button and choosing the settings window it worked. In all it took me less than 5 minutes. Verizon version 4.4.2 NC4

  51. Chris Pierce says:

    I used Towel Root and went without any issues. One question to ask. If I’ve installed a rom on the “stock slot” using safestrap; and if I did backup the orginal rom…then I could flash the original rom back to stocked slot and then unroot?

    I know me, there will probably come a time when I’ll want to update using the normal AT&T OTA, and would like to have that option.

    Thanks in advance!


  52. niks says:

    I want root my “oplus xonphone 5 ”
    please suggests me.
    1.2 quad core
    1gb ram
    16 GB internal

  53. kris says:

    I went to the website and when I clicked the lambda symbol it just began opening new window after new window. What is going on?!

  54. Bud says:

    I followed all the instructions. Disabled KNOX but get installation failed! Reboot and try again With the Super SU app that I downloaded from the link on this page. HElp?

  55. Vinie says:

    I followed ALL the instructions (and verified root work with SuperSU) on this website and everything appeared to be working perfectly fine. However, after a few minutes I ran into problems:
    1. First, apps like Youtube, Map, Google Play, Chrome, Browser, Netflix … all pop up with error “Unfortunately, has stopped”.
    2. Phone won’t connect to internet. Any app that uses internet connection won’t work.
    3. Phone won’t see content of External SD card or internal SD storage area. Attempting to look at these storage areas results in “Empty” folder.
    4. Google Play shows “No Connection” message.
    5. Attempt to run PvZ game gives me this error “Unfortunately, the process has stopped.” The game still works, though.

    I can still make phone calls, but that is it. I tried to clear cache, turned off/forced close Google Framework Services, Google Play … but still didn’t help.

    The only thing that I changed, other than installing tr.pkg and supersu.pkg above, was the platform.xml. In the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE tag, I found two entries

    I removed the first entry and replaced it with

    After seeing the errors, I replaced the xml file with original version. That didn’t help. Rebooting, turning off, removing batteries multiple times didn’t help. I un-rooted the phone using the “full unroot” feature in SuperSu, and that didn’t help either. I went into Settings and turned KNOX back on, still didn’t help.

    At this point, I am stuck. I don’t know what else I should try. I would appreciate any help and suggestions, I would like to avoid resetting or doing more substantial changes to the phone, though.


  56. Vinie says:

    Sorry, the tag names were not visible in the previous post:
    Original entries in the platform.xml:
    <group gid=”sdcard_r” />
    <group gid=”sdcard_rw” /&gt

    Replaced the first entry with:
    <group gid=”media_rw” />

    in < permission name=”android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE” >

    But since then I reverted the changes.

  57. Jay says:

    I have a note 3 T-mobile 4g LTE
    i have tried many apps to root and unlock reign lock.
    how should I root & unlock my note 3
    please help!!

  58. Nayeem says:

    I have a note 3 Android 4.4.2 T-Mobile 4g LTE
    i have tried many apps to root and unlock reign lock. it didn’t work.
    how should I root & unlock my note 3
    please help!!

  59. Nayeem says:

    I have a note 3 Android 4.4.2 900T-Mobile 4g LTE
    i have tried many apps to root and unlock reign lock. it didn’t work.
    how should I root & unlock my note 3
    please help!!

  60. Derrick says:

    Will not INSTALL on my AT&T Note 3
    – Went to
    – downloaded tr-1.apk
    – click on tr-1.apk in notification bar
    – click on Settings on Install blocked screen
    – check Unknown sources
    – click OK on Unknown Sources pop-up, with check on Allow initial installation only
    – get towelroot install screen
    – click on Install and nothing happens

    I have tried:
    – allowing Unknown Sources prior to clicking on tr-1.apk
    – waited over 15 minutes to see what happens

    Device Info:

    Anyone have similar issue or know why apk will not install?

  61. cory says:

    Hi I have a Korean Note 3 (SN-N900L LG U+). Will this work? I have seen a lot of N900K and N900S (KT and SK phones respectively) info, but never the N900L

    I have been looking for any information on this, but as of yet haven’t been able to find anything. Please help! I don’t want to brick my phone!

  62. John Shearhart says:


  63. Eddie says:

    I followed your instructions straight forward with no issues; however, when I got to the point that I wanted to unlock the LTE signals on my Verizon Note 3, when entering the code to access the service menu, *#27663368378#, nothing happens, the service menu doesn’t show… Did I miss something? `:/ … Thanks a lot for your assistance… Eddie.

  64. Eddie says:

    Well… I was able to find out what’s required to enable the Service Menu; I suppose to edit the /efs/carrier/HiddenMenu file from OFF to ON; however, when using Astro File Manager or ES File Manager, and select the /efs folder, i get to an EMPTY folder… Thus I cannot change the setting to enable to Service Menu…. Anybody has any answer to this? … Thank you! Eddie.

  65. Eddie says:

    Got it… I just had to turn ON root explorer on ES File Explorer… however, the setting for the VZW LTE B4 band was already Enabled… my phone wasn’t rooted before, so I’m assuming that the Verizon Galaxy Note 3 is full unlocked and there’s no need to do that extra settings configuration that many people are talking about. Thanks a lot for your assistance… Eddie

  66. James says:

    when will you update note 3 root on 4.4.2 ??? cant root with towelroot. Need help.. and other way to root on it ??

    • Eddie says:

      I’m using a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with JB 4.2.2 and it was rooted with no hassle…. just follow the instructions straight forward; It took me a while to finished the prodedure due to my ignorance… it took a while to disable KNOX, waited for a while, but pressed the HOME button, and relaunched SuperUser and it disabled it right away… Don’t forget to download ES File Explorer and enable root explorer by going into Settings upper left icon. then you can access the /efs/carrier/HiddenMenu to change the OFF to ON to be able to access the Service Menu if that’s what you’re looking for… Today I’m getting an AT&T Note 3 and I’m going to repeat the procedure to see if there’s any difference.


      • James says:

        But the towelroot keep on write phone isnt supported. my BASEBAND VERSION is N9005XXUFNF2 , 4.4.2 ANDROID VERSION. IS THAT MY PHONE PROBLEM OR NOT SUPPORT IN MALAYSIA ??

  67. Jack Toering says:

    >You should also see a message to disable/remove KNOX. If you see that, make sure you hit “OK”. KNOX is an unnecessary security feature that will interfere with your root so make sure you get it removed!!!<

    Which does what to your warranty, OTA updates, etc.?

    • Max Lee says:

      Does nothing actually, there’s software KNOX (which we want to remove) and also hardware KNOX counter (which is set off when you flash recovery with ODIN).

  68. Jorge says:

    Fixed. I was using firefox browser. Seems it only works with the offical 4.4.2 browser.

  69. mayank says:

    Its written ur phone is not currently supported

  70. mark says:

    I wanna try this. Gonna wait till I get my unlocked note 4, so If anything goes wrong I won’t be temporally phoneless. I have some confidence it should work since I have a verizon boot screen note 3 on 4.4.2. Biggest mistake I made was buying a verizon phone and not an unlocked which would make rooting a bit easier.

  71. LadyL704 says:

    I just rooted today, everything went fine. What is the most recent link to get Safestrap for Verizon Note 3 Kit Kat 4.4.2 NC4?

  72. ismael says:

    Hey max,
    I rooted a few days ago and everything running like expected. I’m still running the stick at&t ROM. There seems to a software update available, but unable to install. To I have to reverse root in order to complete an update?
    Thanks again max

  73. Chuck says:

    So I just recieved the notification for the ota update, I have not used root to do anything but add a couple of features, I did not remove bloatware or anything. So my question for you is, can I take the ota update, and will doing so unroot my phone.

  74. Jeff says:

    any chance there is root for AT&T note 3 4.4.4?

  75. Kevin says:

    Is the root method coming to 4.4.4 update. It doesnt work.?

  76. Kevin says:

    is the towelroot method coming to note 3 att. I updated the os to 4.4.4 and the old way says phone not suported. Any hope for a fix?

  77. r.y. says:

    Thanks for all the great content.
    Any thoughts on possible unlock and root for VZW note 3 on 4.4.4
    How should i go about getting VZW to give me unlock code on a out of contract device.

    Good work

  78. harry cross says:

    This not work for at&t galaxy note 3 running kitkat 4.4.4

  79. r.y. says:

    Happy Holidays

    I’ve got my hands on a refurbished vzw note 3 sm-n900v,
    android version 4.4.2,
    baseband n900vrucn4,
    kernel version 3.4.0
    dpi@swdd5020 #1, Mon Apr 28 16:42:37 KS 2014,
    build number KOT49H.H.n900vrucn4,
    hardware version n900v.07,
    security software version mdf v1.0 release 2.

    Towelroot was successful, root checker confirmed and supersu loaded and dealt with knox no problem.

    I downloaded biggins rom and safestrap. Installed safestrap recovery, booted into safestrap. Backed up stock rom no problems. Restarted recovery. Activated rom slot, wiped then attempted to install biggins rom but failed with mount error.
    I’ve attempted to install other rom and flashing but mount error continues.

    Any advice would be great.

  80. Hassan says:

    Phone isn’t supported error after clicking make 1t rain. Model SM 9005 :((

  81. Dirk says:

    I downloaded towelroot but when I hit make it rain it says: “This phone isn’t currently supporterd.”

    How can I fix this?

  82. omar says:

    I have SM-n900 baseband vesion:N900UBUDNC1
    i have tried towel root several times and it hasnt rooted my phone……is my version supported
    Pls replay fast

  83. omar says:

    I have SM-n900 baseband vesion:N900UBUDNC1
    i have tried towel root several times and it hasnt rooted my phone……is my version supported?
    Pls replay fast

  84. Bird says:

    I have a rooted AT&T note 3 running 4.2 and recently started having battery issues. Do I have to unroot and flash stock 4.4.2 and then re-root and flash custom rom? Or can I just flash a custom 4.4.2 rom using safestrap?

  85. Robert says:

    That you so very much!!! My patience really paid off dude!!!

  86. John says:

    Hi, can I also root my Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 with build No: ending on: NH1?

    Please help!

  87. Gio says:

    Awesome guide man, thanks!
    I had trouble downloading the towelroot tr.apk using Chrome, looping never download, downloaded to my pc and transfered, still getting “there was a problem parsing the package”, I did a factory reset, still wouldnt run, then cleared the browser cache and shut down and restarted the browser and everything was good.
    Hope this helps someone

  88. mark says:

    Any word on root for 5.0 yet?

  89. RichieG says:

    I have a Verizon Note 3 SM-N900V (4.4.2 build ending in NC4).
    Near the end of the instructions above it says to download SafeStrap, then it goes on to say:

    | Q: Is there any way to get CWM/TWRP
    | recovery after this root method?
    | A: No, because the bootloader is
    | still locked, you need to use SafeStrap
    | recovery instead!

    And there’s a link to “Download SafeStrap APK file for Verizon Note 3 SM-N900V” at

    BUT that link is dead!

    So, after rooting as above, how would I backup, restore, or install ROMs? Are there any other apps that I can use for my VZW Note 3?

    • RichieG says:

      Found it here:
      Supposed to be for 4.4.2 NC2 or NC4.
      It does say NC2 on the page. Am trying it now on my NC4, will let you know.

  90. RichieG says:

    At Step 22 (the end of the SU install) SU offers to kill KNOX.
    My screen has said “Disabling KNOX” for quite a few minutes now.
    Should i be afraid!

  91. fernanda says:

    Hello, my galaxy note 3 is the company at & t and install towel room realize the rooteo also install the application Super her and titanum application ( realize all the tutorial rooteo you indicate ) I am interested in unlocking the hotspot service that still blocked and not that next step … could tell me to do ?

  92. Luke says:

    Lol, few days ago I was working this method but using 10 different sites to mash up my own set of instructions. When I soft bricked and had to redo, I found this. Wish I’d had it the first time around!! Much easier… Thanx

  93. Diego OR says:

    Hola!! eh buscado bastante como rootear mi SM- N900V de VERIZON con LOLLIPOP 5.0…Me pregunto ¿Este metodo funciona para mi caso? Por favor necesito su ayuda!! Gracias y excelente informacion, felicidades al creador!! 😀

  94. Marc says:

    I would like to root my AT&T Galaxy Note 3 ( model SM-N900A) from stock KitKat 4.4.4 (Baseband is N900AUCUDNL2; build is KTU84P.N900AUCDNL2). Nothing seems to work. Towelroot has no effect; KingoRoot has no effect.
    I’ve used ODIN to downgrade to earlier 4.4.2 KitKat stock rom (N900AUCUCNC2) but could not root.
    Any technical suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

  95. says:

    This information is worth everyone’s attention.
    How can I find out more?

  96. draguer les fillesl says:

    I feel that is one of tthe most important info for me.
    And i am satisfied reading your article. But wanna observation on few normal
    things, The website taste is ideal, the articles is
    in point of fact nice : D. Good task, cheers

  97. rencontres coquines says:

    Hi there to every one, the contents present at this
    web site are actually remarkable for people
    knowledge, well, keep up the nice work fellows.

  98. karim says:

    my galaxy note 3 verizon sm n900v don’t want to reboot why? it close after press on make it ra1n twice !!!!!

  99. Paul Bahre says:

    This failed on my AT&T Note 3 that has Android version 5 updated from AT&T. Is there an updated app that will root this thing? I tried to root it via Odin but it got bricked and then I was able to use Odin to restore the OEM image and then was upgraded to version 5 by AT&T. King Root also failed and so did the PC version of King Root. I really want to get version 6 on this phone.

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