How to Backup/Restore ROM using TWRP on Rooted Galaxy Note 3!

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If you have a rooted Galaxy Note 3, you have a choice between using CWM or TWRP Recovery, both which do pretty much the same thing to backup, restore, and install ROMs.

Well, if you are not using CWM Recovery to backup/restore ROM, and using TWRP Recovery instead, here’s how to do it easily.

First, you will need a rooted Note 3 with TWRP Recovery installed so see How to Root Galaxy Note 3 first.

If you are using CWM Recovery, please see How to Backup/Restore ROM using CWM on Rooted Galaxy Note 3 instead.

Step 1. Turn off your Note 3 then hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together for about 3 seconds until you see “RECOVERY BOOTING” at top left of your screen.


Step 2. Once in TWRP Recovery, simply choose “Backup”.


Step 3. To backup ROM, I suggest you to check ON “Boot”, “System”, and “Data” as shown below.  Also, you can set a Backup Name and choose either Internal Storage or your micro-SD card.

When done setting it up, simply swipe “Swipe to Back Up” to starting backing up ROM.


Step 4. When you ever need to restore a ROM, all you have to do is select “Restore” from main menu in TWRP Recovery.


Step 5. You will be able to choose your backup folder so choose the backup folder you want to restore.


Step 6. Once done restoring, simply hit “Reboot System” and you should be on the restored ROM.





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