CM11 ROM with Android 4.4.4 for Galaxy Note 3!


For this week’s AOSP ROM of the Week, check out latest CM11 ROM with Android 4.4.4!

You can install this on any Qualcomm-based Galaxy Note 3 with unlocked bootloader such as T-Mobile SM-N900T, Sprint SM-N900P, International SM-N9005, and Canadian SM-N900W8.

Based on latest Android 4.4.4 sources, CM11 ROM brings you the latest and best of Android OS months before Samsung will release their own version.  I have been actually installing this ROM on many of my older Android devices like Galaxy S3/S4 and amazingly Android 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 improves upon the performance of the phone by near 20-30%.

Imagine Google optimized their OS further to get a little bit more out of the hardware on the phone.  Well, Android 4.4.4 is exactly that, optimized Android OS that will make your phone faster and also resulting in better battery life due to fixed bugs and unnecessary loss of power.

Overall, CM11 ROM is a great ROM to experience first-hand what AOSP ROMs are all about (What is AOSP?) and if you have not tried it yet, definitely give it a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think!  (At worst, just make a backup ROM, try the ROM, then restore ROM, so easy.)

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  1. omar freitas says:

    I have 4.2 android version, I can jump to this version?

  2. slasher1986 says:

    Hey max : ) is there a good kernel I can use with this rom? I have the n9005

  3. somerandomguy says:

    This a a really good ROM. I recently rooted my SMN900T and installed this ROM. Works great, even though battery life still hasn’t improved much, it’s much faster. I would love to see numbers at the top of the row on default keyboard for CM11. Samsung’s keyboard was great had bunch of shortcut keys as well.

  4. Lester says:

    I had CM 11 4.4.2 on my Canadian Note 3 before and it would randomly reboot every 3 to 5 mins of usage. I decided to unroot my phone and go back to stock but since you mentioned that the ROM makes your phone faster and gives it better battery life (and I probably don’t think that the 4.4.4. update won’t officially come out for the Note 3), I kinda wanna re-root my phone and try this ROM. I was just wondering have you experienced random reboots frequently in this particular ROM?

    • Williamd.finucane says:

      I’ve had this ROM going for about a week or so now and its rebooted 2 or 3 times total. Its pretty solid.

  5. HE says:

    So….downloaded, moved to sdcard. ..reboot into recovery and when I try to install it starts saying during the install process this is for 9005…….etc and reboots. I am doing this on Canadian note 3 n900w8. Anyone else having issues?

  6. terrel says:

    Would you recommend this rom for someone that frequently uses spen? Last room I tried took away allot of good as I had for it

  7. neil says:

    I’ve tried c rom 4.4.4 and compared to infamous 4.4.2 battery and performance were well down. I really like aosp roms and the custom lock screen torch settings etc, but so far I have only manage to have any oasp roms stay stable for <24hr. Could it be due to twrp instead of using cwm recovery for installing ???

    • Max Lee says:

      Did you use benchmarking app for comparison or just by feel? Don’t use Quadrant for comparing TouchWiz to AOSP, use Antutu. Also Infamous will be faster since it has overclocking obviously.

      • neil says:

        Tested this with cm11 last night scored 33000 on antutu with cm11 below stock 4.4.2 where as infamous scored 38000+ every time. Gone back to restored infamous going to wait until jamison904 brings next edition out. Originally sm-n9005 international lte note3

  8. slasher1986 says:

    In my opinion the latest C-Rom is faster. But then I’m a Touchwiz man, that’s waiting for an echo ROM update

  9. bobby says:

    installed n canadian note 3 no moble networks detected… did i do somthing wrong somone above said it worked for them

  10. keng says:

    installed on my can note 3,,,
    stuck on the cyano…. circling the blue head ….

    how longs does that take ?

  11. mR_eCoW says:

    Hello Max,

    What is a good kernel to use for the sprint note 3 cm11 4.4.4 rom and where can i get it from?

  12. anirup says:

    Do this work on international note3 sm-n900 ?

  13. Kostas says:

    After installing CM11 on my note 3 SM-N9005 i have no carrier signal at all. On settings no IMEI is displayed. My sim card recognized normally as it asks me for the pin. Tried to go back to my backu but same thing happens. Tried format/wipe /system, then re-install ROM again nothing. Need help plz. GSM phone. Did i brick it???

  14. jd says:

    I have the sprint note 3 as well but I have an echo on the last few aosp rims on the other phones end they hear themselves echo really bad and I don’t know how to fix it. It seems to be a n900P issue only and if anyone knows how to fix it I’d appreciate it greatly!!

  15. Luis says:

    Does this rom have hotsopt out of the box

  16. Luis says:

    Does this rom have hotspot out of the box.

  17. John Goold says:

    I was running the BoBCaTROM (not the most up to date (“build 7.0 Android 4.4.2). Since I always wanted to run CyanogenMod, I gave it a try (even though I see there is still no “stable version” available for the Note 3).

    I have the “Canadian Note 3” (SM-N900W8). It seemed to run fine for about 24 hours. Then I started to have problems with the device freezing. This would most often manifest itself on the Unlock screen (the virtual keyboard would be unresponsive and I couldn’t do anything else). That required powering off and then powering up again.

    That is, of course, unacceptable in a communications device.

    What is upsetting is the CyanogenMod web site forums do not include a section for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 — so there’s no way to provide the developers with feedback and bug reports. One of the improvements they could make would be to have detaching the stylus “wake up” the device (I.e. display the unlock screen). If I could use the stylus instead of my big, clumsy fingers (which I could) and have detaching it wake the device then I’d be happy with the stylus support (without any other niceties).

    By the way, I tried the update to BoBCaTROM, but had to roll back as it was even worse than CM11. On the whole, I’m quite happy with the old BoBCaTROM (4.4.2) as I’m not choosing it for themes, but control over my device (ability to purge bloatware).

    Thank you VERY much for the fine service you are providing to us Note 3 owners. I’m very grateful.

    • Lester says:

      Doss your phone ever randomly randomly reboot sometimes when running cyanogenmod? I also have a Canadian Note 3 and when I had cyanogenmod, my phone would randomly reboot every 5 mins.

      • John Goold says:

        I only ran CM for roughtly 36 hours, however, I didn’t have any problem with random reboots — just the freezes. I’ve decided that when the next “snapshot” is taken (I figure that will probably be in a few days), I’ll give it another try.

      • Marko says:

        I tried running CM 11 (latest nightly) on my Note 3 9005 and I get a random reboot approx. once per day, for no particular reason. I was also unable to find a solution to this problem anywhere. Help anyone?

        • rdhoore108 says:

          I know I’m commenting on an old post, but my Note 1 would randomly reboot on stock ROM Gingerbread 2.3 a few times a week, and also the GPS was no longer working reliably. Then I found a post explaining to open the back lid and tighten the screws all around, to fix the GPS problem. It worked, and I found that the random reboots stopped as well. I could tighten the screws only a quarter of a turn on most screws, but still it both fixed my GPS from being useless, and the random reboots.

          But in order to be able to use my bank’s Android app, I had to upgrade. I decided to put CM 11 on my Note 1 (last nightly), but I experienced constant “freezes”. I write it in quotes because actually the hardware is not freezing, it’s Android itself. First the screen freezes and the phone stops responding to touch and buttons (even power), but the music keeps playing for some more time, and if the phone was charging, the battery icon keeps showing the animation. Then after a minute or so, the music and charging animation stop as well.

          It’s very disappointing, because I will had to go back to my gingerbread backups. But I like kitkat very much, so I’m still hoping to read somewhere about the cause or a solution.

  18. Pepu says:

    Hi Max I ready install the 4.4.4 and is working fine but the S Comand is not working .

  19. John Goold says:

    I may have been a bit unfair to the CyanogenMod website organizers. I still think there should be a sub-forum for the Note 3, as there are for almost all other devices that CM can be run on; however, I had stumbled on the following page and bookmarked — just a pain that the navigation from the CM Home page must be far from obvious 🙁

    Anyway, here is the Information: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE (“hlte”) page. You can find out what the current builds are and some other information as well.

  20. Gareth Chan says:

    I installed cm11 on mg SM-N9005 and gapps after wiping data and cache but when i rebooted it was stuck on the bootloop…what should i do?

  21. nick says:

    Hi All
    Ok flash this CM 11 Rom and it seems for the first time, this rom is stable. I had not much luck with ASOP roms on note3 this far. But for some reason this is working out..ok. There is not much about this rom accept that its very small in Size. So you will have lots of extra place on your sd card. Performance, bit let down..only manege 32,xxx on AnTuTu bench marking…My X note was hitting almost 34,5xx without over mighr go back to X note…
    Unlest Max come with some awesome ROM …i will stick to X note or CM 11…

    • Demonchildfp says:

      With Touchwiz, I’m barely getting 22xxx I didn’t reach 32xxx until I flash an Will03 SlimKat ROM on my phone. You got 34xxx with XNote ROM, dang I may have to try that out. I first need to see if its compatible with the latest bootloader on T-Mobile. I think that you convienced me to try XNote on my Note 3. Maybe I will be able to break at least 30xxx on my note 3

  22. nick says:

    Hi Max
    Dam it, I think i said it to fast..It has force stop now. Had to pull out battery 2 times to get it to work.
    No worries, going back to best rom in the market, X Note rom.

  23. AG says:

    Just got this installed on my tmob N900 Note 3 and all is good except for one problem. When I dial a phone number and hit call the screen turns off and no way to turn it back on?

  24. Vriend says:

    Hi Max, i’m running the cm11 on my smSM-N9005 and it’s perfect everything is running fast and whitout any freesing or other stuf. But one thing i cant find is that the top information line goes away in an few seconds and if you want to see your battery life you have to pull down the screen for this information.Is ther something that lets it down all the time .
    It’s not in the menu of the settings.And how can get the snote working ?

    Many thanks so far.

  25. Williamd.finucane says:

    So I have had this running for nearly 2 weeks so far, its only crashed about 4 or 5 times so no big deal, the only real problem that im having is Maps isnt working very well at all. Should I just try to re install the rom again? And how will i be able to stay up to date on nightlys for a Sprint Note 3 N900P?

  26. Andy says:

    Can I install the stock camera on this room ??
    If is yes, can you tell me how ?

  27. Vriend says:

    Dear max,

    Yes i did an clean install, i haved tried everything but i cant find it on the phone that keeps it stay on.

  28. Alem says:

    GPS does not working with ony of the ASOP roms on a note 3 . anyone else having same issues? any fixes?

  29. Sheldon Brown says:


  30. Laurence Thomas says:

    Hey Max,

    I flashed this ROM and the gapps. I didn’t do a kernal because I didn’t which one to flash. My data works fine but when I use Google Maps my location is off quite a bit. Do you know a fix for this. I am a NOOB. Also point me in the right direction for a kernal to flash. Also notice no prl update on this ROM.

    Sprint note 3

  31. somerandomguy says:

    I’m still having issues with GPS on Note 3. It works for couple of minutes and loses GPS signal. downloaded A-GPS data again, but did not work. Max, is there any fix for this?

  32. John says:

    I’m having freezing issues and it won’t wake up when I press on the home key from time to time. Its annoying and frustrating. Any fix for this? I’m on cm11 4.4.4 – T-Mobile note 3.

  33. jerry says:

    Hello and thanks for the instructional videos. Question if I install the cm11 custom rom what must I do to by pass tmobile tether limit? I watch videos and must ask a little here and there I am a newbie and did root last night!

  34. John Goold says:

    I’ve installed the latest “snapshot” build (2014-07-08) last night. It has only (touch wood) had the freeze once since then. That was after overnight charging. If it only occurs after plugging and unplugging the charger, I can live with it (though annoying).

    • Max Lee says:

      Try C-ROM instead, much more stable, CM11 nightlies are not supposed to be daily drivers, lots of bugs until milestone is released.

  35. jerry says:

    Hi people I have been reading and watching enough and made my decision to install c-rom or cm11 rom not sure 3 high one to go with I want it mostly lifting tmobile tether limit and I like straight simple themes like nature love more speed also of course the most stability as possible anyone tried both whom can give me some input as to which one and a little as to why. I can figure this all out reading info here that Max has provided thank you max. I use to jail break I phones a lot I sure like andriod better 😉 or should I use a rom with 4.4.2 instead? I need a little help making up my mind. Thank you t before hand. Nice place you have Max!

  36. Zakaria says:

    everething works fine on my N900W8 exept the NFC, it doesn’t work

  37. JOL says:

    Nice ROM, great stability. What Kernel would you recommend for my Note3 SW900W8? It shows this message: “kernel is not seandroid enforcing”. Please let me know. Thanks!!!

  38. al Adamson says:

    cani flash this rom on sm n900?

  39. jerry says:

    Sorry at wrong forum

  40. Jerry says:

    what would cause cm11 to fail when trying to install after factory reset?

    • Max Lee says:

      Well you should note the error code as when you get an error, it should say but most of the time it’s a bad file if it fails to even start installing.

  41. Moaz Magdy says:

    GPS not working at all
    tried everything in the text book nothing solved the problem
    turned back to Samsung Stock 4.4.2 still have the issue
    fully wiped formatted the device the internal storage and everything still no use
    unrooted the device does not help as well
    can any one help here ?

  42. Bruno says:

    I got the same GPS problem after flashing C-ROM, I went back to stock, and wipe everything out, without any solution. Still no gps status.

  43. B says:

    Also, absolutely no GPS. Tried everything; “fixes,” “patches,” etc… On 4.4.4 CM11

  44. abdullah says:

    Dose rom CM11.4.4.4 install on n900

  45. Ray says:

    Help. I’m stuck on boot loop. I tried the format system and even restoring and then trying to reinstall again and I’m still stuck.

    I keepgetting the error:

    Set Warranty Bit: kernel

    and then I get stuck on the looping Cyanogenmod screen with the arrow going around it.
    Please help, thanks so much!

    • Marko says:

      Set Warranty Bit: kernel” is normal, it appears every time you run/boot a custom ROM.

      If you are stuck in a boot-loop I would suggest doing “wipe user data/factory reset” (CWM first screen) and then possibly re-flash. Note that this will erase your apps and some data (if that didn’t happen already).

  46. bangbang23 says:

    Would I brick my Note 3 if I own the AT&T model but flash this rom?

  47. Dave C says:

    I just wanted to comment – I’ve been using this as a daily for about 1 month now and have had some serious issues; The majority of the time the screen unlock wake up process takes a good 3 seconds or so. (Press the power/home button and wait 1-3 seconds for the screen to even light up)
    Additionally I’ve been having kernel crashes that force a phone reboot between 1-3 times a day. It’s rare when I make it through a day without a catastrophic crash. I’m loading up Infamous ROM now instead (had that prior to CM11) and didn’t have crashing issues.

  48. Jerry says:

    I have been also having issues with cm11 rom where my internet locks up I have to reboot always. My walpapers change at start up back to original I have to constantly switch back. I get messages at start up that bla bla bla stopped running. I gave up on it

  49. Yaro says:

    Works pretty good. GPS finall5 works unlike on Samsung rom 4.4.2. But NFC doesn’t! How can it be fixed? I’m using Google wallet, I need nfc badly

  50. ntoe3user says:

    Yea my gps is not working at all this sucks

  51. faaip says:


    Im looking for solution for 4.4.2 VPN issue (international n9005 NOT lte). As i can see CM11 makes much more trouble than it solves.
    My point is – anyone tried newest releases from Can i use it on my SGN3 w/o lte option ?

  52. Carlos Cútolo says:

    Can I install this on my sm-n900? Or only in the model described?

  53. sherif says:

    I have installed the above GPS application and still GPS signal lost.

  54. Mark says:

    my wifi is so slow with CM 11 m8. when is m9 coming out?

  55. jerry says:

    Ditch cm11 it is placed with problems best rom ever hyperDrive rom! Install no need to look back and fast!!!!

  56. Sabu says:

    I want kitkat 4.4.4 c rom for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sm n900 please give me link

  57. Omar Tirado says:

    Hi, I have a SM-N900W8 the one that sells on México , Should I get any problem installing this ROM?

  58. Felix Suero says:

    Does this work for N900T? if so is that the only Gapps there is to install or is there a better one?

  59. vijay says:

    I installed cm 11 in my n 9005 however my phone screen gets blank when I make a call. Don’t know how to fix it. I have kitkat 4.4.4

    • Ashley Sims says:

      I have the same problem in that the screen goes blank when making a phone call – it works fine on stock ROM so can’t be a problem with the proximity sensor. Did you ever find a resolution?

  60. joey says:

    My YouTube keeps making my phone reboot every time I try to watch a video? Any suggestions

  61. tyebrea says:

    I flashed ths on my sprint note 3. but i can get GAPPS to flash. every time i try to flash it says installation aborted. any ideas?

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