How to Save Battery Life on Galaxy Note 3!

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A lot of people who are new to Galaxy Note 3 sometimes don’t know how an Android device works and how to save the maximum battery life.  Well, by understanding some of the basics of how the Note 3 works, you will be able to get a ton more battery life.

First, there’s couple things on your Note 3 that will drain your battery the most which includes your screen brightness, syncs on GMail/Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Etc.., and 4G LTE,  There are many 3rd party apps like Greenify that you can use to completely disable apps from draining battery but you can also simply turn off all syncs for your apps.

Second, draining of your battery may also depending on how much e-mail you get, how much Facebook update notifications you get, how many tweets you receive per day, etc…etc…

Finally, there’s a simple solution to all this, you don’t need to be a genius but know how to work the system, so let’s do it!

Step 1. First, your screen is one of the highest power consumption on your Note 3.  Unless you are standing under full sun at the beach, turn your brightness down as much as you can or put it on “Auto” setting.

Also, turn off GPS and Bluetooth unless you absolutely need it for using your Google Maps or Bluetooth headset.


Step 2. If you are running really low on battery, the Note 3’s Power saving mode will kick it.  But you can manually turn “Power saving” toggle on if you need to save a lot of battery life.  This will basically underclock/undervolt your CPU so it uses much less power.  Of course, this may not be a good solution if you are playing graphic-intensive games but it will not effect it if you are just using your phone to receive calls/e-mails and other lightweight apps.


Step 3. Your syncs on GMail/Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ can be the worst battery drainer of all if you tend to get a lot of e-mails and updates.  If that’s the case, you should add the Sync toggle to your quick toggles.

Go to Settings->Device->Notification panel to add the Sync toggle.



Now, you can easily turn off ALL of your syncs whenever you need to lengthen your batter life to the maximum.  I usually do this if I am going out and I am going to need the maximum battery.  This alone saves me a ton of battery life and I just sync manually if I need to check my GMail, Facebook, etc…


BUT, if you do need to have certain apps syncing perhaps because you have important e-mail coming in, you can simply leave Sync toggle ON but manually turn off syncs in every app you use.  You can usually do this by going into settings of apps that sync such as GMail shown below.

For GMail, I usually set the “Days of mail to sync” to less than 2-3 days as I get around 2000 e-mails per day and also turn off downloading of any attachments as they can be real battery drainers.

For other apps like Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, you should adjust the syncs accordingly and use your common sense.  Syncing every 4 hours may save you more battery life than every hour or even every 30 minutes.


Step 4. Probably another worst performer for battery life is your 4G LTE connection.  Believe it or not, your 4G LTE connection drains battery at least twice faster than your HSPA+ or 3G connection.

You can change your 4G LTE to HSPA+ or 3G by going to Settings->Device->More networks->Mobile networks->Network mode.

If your Note 3 doesn’t offer an easy manual way to turn off 4G LTE but there’s a little dialer trick you can use.  Simply, dial “*#*#4636#*#*” to enter “Device info” mode where you can change it.


Once in Device info, change “LTE/GSM auto(PRL)” to “GSM only” to switch to HSPA+ for GSM phones like SM-N9005, AT&T SM-N900A, T-Mobile SM-N900T, Canadian SM-N900W8, etc…etc…

If you have Sprint SM-N900P or Verizon SM-N900V Note 3, change “CDMA/LTE/EVDO” to “CDMA” to switch to 3G only.

When you need 4G LTE back, you can simply use the same method to change back easily.



By following these simple tips, you can easily get 2 days of battery life out of your Galaxy Note 3.

Now, I’ve intended these tips for those of you absolutely low on battery and want to make changes while you are on the go.  My best suggestion is to actually just carry another battery life, then you can go all day on full power with a peace of mind you have another full battery.  Having an extra battery and charger may also be better for making your battery last much longer too.



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