How to Install Custom ROM using CWM on Rooted Galaxy Note 3!

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If you want to take advantage of rooting your Galaxy Note 3, you will certainly want to install a custom ROM.

Don’t know what custom ROMs can do for you? See What is a Galaxy Note 3 Custom ROM first.

To install a new custom ROM, you will need a rooted Galaxy Note 3 with CWM or TWRP recovery installed.

For this tutorial, I will be using CWM Recovery. To install using TWRP Recovery, please see How to Install Custom ROM using TWRP on Rooted Galaxy Note 3 instead.

Once you have a rooted Galaxy Note 3 with CWM recovery, you are good to go.

Before we start, I highly recommend you make a backup ROM FIRST, see How to Backup/Restore ROM using CWM on Galaxy Note 3!

Step 1. Turn your Galaxy Note 3 off then hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together for about 3 seconds until you see “RECOVERY BOOTING” at top left of the screen.

Step 2. Once in CWM Recovery, choose “wipe data/factory reset”.  This will erase all of your settings, apps, app data, and everything except for your personal photos, videos, and files in your internal storage.  (Does not touch external storage.)

(This step is optional if you are installing a custom ROM that is based on the same/newer firmware but I usually recommend to do it unless you are installing an updated version of the same ROM you are running.)

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  1. Gregory Dean says:

    I thought the community was still waiting to unlock the boot loader. Did you skip that step? Are you using the new rooting that came on board this week (without touching the Knox counter). I’ve got my Verizon Galaxy Note 3 rooted as of Monday this week, and hate the shit out of Touch Wiz, so a custom ROM sounds appealing. I’m guessing Cyanogenmod is close to bring out a new ROM for our phones. Your thoughts?

  2. Kevin says:

    Hi Max,

    Any update on how to root T-Mobile Note 3 (SM-900T) without tripping KNOX? I want to root my device but want to wait until I can do so w/o tripping KNOX. Also, I’m hoping CM is going to be pushing ROMs out soon.

    Thanks for your work, Max.

  3. DeAngelo says:

    I have the t mobile note 3. I attempted to use cwm to flash a rom but it always said kernel is not seandroid enforcing. When I use twerp to flash a rom I always get stuck in a bootloop. I cleared cache and delvik, factory reset, and removed system. Still gets stuck in bootloop. Please help

    • Matt says:

      Hello, I’m facing a similar problem with my sprint note 3. Please tell me how you solved this problem. I’ve been wrestling my phone for 2 days..

  4. Carl Horn says:

    Where can i download this rom the links dont work.

  5. Milen says:

    I tried to install custom Rom but “Can’t open a zip file (bad).
    In the PC everything is ok i open that zip…. Please Help….

    • Max Lee says:

      What recovery are you using, what version and which model if your Note 3?

      • Milen says:

        The model is Note 3 SM-N9005 (EU – Spain).. Recovery is “n9005-cwm-recovery-”. The microSD is 64GB en FAT32 (I thing that is problem….) but….))))

        • Max Lee says:

          Oh are you using microSD to install? Try using 32GB I don’t think CWM supports 64GB that could be why.

  6. Cletus says:

    I need Help.!!!

    I had previously rooted my n3, and am not sur ehwat rooting device I had on it. I have managed to get Clock work recovery installed on it but now my phone ownt boot. I can get into CWR mode and run a wipe and reboot. but all i get is the samsong galaxy note 3 logo.
    I’ve tried instsalling X-note (which is what I was after) and it comes up with:
    kernel is not seandroid
    enforcing set warranty bit : kernel

    I dont know what to do

    • Max Lee says:

      Which Note 3 do you have? If you have T-Mobile Note 3 and installing the latest X-Note ROM, that could be why, try another ROM as latest version of X-Note ROM doesn’t work for T-Mo N3 (but others do).

  7. Cletus says:

    X- Note installs properly and installs the x-Note Kernal. but when I go to rebute it comes up with the:
    kernel is not seandroid
    enforcing set warranty bit : kernel

    This is on an sm-n9005

  8. Sarah says:

    help trying to install bobcat on sm-n9005 and it just boot loops. If I use the stock kernel then it stays on the Samsung galaxy note 3, if I use any of the other kernels it says kernel is not seandroid enforcing set warranty bit : kernel,
    Ive tried every kind of wipe/formatting on the CWM, tried flashing stock firmware then reflashing bobcatrom, sometimes I get a message saying root access is missing? not always though.

    • Max Lee says:

      DId you install the KitKat version of BobCat? Usually formatting /system and reinstalling ROM fixes 99% of bootloops. If that isn’t working, it could be that you’ve never upgraded to KitKat bootloader? That could be why also but N9005 should work without bootloader upgrade I believe.

  9. ran cune says:


    max sir can you link some rom here i using n9006 tnx

  10. Johm says:

    I need help installing twrp recovery on my tmobile note 3 model number small n900t android version 4.4.2 kernel version 3.4.0–660648 build number K0T49H.N900TUVUCNB4


    • Max Lee says:

      I think you may have installed recovery image as boot image, which will cause that to happen, you can extract boot.img from NB4 firmware, compress it as a tar file and flash with ODIN to fix.

      If you don’t know how to do this, I can make the tar file for you, just let me know.

  11. Johm says:

    Yes max that makes sense, thank you so much. No I don’t know how to make that tar. File if you could send it to me you would be a life saver. Also can I flash this file with flashify? Or is Odin the only way to go? The reason I ask is its a little challenging getting to a computer. Hey thanks again you’re a lifesaver I couldn’t do any of this without you or your videos! I replied the same message from my email, just want to be sure you get my reply. I apologize if I’m sending duplicates. I only communicate through this site in the future.

    • Max Lee says:

      Try flashing this with ODIN:

      or you can also use Flashify app to flash this:

  12. Johm says:

    Thank you max for getting back with me so quick. I’m Going to use the flashify program to install this, But just to verify, My phone boots fine when shut off and even boot into download mode it just won’t boot into recovery mode. So to fix my boot loop problems in recovery mode only, I would flash my boot IMG or I would flash a recovery IMG with the file you send me? And please send information on how to donate to your website for all your help.

    • Max Lee says:

      Which Note 2 do you have? It’s hard for me to advise you on anything unless you tell me the model number.

  13. Johm says:

    Hi max I don’t know who else to turn to about this problem today when I turned my phone on my Google Play store doesn’t work in my gmail doesn’t work it just says they both have stopped. I contacted Google and we went through alot of processes to try and fix the problem. But nothing worked. He suggested doing a factory reset. Because I’m having trouble booting into my recovery, I was afraid that might brick my phone. Would it be okay to do a factory reset? Like I said it boots fine every other way except when I try to boot into recovery that’s when I get the loop. Sorry to be asking so many questions, as I said please let me know how I can donate to your website for all the help.

    • Max Lee says:

      What ROM are you running? Or stock? I would do a factory reset for sure but make sure you make a backup of everything as that will erase everything on your phone.

      Do the button right and it should go into recovery. If that doesn’t work, use our unroot guide on the site and reinstall stock firmware. –

  14. Jerry says:

    Help please I lost myself and am scared to move forward. I read here to root my phone with CWM or TWRP. My problem is I rooted my phone with oden. So now I redo it???? how do I get cwm on? I want to install a custom rom like c-rom or cm11 rom but honestly I am a bit lost with all these different ways i have read about. Will someone please shot me forward a bit from where I am I have down loaded the custom rom on my computer and have my note 3 from tmobile rooted. No I did not back up the original my bad I think 🙂

    • Max Lee says:

      make a backup ROM in CWM first since you have rooted it, then install new custom ROM like C-ROM and try it. If you don’t like it, you can restore ROM in CWM and get it back the way it was before. Easy as lemon peasy.

  15. Johm says:

    Hi max, thanks for the reply,
    Tmobile note 3

    Model number sm- 900t
    Android version 4. 4.2
    kernel version 3.4.0-660648
    Build number KOT49H.N900TYVUCNB4

  16. toni says:

    every time with different settings this rom crashes at the end of samsung setup wizard and cant go further..any suggestion how te resolve this situation?

  17. Retief says:

    Hey Max,
    I just want to find out if i install CWM with odin on my SM-N9005 will it trip knox?
    I’m new with this. I would like to install the Canadian S5 ROM you have reviewed, but don’t want to trip knox, are there a way how i can install it without tripping it?

    Thanks for an awesome website!

  18. sher says:

    hi . installed x note ver. 15 on my note 3 sm n900w8, every thing was good but i got only problem my wifi not working means did t on , when ever i m pressing on it turn back to off without doing any scan….i tried app build prop editor but no luck..please help

  19. sreelal says:

    I cant install custom rom on my n9005. But i am rooted and installed the custom recovery. And i am trying to install note4 port rom for note 3 and s5 based n4 style rom. Two of them are aborted when i am installing it. Please help me to install it.

  20. Joshua says:

    Hey Max! I have a question/problem. I recently installed the AICP 5.0.2 ROM and it’s working almost flawlessly, except for 2 things that I’m hoping you can help me with. First is that when I reboot the phone, for any reason at all, it displays in the upper left corner “3.4.0-gb582336 not seandroid enforcing”, and the second line says “set warranty bit : kernel”. The other issue is the rom didn’t come with a voicemail app, so I downloaded the .apk for the stock Sprint Note 3 visual voicemail app. it downloaded and installed just fine, however it at first didn’t want to retrieve messages. I edited the ro.product.device, name and model to the proper values and that so far has seemed to fix that issue, but the messages still will not transcribe. What am I missing here? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

  21. sosokhmer says:

    i don’t have donate for your team i have only very thank you .

  22. piotr says:

    Hi guys,

    I have no option “install zip” -, pls help!!!

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