How to Convert your Note 3 into S6 Edge! [DarkLord S6 ROM]


Can’t wait to try out the new features on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge on your Galaxy Note 3?   Well, we have good news for you as you can install DarkLord S6 ROM on your Note 3 and essentially get all of the software features of S6 Edge!

Based on S6 Edge firmware, the DarkLord S6 ROM is a TouchWiz-based Android 5.0.2 Lollipop custom ROM that gives you all of the latest S6 features like new TouchWiz theme engine, S6 floating messages, S6 Smart Manager, S6 launcher, S6 dialer/contacts, and much much more.  In fact, there’s even menu for People Edge and Edge lighting but they won’t work since the Note 3 does not have an edge screen.

Of course the best part?  You can get the S6 Edge camera on your Note 3, which allows you to try out some of the new camera features of S6 and S6 Edge.  Not everything is working though so be aware but you can also switch back to the Note 3 camera by using AROMA installer if you have problems.  For taking basic photos and videos, it seems to be working fine although I had hard time getting manual focus mode in Pro mode.

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  1. Easyone says:

    Understood that NFC is broken but wondering if there are any fixes coming for tmobile model. I need it badly.

  2. John says:

    When is the Sprint version coming?

  3. moe says:

    Can you please tell me how to install this on my sm n900

  4. Ashwin says:

    Does this rom support SM-N900 version of Note 3???

  5. Bellucci72 says:

    How i can fix my nfc plz….

  6. James Louis says:

    Hey Max please help me man. I have the m9005 model and after I installed the rom all the videos I play freeze between 15 secs. I tried clearing my cache and that didn’t fix the issue. What can I do.

    • Gabor Ravasz says:

      Hi James Louis. Try this new Stable version if you have the SM-N9005 4G LTE International version.

      I found a Link for the DarkLordS6 this is not beta version it’s the DarkLord S6.v2.0.Stable version:

    • Gabor Ravasz says:

      Hi James. Mostly i recommend the DarkLord.2.2.SamsungViet. I tried the DarkLord v.2 Stable, but half of the screen got washed. Please download this from this link:

  7. frk says:


  8. Emad Hamdi says:

    you can help me …!!!

    after setup rom DarkLord S6 ROM

    null null IMEI

    Please Help

  9. nadeem says:

    i installed this rom on note 3, everything seems ok but where is wifi calling?
    i dont find wifi calling .
    please tell me if this feature is available for this rom

  10. Aadil says:

    Hi emad hamdi
    what is your model no.

  11. Gabor Ravasz says:

    Hi, Max. I found a Link for the DarkLordS6 this is not beta version it’s the DarkLord S6.v2.0.Stable version:

    Here is another great ROM for the Note 3 SM-N9005 4G LTE version: [ROM]AryaMod V7.1 TW Lollipop Official POF3 | OTA Update [02 August 2015]

  12. Hein says:

    Can i install this rom on sm n900?

  13. Ahmed shazly says:

    Thanks a lot max..but does anyone knows what is the kernel used?? Or how can I get such a good battery performance in another rooms? ?

  14. Larry says:

    Could you please suggest a stable touch wiz rom for my rooted SM N900W8 Note 3 currently running 4.4.2

  15. Mark says:

    I dont seem to have any data! I can only use my phone on wifi but thats all. Can anyone help please?

  16. Balaji says:

    Why there is no note 5/s6 edge/s6 rom for NOTE 3 SM900 🙁 ?

  17. kyle says:

    is this working on sm-n900s korea lollipop version?

  18. kyle says:

    pls help me master i had interest of this custom rom but i am afraid to install 🙁 tnx waiting for ur reply

  19. Shahid says:

    I am using Galaxy Note 3 SC-01f
    Issue is:
    Kernel is not seandroid enforcing in both cases (custom Kernel and Darklord Kernel)
    please help????

  20. Shahid says:

    Both stock n darklord kernel

  21. Mark says:

    Is this compatible in Samsung Note 3 Neo N7505? I want this to install in my note 3 neo.. please help me!! 🙂 thanks

  22. Nick says:

    hy mate … a question after root and recovery … i have installed the rom … why is hot my phone ???

  23. Nick says:

    i forget my phone is an note 3 n9005 32gb

  24. Matthew says:

    I need at&t version

  25. RAHIM JANII says:

    Is this possible for Note 3 Neo N7505? I want this cool features please help me guys
    Please please please

  26. Rajat Sharma says:

    is there any darklord note 5 rom for note 3 N900 Model??? Please reply with the download link.

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