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Alliance ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note 3!

For this week’s AT&T Galaxy Note 3 ROM of the Week, check out the latest Alliance ROM!

Based on latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat ND3 AT&T firmware, Alliance ROM brings you speed, great battery life, and a slew of great customization you will not regret installing.

Out of the box, you will find 18 different themes to change your TouchWiz launcher to your liking.  With Alliance ROM Settings, you will be able to do everything from changing color of your theme, customize status bar/notification panel/toggles, add more shorcuts to Power Menu, enable call recording/conference call, customize hardware keys, and much more.


CM11 ROM with Android 4.4.4 for Galaxy Note 3!

For this week’s AOSP ROM of the Week, check out latest CM11 ROM with Android 4.4.4!

You can install this on any Qualcomm-based Galaxy Note 3 with unlocked bootloader such as T-Mobile SM-N900T, Sprint SM-N900P, International SM-N9005, and Canadian SM-N900W8.

Based on latest Android 4.4.4 sources, CM11 ROM brings you the latest and best of Android OS months before Samsung will release their own version.  I have been actually installing this ROM on many of my older Android devices like Galaxy S3/S4 and amazingly Android 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 improves upon the performance of the phone by near 20-30%.


Eclipse KitKat ROM for Verizon Galaxy Note 3! [AOSP Hybrid]

For those of you looking for AOSP (What is AOSP?) experience on your Verizon Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900V, you are probably disappointed that Verizon decided to put a locked bootloader, meaning you cannot install AOSP ROMs like CyanogenMod, AOKP, BeanStalk, etc…etc…

Personally, this is really bad news for me since I do currently use my Verizon Note 3 as daily driver, and it kills me that I can’t try out AOSP ROMs! (I will definitely switch to AT&T for my daily driver soon.)  BUT, there is the Eclipse KitKat ROM by XDA developer Nitroglycerine33!


How to Root AT&T/Verizon Galaxy Note 3 on Android 4.4.2!

For those of you who couldn’t root your AT&T or Verizon Galaxy Note 3 on Android 4.4.2, it was because the latest Android 4.4.2 is unrootable.  BUT, XDA user GeoHot has figured out how to root it!

This root method actually works on all Galaxy Note 3 models with Android 4.4.2 and also does not trip KNOX for those of you worried about it.  It will work on Android 4.4.2 with build numbers ending in NC2 or NC4.


VN KitKat ROM for Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900! [Custom Themes/S5 Styling][V13.1][NEW]

Wow, if you have a Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900 with Exynos CPU, you need to definitely check out the latest version of VN KitKat ROM.

Based on latest KitKat Android 4.4.2 firmware, VN ROM brings you all the goodness of custom ROMing all in one package.  First, this ROM is blazing-fast and gives you like 14 different themes you can change your TouchWiz launcher to and this is the first custom ROM I’ve seen that’s able to do that.  That alone is a good reason to install this ROM but that’s not all!