Note 5/S6 Edge Plus Hybrid Norma ROM for Galaxy Note 3!


Note 5 was released not too long ago and we are starting to see some of the new Note 5 features rolling into Note 3 custom ROMs.  While the Note 5 Air Command still needs some time to port over to Note 3, you can still enjoy many of the new Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus features through the Norma ROM.

This ROM can be installed on many Note 3 models including the SM-N9005, SM-N9006, SM-N9008, Japanese/Korean Note 3, Sprint SM-N900P, and T-Mobile SM-N900T/Canadian SM-N900W8.  Note NFC is broke for T-Mobile and Canadian but otherwise everything else works fine.

Based on latest Android 5.0.2, Norma ROM brings you goodies like People Edge and Apps Edge and edge screen functionality just like on the new S6 Edge Plus.  Not only that, you will also be able to enjoy the Galaxy S6 camera right on your Note 3 along with double-press home shortcut, just like a Note 5/S6 Edge Plus/S6.  You will find the latest Note 5 icons along with ability to change your grid size and also 100% access to Samsung TouchWiz theme store.

Other nifty features include slight customization of UI through Norma settings in Settings menu along with Viper4Android.

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  1. sammy says:

    Can it work on Indian galaxy note 3 n900

  2. Matt says:

    Hi, there are no edge options on my 9005. I see the little strap on the right side but can’t use it.

  3. Jason says:

    Wasn’t able to install. Sprint Note 3 with latest stock firmware (5.0 Stagefright patch). Loaded TWRP 4.4 via ODIN, made backup downloaded .tar file. I used TWRP to install and followed the directions from your video. After install, It tries to boot but gets stuck on the initial splash screen, then boots into recovery. I tried to do another system reboot and I get a warning “Warning- No OS Installed!” I tried reistalling from that point to no avail. I was able to recover my stock ROM so no emergencies. Any Suggestions?

  4. tRoJaN says:

    Hey Max, I had seen this ROM on XDA, but still can’t decide whether I should switch to this.
    I am currently using Darklord Rom on N900A, And I am very happy with this ROM, no complaints except some unimportant lags. What do you suggest? Also Have you tested HTC M9 camera port on N900A?

  5. Glen says:

    Installed the rom but it looks like the radio is a little whack after install. My note 3 had full bars before installing now I seem to be lucky to have 2. Will try and ready flash radio.

  6. derant Barrett says:

    It is stable enough, gave me a fight took me 3 hours to realize my data was either incompatible or backed up bad from darklord v2 I had to restore only apps then manually log in to most apps, has a bit of a lag comparing to darklord but will continue to use it.

  7. derant Barrett says:

    Am I only 1 with video recording problems on the s6 roms?
    Any fix/mod for gaining vid recording?

    • Insane.modder says:

      I can’t record video either I’m searching for a fix for this but I suspect it’s because my bootloader is 4.4.2

  8. Raziel says:

    installed this rom only having 1 problem my status bar no longer says LTE only 4G

    • Raziel says:

      T-mobile Note 3 on Metro PCS

      i could not save any APN’s, lock screen was very slow to unlock, no LTE, could not get incoming calls and just a few hang ups

  9. derant Barrett says:

    Any 1 get exposed to work 100%?
    My bad it’s definitely OK speed
    Using pimpmyrom to gain nav bar any use other way+editable nav bar options?

  10. Alizare says:

    Hi. I installed this rom on my n9005. Its cool but sometimes laggy. Also the touch in stock rom was really faster.

  11. shayan says:

    hello there thanks for every single update and effort you are putting for your websites , i have been using the rom since 2 weeks i guess !! it is laggy and freezes !!! dont know whats the issue any updates for the rom ???

    • derant Barrett says:

      I flashed some of the darklords mods with it + use different launcher & freeze both touchwiz + some other apps that made the lag extreme maybe it can work for you, no pop-up saying what has stopped made it less laggy

      • shayan says:

        will give it a shot but so far doesnt look it will work !! damn this was supposed to make my device work faster and better but in made it worse !!

        • Alizare says:

          Hey shayan .I had your problem too. try installing darklord s6 port rom. Its really nice and smooth. I heard darklord Is also porting note 5 rom for note 3 . soon there will be good news. 🙂 chakerim!

          • shayan says:

            yeh i am kinda person who always change stuff i had that rom from S6 / S6 edge , so yeh will try to put that back on 🙂 thanks for reminding me 🙂 .
            Good day , Mochakram !!

        • derant Barrett says:

          I guess it work for me, was it a buildprop zip & the lock screen zip?
          I didn’t put anything extra apart from Dolby zip & Thor boot screen + I did some extra on the build prop but don’t think made that much of a difference. Sorry as well if extra messed it up I experimented a lot with it so I know the full mess it can turn into.

  12. romeo says:

    Its laggy and not that responsive to touch… i can turn on the wifi and connect it but i cant browse and use the internet…

  13. MLima says:

    Norma v15 is out:

    Phronesis v2 may be the best version out there. Said to be lag free:

    “Work flawlessly on N900W8. Just flash tMobile version in aroma mod.”

  14. Kadir Kad says:

    Hi Just Installed this Rom and everything works fine as said but a little bit laggy. The only problem i have is with my email setup. I want to use MS Exchange server to use my school’s account. But after setting up my school’s account, it prompts me to update security settings. when i tap the notification, it takes me no where. 🙁 Researched alot and couldnt get it fixed ao finally posting here.

  15. Swagg says:

    Hey i cant find the Gapps zip file for this Rom can ypu post the link i dont see it.

  16. imnotok says:

    Hi there…. after many time try to search and experiment. It little bit faster if use arter97 v 8.0 (not 8.1) or darkqueen v.0.9.2 kernel. Sorry for my bad english

  17. Matt says:

    After a couple of weeks I need to say, that V13 is with batterlife very good – with stock kernel. With the alternate kernel it was draining as hell.. after some days it started to be very laggy and not responsive. Any idea why?

    Anyway, this rom replaced my stock rom and I am very happy.

    Installed today V15 of this rom and stock kernel. It is a dream.

  18. Sudhan says:

    will it work with Indian Note 3 Exynos N900????

  19. tony johnson says:

    Fix for Stock email For t-mobile note 3

  20. derant Barrett says:

    Hey any 6.0 marshmallow for this?
    I don’t think I want to give up the features just to get 6.0 hope there is an update or another rom like this for marshmallow.

  21. Gabor says:

    Hi, Max. Here is the custom Rom which has the Note 5 s-pen features and the S6 camera and the S6 edge edge option and its running on Android 5.1.1. You should make more updates for Note 3 device roms too ven your busy with new devices. This is for the SM-N9005 4G LTE model.

  22. yusuf says:

    is there any hope for a fix for the video recording in sm-n900w8 models? I don’t know if the video recording is a universal issue or only with this specific model. its an amazing rom the only problem is the video recorder not working which means no snapchat…

  23. manoj says:

    It is very laggy. Takes 4-5 hours for full charge, and discharge on 6-7 hours on normal use.

  24. novviseth says:

    Please fix my error during flash rom on n900 ” set_metadata_recursives changes failhed” thanks

  25. Vijay says:

    sm-n900w8 – Video recording, NFC and S Beam doesn’t work.
    Anyone else experiencing this too? Solution would be helpful.


  26. iman says:

    Can it work on galaxy note 3 sm-n900??? Middle East version

  27. Alex says:

    It has PUA software. Autoins.L (variant).
    Battery life: 10 hours.

  28. noncapture says:

    i aleady install on my note 3 SM-N9006.. it has a problem in network .sometime it lost network signal i have to change to GSM and WCDMA mode,but it will return again. and restart again…how to fix phone not support. LTE.

  29. Chasz says:

    can anyone help me with this. I live near dallas tx I will pay a small fee

  30. shekaky says:

    stop google play

  31. Naeem Ali says:

    I have a problem when i flashed this rom on note 3 sm-n900s it asks network unlock please help me

  32. Naeem Ali says:

    I am from Pakistan and on every network sim it asks network unlock code on my note 3 sm-n900s i tried factory reset and clear cache but not be able to use network

  33. Tonimajanovic says:

    please HELP! i was installed this rom and i didnt like it very much..then i was go to recovery and wipe data,wipe cache and dalvik cache and installed new darklord 5.1.1 and go to the installation.then i was press install and its just died,i turn it on and on screen its just a samsung logo,i tried boot into a recovery and then its just crashed.please help!

  34. muhammad rafik says:

    trust me… this won’t work on n9005…. tried for 4x flash it.. never luck !!!

  35. Insane.modder says:

    I use this rom on my n9005 is what you are doing wrong maybe you have old bootloader or wrong modem for this rom

    • muhammad rafik says:

      Pease pardon me… That was problem… Admin should give link for bootloader & modem… I tried flash bootloader & modem… And then. Its work!! .. I think, Norma Note 5 is better… Thanks !!!

  36. muhammad rafik says:

    In 2 days… Want to tell… Norma ROM is the best ROM.. but a little bugs is when battery is low.. there no reminder of caution… at 10% of battery level… my note 3 goes to suddenly off…….. and another bugs was,.. why my phone think its charging by itself? I did’nt connected any USB or charger… I google it… but no luck…. also… in camera… when I try to make a burst shot…. camera is stopped working..

  37. Phil says:

    Max Help!!
    My Note 3 (SM-900W) Is rebooting over and over saying Recovery is not seandroid enforcing.
    Help Please.

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