BobCat ROM + Compulsion Kernel for Galaxy Note 3!


For this week’s Galaxy Note 3 ROM of the Week (for SM-N9005, T-Mobile SM-N900T, and Canadian SM-N900W8), check out the latest BobCat ROM along with Compulsion kernel. (ROM by XDA user BobCatROM)

BobCat ROM has always been one of my favorite custom ROMs of all time (since I tried it with my Galaxy S4) and the latest version has been updated with latest Android 4.4.2 NF4 firmware, which has latest additions like Download Booster (yes works out of box).

*Note – This ROM is based on SM-N9005 firmware so for T-Mobile users, you will lose WiFi calling or any proprietary T-Mobile features.

Inside latest BobCat ROM, you will find its signature BobCat ROM theme along with custom BobCat icon, custom pulldown, and a modded 5×5 TouchWiz launcher.  Performance on the launcher itself is pretty fast as it has always been.

The core of BobCat ROM is the BobCat ROM Control Settings where you can access 3rd-party apps like S-Pen Window app, Multi-Window Manager app, and even enable quad multi-window, which is great for serious multi-taskers.

Although there’s no UI customization MODs in the ROM itself, you can easily use Wanam Xposed app to do so on the ROM.   Other cool mods include Viper4Android, Cambio DPI changer(run your phone in tablet or custom DPI mode), Sound Boost MOD (you can change easily on the go on top of AROMA installer), OG Battery MOD (lots of battery icons), and some more.

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  1. Bobby says:

    Great stable room thanks for the links max

  2. ardi says:

    its working great but when switch off and then on its writing enforcing kernel

  3. David Tuckey says:

    I know it said it in the email but, does not mention in the video. Just want to make sure.
    Will this work for Sprint?


  4. somerandomguy says:

    Hey Max, Why don’t you review AOKP ROMs? They are pretty solid and have a good battery life.

  5. ardi says:

    i unroot my note 3 . tired to use custom roms they are not working properly.
    im hapy now no headche.i had expetience and fun whit custom roms
    and und official version is the best one

  6. nick says:

    have flash this rom and its working out of the box so far..Antutu Bench mark is at 34600 …pretty fast. And i have not yet flash Compulsion Kernal yet …Bobcat has always been one of the best roms out there just like X note..the last time i had lot of problems with it..thids time its its working awesome.

  7. Francisco Galarza says:

    Mr. Max; you used to be more cautious. i love your work and i follow your videos and advise. But lately your reviews lack the critical info that we need to make and well informed decition to install a rom or not. Example, the latest bob cat rom. Although is fast and beautiful, it has a lot of bugs. DPI changer sucks on it. It doesn’t do the job well enough. Gravity box kk is included but it doesn’t work and last but not least, my computer hasn’t been able to transfer files on to the SD card. When i back up into another rom guess what, it works fine. I was using ECHOE rom before i decided to make the change and i’ve had nothing but headaches with this botcat rom. Fast, nice theming, but very bugy. Thanks anyway.

    • Max Lee says:

      Hmmm, it looks like you got bad luck there, BobCat ROM is pretty solid, as far as Gravity Box, did you install Xposed Installer first? And also SD card trouble may be somethin’ else, working 100% fine here.

  8. nick says:

    Max..How do I use TrickterMOD to over clock ??

  9. Dinno says:

    Hi Max,

    Android noob here.. So let me get this straight, I have a sm-n9005 and to clarify the steps, Flash the ROM and Kernel using odin then go to recovery?


  10. says:

    Heh max,,, is it me or is version 7 the best? 5×6 which it seems I cannot do with later versions,,, plus the aroma installer gives me the most options to what apps to be installed,,,, my battery can last more then 2 days with version 7,,, more then any other rom,,,, is there a way to get a 5×6 with later versions like the latest v10?

  11. kamran javeed says:

    thx a lot love this rom need a few answers brother
    i have isntalled the kernel and it is giving a message on boot screen (kernel is not se android enforcing) does it mean it is damaging my phone.
    second is if i want to use the download booster when i dont have an active data package will it still work or not
    waiting for ur kind reply thx take care and thx for such a nice rom

    • Max Lee says:

      SE Android enforcing is normal, does not damage your phone, I would just ignore it. Download booster will not work unless you have cellular data service as it uses both your WiFi and cellular to download big files.

  12. Ben Kelly says:

    hi Max i just have a few ???’s 1st: i flashed my ATT note 3 sm-n900a WITH S5 Experiance. it worked ok but about 4 or 5 hours in it said that there was no su bianary installed and super SU couldnt install it. this is a problem is what it says on the warning. it asks if i just upgraded to 4.3 and if so i need to re-root manually and consult the relavant foruyms for my device.

    • Max Lee says:

      Just flash supersu zip file using safestrap:

  13. Ben Kelly says:

    ohh yeah max i was wondering also can i install the bobcat rom on my a.t.t sm-n900a ????? and if so is there anything i need to do to stabilize it more since i see it is for all the other models except a.t.t and verizon.

  14. Abemak says:

    I installed Bobcat v10 on Note 3 last night. Apps can’t write to ext sd card. Whatsapp doesn’t download media, Sygic can’t write to sd card and many other installed apps are the same. I have tried SDfix, Xposed ext sd card handler and Bobcat’s own sd card access fix but nothing works. Now I have gone back to v7. Any help guys?

    • Abemak says:

      I have sorted out myself by doing a complete wipe, reinstalled the rom and kernel then activated the external sd card option in Bobcat settings and hooray everything is fine. I just love the rom

  15. Frank says:

    Where might I find the necessary gapps for this rom? And with regard to flashing the custom rom with ODIN, what’s the latest version that I need and are there other files that I’ll need to flash with it? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks for any assistance

  16. nick says:

    This time around, bobcat is a letdown. Very very normal..nothing fantastic to shout about it..Now on C ROM and loving it for the firstime..never had luck with ASOP roms..but this time seems ok.

  17. Fan of MAX LEE says:

    Hi Max Lee,
    At this moment what is the best custom rom for Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005?

  18. Fan of MAX LEE says:

    Hi Max Lee,
    At this moment what is the best custom rom for Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005?

  19. Pavan says:

    Hi Max. Does this work for sprint?

  20. Mark says:

    Hi Max, thanks for all the work! I have a question about the installation of this rom on my SM-N900T if you or anyone might know the answer. I’m using CWM and I have the latest NF4 firmware update installed. I’m able to go all the way through the installation in the aroma installer until the end when it says to hit next to reboot. When I hit next it freezes (I’ve left it for an hour to make sure). I reboot by popping the battery and it starts up into the Bobcat Rom setup, but after a couple screens of inputting my info it stops at the Samsung Account screen and forces me to put my account info or won’t let me go on. (I don’t even have a Samsung Account). I’d love to use this rom. Any ideas?

  21. jarrod says:

    Does this rom have free wifi hot spot

  22. Vinnie says:

    I’ve downloaded the files but they are not a zip file format ,how do you install it .?

  23. Eric says:

    Hey Max,

    Just installed V11 but I keep getting the message “unfortunately, the process has stopped. Is there a fix for this with version 11

  24. Tele says:

    I have been using this ROM for a couple of months now – Just moved from V10 to 11. I was a bit skeptical at first, but now I see why this makes Max’s best N3 ROM list – It really is awesome!
    It is my daily driver and I can’t see myself changing for a while. Got the CPU overclocked at 2.65Ghz, undervolted too. I am using TSF Shell launcher and of course Greenify – all these things combined provide for a damn good phone experience!.
    My phone is super-fast and battery life is awesome – 2 days between charges, no problem. Antutu score was 41742 and that was before overclocking and undervolting (Antutu won’t complete the benchmark tests after this).
    Just wanted to give you my views, so for those of you having install problems, don’t give up – this is an awesome ROM!

  25. Eric says:

    Hi Max…

    I downloaded V12 but can’t seem to install from zip. Tried factory reset and all but no luck. Have you had any luck upgrading to V12

  26. Tyler says:

    So, I’ve tried to follow all the instructions, as usual, with no issues. This time… I can’t get the ROM to boot, and when I try to restore… No files found. No files found anywhere! No files found to try installing from zip, no backups… no nothing!!

    I’m at a loss here

  27. Claude says:


    just flashed Version 12. Overall it seems very stable however I have two issues:
    1. I am not able to set PIN or PASSWORD lock on the phone. It works up to pattern lock, but when I try to set Pin or Password it goes back to Swipe or No Lock. (It does allow me to enter a PIn or password and reconfirm, but then goes back out without setting anything). I tried to workaround by changing the Password using, but it actually set the security to no lock, basically unsecuring the password!

    2. I cannot access my device using USB. When I connect a cable my device displays a message saying I need to install Samsung Keis (not over my dead body). I never saw this message on stock or other ROM’s I have tried.

    Any ideas?



  28. Scott says:

    i have a n900t and currently have rooted n900tuvufob6 on it. i have had a few problems flashing bobcat to my device, i have found that there are 3 different downloads that you have listed for compulsion kernal and keep running into bootloops. i was wondering if you could give me some direct liniks to the rom, kernal, and wifi fix and run me through the whole process front to back in lamin terms… from wiping, formating, installing, etc… i dot know where im doing wrong. how long does the first boot normally take. one interesting thing i noticed about my device is that the back of the sticker under the battery states the model number is a n900a but in the device settings its listed as a n900t running n900tuvufob6. any help would be appreciated.

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