How to Convert your Note 3 into Note 4! [Note 4 Port Evolution ROM]


Looking to turn your Note 3 into a Note 4?  Look nowhere further than Note 4 Port Evolution ROM by XDA user Kbythwood!

Based on Android 4.4.4 TouchWiz, Note 4 Port Evolution ROM brings you Note 4 system UI and features to your Note 3, it will work on the AT&T Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A, T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900T, Canadian SM-N900W8, and (should work, although not tested) international SM-N9005.

Out of the box, the Note 4 Port Evolution ROM will bring you everything from Note 4, all except features that requires Note 4’s new hardware such as fingerprint/UV/heart sensor.  Otherwise, this ROM pretty much turns your Note 3 into a Note 4 minus the higher 1440P resolution (who needs it anyways, it drains way too much battery).

If you don’t care for Note 4’s new Gear VR capability then this ROM will turn your phone into Note 4 without having to break your damn wallet!   With this ROM, you will be able to easily inherit Note 4’s super capabilities like floating multi-windows (by dragging  your finger from corner, see video for demo), Ultra Power Saving Mode, Download Booster, and much much more.

Also, this ROM comes with a modded Note 4 launcher that is even faster than the real Note 4 stock launcher and performance/battery life is excellent.  For T-Mobile/international version, you will also be able to overclock easily to 2.726Ghz thanks to Lean kernel and get your performance up to par with a Note 4 (near 46,000 on Antutu).

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  1. BobbyPhoenix says:

    Awesome! Thanks!

    • Zaed othman says:

      Im try using this rom for samsung n9005 international but why suddenly my phone turn into black screen when using this rom?any solution please.

  2. DennisP says:

    File not found on the download link for N900T

  3. John D says:

    After doing the install of the rom and Kernel it tells me that the SU binaries need to be updated. Once that is done the phone will constantly be rebooting. It boots up and stays on for a few seconds then it reboots again. I have updated SU via the rom and via the recovery. Both give the same results. Any ideas on how I can change that?

  4. garrycas says:

    No file anywhere!

  5. John says:

    After installing the rom, all looks good except one thing. My data doesn’t appear to be connecting to 3G/4G/LTE. I’ve registered on the network and tried changing the auto connect settings but no luck. Any ideas?

  6. mrgreen says:

    Best rom. Only one problem, video recording doesn’t work. Get this fix and it’s flawless

  7. Amine cherif says:

    Tanks it works fine but there is on problem …. Google play services is not installed and it wont because it sais that the phone is not supported..some crap it’s a damn note 3 …. and so when i wanted to make a google account , it just says internet connection has timed out or sty like that. What tha hell ?? I’m speaking about my AT&T NOTE 3 .
    please help i reallllllly loved this rom

  8. Amine cherif says:

    Tanks it works fine but there is on problem …. Google play services is not installed and it wont because it sais that the phone is not supported..some crap it’s a damn note 3 …. and so when i wanted to make a google account , it just says internet connection has timed out or sty like that. What tha hell ?? I’m speaking about my AT&T NOTE 3 .
    please help i reallllllly loved this rom

  9. nerdnerd says:

    I flashed this on my n9005 lte and rom boots but there is no image. I hear sound and clicking but screen is not working. Any solution?

  10. luis says:

    I cannot find the file when I follow the link it doesn’t take me to it any help?

  11. Floyd says:

    Hey i’m having issues with entering my APN settings, its not allowing me to manually enter it. Currently if i no longer have any data from my network. I’m in Jamaica and i’m using the Canadian Note 3, any suggestions?

  12. Shak008 says:

    Floyd: Use Apn Manager (build in app) & set your Apn & save it & select it. Then go to your phone setting mobile network & select the new Apn. If you direct go to your phone setting mobile network then you can’t add new Apn. You have to through by Apn Manager. I hope this work for you.Thnx.

  13. Shak008 says:

    John: Follow my previous post for data connection setting. Hope this works for you. Thnx.

  14. Thats to bad wont work on sm-n 9005 only dark screen.i hope for a good version.

  15. chrisitian rios says:

    I installed the note 4 Rom on my phone and it worked great. But now my phone keeps on restarting buy itself and it wont stop. i installed the rom again and it does the samething. Please HELP !!!

  16. Dev says:

    Hi max I m on NC2 4.4.2 AT&T using S5 Rom 4update.
    How can I upgrde to Note 4 Evolution 4.4.4.
    What do I need to do before flashing Evolution rom .
    Pls guide… high on android 🙂

  17. Tony says:

    I have a rooted att SN900A note 3 an I have flashed this rom an have followed all the directions as max has said in the video an everythin works fine except for the fact I can sign into samsung account an can sign into dropbox account the one account I can’t get into is my google account. When I have flashed other roms on my phone I can get into my google account but this rom wont let me sign in google so I can download my apps an stuff from google an setup this phone up an see how this rom works.


  18. SIBI says:

    Hey first a big thanks to you for making video and site on how to root and the developer for this rom. Can I install this rom on Samsung galaxy sm-n900 ? I was trying but failed to install this Rom . Getting error failed to mount . Please reply me I need help.

  19. sun says:

    Does anyone has problem with the bluetooth and NFC? mine is not working.

  20. Mike says:

    Flashed several times with and without Lean kernel checked md5 used TWRP for 4.3 and get stuck with bootloop. When I don’t flash lean just stuck on note 3 splash forever. Glad I backed up old rom thankfully I have returned to it for now but I really want to use this rom. Phone is a N900T any help???

  21. Steven says:

    Did anyone figure out a fix for the camera recording? I love the ROM either way. Great battery life.

  22. harry says:

    I couldn’t find the note 4 port evolution files please help .

  23. harry says:

    I am trying to download note 4 port evolution file it says file not found please help.

  24. Shak008 says:

    Sun: T-Mobile Note 3- Bluetooth working fine but I haven’t try NFC yet.

  25. Shak008 says:

    Data speed slow ( T-Mobile Note 3). Any 1 having this issue? ?

  26. lobo says:

    I’m using AT&T NOTE 3 and I flashed without any problems except I can not record nor use my data from my plan.
    Anyone have suggestions?

  27. adam says:

    Using an ATT note 3. rom installed fine. Odin files installed fine. Internet is working, however, I simply cannot sign into google no matter what I try, whether it be on the mobile network or my wifi.

    • Bobby Phoenix says:

      Do you have two step verification on? If so you have to go into your account on the PC, and generate a code to use instead of your password.

      • adam says:

        I don’t. I switched back to a stock rom and had no problems logging in, switched back and still have the same issue. Also, I did not have problems logging in on my backup S4. But I simply cant get it to work with this rom on my note 3

        • John says:

          You were able to switch back to a stock rom? For me, this rom is too buggy (keeps randomly rebooting every few hours). But I cannot seem to be able to revert back to any other rom. (stock firmware with Odin gives me errors) I also have a backup from Safestprap, but now I cannot boot into Safestrap at all. Does Safestrap work for you? How did you switch back to another rom?

  28. louie says:

    fuck this rom…..!

  29. alan says:

    Hey i’m having issues with video recording, * RECORDING FAILED* any ideas?

  30. Shak008 says:

    T mobile Note 3 (Sm-N900T): Can’t play 1080p video on YouTube. Display resolution is not perfect. Data speed still slow. Any 1 figure out that. Video recording has no problem. But the rom is very fast and flawless except these issues. Hope in future update. Going back to stock with root or something eals. Thnx.

  31. Haider says:

    Extremely great rom but has the same issues like s5 experience Rnm and that’s battery drains within no time while typing the mag I lost 7% battery power, great rom with poor software optimization for battery consumption.

  32. Haider says:

    It seems like that I am not using note 3 but some cheap Chinese copy due to battery power consumption and that’s the only thing I hate other than that it’s perfect now I am gng back to my stock version because can’t bare this any more and am sad that I can’t make use of such an excellent piece of work.

  33. haider says:

    Important please see the video how to download the Rom
    At the start the battery is at 84% for AT&T note3 and after 6 mins it’s left with 72% during the tutorial . and person claims it gives great back up please help.

  34. Marcian says:

    Love the ROM. However, I can’t get safe strap to work now. I have the latest version …. it says it installed but not active. Any help would be appreciated. (I’m on the AT&T version)

    • Jobby says:

      Same here. I have the AT&T note. I first used the 3.72 version (which is what I used on my stock ROM, which worked fine on that) and when that didn’t work, I tried the 3.75 version… Still nothing. Help would be appreciated.

  35. Cobalto says:

    La ROM no incluye idioma Español, por lo que, si no hablas inglés, no podras utilzar Google Now! y todas las aplicaciones se instalarán en inglés.

    • pitt500 says:

      Que tal Cobalto,

      La rom no viene en espanol, pero si se puede configurar google now en varios idiomas, de hecho yo lo tengo en espanol e ingles y ambos me los detecta sin problemas. Solo ve a los ajustes de voz y elije los idiomas que quieras.


  36. harry says:

    MMS for Rogers is not working anyone else?

  37. pitt500 says:

    Hi everybody,

    I just installed this rom on my Note 3 AT&T and everything works fine, except:
    1. Screen Mirroring crashes.
    2. Recording video also crashes.
    3. I’m not sure, but I think my battery drops faster than my stock rom version.

    Points 2 & 3 are not big deals for me, I can use google camera to record, and the issue with the battery is not a big deal. However, screen mirroring is a function that I use a lot. Do you know any solution for that?

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  38. ivan says:

    i want the link for odin3 to install the rom on my att note3 any one help plz

  39. Georgegalbin says:

    Super-happy with this ROM on my Canadian Note3. I had to tweak the APN to get it working on Telus phone carrier. Also I had to uninstall few included apps that were for T-mobile. I guess that this ROM was extracted from a Note4 T-mobile phone. The software works better than the other modified ROMs I have tested.
    Thanks for your work

  40. gantulga says:

    hi. why sm-n900 for this nice ROM . i want this ROM please .

  41. Jobby says:

    I can send/receive MMS’s as long as it’s an image but not video. Give us a fix for this AND for the video recording on the stock camera, and this ROM is pretty nice…

  42. gantulga says:

    WHAT NOTE 3 N900 PORT NOTE 4 ROM ?????

  43. sparks says:

    The network mode cant be chace and the nfc not working can any body help me please

  44. Josh says:

    Fantastic Rom… But my phone keeps restarting so I had to go back to my old version. Please any help for me? Am using SM-N900T

  45. Doug says:

    Can anyone tell me if this rom will work on the SM-N9005 International model?? I bought one off a Canadian Olympian who was in Russia last winter Olympics. Its a Note 3 running 4.3. Stock Rom, But Rooted. .. Ive seen what looks like one guy here stating his screen is all black. Id love to try it on my Note 3 but need to at least verify it will not kill it. I also need to know if it will support my manual adding of APN data as I need to put my carrier’s APN data in for 4G to work. Im on MTS mobility in Manitoba… Thanks for any info in this matter 😉

  46. Chris says:

    Hi Max

    Can you install the new x-note Rom for note 4 on to the Galaxy note 3?

  47. nick says:

    I have ATT note 3, kitkat 4.4.2-NC2, towel rooted, safestrap 3.75, all loaded and working. Can I do this note 4 port evolution ROM with out problems? Any advice? Thanks!

  48. luis says:

    Everything works really well except the video camera. Other issues found: NFC and S Beam not working, WiFi direct not working, and does not communicate well with the Chromecast. Hope there’s an update for these issues fixed

  49. User says:


    So I have note 3 Canadian version 4.3 and I want to know if I update to his Rom will I be able to save my apps to my SD card still?

  50. Sanjay Kaushal says:

    Action Memo icon missing from the Rom, SPen doesnt work on panel keys. Video recording doesn’t work too. Yest, Rom is pretty awesome.
    Still, any way to get the action memo icon back? I really miss it.

  51. Enrike says:

    Please , the room working almost great but when I tried to record a video with the camera it’s stop,please bring the solution ,and a package language to put it the sistem on other language thanks

  52. frk says:

    hey no support for the SM-N900 Model. I can’t see any roms for this model

  53. Craig says:

    So far so good. I love it so far because is keep finding out new cool thing with this rom

  54. Ahmed says:

    I want this ROM for SM-N900 plzzz

  55. Alex says:

    One question though: will the T-Mobile Note 3 still be able to use WIFI calling feature ? Is it baked in this ROM ??

  56. Ravi says:

    I have note3 at & tv
    I want to flash this rom but I m confused about flashing file
    When & how to flash this file.
    Please help

  57. john says:

    I also have the sm-n9005 and i also get the blank screen, the startup sound was there but the screen is dead. I restored my previous rom which is not support the S pen, i realy want this rom because of this and the ultra power saving mode any other option for this????

  58. Zack says:

    Will the rom work on Samsung Note 3 International Version SM-N900?

  59. Josh says:

    Awesome rom! I do have one question tho. My nfc won’t turn on. Does anyone know how to fix it?

  60. hichem says:

    i have n900p can i instal this rom

  61. samsungnote3 says:

    Hello! I do have a problem with APN settings on my note 3 att 4.4.4 with this ROM! Is there a way to fix it, and how? Also i can not find my carrier which is cricket only i can use ATT, is that Ok!?

    Any help? thanks

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