BobCat KitKat ROM for Galaxy Note 3! [SM-N9005/SM-N900T/SM-N900W8]


For this week’s Galaxy Note 3 ROM of the week, check out the latest BobCat KitKat ROM, available for the international SM-N9005, T-mobile Note 3 SM-N900T, and Canadian SM-N900W8.

Based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat SM-N9005 firmware, BobCat ROM brings you a ton of customization through its AROMA graphical installer and BobCat ROM Control Settings. BobCat ROMs comes optimized for maximum performance, no KNOX, and much better battery life over stock firmwares.

The AROMA installer on BobCat ROM is very detailed, allowing you to select virtually every app installed on your Note 3 and also you have multiple theme settings for your UI, icons, keyboard, and much much more. Best of all, you can easily re-run the AROMA installer after installing ROM to make any changes to your ROM.

My favorite is also custom Dropdown images; you can choose from 7 different dropdown images. For TouchWiz launcher, you have option of going with a large 5×6 launcher, which is just perfect for Note 3’s screen size. Once booted, you will also find a plethora of customization, options, and apps to enhance your Note 3 experience including Multi-Window Manager app, Pen Window Manager app, Viper4Android, Xposed App Settings, PIE Control, and too many damn features to list here (you will have to try ’em all yourself).

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  1. john shiba says:

    i downloaded buildprop and “” is not showing. is there another way to fix the wifi?

  2. Steven Tingàte says:

    Whats the difference between the 3 different kernels ? i have sm-N9005

    • Max Lee says:

      The Compulsion and Saber kernel comes with overclocking and other features (you can see on their XDA thread for full list). You can also install on SM-N9005 btw.

  3. Gary Yun says:

    I have upgraded my SM-N9005 to v7 running much smoother than v2 as more free RAM being available. But don’t have CallRecording feature inside the BobCatROM Control. Using Xposed Wanam to run EnableCallRecording but only noise is being recorded. Can anyone help? Many thanks in advance! Another is not able to edit the items inside Multi-Windows!!

    • Gary Yun says:

      BobCatROM v7 is now running smoothly & meeting all my expectation except “CallRecording” got no solution yet!

      • Rayun says:

        Have you gotten call recording to work yet? If not, this is how I fixed mine (thanks to xda). First install “call recorder for galaxy s4..” from the play store. Then when you open it, it’ll ask to install a patch. Press OK, and let it patch your phone. After that, you can disable call recording from that app if you want but do not uninstall it. Now call recording from wanam xposed should work properly.

  4. nick says:

    How u guys manage to get this working..Mine just stop short of instillation..sorry sumsung set up has stop..some thing likw that…

    • Gary Yun says:

      You need to upgrade the kernel to N9005XXUENB7 at least or latest further. What I did as followings:
      1. Since my phone was still with old kernel MJ7, I unrooted it back using Max’s teaching to Samsung Original Stock ROM.
      2. Through Samsung official website, update the phone to latest kernel N9005XXUENC2 & Andriod 4.4.2 Kitkat.
      3. Rooted the phone with &
      4. Do full backup with CWM Recovery & all data in sdcard & sdcard1
      5. Boot to CWM Recovery again & do a full wipe (data/cache/dalvik)
      6. Under mounts and storage, format SYSTEM/DATA/CACHE/SDCARD & /data and /data/media (/sdcard) except sdcard1 which is keeping the BobCatROM v7 ROM
      7. All above steps are almost like to flush away everything in your phone is taking a high risk!!!
      7. After completed the above steps, you can install the ROM from CWM Recovery by install the zip file.
      8. The whole steps are bit complicated & need someone experienced to guide along.

  5. John Lee says:

    Sorry if this sounds “nooby”, but wIll this rom work with the Sprint Galaxy note 3?

  6. PROTUNER says:

    Good evening everyone, I just purchased a Note 3 SM-N9005 and want to install this ROM
    Already have Root in Note 3 and I downloaded the ROM (BoBCaTROM_EVO_v7.0.1)
    Then follow these steps?
    1. Copy the ROM to sdcard
    2. Reboot into recovery (Which Recovery to advise me to use?)
    3. Install and select the zip
    4. Restart
    No need to install GAPPS?

    Thank you!

  7. Jordan says:

    Hi guyz, i followed your step for the install but even with a full wipe cache data and systems after installing Bobcat my note 3 is not booting. Stucks on the bootloader “Samsung galaxy notre 3 … ” I got SM-N9005. Do you have an idea ? please help.

    • Max Lee says:

      Not sure but if you end up in a bootloop, try formatting /system and reinstall, should work.

      • Jordan says:

        hi, thanks for answering. Ahm i already done a formatting /systems .. nothing changes. That’s weird cause i have installed Resurrection Remix yesterday, and it has worked !

        • Max Lee says:

          Did you format /system (not wipe data/factory reset) and re-install ROM?

          • Jordan says:

            Yep i have done all lol, wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition… and also formating /systems and /cache.. im out of idea

        • Gary Yun says:

          Hi I did come to your situation before & the Remix ROM kept on rebooting all the time. I did full wipe & formatted everything b4 reinstall BobCatROM v7. Now everything is meeting my expectation except CallRecording!

          • nick says:

            When u say format every thing..u mean going into , mount n unmount..n formating ..except sd card n external sd card..right? Because I stop short of doing that..Please let me..know . Thx

            • Gary Yun says:

              Hi Nick,
              My CWM Recovery is v6.0.4.6. No need to mount or unmount!
              Go inside “mounts and storage”, you can find items as below
              > format /system
              > format /data
              > format /cache
              > format /firmware
              > format /firmware-modem
              > format /sdcard
              >format /data and /data/media ( /sdcard)
              Do all above except sdcard1 which is keeping the
              For firmware & modem, you can skip the formatting if you have no issue with existings.
              Doing all these is at your own risk & backup everything b4 is IMPORTANT!!! Good LUCK!!!

              • nick says:

                OK Gary..don’t worry I always back up my its sumsung stock ROM. I won’t format firmware n modam. I don’t think that is the problem..I’m on Kk firmware by right it is should work ..may the system n data of jelly bean still around in there …haha..OK bro will do this one.last time n see if this work..

                • Gary Yun says:

                  Last time I formatted everything until /data and data/media (sdcard) then BCv7 can work. No pain no gain!

                  • nick says:

                    Bro…still not working. I stop short of not formating sd card. If I do that..won’t I lose my back up to? Anyway. .don’t no la y like. After unrooting. .flashing stock rom..I tot I will be able to get this bcatrom working..hizzzz….never experience this b 4 with bcatrom.

                    • Gary Yun says:

                      I switched to X-Note v14 running very smoothly with perfect CallRecording function. Everything meets my expectation. A great ROM to go!

  8. Jordan says:

    ahm hi there again. i tried with another preload karnel, i took the second in the list .. That’s seems to work…

    • Max Lee says:

      Hmmm weird, have you ever upgraded to KitKat TouchWiz before? That’s the only thing I can think of.

      • Jordan says:

        Well i give you a little feedback. finally i tried all 3 kernels and none was functional. I tried without .. didnt work too. Only the second kernel passed the bootscreen samsung, but i coulnt figure it out the installation menu, when it said my phone was ready to use, it bring me back to the start of the installation …i tried also Resurrection Remix but i have somes bugs with it, like LTE instead 4G.. and when i am in call, the screen turns black and there is nothing i can do.. cant hang up, cant access to menu or whatever … im gonna try Crash ROM.

  9. Jordan says:

    Hi its me again, just for info; i flashed with 4.2.2 official rom, installed CWMn root again, and after installing BobCat and now it works !!! Thanks for all, nice tutos ! 😉

  10. PROTUNER says:

    Good evening, I installed this ROM and every time I reboot N9005
    always gives me “kernel is not seandroid enforcing”!
    Any idea?

  11. nick says:

    Ok. Looks like for the first time..I can’t get a rom to work. I was on jellybeans 4.2 n bbkat after installing every thing it will stop short at installing sumsung . So I unroot use official n got my note to 4.4 kk. Than, rooted again n all was well. So flash again bcat kk..same thing. Stop at..unfortunately sumsung install has stop…any idea !!

  12. Vriend says:

    Hello Max and others,

    I have the note 3 sm-n9005 whit bobcatrom XXUDMK2 european firmware base build 3.0/android 4.3/rom developer Apachi/baseband N9005XXDUDMJ4/buildnumber JSS15J.N9005XX

    Now i want to put on the newest bobcatrom for kitkat.
    Is the kitkat together whit the bobcatrom in one packet or do i have to install the kitkat update apart first before the bobcatrom.And where can i found the right kitkat for mine telephone.
    An lot of questions and hope to get the some help from you guys.

    Many thanks so far

    • nick says:

      Hi..FYI. I was on bcatrom 4.3 jellybeans. When I tried to flash the bcatrom kk..It will stop at the last end ..’ unfortunately sumsung set up has stop…” I use all 3 kernel which was in the aroma installer. .still no go. Now I have unrooted n flash stock kk 4.4 n rooted back…tot all would b fine, still same problem. I’m still trying to get this bcatrom u can see from others they too have a hard time flashing kk roms . All I can say is..trial n error when flashing no one is the path in flashing kk roms now days…lol. Anyway..I will try to do a full wipe of my note n see if that works ..One guy have got it working by going that way…

  13. nick says:

    Hi..ok..officially I have given up trying to install bcatrom on my sm n9005.
    Did every thing …nn still same…’ unfortunately sumsung set up has stop ‘

    • Wulfrune says:

      Exactly the same issue…. Same phone, same crappy issue. Gave up in the end, when back to CM11

    • brads27 says:

      I was exactly the same as you,i wiped data and dalvic installed bobcat version 10 and it does get past the message setup wizard has stopped,just done it so will have a look at it now.

  14. Garry says:

    Not that impressed! It comes with a bunch of pre-installed apps that I can’t get rid off. So how is this different then what Samsung does? Doesn’t this defeat thr purpose of rooting and installing a custom ROM? Off to try something else I guess.

  15. tickets for cheap concerts says:

    Kudos. Great post

  16. Adam says:

    Hey max… I downloaded build prop editor and set ‘ro.securestorage’ to false from true… And reboot… But wifi still doesn’t work … It’s still stuck on ‘turning on’…. Need help

  17. akim says:

    Can I get the link to the actual xda thread regarding this rom?

    • Max Lee says:

      Link to XDA thread is always under Credits, in case u missed it here:

  18. Pete says:

    Hi all
    Just updated to Bobcat Rom v8 all works fantastic

  19. slasher1986 says:

    all I am getting after aroma and setting up my google extra is SETUP WIZZERD HAS STOPED and then starts setup again : ( please help

  20. Dan says:

    Hi max,

    Is smart stay and smart scroll working in this rom…

  21. hyde21 says:

    Hi, does this ROM also add the possibility to see and be able to connect to adhoc wifi networks ?

  22. Mark Farthing says:

    Help!! I installed BobCat V7 and it worked fine. I then did an OTA update to BobCat V9, and now if I try to set the lock screen method to anything other than Swipe, it just ignores it and keeps it at Swipe. Not only that, but the first time I try after a reboot, it tells me the SD card is safe to remove (it seems to have unmounted it!!) and locks the whole phone up for 30 seconds.

    I had the same experience with X Note. Build 15 worked fine, but when I upgraded to Build 16 I had exactly the same symptoms.

    Any help gratefully received.

  23. Mark Farthing says:

    Help!! I installed BobCat V7 and it worked fine. I then did an OTA update to BobCat V9, and now if I try to set the lock screen method to anything other than Swipe, it just ignores it and keeps it at Swipe. Not only that, but the first time I try after a reboot, it tells me the SD card is safe to remove (it seems to have unmounted it!!) and locks the whole phone up for 30 seconds.

    I had the same experience with X Note. Build 15 worked fine, but when I upgraded to Build 16 I had exactly the same symptoms.

    Any help gratefully received.

  24. Marlowe D. says:

    Hi Author. Please update your post with the recent version which was posted last June 7. I saw it on xda. Thanks.

  25. Casfou says:

    Hello, I try the custom rom bobcat but I can not even turn on the wi-fi. Would like to know how to fix that

  26. Casfou says:

    i have canadian version sm-900w8

  27. joost bosman says:

    hello everyone,
    installing the ROM is pretty simple, which is very well made.

    After the restart, I get the following message at the top of screen “kernel is not seandroid enforcing”!

    when the installation is almost finished, the step after “device name”, I go into a setup loop.
    I get the message “SecSetupWizard has stopped.” someone also got this message?

    anyone advice?

    • brads27 says:

      put version 10 on it will work

      • darvis says:

        version 10 of what please help

        • joost says:

          i found a v13 version. i’ll try intall on my not 3 and let you know if this version has no startup loop after first startup after instal.

          • joost says:

            did not work. keep on trying

            • joost says:

              download version 10 from here,

              do not forget to install;
              – (on my note got error when trying to install).

        • Tele says:

          Version 10 of BCRom. There is also a version 11 now, I haven’t tried it, but v10 is working fine.

  28. Pulprat says:

    Well build 7 seemed good but build 9 just caused all kinds of problems. . Went back to Infamous ROM. Problems went away. Looked really good thought.

  29. michael horton says:

    installed bobkat all fine its just going though samsung wizard setup soon as i get to finish it comes up with unfortunately samsung setupwizard has stopped. any ideas?

  30. Vriend says:

    Dear Max,

    Can i put the bobcatrom on my phone that is running now on cm 11 whit 4.4.4

    Many thanks so far.

  31. Wulfrune says:

    I did, I wiped CM 11 first

  32. Vriend says:

    Dear Max,
    How do you mean i wiped it first ,when you put on the bob it wipes it from the the phone, only it stays on your sd card.

  33. Vriend says:

    Hiow do you mean you wiped it first (cm11)and where did you do that.
    I want my bobcatrom back. If i install it now whit cm11 still on it,i do an Factory reset and full wipe my bobcat keeps hanging in his bootlogo

    Please help.

  34. Sarah says:

    Hi All,

    Hope someone can help me, trying to install bobcat v9 onto my sn9005 which is currently running kk4.4.2, have checked root access with rootchecker, device has root access, have installed latest CWM recovery, have installed SuperSU 2.01.
    Ive tried every kind of wipe available on the cwm recovery menu and gone to install bobcat, get to aroma install and go through all those steps, tried each of the kernels, first 3 kernels on reboot I get the Samsung logo and I get the message Kernal is not seandroid enforcing warranty bit; kernel or something similar. The last kernel and the no kernel option I just get the Samsung logo and it doesn’t do anything.

    Have I missed something? Ive asked on the xda forum but no reply would really appreciate some help thanks.

    • Sarah says:

      Ive also tried flashing stock rom again, then retrying. Im wondering if I downloaded the stock rom for a different country (we are nz so maybe aussie)???

      • nick pan says:

        You should be good to go , as long your model is , sm n9005 lte model. FYI, I could never flash this rom..It would stop just before instalation …touchwiz has stop ..its would say. I did ever thing in the book..nothing work. So gave up. Now on X note rom and very happy with it. My bench mark now is 35867…HTC M8 also not as good as that..haha..hope this helps u.

        • Sarah says:

          Thanks I just also tried it all through TWRP nope still not going to work. Searched all over the internet for an answer but cant find one so will try X-Note *sigh* was trying to avoid having to download another rom as it takes like 12hrs on my connection.

          • nick pan says:

            Don’t worry. What I learn from here is, take your time and do it right the first time. Max Web page here is always right, you read his instruction over n over again. .before flashing any rom.
            Use X note, you won’t regret it, am.telling you. This developer have more updates than sumsung and goggle put togather..and his roms are very very stable and work right out of the box. Are you coming from kk 4.4? If yes, than just go ahead and flash. Do a clean wipe. Do a backup. If you r not coming from kk. 4.4, unroot n reroot. Hope it works for u.

            • Sarah says:

              🙂 Thanks, will download it over night, Ive tried several times already but it keeps getting interrupted. I just had an interesting thing happen, instead of rebooting in twrp I chose to go back to recovery and TWRP says Your device does not appear to be rooted. Install SuperSU now? This will root your device. So I said yes install, then rebooted to recovery again and again its not rooted? Any ideas?

              • nick pan says:

                Ok. Try doing this. Unroot. Go back to stock sumsung . And try using CF auto root. It’s on max Web page. U must have recovery boot than only your note is rooted. Ok. Read and read his instruction b4 doing it…ok. Do a back up..

                • Sarah says:

                  Cheers, have done and done lol Ive dedicated the past four days to trying to get this rom on I think its time to try another 🙂 Will let you know if I have any better luck with the xnote hopefully it will download over night

  35. Wulfrune says:

    I would check WHAT version of Bobcat v9 you’re trying to get working. I had the same issues. You should aim for Bobcatrom: ” [N9005][4.4.2]_DXUENE4_BoBCaT_V.9.0_MD5_A7CF479F335B74F5D95ABDC9C82F6085 ”

    That one’s stable and works nicely. Remember, if you like Bobcatrom’s work, remember to tip him via Paypal, it will open up new areas for you and support the hardworking Dev.



    • Sarah says:

      Thanks Wulfrune I am using that version. Im using CWM and am currently running rooted stock 4.4.2 it doesn’t matter what I do I cant get it to reboot past the Samsung galaxy note 3 at startup.

      • Pete says:

        Hi Sarah,
        Did you just wipe or reformat your system? When I first put Bobcat v7 I had problems but I can’t remember if I reformatted or not, if you check through comments Max has said about reformatting.
        When I upgraded to v9 all went smooth. I love the rom and if you get it running it is best to donate as you get lots of new stuff.

        Hope it works for you


        • Sarah says:

          Hi Pete, Thanks I have tried everything from not formatting or wiping anything (which actually left me with some bobcat tools I think) to wiping and formatting everything that could be wiped or formatted. Just isn’t going to happen I think 🙁 Ive read all the comments on here and tried all those above.

  36. Denny says:

    Well, I just used the OTA updater for the first time, updated to build 10. Everything went fairly well except for now my phone cannot access it’s own internal memory. I am unable to install the Xposed framework or update the language pack in Swiftkey. Am I doing something wrong? I chose the same settings in Aroma as the initial install. Thanks!

    • Max Lee says:

      What happens when you try to access internal memory? Do you get errors or just no files?

      • Denny says:

        For Swiftkey it says that it is unable to save package to storage, for the Xposed framework it is unable to extract the .zip file.

        • Max Lee says:

          So it’s a problem with Swiftkey only? If that’s the case, it could be a bug with that app only. Does it happen on other apps?

  37. Pete says:

    Denny, I updated OTA v10 and all went well. This is the second time of using OTA updater my last one was for v9 again all went well. My gripe is v9 needed a donation to get running updates now again in v10 again requires a donation. I know it takes hard work to develope these roms but I cant see people keep donating you may as well charge fot the rom. I donated hours ago and I still cant see any running updates as it still takes me to PayPal for an update even after the donation has gone through.


    • Pete says:

      Update……..sorry forgot you have to wait for an email from Roby who’s rom it is for a link for the running updates.

  38. Pete says:

    When I flashed v10 of rom I used the stock Kernel but got battery drain now flashed Civ-KK_Xplorer-Rev1.2-sm_n9005-4.4.2 but the battery drain seens worse, which kernel do people think is best.

  39. Tony Tone says:

    Bobcat ROM running great. I chose all the different theme options on install & the themes, drop down etc all come out the same. Keyboard too, all standard. How do I make it glossy like yours?


  40. Ulrik B says:

    I have a Danish ver SM-N9005 Note 3, so witch CSC shall i choose since there is no “XEE – Nordic” ?
    mvh Ulrik

  41. mercenary87 says:

    Can I install this to t-mobile

  42. stephane says:

    Hi i dont have pie gesture option in the bob extra setting option like you in your video.

  43. TJ Carlos says:

    i tried installing with the bobcat rom and got this error after rebooting
    “kernel is not seandroid enforcing”
    It’s a note 3 SM-N9005 from my brother in Norway. But i am from the Philippines.
    How do i solve this issue?

  44. jody wilson says:

    installed the bobcat rom and everything went well. once booted I cant get by the samsung account login???? it actually does this on any rom I install. user name and pw is correct but it keep saying process failed?? please help.

  45. andy says:

    How do you change themes? When I click the set theme from the home screen settings it force closes and say touchwiz home has stopped. I changed my theme to the 5×4 by flashing zip file. But now I want to change it back.

    Also, I have an lte/wifi icon on my status bar that I can’t get rid of.

  46. MK says:

    I followed these steps, and installed the bobcat rom, on reboot it kept restarting at the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen, with yellow line about Karnel.
    Samsung Note 3 – N9005

    I removed battery and tried to power it up, and now I cant power the mobile on.

    I tried to connect the cable when it is off, it keeps giving me the battery Icon, then restart….

  47. Mark says:

    Where can we find the latest version of this rom?

  48. carl parsons says:

    Just done a other update of the rom and now have no touchwiz options on the installer is there a way to get these options back the 5×6 option was great

  49. darvis says:

    Please help

    I got loop message “unfortunately setupwizard has stopped”
    I did format
    changed kernal
    repeated installation
    nothing change

  50. Chris says:

    Hi, all installed properly, although it boot looped with either pre packaged custom kernel. Wifi works no problem, but I have no mobile data connection. All APN settings are input and correct, still nothing. Seems like a great ROM, but can’t keep it if I have no mobile data. I’m with Telus, SM-N900W8. Any help before it gets wiped and I go back to Dirty Unicorns?

  51. rempping says:

    Awesome guide from a first time android Modder

  52. rempping says:

    Joost are you downloading from a phone or via a pc ?

  53. Roberto says:

    The latest Bobcat rom has a different kind of theme then shown on your tut video. can i change the theme?

  54. Mohamed says:

    I flashed it using cwm and it was all perfect, but when i finished the google account setup, (Unfortunately SetupWizard has stopped ) popps up and my phone starts again in the setup loop.. plz help

  55. Mohamed says:

    I flashed it using cwm and it was all perfect, but when i finished the google account setup, (Unfortunately SetupWizard has stopped ) popps up and my phone starts again in the setup loop.. plz help

  56. Tony Tone says:

    Updated ROM to V.12. Think I had V.10 before. Think I also updated to KK 4.4.2.

    Everything kinda sucks now.

    Lost tethering. Downloaded the patch & all was good. Now getting T-Mobile crap in my browser on laptop.

    How do I fix? Downgrade?

  57. Georgegalbin says:

    I really appreciate your work and the passion to help other with these mods. I got the Canadian Note3 model, just two days ago and I thought to root it only because I tried to get rid of all the bloatware. During the normal operation, the phone RAM was loaded at 70-80% even with no other apps. I thought that is dumb to drain my battery and have these apps connecting my phone to various servers.
    Then I noticed these ROMs and I downloaded BobCat and Gummy.
    Tried Gummy and I didn’t like it at all, it is mostly for geeks, is not like my old Samsung at all. The pen function did not work, then the sound was distorted. The LTE was not connecting, I got only H, probably from High Speed via Telus phone carrier. Then I installed BobCat, and I realized that the CSCs are for Europe only, even you mentioned that this ROM is for the Canadian Note3. After the reboot, there was a red message about the kernel, the phone would not boot and would stop into an unresponsive mode. I had to take the battery out to get it taking my power command. But there was a sort of overheated electronics components smell coming out from under the battery, I know that smell from my electronics repair job. I also tried the Romania ROM that you stated it should work with all the recovery options and all models. That ROM cannot be loaded. I hope I will be able to put my phone back into the Samsung original ROM that I realize is so stable and beautiful.
    Again, this is not a complaint, I used to be a geek and try all kinds of firmwares and toys, now I like things that are proven to work.

  58. MarcoCZen says:

    Is this BobCatrom dead ?
    The author / creator seems missing ???

    I have v1.0 of this room (SM 9005 ) – dated 20 october 2013 but have never been able to update to newer versions.
    The OTA Updater says – error fetching update info. Invalid ROM ID – bobcatrom_SM.N9005
    There HAS NOT BEEN a fix for this since 2013 ?

  59. Tony Tone says:



    I’LL PAY !

  60. Stephan Rudolph says:

    Ich hab ne frage bezüglich des Md5 checker Programm, und zwar welche Dateien müssen in die einzelnen Felder um an die Md5 Datei zu kommen die ja für die Installation gebraucht wird.

  61. Scott says:

    i have a n900t and currently have rooted n900tuvufob6 with twrp, i have had a few problems flashing bobcat to my device, i have found that there are 3 different downloads that you have listed for compulsion kernal and keep running into bootloops. i was wondering if you could give me some direct liniks to the rom, kernal, and wifi fix and run me through the whole process front to back in lamin terms… from wiping, formating, installing, etc… i dot know where im going wrong. i normally wipe everything in twrp except internal storage. do i need to format after wiping as well. how long does the first boot normally take. one interesting thing i noticed about my device is that the back of the sticker under the battery states the model number is a n900a but in the device settings its listed as a n900t running n900tuvufob6. any help would be appreciated.

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