Why Root Galaxy Note 3?

Why root your Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

Here’s a brief explanation of rooting benefits:

First, what is rooting?

Rooting is acquiring full admin access to your phone.  It allows the user to have 100% control over the Note 3, allowing them to install root-only apps or even install custom ROMs to fully change the OS.

Why root?

There can be many reasons to root your Note 3.

Let’s talk about some of the scenarios what rooting can do for you.

App Backup/Restore/Transfer

With root, you will be able to run Titanium Backup app (from Play Store), which allows you to backup and restore all of your apps.  And yes, it also backs up your app data so if you were on level 50 for Angry Birds, it will save that too.  This is one of the main reasons root can become very handy, especially when you switch to another Android device later down the road.

If you do buy another Android device, you can easily transfer all of your apps along with app data by using Titanium Backup app.  For example, if you bought a Nexus 7 tablet, you can make a backup of all or your apps on your Note 3, copy the TitaniumBackup folder to your Nexus 7, then restore all of your apps on your Nexus 7 without starting over.

Wifi Tether

With root, you can run wifi tether apps (which require root) to bypass carrier blocking.  This will allow you to wifi tether without paying your carrier twice for the same internet you paid for already.

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  1. Well there is so many reasons why to root your mobile i could go on for a hole day with things useful rooting your mobile, but back and restore for an example, huge thing. If your not happy with the themed version you get from samsung well then flash a rom that suits you.

    Titanium backup, backup all your apps etc, Direct device recording apps that almost always require root, oh damn there is so many reasons it´s incredible. But i can say it and i will say it, i own 3, well 4 but i don´t count my nexus 7 in to this list, Note 2, Note 3-SM9005, Note 10.1N8000 all rooted with max as my maestro.

    And btw max a question, is it ok for me to link to your website from my youtube channel? it will be packed with note 3 gameplay videos, gameplay reviews, walkthroughs, rom reviews and what not.. Would be great if i could, if not then i understand.

    Anyways, on to the next game im going to review, an old one but a beauty on the note 3.

    Regards The Android Dewd Reviews.

    PS: max your the man and will always be the man.

  2. been up since 1:30 swedish time so the typos are there haha, i ment backup & restore.

  3. Raul Moreno says:

    Anyone knows if there’s a wifi tether app for the note 3. I tried the all old version’s and they don’t seem to want to work. I just get errors. Thank again max.

  4. Ryan Turner says:

    Hello, I just got the galaxy note 3 with T-mobile, and I have rooted it already but I cannot find a free tethering app. I tried a couple and they all didn’t work. Help me if you can, I need it to get Internet on my tablet, and laptop. Thank you

    • Faslane says:

      I downloaded “WiFi Tether TrevE Mod” and when it prompts you that it cannot connect just hit the home button an it’ll work still. I use “auto” in the device type selection in settings.

  5. john says:

    Please email me the best way to root the Galaxy Note 3 and it’s benefits as the same as jailbreak in an iPhone thanks john

    • Lane says:

      Waaaaaaayyyy too many things to compare. You’d be better Googling the difference or watching some YouTube videos.. It depends on many factors and what operating system and device you’re rooting and or jail breaking. There is no simple A versus B in this matter as much of it depends on personal preference.

    • Lane says:

      Also make sure to understand which methods to root with and its compatability with your phone. At, sprint, tmobike etc etc. There may be different ways for different devices.

  6. shnn2011 says:

    So, ummmmmm, hey Max — What does rooting do?

  7. talha masood says:

    Hi I have a note 3 model sm-n9005 (hltexx) I am new to rooting can someone plz help me and tell me the best way t o do it and I have been reading that there r a lot of benefits for it but my question is that is there problems to root a phone too and if one roots its without briking is there still be chances that u can spoil ur device I want to do it just for overclocking and I have seen in several places that it says if someone will mess his phone he will be responsible for it all by himself does it mean that after rooting u put ur device on a risk of getting spoiled plz I want a detailed answer plz

  8. Ravinder says:

    My friend brought a Note-2 (N-9006) from China. After using it here in India we found that google services are missing. We tried starting it by installing google services via apk files dump but it does not allow google services to perform.
    Please suggest how to rectify this problem.

  9. paul johnson says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy note 3 ……..SM N9005 and I’m currently using Consumer Cellular service.
    My question is can I switch to Verizon service with this phone?

    Thanks for being there………


  10. MaggieB says:

    One unmentioned good reasons to root is to get rid of permissions the apps don’t really need, but take on your phone–even if you don’t use the app for those services. For instance, a lot of people are very upset about all the permissions needed to run Facebooks Instant Messenger due to unnecessary access to the camera and microphone. I have no need for it to access those areas of my phone because I never shoot video or take photos from IM…I use my phone for that, then share/link. So, I can just turn off video/phone/microphone access for that app.

  11. Thanks for the very informative videos. Truly appreciated.

  12. Verizon Galaxy Note 3 w/Jasmine ROM. I can’t get the voice commands to work. Any ideas?

  13. Taeki says:

    The compass is not working on my Android phone Note 3 N9810. I downloaded a cpl popular Compass apps. All woud say, “can not access magnetic field data.” or “NO magnetic Sensor.” Plz tell me if Rooting would solve this problem?



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