How to Wifi Tether FREE on AT&T and Verizon Galaxy Note 3!

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For those of you who want to enable wifi tether for free on your AT&T SM-N900A or Verizon SM-N900V Galaxy Note 3, there’s an easy way to do so without root.

Step 1. There’s a bug on the Samsung firmware that allow you to turn on the hotspot toggle through a 3rd party widget so all you have to do is download a Hotspot toggle app such as Hotspot Toggle Widget.



Step 2. Simply toggle the Hotspot widget to turn on your hotspot.  Now, if you don’t get any error messages, you may need to reboot and try again (as it happened to me on my AT&T Note 3).


Step 3. When you get the error message, just ignore it and hit the Home button.  Your Hotspot should still be ON.


Step 4. If you need to configure your Hotspot, simply tap to configure.



Step 5. Now you should be able to wifi tether for free and I have verified this works fine on AT&T and Verizon Galaxy Note 3.



Credits – DroidModderX

40 Responses

  1. jorgie says:

    Please make a tmobile version for this! 🙁

  2. Dialed says:

    Sweet! Works like a charm on AT&T to defeat their lock-down for extortion. Thank you!

  3. bob1000 says:

    Thanks a lot!! Very helpful info!

  4. steve says:

    Have downloaded Hotspot Widget on my ATT Note 3. When I toggled it, went to the verification and gave me the note that have to contact ATT. Tried rebooting but no joy.

  5. Eric says:

    I tried the method with my rooted SM-900A but still not work. It pop up with “Mobile data is not available or invalid SIM”. Do you know why is that?

  6. LT says:

    I appreciate your galaxy roots and tutorials. I’ve been following since the s3 was released. I just got a hold of a AT&T note 3 model SM-N900A. I’ve rooted using the de la Vega from designgears and unlocked using region lock from chainfire. I tried the tether method you posted here and using foxfi and the mobile data is not available or invalid sim messages pops up. I have four bars on T-Mobile’s LTE and over 35Mbps speed (according to Is there another way for me tether my AT&T note 3 on T-Mobile’s LTE network?

    Thank you in advance Max.

    • hope its real says:

      i am having the same problem with the same phone and i used chain fire unlock method also …i wish i could wifi tether

  7. Bob Edwards says:

    Thanks a bunch! Was waiting for a way to root my Note 3, just so I could reactivate the mobile hotspot (grandfathered unlimited plan), and with this I don’t have to mess with rooting!

    • SPharaoh says:

      I’m thinking about getting a used Samsung Galaxy Note 3..I also have the unlimited Verizon grandfathered data plan and don’t want to lose it..I don’t have internet at my house, so I want to use my phone as a hotspot. How does this work for you? No extra charges from verizon? how many devices can you run off of your note 3? anything else you can tell me? I’m going to do it for my military husband too so he can stay connected with us so May look for another Note if it works really well and how I’m hoping.

  8. Dialed says:

    Bummer, I had this working for a while on a rooted AT&Cheese Note 3 but now it doesn’t work… Did the communists at AT&Cheese figure out how to shut this down?

  9. Dialed says:

    Hmmm…. I took the battery out and now it is working again??? What the heck? Not complaining because it works again but this is very strange.

  10. Dialed says:

    And yes, I did try restarting many times per the video… as I said, I was using this for quite a while daily and today it just would not work no matter how many times I re-started… BUT, pulling the battery did the trick!

  11. Jeff says:

    No free wifi tether for T-Mobile Note 3 (N900T) yet? Pretty please???

  12. Matt says:

    Worked perfectly on Verizon Note 3 SM-N900V running MJ7 build, but just to let you know that the third party widget is not necessary you can open Verizon Mobile Hotspot app then turn it on wait for the box that wants you to cancel or buy a subscription to pop up then press the home key, worked everytime I’ve tried it so far, and no reboots needed.

    Thanks for the tips and guide it is very much appreciated, I still look forward to an entitlement hack like I could get on my droid razr maxx cause I figure the next update from will destroy this ability.

  13. Brewer says:

    Works great. have to IGNORE the warning that pops up and just press the home button. Do not click ok.

  14. Piper says:

    No free wifi tether for T-Mobile Note 3 (N900T) yet? Pretty please???

  15. Bigdaddy89 says:

    This no longer works with the latest Verizon update.

  16. Joe Biden says:

    Is there a work around for the Verizon note 3 after update

  17. Jorgie says:

    Saber kernel I mean!!

  18. avp says:

    GREAT!!!! works on my note 3 at&t thanks!!!!

  19. kidgundam says:

    so i got my first samsung i was always a HTC person i wanted wife tether on my new note 3 i have a mi3 version and i brick my first phone… what a bad day….but i have never though about buying an app till today so i purchase ..wifi tether router from the app store and it work…WIFI TETHER BABY………hopefully this helps..and of course u must have root THANKS MAX………

  20. Jah says:

    Of so I’m confused. I have been tethering from my note 3 ever since I’ve gotten it. There doesn’t seem to be any issue of doing so. I’ve even called att and they said I’m not getting charged. Why is everyone else saying that they can’t. I have note 3 with att as carrier. In new York. Please enlighten me someone.

  21. tmobileworx says:

    This does infact work with t mobile and might still work for the others… currently using tmobile note 3 900t.. Once connected using hotspot widget if you disconnect it will not allow you to reconnect to hotspot. Enable wifi then reconnect to hotspot widget. Works everytime

  22. brandon says:

    This no longer works on my att note3… I need a new way if anyone knows a way. Thanks

  23. xaqattax says:

    First root your Note 3 with towelroot by geohot. Then get the xposed framework by rovo89 which you can find in his xda thread. From within xposed download and install x tether. Reboot and boom. Naive hotspot without fuss.

  24. rg says:

    Can I use the xposed framework on the verizon note3 and install xtether? 4.4.2

  25. nelson says:

    i’m using N900a on tmobile network, i try the app, its sam with or without it, it’s error message “hotspot not available or invalid sim”

    • Max Lee says:

      Oh I have had that problem before, it has nothing to do with wifi tether being locked, Tmo actually should tether fine on N900A without any hacks. If it doesn’t work, you may want to install a tmo rom over it.

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  27. Hebert says:

    please help. I have a at&t galaxy s5 unlocked and rooted
    working on tmobile. everything works fine except hotspot.
    when i try to turn it on it gives me a message saying
    ” mobile data is not available or invalid sim”
    i went to tmobile they gave me another sim but still the same.
    I downloaded lots of different apps but nothing works. what should I do?
    thank you very much

  28. Pino says:

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  29. xabi says:

    This sis not work for me with a new Note 3

  30. digo says:

    supersu titanium backup busybox double exposed all over the place no clue what is up . saw my hot spot for 1 sec than its gone

  31. digo says:


  32. marc says:

    This worked great until my phone some how updated it self to android version 4.4.4 and now it doesn’t work. Any ideas on what to do?

  33. Sergio says:

    This doesn’t work on android 5.0

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