How to Convert Galaxy Note 3 into Note 5!


Can’t afford a Note 5?  Perhaps you don’t like the fact that Note 5 no longer has microSD slot and removable battery?

No worries, you can easily convert your Galaxy Note 3 into a Note 5 using the DarkLord N5 ROM.

Based on latest Android 5.1.1 Note 5 firmware, the DarkLord N5 ROM brings you all the features of Note 5 plus much much more.  Inside, you will find everything you can do on the Note 5 including themes, settings, UI, etc…etc…  For S-Pen, you will be able to enjoy all of the new Note 5 features along with screen-off memo that works flawless.  Essentially, the DarkLord N5 ROM makes your Note 3 better than Note 5 with support for IR blaster, multi-window for any apps, People Edge/App Edge from S6 Edge Plus, and more.

Performance is decent on its stock kernel with excellent battery life, probably much better than on a real Note 5.  With custom kernel, you should also be able to improve the performance quite a bit, I should have an update on that also.

Overall, if you want to convert your Note 3 into Note 5, the DarkLord N5 ROM will do just that.  Of course, you won’t be able to get any feature on the Note 5 that requires Note 5 hardware such as the fingerprint sensor but otherwise it’s simply amazing.  So, definitely give this guy a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think!

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  1. Bobby says:

    In order to convert my tmobile note 3 into a note 5 with a custom rom.Do I need a kitkat bootloader or the latest lollipop bootloader.

  2. Bobby says:

    My model is Tmobile Note 3 SM-N900T.In order to convert my tmobile note 3 into a note 5 based off latest note 5 5.1.1 firmware do I need a kitkat bootloader or latest lollipop bootloader.

  3. Ahmed says:

    Why isn’t any note 5 Rom for the Note 3 (SM-N900)?

  4. Asom says:

    Does this work on the att note 3 version??

  5. Lucky says:

    Does it support wifi calling

  6. Samer says:

    does this rom work with galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition lte(p605) since it has same prosseser of note n 9005 ?

  7. Daniel says:

    Hey Max,
    Is there anyway to delete the what’s app which comes with this rom, I can’t restore my titanium with this.

  8. Rocky G says:

    I tried to install this on a stock, rooted 900t and no matter which he I chose in the first Aroma screen it always come up in Vietnamese. Help!

  9. Clint says:

    Can send pictures sprint snn00p

  10. Jeff says:

    I installed this ROM successfully without a hitch, am running this ROM for a couple of days now, except that I bought a refurbished Note 3 from TMO without insurance, the original ROM works fine with earpiece speaker working right, after trying different ROM AICP and some other ROM earpiece speaker stop working, i replace that earpiece module without any luck, any opinion? I used the phone function using the speakerphone functionality (buttom speaker). Any ideas how to fix this thingy?

    • cristityy says:

      Try to power off the phone>press vol down and power>keep holding until fully boots.i got the same problem on t230 and that hardware fix help me

  11. Brian says:

    Installed with no provlem, but bow have no network data or signal. Took a day and a bit to loose connection. Which also means i cant access any social media,because i cant log into authy. Any suggestions?


  12. 곽케빈 says:

    Hi Max,

    Is this port deodexed? I wanna know if I can install Xposed on this port. Thanks.

    • 곽케빈 says:

      I just did some reading and installed Xposed on this port ROM:

      The DarkLord N5 ROM for the Note 3 is Deodexed and I was able to install Xposed Framework on it. Specifically this one:
      All Samsung Devices on 5.1.1 with 32-bit chip like Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4 (

  13. 69Patel says:

    Running smoothly on N900w8, battery seems to be alright and ill see if battery gets better iver the next few days.Only downside of this rom is Xposed Framework doesnt work on many devices running lollipop, so your favourite mods mught be gone unless you find an alternative.

    • 곽케빈 says:

      I already installed Xposed Framework on my N900W8 using this ROM. It works.

      • 69Patel says:

        Can you send me the links that you downloaded, because i dont want to grab the wrong ones and have to go through the struggle of restoring my phoje again!

  14. Raza says:

    its freaking awesome rom. i flashed it 2 days back. everything is buttery smooth. the only problem is charging time. my fone is taking way too long to get fully charged. almost 4 hours. and the lean kernel i think is currently not compatible with the international sm n9005 model.
    Do reply.. i;ll be very thankful

  15. moiz says:

    Have you tried Tazzy Aurora? I think it looks better than the Dark Lord’s (lol) Rom.

  16. Bon says:

    I got the problem with vdo recorder when im filming with any camera app
    It to fix it

  17. Young says:

    Hi, Max. How can I fix the video recording force close? I’m using Canadian SM-N900W8. All other note 5 rom seems like video recording does not work.

  18. Robert says:

    I get this from working but *86 voice mail won’t go away help.

  19. PJA says:

    Installation on my SM-N900T, performance, etc. were all brilliant…but, I encountered one glitch that is a deal-killer:

    Using DarkLord ROM, my Note 3 won’t hold a WiFi connection for more than 15 minutes at a time. Over a 1 week period, I tested it multiple times on 4 strong WiFi networks that I have regular access to; and, each time I got the same results.

    Went back to AICP Lollipop. No S-Pen, but WiFi and everything else works perfectly. Too bad, I miss my S-Pen.

  20. Shahrul says:

    My note 3 sm n9005 work perfectly using this rom but i can’t record a video. Any solution on this

  21. baha rashed says:

    it is a very good rom.
    I find some bugs there, when I connected my phone to gear s , gear s battery drain quickly (3-4 hours)…
    another problems: when I call or answer and talk people said to me that they hear me twice.
    I cant open one note app.

  22. Vivek says:

    I am having issue after installing DarkLordN5 RC2.1 on Canadian Note 3.

    ROM itself had issue that after screen rotation it was giving massage that flip cover is installed (I did not use flip cover). Later i decided to install stock Lollipop ROM and real issue came that back and menu buttons were not working on touch. Buttons are working with S pen but not touch. Buttons also work in CM12.1 or stock 4.4.2. I was not able to find any solution for this from any side yet.

  23. Vijay says:

    Could not load DarkLord after flashing. It got stuck at Samsung logo. Flashed 5 times still no luck.

    Also plz let me know whether video recording and NFC works on this ROM as I have tried Norma, Phronesis and both doesn’t have these functions working. Both ROMs are based on DarkLord.


  24. Ronnie says:

    Themes Installed From The Theme Store Always Dissappear After Reboot On My SM900T Running Darklord N5.Any Fix For This?

  25. Catalin says:

    My IR blaster doesn’t work.
    Canadian N900W8

  26. Ian Brown says:

    After many attempts I managed to get this working – it’s amazing, quick and not crashed or anything yet, I am in UK, SM9005, I was rushing about till 2am getting it working, it was bricked at one point, but somehow fudged my way through. It’s a personal phone, but had installed for work emails, but that no longer works, as GOOD block custom rom’s apparently – has anyone had this experience, or even better still, a work around it?


  27. jawn says:

    Tried this on SM-N900P. Worked around the network issues but video recording force closes.

  28. user says:

    Hi…can u build for note 3 neo sm-n750?

  29. Darcy says:

    Solid rom, but I’m running into some serious overheating and battery drain issues. The phone CPU temp will jump to over 80 degrees Celsius after about 3 minutes of normal usage (i.e. no games or videos, just basic internet or messaging). As for the battery life, I lose a percent of battery every few minutes.

    I imagine a different kernel would help. Does anyone have any recommendations? I’m running the Canadian SM-900W8 variant.

  30. usman says:

    plz update rom galaxy note 3 sm n-900

  31. Alex says:

    I’m using this rom. It’s amazing! smooth n light.
    I’m facing some issues:
    1. Ultra power saving mode doesn’t change the screen into grayscale mode
    2. Cant use burst shot in camera.

    Anyone hv an idea to fix this?

  32. usman says:

    How to convert galaxy note 3 sm n900 in note 5 Plz upload sm n900 roms

  33. khurram maqsood says:

    Hi Max
    I’m having a major problem I did advanced wipe then I wipe all data cache internal storage dalvick cache system .and I also haven’t any backup now my phone stucks on the model screen tell me plz now what should I do?

  34. khurram maqsood says:

    Hi Max
    I’m using galaxy note 3 n9005 . Im having a major problem I did advanced wipe then I wipe all data cache internal storage dalvick cache system .and I also haven’t any backup now my phone stucks on the model screen tell me plz now what should I do?

  35. Radim says:

    Hi guys, I´m having signal issues, no data working on my EU version N9005 – I tried to reset network connection and tried to flash fix which is recommended on XDA, but still having the same problem. Any suggestions? thx Radim

  36. Esquire says:

    I Installed the ROM a few weeks ago and the only nagging problems are that Netflix does not work and Wifi Tether does not work. Other than those problems the ROM seems stable.

    Has anyone been able to come up with a Fix for those problems ie. Netflix or WiFi Tether?

  37. Esquire says:

    just to be clear, I have the Sprint Galaxy Note 3 (Now Note 5) that has now has Base Band N900PVPUCNAB and Android 5.1.1

  38. Mohib says:

    What problam this app

  39. Soheil says:

    I ran into the “Recording failed” after installing this rom how can i solve this problem and also i tried clearing cache and data of camera app and wipe cache and dalvik cache help me please

    • Darcy says:

      This is a pretty common problem that I and a number of others encountered. The issue has to do with using the previous android generation boot loader. So basically if you’ve been running a rooted note 3 for the last year or more you wouldn’t have recieved the update which would have upgraded the boot loader. Unfortunately simply installing the note 3 camera from the aroma installer doesn’t fix the problem.

      To fix this you could manually flash the latest boot loader, but the easier method is to just revert to your stock rom, run all firmware upgrades, and then try flashing this rom again. After doing this I was able to get the camera (and s note) fully up and running on this rom without any additional steps.

      • Sirhc says:

        Hi Darcy, what method did you use to revert the phone to your stock rom? i tried reverting mine using odin but it keeps on failing. can you share how you do it? I’m using canadian version note 3 sm-n900w8.

  40. Afnan says:

    Just installed the darklord note 5 rom on my note 3. However the wake up lag is unbearable. It takes a good 6-8 seconds for the screen to wake up but once it’s awake everythings fast. Also the notification light doesn’t seem to be working. If anyone knows how to solve these issues, I would really appreciate it.

  41. Mehar Hanan says:

    how to install the software on sm-n9005 samsung note 3 convert to note 5
    please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please Reply Reply
    facebook id =Mehar HANAN
    sir send me video

  42. Danny Nguyen says:

    Unable to record videos and to focus for better quality in Camera mode. Please fix it, thank you.

  43. Mazen Essam says:

    Battery draining very fast … What to do … Please help
    And how to install xposed framework ???

  44. Mehar Hanan says:

    How to download cmw recvory. ……. reply

  45. Mehar Hanan says:

    Dark lord installation problem its not installed

  46. Jeffrey Smith says:

    Installed the ROM. A couple of issues. Netflix will not work and video recording keeps failing. Will these problems be resolved?

    • Esquire says:

      I had the same problem a few months ago… Netflix not working or Video…thought I could do without….nope…after attempting many work arounds and fixes from Dev site, nothing going worked. Ended up re flashing the whole phone….

  47. Umar says:

    Is this rom deodexer?
    Darkllord note5 rom??

  48. HASSANIAN says:

    I installed the Note 5 Rom on my Note 3 SMN-900W8 (Canadian). works well but the only issue is after recording a video camera is blinking?? how do i fix this ? Camera is really important to me. i have tried re installing rom. full wipe/ clear delvik cache and .. nothing seems to help

  49. Davinder Singh says:

    GTA game running very slow on my note 3 sm n9005 s5 edge rome

  50. meti says:

    Hi there!
    i try to follow the instruction but my phone just reinstall its own rom again and again?
    i have note 3 SM 9005 running lollipop 5.
    any idea?

  51. sanju says:

    Can i install this rom on my sm-n900s(SKT)????

  52. ahmad says:

    Battery is draining very fast
    And ultra power saving mode gives me only 18 hrs at 100%
    BTW I have a new battery installed on my note 3 n9005
    Any one had any of these issues ?

  53. Mike says:

    With this rom I am not able to send pics or multimedia messages. Also the signal and battery life are worse. Anybody else having these issues?

  54. Shahad Al Alam says:

    I am SM-N900 user, Can we have this rom Please

  55. Hank Tate says:

    I installed the Dark Lord for SPRINT.
    I discovered that there is no VOICEMAIL management in the ROM and when I reinstalled Voicemail from my Titanium Backup it failed to connect to the voicemail server and doesn’t get the voicemails.

    Can anyone tell me how to get the voicemail app to connect to my Sprint Voicemail and get the messages?

    • larry says:

      Hank, thought I’d give a reply since the developer never will, I’ve had the same issue with this rom along with random “do not disturb” enabling on it’s own, no vibrate and weak signal. I’m still looking for a stable rom where everything works but I’m having no luck. I’m convinced that the people on YouTube that promote these roms don’t really test them and if so, don’t tell the whole story of the known issues. I know it’s very irritating to not get answers from these guys, so I’m very close to just going back stock because these roms are just not as good as they promote and you end up settling for a lot of irritations. Good Luck Sir.

  56. Sen says:

    I have done it successfully, thanks. however, there is a problem in videos recording it deems the videos recorded at about 2 times per second the entire film. any fix to this problem? I really enjoy the note 5 on my note 3.

  57. Sean says:

    I installed this rom on my Sprint Galaxy Note 3 without any issues. Running perfect .
    So can someone explain how to activate my Note 3?
    I’m using my other phone on my account. Now I want to switch over to my Note 3 with this rom. Any help will be appreciated

  58. Abin Kurian says:

    Its working perfectly in my N9005
    But My Battery Draining very Quickly ……
    I have done Battery calibration still its remain..
    plz any suggestion waiting for the replay

  59. JonahElizes says:

    i would love to do this on my note3 since you mentioned that SM-N900L is supported.
    btw, noob on the rooting world and still doing a lot of reading and watching videos to learn.

    i was able to root the phone however, i have several issues
    1. unable to unlock the bootloader : i downloaded the samsung usb drivers but nothing comes out when i connect my phone while in recovery mode > boot in bootloader
    2. unable to install twrp or clockworkz custom recovery. my phone doesnt seem to be listed. i tried to use the N9005 – international version, the phone went black and it doesnt load anymore, need to restore the original recovery.

    thanks a lot 🙂

  60. Han says:

    Cool rom, but becomes a pain to use in the long run.

    Apps do not automatically start up on reboot. You have to manually tap on certain apps in order to get them running. Becomes a hassle especially when it comes to instant messengers like Skype or Line. I wont know if an message comes in unless i activate them.

    Battery also drains like quicksand on this rom. I find myself replacing batteries very often. Even when i’m out with 2 fully charged batteries, didnt even last me half a day !! Whatever battery conservation method or program doesnt seem to work.

    I started off writing this message at 85% charge and now as I write this sentence, I am left with 78%.

    Very disappointing, I shaill be reverting back to Lollipop.

    • Mbudzi says:

      I have been using this rom since October last year and I think for a Note 3 the battery life is excellent, I charge in the morning and again in the evening. I removed bloatware and (I don’t know why but) I find that if I use a very dark (even black) home screen my phone doesn’t drain the battery even with heavy use. I have tried many roms before and I like this one best

  61. Han says:

    Another major flaw I forgot to mention is that the USB 3.0 functionality does not work with this rom.

    If you select the “Use USB 3.0”, you will constantly get prompted an alert error for being unable to connect via USB 3.0.

    I don’t know whether this is a limitation brought forward from the Note 5 device, because Note 5 does not have USB 3.0 function.

    You are pretty much stuck with USB 2.0.

    Overall the OS and the interface really make this one of the nicest looking and easy to use roms. But the quick battery drain, unreliability of apps, loss of USB 3.0 functions are HUGE FLAWS that cannot be overlooked.

    Unless you are someone who is always near a charger, or has many spare batteries, and can afford the time to manually turn on your apps everytime after a reboot, this is just not a feasible rom to use in the long run.

  62. allan says:

    Just turned my note3 to note5. Works perfectly well. Thanks max

  63. Anand says:

    Anyone have quality issues with the camera post this upgrade. The quality of the shots with any camera in this room is terrible. Does anyone know of any fixes/updates for this?

  64. Ann says:

    Working on N9005, N900A, N900P, N900T [ N900V i didn’t test ], N900S/L/K ( Korean version ), SC-01F and SCL-22 ( Japanese version ), Galaxy J SC-02F . NOT FOR NOTE 3 EXYNOS ( Bad luck :v )

    • larry says:

      working on all these models is not the problem, yes it will install, the question is “How Well” and what are the issues, just saying it will work does not tell us the whole story. A ford engine will work in a Chevy, but without the proper changes/modifications it will not work well…

  65. Alex Lai says:

    Hi, Max.
    Any Fix for the massages function? i am using SM-N9005.


  66. Ray says:

    Edge screen is not fully function during screen turn off. Why ? Suppose information stream could be reveal on edge of screen when my finger got swipe. The rest fully function. Tq

  67. Rima says:

    My nfc toggle on. It will for a few seconds but with all other options greyed out, and then it automatically toggles off.

  68. Vinod Thakur says:

    Hello there…I recently Install Darklord on my note 3 sprint … everything is working gr8 except Vibration. Vibration is not working But when i switch off its work after that when start it not work …

    what to do…?

  69. Larry says:

    why can’t we get help with the missing Voicemail app and some settings that randomly change settings such as the “do not disturb” switching on or the vibrate missing when it rings.

  70. Chet says:


    Well I have to say so far this has been a great rom. I had a scare because I just rooted my phone and decided to install a rom. Well my backup did not backup right and went I went to install this rom it would not boot so I thought. The aroma installer would not open and my phone kept rebooting. I finally installed twrp v2.8.7.0. I had 3.0 installed . I used odin. Well boom the Aroma installer worked. So I installed rom and phone was stuck on the Samsung screen. Well I thought it was . After 5 re installs and freaking out I just walked away and when I looked back the phone was optimizing
    apps. Whew well hope this information is useful to someone.

    • larry says:

      no it’s not helpful, it’s almost like you are kissing the developer rear end, run this thing for a week and report “all” the issues with the rom. this helps the developer know what to look for and it helps others in deciding if they want to endure the known issues or move on to another rom.

  71. Arvind Rayasam says:

    I have tried over and over to install this ROM and it just won’t work. I’m using the Canadian N900W8 via TWRP 3.0. Every time it fails at the same spot, trying to launch the Aroma installer. The process just freezes and TWRP restarts. I would have really liked to try this ROM but for now I’m going back to ResurrectionRemix until this can be sorted out. If anyone has any clues I’m all ears.


  72. George says:

    Hi I installed the rom and my gear manager, manages whatever the hell it wants….
    Is there any way to resurrect it?
    I reinstalled it a couple of times but it does not sync calendar and a couple other apps….

  73. Vlaja says:

    Wonderfully !!! 100% best rom

    You are the best !!!!

  74. Vinod Thakur says:

    Vibration is not working…its work only when i switch off the device..can anyone tell me how to fix that…i already reinstall 2 times…

  75. Chet says:

    Dirty flash and choose N9005 to fix vibration. Just flash no wipe should fix.

  76. George says:

    I have the N9005 and Gear 1 (sm v700). After the upgrade (it is amazing!!!) my gear keeps disconnecting without any reason and I need to restart the gear manager in order to connect again… I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it again and I made sure all the aspects of the app autorun everytime i restart the device but still it keeps disconnecting…. Is there any solution to this problem?

  77. Unique says:

    Installed the rom on my note 3 n9005, everything works great except my air gesture, wen I try to enable it, it says enable at least one feature. Pls how do I enable it cause have gone thru all settings nothing seem story enable it.

  78. abin says:

    I have converted my N9005 to Note 5 , its very smooth and having good performance except battery.

    any way now i want to change my ringtone, notification tone but in the settings its directly taking me to inside file explorer and its fully blank.

    so not able to change my notification tone…
    plz help

  79. Arvind Rayasam says:

    Frightening battery consumption, almost to the point of being unusable as a daily driver. I’m tempted to go to a different ROM because of it. For those that don’t know the typical battery drain rate that I’ve observed is ~10% an hour when the phone is idle and can be as high as 25% an hour when using GPS and the phone. I use the GPS a lot for google maps and am on the phone a lot when I drive. Interesting note is my car charger can’t keep up.

  80. Steve says:

    Hi guys,

    I have installed this rom and I am very happy with the performance . Just a few minutes ago I received an email from google that someone tried to access my account from Vietnam. I don’t have anything to do with Vietnam. This worries me because darklord is based in Vietnam ( I think) . Maybe I am worrying without a reason but I thought I should post this for your reference.

    Please comment


    A beautiful rom .but vibration don’t tuning.

  82. Bobby says:

    Using Darklord n5 rom for tmobile note 3.Cant get the data to work can someone show me how to manually set apn

  83. Sean Yeoh says:

    To those having problems with the mobile network issue, go to settings > privacy & safety, turn off report dianogsis info
    Hope this help you and enjoy this awesome rom

  84. matt says:

    i read somewhere that nfc isnt working on the t-mobile variant is that still the case? and does anybody know if google pay or samsung pay or any of the nfc payments apps work. thanks

  85. Carlos Albornoz says:

    Hi!! It looks very good. I’ll sure give it a try. I have one question, though. Is it possible to install Xposed Framework on this ROM? Thanks in advance!!

    • Carlos Albornoz says:

      I’m sorry. I didn’t do a search and it turns out that I found the answer within the comments. I apologize.

  86. matt says:

    is anyone else having issues with the link not working? and can someone send or post a working link. thanks

  87. Trevor Hopkins says:

    Does anyone else not have vibrate function after installing this rom?

    • larry says:

      you should really read some of the notes concerning this rom, 90% of the people that install this rom and are honest will tell you they have problem with vibrate, battery drain, Bluetooth, no signal from provider, missing VM and installing that app will not work, and the list goes on and on. if you don’t care to send message’s, connect to cell towers, use vibrate and so on, then this app is for you!

  88. Gabriel says:

    kernel is not seandroid enforcing.
    Set warranty bit: kernel.

    What should i do?

  89. David Pulvermacher says:

    I have installed the [AURORA]N900-S6N5-HYBRID-END on my N900 international which works fine.
    This ROM definitely doesn’t work. It doesn’t get past the initial boot screen.
    The Aurora hybrid is almost the same UI, but some of the functions of the stylus dont work. Otherwise fine.

  90. Pial says:

    I have the SM 900 model Samsung Note 3 would the method work on my mobile.

  91. David Pulvermacher says:

    Pial, if your phone is an SM N900 with an Exynos chip like mine, it doesn’t. I tried it and it doesn’t boot properly. No harm in trying…Just do a complete backup first using Philz, Titanium or something similar….

  92. Mc says:

    I have a problem with video camera in this rom how i can fix it

  93. Mc says:

    In my my sm n900w8

  94. frimkings says:


  95. lanrey says:

    I will rather stick with my stock rom with all this comment I have read

  96. lanrey says:

    I will rather stick with my stock rom with all this comment I have read.

  97. CHRIS says:


  98. Sajan gurung says:

    Rom is great but network problems sometimes it come sometimes it gone how to fix plz help me.

  99. Chathuranga says:

    Its good..100% working..but i have a one problme.not included menu function..

  100. Cemaleddib says:

    All sensors are failling. What should we do to fix it?

  101. Haitham says:

    Does it work in sm-n900v?

  102. Himura says:

    To all people:

    Is that hard to press CTRL+F and write the question you’re searching for, instead of repeat the same questions over and over again? I saw questions answered to be re-questioned again by different users below!

    Yes, the phone I flashed also has the “Camera Stopped” problem (it wasn’t for me and person is still testing since today to see any other issues, but I knew all the possible issues and still have a couple of places where I’ve seen fixes, although I didn’t test any of them yet).

    I’ve never had this phone, I’m no genius, It’s been a long time (2 years) since I’ve flashed any android phone and yet I was able to have all my questions answered and Rom flashed in 2 afternoons (after already flashed Resurection Remix Rom and TouchWiz Rom and did not liked them).

    Guys, ask google. And no, I don’t mean “How do I flash my galaxy note 3 with a note 5 rom” exactly (although it comes a lot of sites it can be deceiving).
    To install any android Rom on any android phone including this one, you’ll have to root, flash TWRP (not the v3.x.x.x for this rom) or CWM Recovery and then flash the rom through there.

    Search for these and you’ll start to understand all the steps.
    What I mean is, instead of being lazy (one guy actually requested a video of this procedure), search for flashing patterns in that brand or model. Videos are for Rom review, not complete tutorials for people that almost request “please do this on my phone” since they only know to ask “how this can be done?”. Search it! Inform yourself! And the compatible phone models are included in this category.
    There is a reason that developers say “do this at your own risk”!

    Ocasionally, you may have to do 2 things depending on the brand and model of the phone which are unlocking the bootloader or flash a custom kernel although I think in this case is not needed (I worked with the 9005).
    REALLY Important: If you don’t want to mess up, perform a nandroid backup and also backup your EFS partitionin case anything goes wrong, you have backups of OS and phone Modem.

    Next Step is testing.. And for that, I feel and understand some users on this post that, there is no way of knowing prior to install (although if the room has at least one month you’ll have people complaining, so search prior to install to see what you can be expecting after flashing rom).

    I’ve only found one useful answer here, including instructions and thanks Darcy, I’ll try updating the bootloader for fixing the camera if it was the only problem (+1 possible solution added to list).

    Oh and Btw to you all, xda is the source for android modding and customization so it’s always a reference to check and confirm procedures/patterns.

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