How to Install Wanam Xposed App for Rooted Galaxy Note 3!

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For those of you with a rooted Galaxy Note 3, did you know that you can use an app called Wanam Xposed to customize your UI and system?

You will be able to add some cool features like call recording, 4-way reboot, screen-off flashlight shortcut, enable camera during call, enable all apps for multi-window, change clock/battery/icon colors, enable NFC during screen off, and a ton more.

If this is something you want to do on your phone, follow along!

This app works on all rooted Galaxy Note 3s so before you begin, make sure you root your Galaxy Note 3 first!

Step 1. Download and Install Wanam Xposed app from Play Store. (Or also grab it on XDA here)


Step 2. Download and Install Xposed Framework Installer.


Step 3. Run the Xposed Installer and select “Framework”.


Step 4. Choose “Install/Update”.



Step 5. Choose “Modules”.


Step 6. Make sure “Wanam Xposed” is checked ON then reboot.


Step 7. Once rebooted, open up Wanam Xposed app and start customizing your UI and system. ┬áThat’s it! ┬áNote, some of the features may require a reboot so make sure you reboot if the changes don’t show right away.wanamxposed-app-note3-8


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