Why Root Galaxy Note 3?

Why root your Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

Here’s a brief explanation of rooting benefits:

First, what is rooting?

Rooting is acquiring full admin access to your phone.  It allows the user to have 100% control over the Note 3, allowing them to install root-only apps or even install custom ROMs to fully change the OS.

Why root?

There can be many reasons to root your Note 3.

Let’s talk about some of the scenarios what rooting can do for you.

App Backup/Restore/Transfer

With root, you will be able to run Titanium Backup app (from Play Store), which allows you to backup and restore all of your apps.  And yes, it also backs up your app data so if you were on level 50 for Angry Birds, it will save that too.  This is one of the main reasons root can become very handy, especially when you switch to another Android device later down the road.

If you do buy another Android device, you can easily transfer all of your apps along with app data by using Titanium Backup app.  For example, if you bought a Nexus 7 tablet, you can make a backup of all or your apps on your Note 3, copy the TitaniumBackup folder to your Nexus 7, then restore all of your apps on your Nexus 7 without starting over.

Wifi Tether

With root, you can run wifi tether apps (which require root) to bypass carrier blocking.  This will allow you to wifi tether without paying your carrier twice for the same internet you paid for already.

Is this illegal?  No, because U.S. carriers are simply charging their customers twice for the same internet.  Everyone else in the world allow users to tether under their existing data plan.  With root, you can take control over your deserved rights and enable wifi tether easily.


With a rooted Note 3, you can easily overclock your CPU on the phone by installing a custom kernel or ROM with the support.  For example, you would be able to overclock your Note 3 to 2.5Ghz (from default 2.3Ghz) to make your phone run faster.  Of course, Note 3 is fast as it is but this can be a recreational fun for those of you who simply want to make things go fast and can make your graphic-intensive games run faster.

Also you can underclock/undervolt your CPU to save battery life.

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