How to Disable Region Lock on Galaxy Note 3!

XDA developer ChainFire has released his initial version of RegionLock Away app, which allows users to bypass Samsung’s Region Lock when activating a Note 3 on non-supported region.

How does Samsung Region Lock work?

When you first insert your SIM card, you must insert the correct region’s SIM card first then your phone can be used with any SIM card.  If you do not, you will get a “region lock”.  This is due to the fact that Samsung is trying to control some of the illegal importers of the Note 3 in different continents.  This will not be a problem for any of you who buy your Note 3 from an official Note 3 retailer but may be problem for those of you who order an imported model (such as buying on Amazon, Negri-electronics, eBay).

Well, ChainFire’s RegionLock Away app aims to solve that issue by allowing other SIM cards to be used when you have a Note 3 with a Region Lock.  Currently, this app only works with SM-N9005 but we suspect more models will be supported soon.

Note, not all Note 3s have this Region Lock (as I have a Malaysian SM-N9005 that is locked out of factory) but this is another great news since people who get stuck with Region Lock will be able to get out of it easily.


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