Android 5.1.1 + Root for Galaxy Note 3! [Temasek CM12.1 ROM]


Looking for a super-fast and stable Android 5.1.1 AOSP ROM with root? (What is AOSP?)  Then check out latest Temasek CM12.1 ROM.

Based on latest CM12.1 Android 5.1.1 sources, the Temasek CM12.1 ROM aims to bring you speed, performance, and optimization to your Note 3.  Believe me, if you want to convert your Galaxy Note 3 into a super Nexus device, this is the ROM to be on “right now”.

With this ROM, you will be able to enjoy all of latest Lollipop CyanogenMod features like AudioFX app, CM themes while Temasek Spare Parts (in Settingss) will allow to do cool stuff like add App Circle Bar/Gesture Anywhere shortcuts, enable/disable Heads up notifications, change DPI, customize lockscreen/system animations, and much much more.

Overall, this is probably one of the best AOSP ROMs out for the Note 3 so definitely give this guy a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think!

*Note – This ROM does NOT WORK WITH SAFESTRAP, if you have AT&T or Verizon retail Note 3, it’s not gonna work,you need to buy the developer’s edition instead!


Download CM12.1 ROM for Galaxy Note 3 for T-Moble SM-N900T, Canadian SM-N900W8, SM-N9005 (and also works if you have Developer’s AT&T SM-N900A)

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  1. nick says:

    I have at&t sm-n900a with a custom 5.1 rom but I was looking forward for an AOSP rom.
    so can I flash this rom?
    what you mean “and also works if you have Developer’s AT&T SM-N900A” ???
    Thanks in advance

    • Max Lee says:

      Sorry my mistake, there is no developer edition for AT&T it’s only for Verizon.

      • Ashish Verma says:

        Hi, Max, you haven’t added any updates for the custom roms for n900a for lolipop. I really want to install this rom and is there any way I can?

    • Rok says:

      Man, how did you get a custom Rom on N900A? I’ve been searching all over the internet and couldn’t find any way to do it due to the locked bootloader (or something like that, it was a couple of months ago that I searched). I would love Cyanogenmod or similar or any 5.1.x rom on my AT&T Note 3…

  2. nelson says:

    How can i root my n900v 5.0?

  3. jeet says:

    do the spen features work? i have the canadian n900w8.

  4. Michael says:

    Por que no crean una rom para el note 3,sm-n900 …..por favor

  5. renarldo stokes says:

    Hey max whats up bro trying this out now, just wanted to let you know your that guy bro. Since I got my tmobile s2 been high on android!

  6. terrel says:

    whenever i try to install it says that the ram isn’t lte. Any fixes or another link?

  7. anuj says:

    max can i install it on my note 3 international sm-n900. exynos variant ??

  8. Rumesh says:

    Hi All,

    Is this a stable enough ROM to use daily 🙂

    • renarldo says:

      Not at all for sprint users , no service at all and there is no option to change apn settings, good if you just want a tablet.

      • Josh says:

        Are you on 5.0?

      • Brad says:

        I had the same service problem with sprint…. did some research and found that I had to update my modem.

        After flashing my modem this rom and all 5.o+ roms work perfect and supper fast!

        UPDATE YOUR MODEM!! I updated mine to NH7….everything works better

  9. isaac says:

    What’s up with the sprint version? No service what so ever……

  10. stephan says:

    Hey Max I’m waiting for you to review a touch wiz based rom for n900w8 canadian when are you planning to do that.

  11. R2pclaw says:

    I’ve flashed this to the Canadian (n900w8) specificially Telus, and tested. Mostly was good, but Bluetoth had issues where I would constantly cut out. I’m also having issue rooting the Stock Rom in Lollipop, not sure why, CW is installed and working.

  12. Micboule says:

    Hi! I’m wondering if I can use this Android 5.1.1 + Root for Galaxy Note 3! [Temasek CM12.1 ROM] over my current N900w8 4.4.2 Android version? Do I need to install Lollipop stock rom first?

  13. Greasehauler says:

    I think I’ve figured out most glitches with this ROM, but one remains. When my phone rings, I can’t just answer it. Phone prompts me to “click 1” if I want to answer the call. The numbers pad is not up, so I have to first click the numbers pad, then click one. 3 buttons total to answer. I couldn’t find anything in settings to correct this. Any help would be appreciated.

  14. Alex says:

    I worked with this ROM for 3 hours and no bugs yet!
    I just having problems with gaaps.
    The installation is completed on TWRP Recovery but it’s not really installed.
    I am using International Qualcomm Galaxy note 3 SM-N9005.
    And Max>>>>> You’re Awesome

  15. Alex says:

    Oh god.
    The battery is not charging when phone is off.
    Any suggestions?

  16. gantulga says:

    hi MAX lee . When sm-n900 install it . Wait your work national users

  17. Josh says:

    Don’t bother with the Sprint version unless you want a 5.7″ wifi tablet. No service at all. Asking for a sim card and no way to change APN settings. Works awesomely other than that.

  18. Guy Fawkes says:

    Thanks for this great job! This Rom is a 47800 Point Generator! Wow!

  19. bryan says:

    it cannot detect my sim card

  20. bryan says:

    my model is SM-N9005 it could not detact my sim card

  21. Ehud says:

    Can I install it on sm-n900 ?
    What kind of twrp I need ?

  22. moe says:

    I have a T-Mobile note 3 and after flashing this ROM none of my videos will play through Facebook or YouTube…any help???

  23. mark Anthony says:

    I have problem with Bluetooth.. Anyone else? Any fix?

  24. vaagish says:

    Sir i have spice mi506 . If i try this rom will its gonna work . Or not pls tel

  25. Dave says:

    Are the spen Features supported? Thanks

  26. LM says:

    Hi so I am upgrading my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, SM-N9005 to Lollipop. Correct me If I’m wrong, first thing I will do is reboot the device, install ROM, install Gapps, reboot and after do I need to restore my backup files? please help. Thank you.

  27. Arun says:

    can i install it on my note 3 international sm-n900. exynos variant which runs Lollipop ??

  28. Jon Williams says:

    Anyway to restore the Samsung services so I can use my Gear?


  29. Jeff says:

    After an hour I had Google Play services error, downloaded the google play apk and installed using CWM. still got the same problem. What do you think Max?

    P.S. With battery life I cant tell yet just installed today.

  30. praleesh says:


    I’m Using SM-9005 while i try to install this ROM , Its showing this message…….

    “E: Can’t open/data/media/0/
    Installation aborted”

    How can I Install this ROM

  31. Librahiant says:

    Hey Max. Please tell me this, im trying to flash this rom and when it start send me an error ands says this package is for htle spr, and this devices is htle. What did that mean? Thanks by the way

  32. derek says:


    I am also recieving a google play services quite error. Not sure why. Doe’s anyone know how to fix this? It’s pretty annoying and keeps popping up. Sometimes rendering that phone useless. Seems to happy more when I restart the phone. I cleared the cash, and data under play services and gppgle play app, which seemed to help for a bit but then it just came back. There has also been an update since but that update seems buggy as hell so I went back to this original version,

  33. Prince says:

    I had sm 900 model of note 3 Indian can I install this rom ???
    Please tell me fast. I am very excited for this rom

  34. chan says:

    Hi, I had this ROM for a couple months now and its working great until recently. My issue is for ever reason the OTA update can not download any new version of this ROM. Although it shows the latest version ready to be downloaded the OTA update forced stop when I press download. Do you know what is going on and if there is a manageable solution other than reflashing the ROM? I have a T-Mobile note 3. Thanks in advance.


  35. Gil says:

    Hi Max,

    Is it required to install Kernel from installing the ROM?
    if so, where can I get the bext Kernel for Temasek CM12.1 ROM?


  36. Domskis says:

    I like the ROM !!!
    Exchange services stops working sometimes.
    Google Apps stops working sometimes
    Battery Saver screws up everything and makes the phone go back original UI.
    Battery dies very FAST 🙁

  37. saeed says:

    how can i back from this rom

  38. coolstar says:

    Hi I just install this ROM. And I love it. I have n990w8 was 5.0 lollipop. Now is 5.1.1 lollipop. My question is this suppose to root my phone, because my phone was already rooted before I install this rom. After I install this rom I check to see if my phone is rooted, but it not rooted. Does anyone know to to fix this. Thanks in advance.

  39. coolstar says:

    Hi I just install this ROM. And I love it. I have n900w8 was 5.0 lollipop. Now is 5.1.1 lollipop. My question is this suppose to root my phone, because my phone was already rooted before I install this rom. After I install this rom I check to see if my phone is rooted, but it not rooted. Does anyone know to to fix this. Thanks in advance.

  40. bp says:

    Will I lose Sketchbook Pro and S Pen features on my Note 3?

  41. Matt says:

    Have the SM-N9005, and no NFC or GPS (This is causing the “Unfortunately Google play services has stopped” message). If you shut off your location this message will not appear. Does anybody know if there is a fix for this yet?

    Otherwise, clean, fast ROM.

  42. Domskis says:

    When I installed the first version of this image it worked great. With each update it is getting worse. Email not working – does not send, keeps crashing randomly, battery usage has gone to nothing, screen flickering. Terrible experience….

  43. Jerome says:

    Hey max! Everything works except I have no googleplay ….

  44. Derek says:

    I always got error of ‘Google Play Services has stopped’, even though I followed some online instructions to fix it.

  45. Kartik says:

    Everything is working smoothly!
    No bugs no complaints! Really appreciate the team who build this..! Expecting to see further more from same..! Thankyou guys..keep it up!

  46. randy says:

    i have a questio can use this on my verizon note 3 not developers version but it wont be with safe trap

  47. What if I had my VZW SGN 3 bootloader unlocked, rooted and TWRP recovery installed? I have all those prerequisites on my phone now. Can I install the ROM then?

  48. Lamar says:

    how do you install CM recovery on at&t sm-n900a? At the present i use safe strap.

  49. Rob says:

    keep running into deadends trying to root my sm-n900a AT&T. HELP!!!!

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