How to Backup/Restore ROM using CWM on Rooted Galaxy Note 3!

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One of the coolest features on CWM Recovery with a rooted Galaxy Note 3 is the fact that you can backup and restore ROMs.

What does backing up/restoring ROMs mean though?

When you make a backup ROM, it will backup your whole OS including your apps, settings, app data, everything except for contents of your internal storage such as personal photos, videos, and other files.

If you end up in a bootloop while installing a new custom ROM OR perhaps you just want to go back to the previous custom ROM/stock ROM you were on, you can easily restore your backup ROM using CWM recovery.

If you are using TWRP Recovery, please see How to Backup/Restore ROM using TWRP on Rooted Galaxy Note 3 instead.

So, let me show you how to do this.

Step 1. Power off your rooted Note 3.  Then hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together for about 3 seconds until you see “RECOVERY BOOTING” in blue at top-left of your screen.


Step 2. Once in CWM Recovery, choose “backup and restore”.


Step 3. Choose “backup to /sdcard” if you want to backup to your internal storage OR choose “backup to /external_sd” if you want to backup to your microSD card.


Backup should take around 5-10 minutes.


Once backup is done, you are good to go.  They are stored under “clockworkmod/backup” directory on your internal storage or microSD.


Step 4. If anytime you need to restore your backup ROM, simply boot back into CWM recovery.  Then choose “restore from /sdcard” or “restore from external_sd” from Backup and Restore menu.


Step 5. Your backups should be in folders with timestamp.  Choose the backup you want to restore.

(You can also rename the folders to something more easier but make sure you don’t put any spaces when renaming it.  You can use file explorer app like ES File Explorer to change the folder name.)



Step 6. When done restoring, reboot your phone and your Note 3 will be returned to the state it was in when you made the backup ROM.



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