Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM + Root for Galaxy Note 3! [CM12 Beta]


If you are in town for Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM today, not when Samsung updates their software, grab the latest CM12 ROM beta by XDA user Temasek, available for T-Mobile Note 3 SM-N900T, SM-N9005, Canadian SM-N900W8, and Sprint SM-N900P.

This is a “beta” version which has pretty much everything working except video recording and NFC.  I have been testing it as daily driver for last couple days and have to say the battery life and performance is excellent.

As for benchmarking performance, it didn’t do as well as the CM12 ROM I tested on a Galaxy S5 couple days back but it does better than stock TouchWiz Note 3.  Apart from benchmarks, performance is outstanding, UI is superfluid and fast as you would expect from the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Overall, CM12 ROM beta is probably not recommended as daily driver (unless you can live with broken video recording and NFC) but you can always make a backup ROM, try Lollipop, then restore your ROM back.  So, definitely give this guy a test drive this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM CM12 Beta for Galaxy Note 3 (for all T-Mobile Note 3 SM-N900T, SM-N9005, and Canadian SM-N900W8)

49 Responses

  1. mujtaba says:

    Please add note 3 sm-n900

  2. scott says:

    downloading now!!!

  3. Jenifer says:

    Getting error executing updater binary while trying to install. Suggestions?

    • Jenifer says:

      oops forgot to mention note t-mobile

      • Jenifer says:

        After just wiping and trying to install over and over it finally installed….. No idea what the deal was, guess maybe some file was lingering and keeping it from installing. SO far running great and looks nice! You are awesome Max!

  4. Damion Miller says:


    Thanks for all the great info and videos! I was wondering if I would be able to get an unlocked t-mobile note 3 and use it on Verizon’s network?

  5. Scott says:

    No sound for ringtones. Shows a call coming in but no sound. And yes my volumes are all up

  6. Dirk says:

    @ Scott I had the same sound issue in cm11 if you reinstall it should be gone 😀

  7. Gabriel says:

    Does it work on SM-N900 exynos model? Thanks!

  8. duronte frederick says:

    hey max i have the tmobile version after the install i keep getting the “inconsistant UID” error message and none of my gapps will start is there anyway you could help

  9. KAYANSAN says:

    the camera and galary is kind of bad cant really see the last taken pictures. sound has some noise at times hwen playing music. any help?

  10. kimberly troupe says:

    Hey max so im using note 3 tmobile usa version also tried it on my exynos everything seems to be working brilliantly, but as far as sd cards go i am using on both phones a 64g sandisk ultra and on both each sd does not appear. Its as if there is no sd cards in the phones I tried fixing permissions even did a complete wipe and reinstalled still nothing so I put a 32g in one and it worked on both exynos and snapdragon. What do I need to do to get my 64gs working?

  11. Yunis says:

    Hi Max,
    any idea why is the SM-N900 not supported by the developers.

  12. talha says:

    Hi I have installed this ROM and now my external memory card is not working it is giving the mount option in settings bit it is not working so plz guide me what is wrong how can I fix it back plz I have all my data and pics on my external memory card

  13. Alem says:

    does not support Androidwear . a deal breaker.

  14. tushar says:

    Why should u do not have the rom for note 3 sm n900..Please make the lolipop rom for this model

  15. Daniel says:

    please add the SM-N900, i want this rom so much!.. thanks.

  16. Tele says:

    Hey Max thanks as always for the great work!
    Tried this ROM for a couple of days…Looks really good and I am looking forward to a stable Lollipop ROM for my Note 3.
    Overall, I think this ROM was great for getting a glimpse of Android Lollipop, but you can’t really use it for a daily driver – Other than the other issues you mentioned already, I noticed also that IR blaster is also not functioning, but it certainly is building up my appetite for Lollipop!

  17. hasan says:

    N900 ????????????????????????????????

  18. suwapat says:

    note 3 n900a i want it

  19. hasan says:

    Please 5.0 not3 n900

  20. marc says:

    I love the rom in its entirety almost. Im havin trouble with any and every video chat app as well as when im on the browser every picture is extremely tiny, even when i click to expand the image. How do i fix this problem or will their be a fix or update coming soon? Thanx 4 reading maxx.

  21. Sochi says:

    Hey how are you

    This ROM is not working, Not complete.

    I was trying that steps. But again Android 4.4.2. Why….?

  22. rick says:

    does anyone know how to add more screen pages? I only have the home screen and I need to add more pages for my apps shortcuts

    • Simon says:

      If you are using the Google Now launcher, just drag a widget or icon over to the page AS IF THERE WAS ONE ALREADY THERE, and the launcher will make a new page.

  23. naog says:

    everything working fine (almost) . only issue cant hear caller

  24. ck2509 says:

    Can I install lollipop rom via safestrap???

  25. Simon says:


    You will get an error during install that says your phone is an hltecan model which IS NOT THIS. You will then be dumped back to recovery.

    The n900w8 was removed from the “Tmoblie/n9005 camp back in October due to NFC issues, if I recall correctly.

  26. Steven Nieto says:

    anybody …somebody?
    this unroots my phone when i install it am i doing something wrong??


  27. Steven Nieto says:

    Its a galaxy note 3. SM-N900T

  28. Juan Valdez says:

    Isn’t the official lollipop out yet?

  29. Robert Hein says:

    There is a newer version of this code base available called cm-12-20141201-UNOFFICIAL-temasek-hlte-V1.2 on the following site –

    The video camera works and the battery life is excellent. My phone is Canadian SM-N900W8 and I’m on the bell network. My daily driver…..

  30. jobb says:

    hi guys im on leak lollipop rom.. i wanna try cm12.. can i flash it manually over this rom? or need to flash it on stock rom

  31. jobb says:

    can i flash it over leak lollipop rom?

  32. Matt says:

    for some reason when i flash everything, works fine but when i try to use titanium backup and grant it access, it says failed

    Error… Sorry, I could not acquire root privileges. This application will *not* work! Please verify that your ROM is rooted, and try again.
    This attempt was made using the “/system/xbin/su” command.

    any help would be appreciated.

  33. Gabe says:

    I love this rom but my maps dont work. It load but wont track my movement

  34. Kushan garg says:

    Please add it for sm-n900 india

  35. Brad V says:

    I loved this ROM and its crazy fast!

    Problem— I can’t send text messages! I’ve tried re-flashing and formatting system multiple times with no change!
    I have Sprint SM-N900P phone.
    Please help!

  36. MikeV says:

    Hey, I flashed this to my friends phone, everything work great except for 1 thing. When he calls someone, the end call option doesn’t work and he has to wait for stem to hang up. Any way I could fix this? Or an alternate app I can install to fix this problem? I tried downloading different calling apps but the end call button is still the stock dialer.

  37. nate says:

    I’m having issues installing on sprint note 3 (9005p). I use cwm to flash and when I try to install it says it will not work because its for sprint and I have hlte(9005). I tried installing the hlte-9005 zip which worked just fine but its looking for a sim card which sprint does not use. Any ideas on why the sprint zip won’t install on a sprint phone?

  38. Alex says:

    Hey max.
    silly question : This post is about 5 months old and I was wondering if this rom is still beta version I mean is there a version that the bugs are fixed?
    If there is an update to this rom, could you please tell me where can I have it?
    ###You’re Awsome Max. 😉

  39. Mark says:

    I just installed cm12 and it won’t recognize my sim card on n900t. Any ideas?

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