How to Convert Galaxy Note 3 into Galaxy S7 Edge! [DarkWolf ROM][V8.5]


If you are jealous of your friends who have recently bought a brand, new Galaxy S7 Edge, you don’t have to be anymore as there’s a way to convert your Galaxy Note 3 into S7 Edge and also have Note 5 features.

Samsung has also stopped supporting Note 3 and since there’s no official TouchWiz Marshmallow updates (yet), this will also give you the latest Android 6.0.1 running on your Note 3.


(S7 Edge Always On screen working!)

To do this, there are various different ROMs you can use but I found DarkWolf ROM to be the best so far that I have tried.  Based on latest S7 Edge SM-G935F firmware, the DarkWolf ROM brings you all of the software features of Galaxy S7 Edge to your Note 3 including Edge screen panels, S7 Edge apps, Always On screen(yes it works!!!), Game Launcher (so you can record games while you play), and even S7 Edge camera!


(S7 Edge camera working on Note 3!  Not all modes work but basic photos/videos work fine along with full 4K video recording for back camera and 1080P on front.)

Now, this ROM isn’t perfect as NFC does not work but it is still usable as daily driver since voice calls work well and everything else pretty much works out of the box.

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  1. ibrag474 says:

    Is there a way to fix NFC?

    • Max Lee says:

      Not yet.

      • samy zaki says:

        Is the hot spot working on this Rom ?

      • derrick says:

        How do you download the rom

      • Elvin Tan says:

        Settings and Samsung Keyboard cannot open and use.I regret downloading this rom.

      • Chris says:

        Max, could you please link me to the kernel you used for this rom? I have been trying all night to get it to boot but i keep getting stuck at the samsung logo screen and my phone gets stupid hot and drains my battery dead, even when its plugged in. I think the problem is the kernel but i dont know what kernel to use as the xda post doesnt have a link for it.

        • Ifeanyi says:

          I am actally passing through the same thing on the n900t please help

        • Daniel says:

          I had the same issue, stuck @ Samsung logo …

          Try …
          1. Double wipe
          2. System format
          3. Take out the battery to power off
          4. Flash the v8.5 ROM (no SIM with v2.0)

          Hotspot don’t work but tried sharing internet through Bluetooth but it’s extreme slow!

      • hamza says:

        iwant s7rom into j7 help me please

      • Arbab Khan says:

        I have Instlled DarkWolf rom into my samsung galaxy note 3 n9005 but i have not install that kernel zip file into my mobile and faced a problem of moile hotspot and NFC
        so,is there any way to fix the problem of mobile hotspot??
        please reply me beause i use it very much..
        and max..please let me know that is there any other bugs in this rom??

  2. Ivan says:

    This rom isnt working for me at all. I stuck in booting stage after flashing this rom. I have no idea how yout get this rom running on your devices. On my SM-N9005 this rom is not booting, so I think people shouldnt flash this rom on their Galaxy note’s.

  3. John Vondermark says:

    This ro is sucks. I got installed it and it boots up. But it’s working sooooooo slow. And it’s giving me wrong notification which asks that there is not enough memory for system. Allways on display isn’t working properly, it’s blinking every minute and after this turn off. It’s has a lots of glitches and bugs. It can’t but from one attempt, I need to do 2 or 3 attempts to boot it and maybe after few attempt it boot up. It drains battery even faster than RR rom with it’s stock kernel. I better use RR rom than this or go back to DarkLord N5 rom, because it’s working properly without errors. I don’t like this DarkWolf S7 edge rom and recommend forget about this rom, because flashing it on your Note 3 is just a time wasting!

  4. David says:

    The rom isn’t booting 🙁

  5. Paul says:

    Work on N900A ?????

    • Max Lee says:

      No I couldn’t get it to work.

      • jalil says:

        sir, plz if you could make it work with n900a, that will be biggest help

        • Awan says:

          I am also looking for a s6, s7 rom for n900a, tried norma but had battery issue so had to revert back to lolipop, Please max do something about n900a, its been a long time you haven’t given us anything for n900a, please please please

  6. johnsnow says:

    yup does not work on the n900, since it does not have the proper kernel.

  7. ramon says:

    the rom does not work on n9005(t mobile), even if you do a factory wipe and system wipe. can you fix this so that we have an alternative if we don’t like other marshmallow rom for note 3. appreciate your prompt action in this regard.

  8. Bo says:

    Not booting with the enforsing error att the top left. After 10 attempts it booted but then it just rebooted after clicking Yes to a license agreement in the beginning. Must click Yes to continue. 10 attempts and still rebooted just there after clicking Yes. Restored back with CWM where I had made backup of everything to begin with.

  9. Steven Finley (hellzzratt) says:

    Hey Max you are awesome all your hard work is much appreciated and yes I have a question problem?
    I have the t-mobile note 3 sm- n900t I installed the dark wolf rom I had the lollipop bootloader did everything you have
    Instructed I’m fairly meticulous about how I do these things but anyway I keep getting an error message when trying to
    Get to the settings saying that settings has stopped? ? Is there something I am missing? I like the rom so far but just that one problem? ??? Can you help?
    Thank you in advance. .

    • Max Lee says:

      Try formatting system and reinstall ROM, see:

  10. Josh says:

    Do I need to flash Gapps for this ROM or do they come with?

  11. Tony Bornschein says:

    Is the s-view feature included?

  12. Anand says:

    Max I need your help… settings not working for mr

  13. Anand says:

    My phone is note 3 international version sm-9005

    • John says:

      Try using mol s7 edge rom modified from darklords s7 edge pot…works smooth on my note 3 n9005 international
      Also has some mods and fixes

  14. Anand says:

    It’s OK I fixed it

  15. chris says:

    Hey Max
    Ive been testing this rom all weekend and its not bad.
    One probelm i have encountered is my messages send but regeater as undelivered.
    No odea whats causing it.

    Also xnote was the best rom ever…

    • Max Lee says:

      Did you try setting APN manually? See

      • Gustafski says:

        Hey Max, Ady below said to flash the kernel to solve the sms problem (says the message failed to send, but it actually sends it). Can you let me know which kernel I need to download as I’m a beginner when it comes to custom roms etc. Thanks!!!

    • Dani says:

      I have the same problem.

    • BiggDoggLarry says:

      Same boat. Messages are sending but showing up as failed PLUS I’m getting the “Moisture Detected” error. So What! This ROM is almost flawless! Frigging super fast too! Still trying get to get the battery under control but other than that, it’s awesome on my T-mobile Note 3. Guys you gotta do the reset after installing PLUS it takes a looooong time to boot the first time. Be Patient. Go do something while you’re waiting. I’m gonna try the APN thing now.

  16. Erel says:

    Hi, Max! There is a Moisture Detected error appearing even though my Note 3 is not wet, then it will eestart. How can I fix this?

  17. Panos says:

    Guys I have a sm-n9005 currently I’m running aryamod 8.1 rom with lean kernel after doing all the wipes that max recommended I couldn’t get it work to properly phone booted overheated then reboot so I went back to my backup everybody follow with their problems so we can fix it

  18. Anand says:

    Camera unfortunately stopping on my flip screen

  19. amaretto79 says:

    How long does it take to boot.? I just flashed and it seems to be stuck at the Samsung Logo followed all instructions and still nothing.

    • Bobby says:

      I flashed this rom on my n900t a few days ago and the boot took around 15.0 minutes before I got the apps loading screen, which boots right before the initial settings. So in my experiences with this particular rom the boot times were sort of long. But I, unfortunately have dropped my device in a full sink of water so I’m working with a true warrior.

  20. Ahmed says:

    HI max, why the rom working without sim card when I put it the device be very hot and doesn’t work when I take it off the phone is working place answer me…

  21. Davinder singh says:

    i install this rom my n9005 working good but sir i insert the sim card my phone auto restart problem, please solve my problem

  22. Haha says:

    Please make this rom worked on note3 smn900

  23. Roteador Wifi não funciona tem como resolver isso???

  24. Tiky says:

    Hi Max, im from Malaysia. This rom is working fine on my n9005 with some bugs. Always on display not working well, the clock is just blinking instead of staying on, edge feed not working, shortcut to activate camera when my s view cover closed not working.

    By the way, still very happy with this rom, performance is good and battery life is excellent.

  25. Julian Marchena says:

    Working FINE in Note 3 (T-Mobil) This is what I did.
    Flashing this rom to work correctly wasnt easy. Do this and it will work on the T-mobil version.
    1) Go to CWM – Mount/storage, – Format/system
    2) Wipe data/Factory reset and wipe cache 3 times
    3) Instal zip/choose zip from… select the rom and and follow the installation
    4) the final step from the installation will ask you to make a reboot, select NO you will be back a CWM.
    5) At CWM do a Wipe Data/Factory reset, then reboot.
    7) When booting and the SAMSUNG lighting white apears dont let it get freeze, every time you see that the blinking light is slowing down, keep pressing or the home key, volume or the PWR button.
    8) The first boot should be done in less than 10 min maybe 5min. Enjoy

    hope this work for you!

  26. Julian Marchena says:

    Another important thing to get this working fine is

    At startup screen it will say do you want to send diagnostic data? by default it is checked. you want to UNCHECK it (if you dont your phone will go into a boot loop)

  27. Quinn L. says:

    Here are the bugs I’m experiencing…

    The messenger says that the message failed to send. It does send. On Xda, the dev said that he fixed it, but I don’t see any updates.

    The Always on screen flickers.

    The camera is super laggy when it comes to switching between front or rear facing camera. Also, the video recording crashes when attempting to video with the front facing camera.

    I had to flash an extra zip file to get the LTE working.

    I wish there was an advanced power button setting, but I installed the Quick Boot app to make up for that.

    There’s no option to have the backlight on the the buttons to be permanently turned off.

    Google Now doesn’t launch from long pressing the Home Key.

    I think that’s about it. I hope there will be updates for this, because everything else works well and I want to support the developers on this great work.

  28. Maria says:

    Works ok … but no phone! When phone turns on it gets 4g/LTE signal for about 30s and goes off as no sim card is on. Enought to confirm Whatsapp in a third boot! But that’s it. I’ve tried removing sim and putting it back, with a second sim, nothing. This is the reason I’ll go back to my old Lollipop!!!! Besides that, phone gets hot as hell when in use and there are so many new not-so-usefull things in the Edge that I spend a lot of time disabling them all!!!! Battery is going down as rain also.

  29. Sean says:

    This ROM work on SM-N900 EXYNOS.??

  30. ramon says:

    I think I finally made it worked. however, when I looked at software info, it says android 5.1.1, build no.: darklord n5, and model no.: sm-n920c.

    am I supposed to get these specs. I thought It has marshmallow 6.0.1 and the build no. is not for darkwolf rom. could you enlighten on the above.

    thank you in advance for your support

  31. Ahmad Umar says:

    Is this rom comfortable with Exynos SM N900?

  32. Daniel M. says:

    I tried to install this ROM with TWRP v3.0.0.2 but after wiping 3 times and all sections while starting the installation the lines run throug then I see “Aroma Launcher 2.7”. and then the phone is rebooting by it self.
    changed to cwm 6.8 same problem.
    wiping and everything works fine but after starting installation it freezes after the line Aroma Launcher 2.7….
    nothing happens for hours.
    what’s the problem?
    hope you can help me. (got a sm-9005 Europe from Germany)

    • Julian Marchena says:

      Follow the steps i mentioned before…
      Another important thing to get this working fine is

      At startup screen it will say do you want to send diagnostic data? by default it is checked. you want to UNCHECK it (if you dont your phone will go into a boot loop)

  33. Flomo says:

    Hey Max, i really need your help. My phone keeps going directly to download mode whenever i try to go to recovery mode (vol up, power, and home at the same). This happened after i rooted my phone using “CF-Auto-Root-hltetmo-hltetmo-smn900t” and odin and then updated the cwm using “n900s-cwm-recovery-”. Before i updated the cwm, it went to recovery mode but the cwm was outdated. That’s why i wanted to update it so i could try out this new rom. I should also mention that before I updated using “n900s-cwm-recovery-”, i used Rom manager to update cwm and it still went to download mode instead of recovery mode. I have the T-mobile sm-n900t and it’s running version 5.0. Can you help with this problem? Thanks in advance

    • keay says:

      i would like to know if cwm-recovery- will work on a Note 3 running 5.0. i noticed on the video, your bootloader was version i’m not seeing that recovery option available on the galaxynote3root page. do we just grab it from the note4(5) section from the ROM downloader site instead? tia

  34. Karoste says:

    How do u go back to the normal lollipop??

  35. Raghuvir says:

    Hi Max,
    I Tried to install but error showing Footer is wrong signature verification failed.
    Please guide how to fix.
    I really want this ROM because i love it.

  36. Djiass says:

    Hi Max
    The external card not showing in windows 10 only internal storage is showing. Any other having the same problem???

  37. Lee says:

    Hey Max, phone boots but then suddenly becomes unresponsive for 3 4 seconds then vibrates and restarts. happens again and again. SMN9005 Qualcomm

    • Julian Marchena says:

      At startup screen it will say do you want to send diagnostic data? by default it is checked. you want to UNCHECK it (if you dont your phone will go into a boot loop)

  38. Cash says:

    unfortunate stop error… how to fix thix?

  39. Tony says:

    Has anyone came up with a fix for Messenger SMS?

  40. Ahmed says:

    photo goes to reboot with sim connected
    so please inform me if there is any solution for this ( my phone SM- n9005 )
    kindly note i tried to install fix 3g from xdv but same problem

    • Brian says:

      same problem with alot of people here! phone only works when there is no sim card.
      Phone will automatically restart if sim card is inserted in under 50 seconds

  41. Mark says:

    Hey Max, is this ROM will work on Korean SM-N900S ?

  42. Anurag says:

    Does.this thing work on sm-n9002 ?

  43. Ashok says:

    how is battery life compared to stock ROM?

  44. Mohit says:

    How to convert S5 into s7 edge

  45. M.Jahanzeb says:

    Hey, Max i wanted to know is there anyway to install this rom on N900V…
    And from N9005 and N9000 which one is better?

  46. Wilson says:

    my video recording wont work, i cannot save any videos at all, tried using different video recording apps as well, any fix for this?

  47. NABIL JOSEPH EID says:

    Hello Max! Working fine with my n9005 international. 2 Issues: the wet usb port message when restarting and the screen blinking when Always On Display. I didn’t install Gapps. Is this really necessary?

  48. Ashok says:

    Guys my suggest dont install PORTED TOUCHWIZ moving to Cyanogen 13 Stable build no big issue compare to stock

  49. Kevin Polite says:

    I have tmobile note 3 n900t and got the rom to flash after several tries. The only problem I have it seems pretty laggy compared to Darklord N5 rom. Anyone else having this issue with the rom?

  50. Presario says:

    Hi max… whenever i send messges it fails… what causes that?…. i need to fix that

  51. Biruk says:

    Does it works on samsung galax y note 4 SM-N910C

  52. Lucian Taslauan says:

    I can’t turn on manually mobile data. I can use mobile data only when I’m connected to wi-fi network and I take the phone out of wi-fi range. Then it lose the wi-fi connection and automatically connects to mobile data. But I want to be able to connect to mobile data manually even where is no wi-fi network. Also mobile hotspot is not working. I need help please.

  53. Arthur Peter Sanyanga says:

    Mobile hotpot not working any fix?

  54. Link says:

    Here do I download it ?

  55. Matt says:

    Download link not working. I’ve tried several times it takes forever gets to 33% and stops then I get. Afailed message.

  56. Kevin Polite says:

    Max is there a way to fix the rom from lagging?

  57. tushar says:

    hotspot not warking

  58. Unknown9111 says:

    Plz hwlp my phones carrier network doesnt function properly it turns on and off every second I tried sim changw factpry reset but no hope plz help

  59. MUCO says:

    also trying to SM-N900

  60. Navithan says:

    Hey my data isnt working properly it comes on and off do u have any solution ?

  61. Diwakar says:

    Download link isn’t working properly…
    It takes so much time to get to 12% and then stops and then i have to restart the download and it is happening again and again and again…. pleasee give me a solution for this

  62. chris says:

    It says my SD card is corrupted(64gb). But I tried sd card to diff mobile, its working properly. I also tried u sing a 32gb, it works properly on my mobile. Anybody had thesee bug? Any suggestions, Max?

    • Vikas says:

      I have similar issue 64GB Strontium Nitro 566x shows corrupt prompting me to format it. File System support issue on ROM I’m sure coz I’m able to access files in it via TWRP.

  63. Brian wall says:

    Mine is saying moistufe detected in charging port is there a fix cause it just keeps rebooting

  64. Daveboy says:

    I got my rom booted and running on my note 3 N9005. But once I insert my sim card it just starts to reboot again and again by its self. Any suggestions?

  65. hakimi says:

    works well on my smoothly without any probs…thanks bro..keep it up!

  66. Medo_uzx says:

    Is there is any fix for mobile hotspot ???

  67. seni says:

    Hello and thank you for the tutorial everything works very well except that I quan but my smart phone restarts all only could you help me

  68. richard says:

    Hello Max thank you very much i could install this and like it very much by now.


    1. can’t send SMS
    2. S-PEN handwriting recognition inside keyboard (when writing email or sms) is gone

    any clue?

  69. Kaitozaki says:

    Can’t get xposed to work. Stuck on boot screen…rom is fine…but I really need xposed installed with zip…

  70. Ady says:

    HI guys I had the same problem my phone couldn’t send texts and kept resetting it self.. that now has been fixed with (IDLE KERNEL – hlte eur) flash this with either CWR or TWRP and you should be golden 🙂

    • Gustafski says:

      Hey Ady, having the sms problem after flashing this rom. (Says message failed but actually sends it). A bit of a beginner here, so any chance you can let me know where exactly to find the right kernel so I can flash it?? Thanks!

  71. Julian Marchena says:

    Working FINE in Note 3 (T-Mobil) This is what I did.
    Flashing this rom to work correctly wasnt easy. Do this and it will work on the T-mobil version.
    1) Go to CWM – Mount/storage, – Format/system
    2) Wipe data/Factory reset and wipe cache 3 times
    3) Instal zip/choose zip from… select the rom and and follow the installation
    4) the final step from the installation will ask you to make a reboot, select NO you will be back a CWM.
    5) At CWM do a Wipe Data/Factory reset, then reboot.
    7) When booting and the SAMSUNG lighting white apears dont let it get freeze, every time you see that the blinking light is slowing down, keep pressing or the home key, volume or the PWR button.
    8) The first boot should be done in less than 10 min maybe 5min.

    Another important thing to get this working fine is
    At startup screen it will say do you want to send diagnostic data? by default it is checked. you want to UNCHECK it (if you dont your phone will go into a boot loop)


    • Amos says:

      Did you have any issues after you installed the ROM. I followed your step and it worked, thank you very much, but my back camera won’t work. it says “camera failed” when i open it. Also my SD card does show when i connect to a PC. and the clock flashes instead of staying on my screen is off. That’s not a big deal tho. My main problem is the camera. Have you experienced any of those problems or anything different or does your work flawlessly. If you know how to fix those issues please let me know. Thank you

  72. Ady says:

    Sorry CWM….. the kernel info is on xda relating to s7 ports to devices. Look for the dark wolf rom on xda and the kernel info should be at the bottom of the page.

  73. Juan says:

    does it works on n900?

  74. guru says:

    No footer
    Signature verification failed error shows when installing this rom

  75. Ben says:

    Installed DarkWolf ROM on SM-N9005, works pretty well. Took a long time to reboot after flash. Got Moisture detection message a few times but then disappeared altogether. Only issue I have is when connected to PC the external SDcard is not visible, only the device is accessible. Battery life not great and phone heats up when surfing or watching youtube.

  76. Yaqoob Khan says:

    i have update but after rebooting it is runing on lolipop

  77. Nheekn says:

    Will this work on 900V? Also does this support WiFi calling?

  78. Ady says:

    Gustafski – go to idlekernel .com

    You want to look for your model kernel I’m using sm9005 so I use the EUR kernel.

  79. asad abbas says:

    i have got n9005 and the phone is stuck on samsung logo. tried factory reset and wipe cache from twrp but still it isnt working. plz help me with some solution

    • Kavish says:

      Just Wait for more than 15 minutes..first i thought my phone is Bricked too.i flash serval times.and factory resets too.but no luck.
      but after i leave my phone for 15 minutes and phone becomes Hot..after 15 minutes, works.! 😀

  80. Kavish says:

    WoooooooooW It works Flawlessly on my korean Note 3 (SM-N900K).Verry speed,Smooth without lags.
    And its better than official lollipop.and saves battery too.Beautifull UI.
    i thought my phone is brick and on boot-loop on the first time bootup.but i leave it for 15 minutes… Bammm.. it works 😉
    Thanks Bro.! (y)

  81. shav says:

    Thank you max lee for your guidance..ive got it installed but i have a few issues..SM9005 international…my AOD(always on display) only shows continuously when phone is charging…other times- just keeps flashing once in a while here and there. Also, does anyone know what that “moisture in your port bla blah..” is all about.?

  82. ramy says:

    hey max big fan of your work i have a note 3 sm-900w8 witch version is it? and does this rom work on it


  83. Josh says:

    Hey lee…thanx for the rom…Its working perfectly….But thr is a small problem…I’m unable to send messages via the stock thr a way to solve this problem??

  84. Ihtesham Mustafa says:

    my Note 3 cant boot after flash darkwolf Galaxy s7 edge rom.I stuck at samsung logo…plzzz help me and fix my problen…..

  85. Jivan Khachatryan says:

    Hi all.
    Had a problem with Network Sett. (toggling on/off)
    In welcome setup page uncheck (send diagnostic data?) and continue setup…

  86. Khaled says:

    i have problem when LTE is on phone reboot automatically help please 🙁

  87. Dave Raj says:

    Hi . Is there an update for this rom?

  88. amir says:

    any fix for hotspot i am using darkwolf s7 rom for n900t

  89. amin says:

    Dear My friend
    Finally i find the problem (restart phone due to inserting Simcard)
    First of all I use factory reset in the setting. and after that insert SD card and then insert simcard and finally everything were Good.

  90. Mustafa says:

    Hi . Is it work for N9000q.

  91. Eno says:

    I have the tmobile note 3 and i am running the ResurrectionRemix-M-v.5.6 as now, and so I finally got this beautiful looking rom to download and when I went to install it, it says its going to reboot into the aroma installer and just reboots itself back to twrp. I’ve done a full wipe (except internal storage and micro SD)

    • Eno says:

      Edit: By this beautiful rom i am referring to the DarkWorf S7 Edge Rom. I am having problems just booting it into the aroma installer. All help is appreciated in advance.

  92. Kendall Gwyne Jalandoni says:


  93. Kendall Gwyne Jalandoni says:


  94. John says:

    Will this work on N900p (sprint)?

  95. zee says:

    No LTE and NO Text messages…am lost….N900w8 rogers…

    can anyone help???

  96. shankol says:

    Hi Max

    it work fine on my N9005, but the battery finish very fast, and get worm????

  97. ash the gamer says:

    does thsis works in note 2……..

  98. Elvin Tan says:

    It takes very long to boot up,settings and keyboard cannot open and use.I regret downloading this rom.Can you help me pls Max?

  99. Cash says:

    My note 3.. say voice out of service /data in service after I flash this Rom. . I try to flash original stock rom. . But it din’t help.

    Please help me
    .data work fine but voice service doesn’t.

  100. fadhil jassim says:

    Check port

    moisture has been detected. To charge your device, make sure your charger/USB port is dry.

    what problem because it well be restart immediately again over again ?

  101. john says:

    Md5 not found. Using twrp recovery.note 3 sm n9005.

  102. rajeev virmani says:

    hi lee,
    myself rajeev from india, i installed your darklord rom on my note3 sm n900 indian version (i guess) it wasn’t mentioned in ur demo. my fone is showing no changes instead getting restart automatically.. please tell me is my phone not compatible with ur rom and how can i restore my phone. pls relpy asap.

  103. Jesse says:

    Hi Max, does it work for the sprint version?

  104. Note 3 says:

    Waisting time. Does not work. Make a backup before.

  105. Payssalk says:

    How to show hidden menu *#*#00#*#*

  106. Suryarajsinh Vala says:

    can i convert my note 3 neo into note 5?? please reply fast i am waiting…

  107. Reazul says:

    Stuck on Samsung galaxy note 3 bootup after installation. help please

  108. Mun Fong says:

    Stuck on galaxy note 3 SM-N9005 booting after install rom, Wide data/ factory reset and reboot, what is the solution to fix it, Freezzzzzzzzzz when reboot…..

  109. Lavath says:

    Where is the link?

  110. Abdulrullz says:

    Does it work on Indian Note 3 with exinos processor ?

  111. huzaifa says:

    can u please tell exactly what kenel,bootloader and modem u have used to make it work without any errors
    unless ur post is a fake u shud be able to give this information out

  112. sajana says:

    is it works on n900s?

  113. MSM says:

    It stuck in booting.. i kept for half an hour. No luck. Only I could see the samsung logo.
    When I went to xda-developer for the particular thread, it says, kernel is not included with this rom.
    Where can I get the kernel?

  114. Matt says:

    well, let me say that I stuck onthe original Note 3 bootscreen after flashing this rom – even with the option wipe data-factory… I guess this shouldnt be right.

    • MSM says:

      As per xda-dev and “Mun Fong” comment’s, I believe the kernel is missing in this.

      • Kevin Polite says:

        You have to flash the kernel seperately. There is a link for the kernel on xda.

      • MAtt says:

        Thanks, flashed the kernel also. The phone is working but IMO is getting a bit too warm and there is no storage showing up at all (internal/external)

        • Kevin Polite says:

          ??? Explain. The storage shows up just as internal and external. If you tap on internal there is greater detail.

          • Matt says:

            I just installed another rom because I needed a working phone. But anyway, the storage wasnt even available via PC. It only showed about 120MB free space…. really strange.

        • Chris says:

          where did you get the kernel? could you please link it to me??

  115. ARS says:

    Camera app does not work (do not open)
    Change language does not work
    SD card doesnt not connected
    Batteries heat and die soon
    Screen capture does not work
    Screen recording does not work
    File Manager doesnt show any files and shows very, very low data on it
    it drops a shit load of fps and jerks off
    Sometimes Always On Display does not work

  116. marouane says:

    hey guys help i did every thing as he said root cwm recovery mode bootloader and stuff when i got to install the ROM it took hours and it didnt install so i turned the phone now off now i turn it on and its tuck at the samsung galaxy note 3 SM-N9005 nothing else plz help asap

  117. Kevin Polite says:

    This is one of the best roms I have ever installed if done correctly.

  118. joshua says:

    it works on korean models?

  119. pankaj says:

    this rom works on note 3 neo n750

    • Suryarajsinh Vala says:

      How this work i try this but not work it stop on 20% and than fail the try this rom on note 3 neo sm n750??? Please reply me ASAP

  120. Eno says:

    I have the V2.0 of this rom and it works fine, well battery life could be better, but i tried upgrading to the V8.5 and it installed correctly and boots up BUT it tells me my sim card isn’t inserted when it was never taken out. Somebody please help!
    Thanks in advance.

  121. Ali says:

    Crap not Working Just Stucked on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

  122. michael says:

    Will this work on sm-n900v

  123. jibin raj says:

    sim not worrkin on darkwolf v8.5

  124. derant Barrett says:

    It says (resume unsupported) on my downloaded it stopped then glitched back to 50% after 800mb. When i clicked to refresh the link it said the link doesn’t support resume. Wtf?

  125. mucoooo says:

    Can I use for sm-n900

  126. Zack says:

    Can I use this on my SM-N900T and what’s a good kernel to use with the ROM

  127. Yearlyking says:

    How fix wifi is not working !!

  128. kavind says:

    it saying that kernel is not seandroid enforcing when booting(the white samsung logo) after install the s7 rom

  129. Umar says:

    I flashed s7edge rom in note 3. but when I flash xposed framework zip in my phone my phone still hang on bootloop and phone does not start. How I fix bootloop??

  130. Louie says:

    Is this also good for note 3 SM-N900L?

  131. Salmi says:

    Hey Max,

    I have SM-N900W8 Canadian Note 3 currently running DarkLord. I tried to flash it with DarkWolf V8.5 and V2 but none of them worked. After flashing when the phone is rebooted, it would not load the ROM. The notification light keep on flashing in blue color but nothing happened even after keeping it ON for more than 30 minutes. I tried about 6-7 times in series (giving the ROM more than 10 minutes each time in a hope to load up) but it would not go beyond that status. As instructed I used twrp-recovery-failproof-method – No success. I also ran MD5 checksum. But during flashing process, the TWRP would not detect MD5 file. it always fail when MD5 verification is checked.

    I tried for two days and then gave up. 🙁
    Any idea where am I making mistake.


  132. Ady says:

    I had this romantic worked fine but.. had a few problems. So switched to ARYAMOD v6.2 rom. All I can say is WOW. Comes with note7 goodies too. And is customisable best rom port out there..

  133. Ady says:

    I had this rom worked fine but.. had a few problems. So switched to ARYAMOD v6.2 rom. All I can say is WOW. Comes with note7 goodies too. And is customisable best rom port out there..

  134. Anshuman Rathee says:

    The Download link is not working. It opens the same page again. Please fix it.

  135. majid says:

    i installed the rom and everything installed nicely but at the end of installation it says “symlink . some symlink field”
    and my phone dont bootup now

    can you please help me with that ?

  136. govind says:

    is this useful sm900

  137. govind says:

    is this useful sm n900

  138. John says:

    Hey Max, I’ve installed the Darkwolf ROM and everything works fine except the heptic feedback of my Samsung Keyboard. I’vr turned on keyboard vibration and made sure my power saving mode is off. Still it doesn’t work. Any idea on how to fix it?

  139. RAMA says:

    Hai max lee….
    I really enjoyed this beautifull rom….but hotspot not switched on….can u please tell me the fix method….otherwise rom work is excellent…thanx bro…i am using SM-9005 EUROPE VERSION

  140. Sujan Amatya says:

    Does It work on Samsung SM-N500 model

  141. Todd C says:

    I get constant “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” and I have no phone, it doesn’t recognize SIM. Anyone else with this issue???

  142. Hafeez ullah says:

    how to download this??

  143. Yash Patel says:

    Help, I keep getting errors when I want to install an app. I keep getting play store error 963. Tried everything no help.

  144. Hans says:

    Link plz tell me the steps

  145. Coco says:

    Help, could it work for SM-N9008 (a chinese version)?

  146. ihtesham says:

    can someone please provide the link to kernal for t mobilt n900t? i cant find it on xda. phone is stuck at logo now more than 15 minutes and i was consistently pushing the home button to keep it awake.

  147. qaisar says:

    Is it work on SM-N900V.?

  148. Denver says:

    Tried to install it many times, again and again, full wipe, format, changing options… no Way to get it work on my N9005 Eur.
    So I wanted to flash my Darklord N5 like before and… booting… booting… arrgh !!
    Even stock rom is having issues : settings closing, bootloop while using Waze app…
    I saw Phronesis looks great, based on Darklord N5. I’ll try…

  149. kulwinder saroya says:

    where is link to download ROM

  150. sapon says:

    can i use this rom in sm-n900

  151. shehroze says:

    no downloading link is shown on the site how can i download that rom?

  152. Dorian says:

    Hy, MD5 file not found..i have a note 3 international

  153. Ahmed says:

    my experiment was like : first i used the second s7 updated firmware but never booted, then i tried the old version it worked well and booted after about 15 Mins, then the phone was rebooting, then i reinstalled this firmware but at the first boot up at startup screen it will say do you want to send diagnostic data? by default it is checked. you must UNCHECK it (if you dont your phone will go into a reboot loop). and then phone worked perfect. lt was good experiment but note 3 original firmware was much faster than this s7 ones.

  154. James says:

    am I the only one having issue with bluetooth? i am trying to use bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth Camera clicker. it does get paired, but no action when pressing keys. any help? thanks in advance

  155. Leah says:

    Hi. I’ve just watched the videos about this and i’m kinda interesred doing it on my phone. Can anyone teach me how to?

  156. walid says:

    max kindly help tried but it keeps on hanging please advise

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