TR ROM for Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900!


For this week’s Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900 ROM of the Week, check out TR ROM by XDA user Murat25750.

Based on latest Android 4.4.2 TouchWiz firmware, TR ROM brings you lots of goodies like quad multi-window, modded Galaxy S5 launcher (with support for multiple themes), great battery life, and AROMA graphical installer so you can choose exactly which apps/features you want on your phone. ¬†Quad Multi-window also supports multiple instances of the stock browser (normally it’s not supported) so you can open 4 different sites with the same browser.

For theme, you can install TouchWiz theme zip file to get nearly 18 different TouchWiz themes on your S5 launcher with choices like LG G3 theme, Xperia theme, and lots more.

Some notable features on TR ROM include full screen call image, S5 apps, sound boost MOD, selection of different modems, and much much more, all of which you will be able to choose in AROMA installer.

For UI tweaking, you can use Wanam Xposed app, which comes included.  Make sure you enable Xposed Framework by installing it first then enabling Wanam Xposed app module.

Overall, TR ROM is an excellent, fast TouchWiz ROM with lots of features that’s going to make your SM-N900 Note a lot of fun so definitely give this ROM a try this week(end) and do let me know what you think!

24 Responses

  1. Victor M Perez says:

    Can i use this rom in my sprint note 3?

  2. Claudio says:

    Will this rom work for an SM-N900K or SM-N900S? Please refer me to a good rom for the Korean version of the note 3. Thank you.

  3. al Adamson says:

    Must I use safe trap recovery ? WonT TWRP or clockwork mod recovery work with this rom??

  4. Mosh says:

    I do it, work fine BUT
    where I’m change themes ??
    I don’t have vn multi tool mod.
    please help

  5. Japneet singh says:

    Is dere any aosp rom for n9000
    Nd why dere are comparitively less roms for note 3 n9000

    • furqan says:

      Need help. I installed this ROM. It works fine and I’m satisfied. But I also installed touchwiz themes from the zip file but I can’t find them anywhere on my phone. Any ideas? What should I do?

  6. Sezai Acima says:

    If I use this rom I can have more charge time?

  7. Sugeng santoso says:

    Is it already tested for roaming?

  8. Taufik says:

    i don’t get it…people with SMN9005 want the SMN900 roms??

    i wish i could change my boring SMN900,these rome are absolutely boring and at first they stay stable,but then you realize some of them are missing things from the other rom,so in the end the only thing you would want is to have a SMN9005 or any other variant that can be flexible with AOSP roms…

    the hyper boring and slow SMN900 doesn’t get the privilege of tasting those wonderful roms made for the other variants.

    ask me anything from the SMN900 roms…i have tried them all

  9. furqan says:

    The rom works fine but can’t find the touchwiz themes anywhere even though I installed the themes from the zip file. What should I do? What did I miss?

  10. zack says:

    Can i install onether custum rom straight over custom rom? Or has have to restore

  11. dennis says:

    i install this rom last night on n900, all working but could not make call out and home page google search hang.please advice

  12. dennis says:

    i have found out that i lost my baseband after i flash this rom can any one help.

  13. pramod says:

    i have note3 SM N900 korean version can i use this ROM

  14. John says:

    Hi guys can yoy teach me how to put custome rom for my samsung galaxy note 3 sm-n900s i dont know how i am jusr a newbe at this

  15. Emran khan says:

    i installed this rom in SM-900, its really good, but no sim card detected, a big issue eeeeh….

  16. ray says:

    Is the SM-N900T the same as the file above for the SM-N900 (without the ‘T’ ??)


  17. GRU_GS says:

    Max, will this ROM work on ATT version?

  18. Kibirli Kirpi says:

    If I use this rom I can have more charge time?

  19. gaziantep pergole tente says:

    Is it already tested for roaming?

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