How to Convert Galaxy Note 3 into Note 7! [DarkLord ROM]


For those of you who have a Galaxy Note 3 but donโ€™t want to deal with Note 7โ€™s blowing up features, you may be in luck as thereโ€™s a Note 7 ROM that you can install that gives you all the software features of a real Note 7.

Now, this will require you to root your Galaxy Note 3 and also install a custom ROM called DarkLord ROM. For those of you not rooted yet, simply follow our root instructions over at to root your phone then install the ROM. We will have full ROM installation instructions at the end of this video.

Iโ€™ve tested this ROM working fine on my international SM-N9005 Note 3 and also my T-Mobile SM-N900T. It should also work on Canadian and supposedly works on other variants but I have not tested them all out yet.

Let me talk about the features of the DarkLord ROM. First, this is a fully ported ROM from a real Note 7 so you will find all of the Note 7 UI including new wallpapers and themes. Inside settings, you will find the new Note 7 Settings UI, which is the latest Samsung UI you will have to get used to.

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  1. Dwight Lindley says:

    I have a Verizon Note 3 EDGE. Will this room probably work with it?

  2. Keith Carmichael says:

    There was a note 3 edge? I thought they didn’t start that until the note 4.

  3. Tebogo says:

    I have the n900 version (exynos) I’m scared to flash it, won’t it brick

  4. Jason says:

    Where can I download the DarkLord ROM for Note3? There are too many links.

  5. ashil says:

    I have a Verizon n900v Note 3 twrp not boot what the proble plz tell

  6. sakib says:

    i don’t have network after installing this rom ๐Ÿ™ hellpppppppppppp!!!!!

    • JACK MORROW says:

      Go to network settings and select correct APN or add it manually and you should get your service working in no time. It should be T-Mobile US LTE/

      • Sakib says:

        Thanks for helping

      • Elise says:

        Hey I have the T-Mobile variant I have put the ROM on my Note 3 but now I have no data I searched around and found that I needed to manually put the APN settings in but when I tried to do that I get this message “Unable to view the access point name settings. Access is restricted for the current user profile” what can I do to fix this everything is working fine for me except my data that I know of

        • Trevor Hopkins says:

          I’m having the same problem. Anyone know of a fix?

        • carlos says:

          Darn, having a heck of a time getting this port working. First the kernel linked in the article wouldn’t flash but v2 did. But can’t get past the apn settings, getting the same โ€œUnable to view the access point name settings. Access is restricted for the current user profileโ€ here’s hoping my restore goes smoothy!

      • own says:

        hi there.. i`ve been in the same situation as sakib.. dont have network after installing this rom.. and i`ve done already like u said jack.. but still dont have any network… is there any more way can i do ? already add APN but its gone when i`ve restarted my device

      • David Nist says:

        still stuck on your APN settings? — Chk my post. Leave me a note. Be glad to help.

        • Jeffery says:

          Yes I have the note 3 N900T. I’m stuck at the apn setting and couldn’t figure it out so I went back to the S7E rom. I would love to have data then the rom would almost be flawless. Please help. ANY would help

    • David Nist says:

      still stuck? — Chk my post. Leave me a note. Be glad to help.

    • Talha Jamil says:

      You need to install another modem and boot loader…. Plzz search the web for more information.

  7. sakib says:

    my phone is tmobile galaxy note 3 n900t

  8. Bri says:

    I’m getting the Unfortunately The Process Com.Android.Phone Has Stopped Error

    I did a clean flash followed instructions in video, on sprint us version

  9. Robert Wilde says:

    tried several times. the ROM install starts then stops and it reboots and gets stuck on loading screen. I have the SM-N9005, I have run through the wipe and proceeded, then wipe reboot and proceed.
    Now it will start the install, the progress bar stops it restarts into recovery, then nothing.

    I checked the hash of the download OK. I deleted the ROM copy and copy over a clean version. What next?

  10. Walter says:

    Can’t find the download, out of all the shit you to wade through before clicking download and still it just takes you to the same page. “Click hear to download” doesn’t work. I think I’ll just go to XDA site. For all your efforts Max and I do follow you. This website is crap and just full of adds.

  11. RAHIM JANII says:

    What about. Note 3 N7505

  12. Master K says:

    Max, for this ROM to work, do you need TWRP or can you use any recovery software such as CWM?

  13. carlos says:

    another great share, will have to try it out. curios to know if CWM recovery will be okay, or TWRP is absolutely necessary?

  14. JACK MORROW says:

    Sorry it didnt fix the problem usually APN is the culprit. I Flashed ROM and kernel to see if i could figure out the problem and had same issues as above shows not on network. Tried to add APN no go won’t save in the phone it does receive text messages though even when showing I wasn’t connected. I checked out XDA did some digging and to get phone working well there are 5 zip files to fix random issues like flashlight, signal, GPS, lag and some other bugs. I’d wait for version 2 to come out before I flash again. Till then staying with resurrection remix

  15. Eno says:

    Please help with this signal issue. I had the same problem when this rom first came out and they said there was a signal fix but I can’t find it. I have t mobile note 3. Also, what CSC code would I choose? They usually have a TMO one to choose near the bottom but this one doesn’t so I left it on default. Could that be the signal issue? PLEASE HELP. I’m currently running Aryamod 6.5 S7 Edge rom which runs flawlessly (just as great as Resurrection)

  16. Trevor Hopkins says:

    I hope someone can figure the t-mobile an issue

  17. JACK MORROW says:

    For the signal fix go on over to XDA and search the note 7 port thread there is a search thread option type it in there and it pops right up download and flash in recovery I’d grab the other fix zips too do it all at once

  18. Trevor Hopkins says:

    Someone with t-mobile try the fix and see if it works so we can all know to do the fix

  19. JACK MORROW says:

    Give me about an hour I’ll see if I can get fix zips to work I have T-Mobile n900t

  20. JACK MORROW says:

    Did not have success with the signal tried refalshing the fix zip and wipe cache and dalvik cache. Maybe max knows. Sometimes its better to just wait for bugs to be worked out

  21. Ibrag474 says:

    Always on display is blinking on SM-N9005, side screen night clock works fine.

  22. Kevin Polite says:

    Jack, I tried the signal fix to no avail.

  23. Nihele says:

    ROM doesn’t work.
    Reboots in download mode after rom and kernel flash.
    For now, I returned to Resurrection remix rom.

  24. Aroma says:

    The signal problem is for t mobile version or for international version

  25. Raghuvir says:

    i donโ€™t have network after installing this rom…

  26. Master K says:

    Has anybody been successful in getting this ROM to work? Robert Wilde mentioned earlier, that it’s suggested to use the EXACT recovery in the tutorial (TWRP). With that being said, if I flash TWRP to my SM-N900W8 will it remove CWM?

  27. Master K says:

    Are you still able to use the S-Pen with the Resurrection remix ROM?

  28. frankzero says:

    darklod n7 is not working on n900v, boot loop or singnal lost, kernel problems don not now

    search for MOL N7 V7
    or music of life n7 v7
    tested on n900v and work fine and cool

  29. Hele says:

    The camera N7 works on you? How? I already have this rom unfortunately the camera has so may bugs… thats why i changed it to s6 camera….

  30. Mc says:

    dosn’t work on my canadian sm-n900w8

  31. Tristan says:

    Is anyone else having trouble with the charging port? After installing this rom my charging port isnt working, any ideas?

  32. Tristan says:

    If Anyone is having problems with bootloops after flashing this rom it could be because of the version of TWRP you have installed. I found any version over wont flash correctly. I installed a earlier version of TWRP and found everything flashes perfectly now

  33. Eno says:

    I get this rom and the kernel to flash and boot just fine. I just need the signal issue to be resolved. Otherwise, I’m sticking to Aryamod S7 Edge port. Runs smooth. My daily driver.
    For those who keep getting stuck in a bootloop when trying to flash a new rom, after flashing everything, try going into mount (i use TWRP) them mount system then reboot. 95% of the time this would work for me in bootloop on the 1st try and when it didn’t, I’d take the battery out and restart but also delete cache and dalvik

    • Juan says:

      That Rom looks pretty sick! Do You know if it works for the NOTE 3 T-mobile Version SM-900T ?

      • Eno says:

        I have t mobile note 3. It’s my daily driver. Only problem I ever have is when I switch my batteries, I have to mount system thru TWRP to bypass bootloop. Camera has most functionality. Other than that, it’s great.

  34. Jean Luc says:

    Anyone use it on a Sprint Note3? Results?

    • Mike Novelli says:

      Yes. It worked after a great deal of frustration. Received error messages and then a Google Play Services error message and a Time not syncing message… but I just let the phone do its thing for about 12 hours (it literally took that long for it to stabilize) and now I m receiving no error messages (*knock on wood. Hope this does not jinx that)

  35. fardeenkhan says:

    the file is not downloding

  36. Robin says:

    does this work fine on n900a?

  37. Mike Novelli says:

    All of the Com.Android.Phone error messages have come back and continue to appear after Reboot. Cannot get the error message not to show up. It continually pops up.

  38. Mike Novelli says:

    All of the Com.Android.Phone error messages have come back and continue to appear after Reboot. Cannot get the error message not to show up. It continually pops up.

    • Mike Novelli says:

      After Time Error has gone away again. Will repost after next reboot.

      • Mike Novelli says:

        After restart “Unfortunately, the process has stopped.” is appearing again.

        Might be related to the fact this phone is not activated and has no sim installed?

        Will wait for phone to hopefully stop showing the error after time.
        Will get another sim card and see if inserting sim in sim card slot resolves the issue in the future

        • Mike Novelli says:

          After some time the messages have gone away and do not return. They likel will return after the next restart

  39. alberto says:

    I tried it on a Sprint Note 3 twice, downloading the zip file twice, and got twice the same message that the zip file was corrupted and there was no way to verify the file after downloading it.

    • Mike Novelli says:

      Download it and unzip it oon a computer to verify the files are there and your download was not corrupted. It has worked for me

      • alberto says:

        Presumably those two zip files are the ones that are supposed to be flashed into the phone and you are not supposed ot unzip them, but since they did not work both times I went and took a look at the files, and both were in the 20 Kb range in size, and had the proper file name, which led me to believe were fake, and I have, both, downloaded them in a laptop and directly into my phone, with same results. I tried to unzip them and the same result, message is that they are corrupted. So, I have my doubts about the links that are displayed in this website.

  40. jay says:

    hi i have 2 of Canadian note 3 phones and one of them the rom didnt work. one worked but the problem is, its not charging at all.

  41. nkb says:

    Hi please the installation freezes when I am installing the rom.after that the phone usually says no md5 found when installing

  42. alberto says:

    Presumably those two zip files are the ones that are supposed to be flashed into the phone and you are not supposed ot unzip them, but since they did not work both times I went and took a look at the files, and both were in the 20 Kb range in size, and had the proper file name, which led me to believe were fake, and I have, both, downloaded them in a laptop and directly into my phone, with same results. I tried to unzip them and the same result, message is that they are corrupted. So, I have my doubts about the links that are displayed in this website.

  43. Master K says:

    Tried this ROM. Everything looked good with one exception – no sound. I couldn’t stream from SoundCloud. Wiping everything and trying again.

  44. Boussama says:

    I can’t make a Gif that message stop me every time ”security policy stop you”!????what can I do to fix that

  45. Abin Kurian says:

    I have successfully done on my N9005 International. but
    There are some problems..
    1. Camera Not working
    2.Gallery Not opening
    3.Battery Drains very quickly.
    4. Cant turn of flash once it is on…
    So i have went back to DARKLORD note5 .

    Any suggestion ?

  46. Alfamaxim says:

    Instalation on N9005 is going ok till the instalation of kernel. The kernel instalation has error with mid5 โ€ฆany suggestion ?

  47. Master K says:

    OK. I’ve wiped my SM-N900W8 twice and after playing with the ROM, I’ve noticed a number of things:

    1. When I power off my Note 3, and charge it, the charge icon will display for a few second, vibrate and then turn on.

    2. While the phone is in stand by mode and charging, it would restart randomly.

    3. The flashlight (although super bright, compared to the Note 5 ROM), will not shut off when you press on its icon. You’ll have to restart or power off the phone to do so.

    I’ll keep you guys posted…

  48. Jainam says:

    I have Note 3 n900 . Will this rom work on my phone ?

  49. D366M says:

    Hi Max
    have you installed Xposed framework on yours after the ROM install?
    If so, which version did you use, and do you have a tutorial available?

  50. Mandythepcgirl says:

    I got caught in a boot loop. Nothing worked, then I read something about formating… so I went back into ODIN and formatted the system, data and cache. the installation and kernel flash worked great – but during the reboot installation, my phone went flat. LOL Hopefully tomorrow when I get up, it will finish the install and I’ll have a working phone again. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Mandythepcgirl says:

      Well, the verdict is in. My phone, which is a none marked phone, but I use Vodafone. I chose the Optus CC and completed the install last night. Everything worked fine (except my camera, but it was broken anyway) but massive battery drain. The internal system told me that it was the screen draining the system. When I turned it down to nearly black, it stopped sucking battery.

      I’m sad, because now I have to go back to a different rom. But now I want a Samsung note 7! LOL

  51. eddie says:

    I am on sprint and I can’t get mobile data. Everything else works fine.

  52. Tomek says:

    Guys, really no one have problems with Samsung account? For me all this ROMs on MM are useless without access on Samsung account.

  53. eddie says:

    I am on sprint, and in the network settings it says that I am on verizon. When I try to do change the settings a n error box pops up. When I try to choose automatically the circle just spins. After 10 hours the phone is not recognized on the network, have flashed the rom 4 times with the same results. Please help I really like this rom.

  54. TB says:

    Phronesis note 7 rom works fantastic. No battery drain no signal issues camera works as well as flashlight and there are a ton of extra mods. Deff check it out!!

  55. aZ says:

    Yoo! Does anyone know how to fix the AOD? It does not work properly on my N9005…The watch on the AOD goes on and off all the time…

  56. David Nist says:

    APN SETTINGS are carrier specific. To make it a bit tougher on you, the APN interface may allow for more or less entries. — Please do your own research first.

    If you’re still stuck, leave me a reply stating Phone model, Carrier, and region. Be as specific as you can, but don’t over do it. — I’ll check back once a day early evening EST.

    The good news is, it’s really easy to do, and you see it once you’ll own it forever. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Rich says:

      I have a t-mobile note 3. Installed the rom. But can’t get any data or cell phone service. I put in the apnea and that did not work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    • RJ says:

      n900T (Tmobile phone originally) using H20 Wireless (ATT carrier)

    • Jackie says:

      Hi, David! I researched what you mentioned about APN setting, but my problem is, the ROM doesn’t recognize my SIM card, so it won’t even give me a settings option for mobile networks. I cannot get to/find any APN settings in order to change them. I am using a Verizon Note 3, SM-N900V (OF1) that was originally running 5.0, then Jasmine 6.1, then wiped in order to install this. Also, I am getting the constant error, so not sure it will matter even if I do get signal fixed.

  57. Dimitris Travlos says:

    Hello guys,

    I tried to do as the instructions said but aroma installer is not starting and now my note 3 is screwed ๐Ÿ˜› What can I do?


  58. nayeem says:

    in my samsung note 3 n9005 note 7 custom rom flashing is stuck
    im currently using kitkat

  59. Rich says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 t-mobile. I keep getting no signal for cell phone service. Is there a way to fix this. And no Internet.

  60. Krish says:

    Bugs in flashlight and in camera mode others fine.

  61. Ibrag474 says:

    I am using it about 3 weeks and today I faced problems with mobile calls. Its self disconnects from network.

  62. Amin says:

    At the beginning every thing sounds good,but after 2 weeks I found a lot of problem such as:
    1-signal problem. (Disconnect imidietly I listened voice of my friend)
    2-flashlight did not turn off
    3-camera didn’t work some time
    4-dely and hang keyboard
    5-battery usage increased even on MID mod

    Finally I decided to install Note.5 rom. It was as well as this rom.

  63. mahesh says:

    will it work on note 3 sm-n900

  64. Eden says:

    I have a samsung note 3 sm n900l. i flashed with the kernel but it didnt boot properly. i tried flashing without the kernel but the rom alone and it worked fine. the only thing i noticed is that it suddenly lags for about a second every 3-5mins interval. is it because of the kernel? what should i do? :3

  65. John Wilson says:

    It doesn’t recognize the sim card as in the phone. Thus it won’t show the APN settings. Is there a work around or fix for the sim card? Everything else seems to work fine.

  66. firstboys2 says:

    @ Max Lee, please
    i have note 3 canadien sm -n900W8 with videotron in Quebec canada.
    what kernel use for my network works well ?

    • Master K says:

      I’m not Max, but I have tried this ROM and I believe the EUR kernel is the cause of these issues. There is a version 2 of this ROM. Google “Original Darklord Note7 port V2.0 repacked bundle with all the fixes”. I haven’t tried this yet on my phone (same model as yours). Hope this helps.

  67. Fernando Domingues says:

    I flash it on my Note 3. Looks awesome! But it shows a several battery drain. Any solution for this?

    • Master K says:

      While playing with this ROM, I noticed the super battery drain. Not only that, that phone gets very warm. There is a version 2 of this ROM. Google “Original Darklord Note7 port V2.0 repacked bundle with all the fixes”. I’ve downloaded the files myself but haven’t installed it yet. All I know is that the EUR kernel is the cause of these bugs.

  68. Wim says:

    Dear all,

    This ROM makes my International Note 3 extreem slow.
    No more speed left.

  69. Ron says:

    I can’t get this rom to work for the life of me. I’ve even tried other note 3 to note 7 roms and just no luck. At first I thought it was my TWRP but I updated that and still no luck. I currently have WickedRom and luckly i made a backup of it before doing anything.

  70. pedro says:

    u think this will work on note 3 sm n9006 (china)?

  71. Fahad Khan says:

    Well im unable to download the rom zip files for Sm n900t.. plz share the links from where i can easily download all the stuff to convert my Samsung galaxy note 3 ( T Mobile) to S7 Edge. Thanks. But I’m requesting you all plz help me..

  72. Hmada says:

    Batarry is low very fast why

  73. M says:

    Everything worked until the Samsung white screen start screen. It’s been on for a few minutes now. What can I do? Wait or reflash?

    • Gerold says:

      I have the same issue now

    • Jackie says:

      It takes 15-20 minutes on that screen. Just leave it for awhile. ๐Ÿ™‚ I waited, and mine eventually loaded. However, I am getting no network signal and a constant error message, so I will probably have to go back to another rom. ๐Ÿ™

      • kelly says:

        Make sure your battery has 60% charge or else your screwed, If you install dont finish and batt is dead, it wont charge full anymore and will keep rebooting up in loopback.

        You`ll need to used a power supply 5v (1 amp ) to charge up your battery manually.Worked for me.

  74. Digbijit says:

    will the ROM work on T-mobile SM9005

  75. faisal says:

    Thanks for the post, my sm-9005 is over heating (about damn 70ยฐC) since the installation of this rom. Everything else is working fine. Any idea or solution?

  76. Ronish says:

    after installing this rom i cant receive the phone calls

  77. GloryCarnt says:

    If you have the error during the rom flash where it just reboots to the note 3 splash screen after the MD5 check, you need to flash an older version of twrp (twrp- is what I used for N9005 device – just google twrp to find them) The darklord installer is not compatible with newer versions of twrp!

  78. Jackie says:

    I have installed the 2.0 repackaged version of this on my Samsung Note 3 (Verizon, SM-N900V), and it is giving me a constant error of “Unfortunately, the process has stopped.” Also, it won’t recognize my sim. Not sure if there are any fixes, but I guess I’ll go back to Jasmine 6.1 for now. I really miss my Note 7, so if ANYONE has a FIX for this, please let me know!

  79. Benjamin says:

    As I installed this rom, for few days I could capture the screenshot but now I could not take screen shots. It says “Unable to capture screenshot prevented by security policy”. please help. ๐Ÿ™

  80. selvakumar says:

    I am using SM-N9005 LTE Bought form Dubai. I did install Darklord mod. Now i am facing issue with Calling. Its getting disconnected after 10 or 15 seconds. any suggestions.

  81. mohammed says:

    what the fell is the kernal and where can i get it ??

  82. Dean says:

    I have an SM-N9005 Tmobile International and when I installed the DL rom I lost my data and wifi connection. I tried to setup the APN manually but that didn’t work either. I am baffled. the rom installed without a hitch but who needs a phone they can’t make calls on. So I went back to 7.1.1 which works fine but, I miss my full spending features. Any thoughts????

  83. Jhonaz says:

    Did anyone try this rom on note 3 N900s korean variant ? It is really working ?

  84. James says:

    I have SM-N900T (t-mobile) and I use in Canada through Wind Mobile(now Freedom). after installing the rom, I get a message saying, “Insert sim card” and I can not get data service or phone service. Any ideas?

  85. diego says:

    what about n900a???

  86. Basem says:

    I see that too many people have problems with this ROM !!
    I want to install it on my Note 3 “SM-N9005”
    Do u still recommend it ?? Is it working perfect and stable ??
    Is there any update for better ROM ??
    Plz answer brother as soon as possible… Thank you

  87. ravi says:

    how i dawnload it?

  88. Muhammed Songur says:

    Sm-n900 Is it working?

  89. kev says:

    It works smoothly with T-Mobile SM-N900T. Very nice!

  90. nasser says:

    plz help me if note3 smn900 finding at N7 darklord rom
    becouse every thing is redy downloaded whith me
    only ineed to know if this operation will done with me good luck

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