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KitKatKiller ROM for Sprint Galaxy Note 3!

For this week’s Sprint Note 3 ROM of the week, check out KitKatKiller ROM by XDA user JoshBeach!

Based on latest Sprint Android 4.4.2 NC5 firmware, KitKatKiller ROM brings you a killer blue custom theme along with 6 additional colors you can choose from for your icons.

You will find a blazing-fast S5 TouchWiz launcher that’s so fast you won’t believe it’s TouchWiz!  KitkatKiller ROM also comes with BeastMod kernel which allows you to overclock up to 2.726Ghz for those of you hard-core gamers who want to get your Note 3 running faster than a Galaxy S5.


Alliance ROM for Galaxy Note 3!

For this week’s ROM of the Week, check out latest version of Alliance ROM, available for AT&T, T-Mobile, Canadian, SM-N9005, and SM-N900 Note 3 variants.

Based on latest Android 4.4.2 TouchWiz firmware, Alliance ROM brings you a nice level of customization along with modded TouchWiz launcher and 19 different themes to choose from.


Fre3 Hybrid ROM for Sprint Galaxy Note 3! [2.726Ghz OC]

For this week’s Sprint Galaxy Note 3 ROM of the Week, check out Fre3 hybrid ROM by XDA user Freeza (an excellent developer btw).

Based on latest Android 4.4.2 NC5 Sprint firmware, Fre3 Hybrid ROM is a TouchWiz-based ROM with one goal in mind, make it TouchWiz-less without losing core Samsung TouchWiz features like S-Pen, Air View, etc…etc…

AT&T Galaxy Note 3 Rooted Stock ROM [NC2/Android 4.4.2] 18

AT&T Galaxy Note 3 Rooted Stock ROM [NC2/Android 4.4.2]

For those of you who want to go back to stock AT&T Note 3 NC2 Androdi 4.4.2 firmware but you don’t want to unroot your phone, you can grab the rooted stock ROM, which is exactly same as stock firmware but with root.

Also, if you are previous versions of stock firmware, you can install this instead of taking OTA update (install without factory reset) to update your AT&T Note 3 SM-N900A.


MIUI ROM V5 for Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900!

For this week’s Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900 ROM of the Week, check out MIUI ROM V5!

Based on latest Samsung TouchWiz Android 4.4.2 firmware, MIUI ROM V5 brings you the best of MIUI “UI” layer on top of Samsung TouchWiz firmware.

What does this mean?

MIUI ROM usually is built on CyanogenMod or TouchWiz base.  With TouchWiz base, you will be able to still use your Samsung camera, S-Pen Note apps, and some more.  Basically, you don’t have to sacrifice all your Samsung features to get this ROM (unlike AOSP ROMs).


BobCat ROM + Compulsion Kernel for Galaxy Note 3!

For this week’s Galaxy Note 3 ROM of the Week (for SM-N9005, T-Mobile SM-N900T, and Canadian SM-N900W8), check out the latest BobCat ROM along with Compulsion kernel. (ROM by XDA user BobCatROM)

BobCat ROM has always been one of my favorite custom ROMs of all time (since I tried it with my Galaxy S4) and the latest version has been updated with latest Android 4.4.2 NF4 firmware, which has latest additions like Download Booster (yes works out of box).


Dynamic Kat ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note 3! [GPE & S5 Theme]

For this week’s AT&T Galaxy Note 3 ROM of the Week, check out latest version of Dynamic Kat ROM by XDA user Bri315317.

Based on latest AT&T Android 4.4.2 NC2 firmware, Dynamic Kat ROM brings speed and simplicity to your AT&T Note 3.

Inside, you will find minimal number of bloatware (actually none), a modded S5 launcher with Pull Up shortcut, Viper4Android, and a few Samsung apps like Action Memo, Scrapbook, and My Magazine.  This is probably one of the most minimalistic custom ROMs I’ve seen in awhile.