Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy Note 3! [AOSP/KitKat]


For those of you looking for a super-fast, stable, and the best Android 4.4.2 KitKat AOSP ROM for your Galaxy Note 3, definitely look nowhere else than Resurrection Remix ROM.

Resurrection Remix ROM by XDA user WestCrip has been around for a few years now (since Galaxy S2), and it’s one of the best AOSP ROMs that have proven track record along with a slew of customization/features you will be very happy about.

First, this is an “AOSP” ROM (What is AOSP?), meaning it runs pure Google Android OS, not TouchWiz.  So, you will lose all of your magical Samsung TouchWiz features like multi-window, Air View, S-Pen, etc…etc…  BUT, you can still use features like IR Remote (by using 3rd party apps) and there’s a ton of S-Pen alternative apps you can use on the Play Store (See S-Pen Alternative Apps).

You can install this ROM on any Qualcomm-based Note 3 such as AT&T SM-N900A, T-Mobile SM-N900T, Sprint SM-N900P, Verizon SM-N900V, international SM-N9005, Canadian SM-N900W8, and more.  But DO NOT INSTALL if you have Exynos-based SM-N900 as you will HARD BRICK!  For AT&T and Verizon, you need to have the developer’s edition with unlocked bootloader to install, WILL NOT WORK WITH SAFESTRAP at the moment.

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  1. AJ says:

    Where would I get the developer edition for my sm-n900v…I would like to g I vetoes rom a try.. Thank you for everything Max.

  2. aexi says:

    ahoj mohu tuto rom aosp nainstalovat na boatloader 4.4.2kitkat.thanks

  3. nick says:

    Ok been on this rom noe for 5 days. So far its working out of the box. The only thing i notice will shut down for no reason that I can find. Other than that..its super fast..lot of custom shit that u can will stick to this for soem time..cheers

    • Romeo Sale says:

      I installed this over the weekend and am running for a couple of days now. This also happenned to my note 3. (sucks!)

      were you able to find a fix?

  4. nick says:

    HI Max
    Just need some info..Now that Im on KIT KAT..can i go back to jellybean 4.3…

  5. Dung says:

    Is there the same ROM for N8013 tablet?


  6. Daniel Suenkel says:

    Hi, I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9006 with stock Kitkat 4.4.2 (latest update).
    Besides that CF-Root and all the other attempts to flash ROMS via ODIN 3.09/AP fail and I cannot flash it using CWM/TWRP at all, would this Resurrection ROM also run on SM-N9006?
    And does anyone know how I can get my phone back to zero in an other way than just flashing a stock ROM? Notice that flashing CF-Root and CWM always ended up in a bootloop and a bricked recovery mode afterwards.

    So after flashing CWM or CF-Root I get:
    “Recovery booting…
    Recovery is not SEANDROID enforcing
    Set Warranty Bit: recovery”
    and after removing the battery, holding VOLUME-DOWN, HOME & POWER while putting it back I get:
    “Recovery booting…
    Set Warranty Bit: cache”
    which just reboots the phone then to normal startup…

    SOS (Save our smartphones), please 🙂

  7. greg says:

    All work well, but…………..
    I got a garbled rington sound through speaker.
    Also, how do i get rid off “on display” home, back buttons???

  8. eyaadh says:

    will s-pen work with this one?

  9. bob says:

    Multi-Window is a Samsung feature – didn’t know that!
    If this ROM doesn’t come with multi-window feature, how can I enable this on this ROM?

    I’m also concerned about:

    nick: “it will shut down for no reason”
    greg: “I got a garbled rington sound through speaker”

    anyone who has used this ROM – can you validate/comment? I will eventually get to installing this ROM and will provide feedback if I can.

  10. tim says:

    I’ve only had this Rom for about an hour now and so far its very fast and has tons of great features but i have one problem, there is a lot of static coming from the speakers I played music on the apollo app and it had static and so i tried the google music app and it was better but than i heard the ringtones and they had static as well. As good as this Rom is I will be switching back to touchwiz til this is fixed.

  11. RRemix says:

    I can confirm as well what others are finding after 5 days with it. Sounds come out of the speaker with random quality. Most of the time there is no problem, games play nicely, phone ring tone is fine, etc, but every once in a while notifications come out wrong, garbled sound. No biggie for me, but I guess something to keep in mind for those who want to try this ROM.

    Battery life is slightly worse than stock Samsung software, but the jury is still out on that one as it was only today that I changed my performance settings to power save (which is still much faster than samsung stock), will have to wait and see if that makes a difference.

    By far my biggest grip is with stability. I get way to many reboots, about one every 12 hours, 9 times out of 10 when I try to wake my device. Not sure what happens but the screen does not start and I am forced to reboot, then everything is back to normal. Very strange, quite annoying and mostly a shame, because this ROM is otherwise amazing!

  12. Liam says:

    its first time i’m installing custom rom to my note 3. after flashing ressurection remix and it shows this message “Unfortunately, Ressurection Setup has stopped”
    i had the same problem when i tried bobcatrom
    i have tried doing factory reset
    i have tired format sysem also

    still the same message..

  13. Harsha kutty says:

    hey dude is this work in my galaxy note 3 n9000 rly plz

  14. Doofus says:

    I flashed this ROM, everything went well. I even took the extra time to customize everything to my liking. For some reason the 3G works only near my house. Once I drove away, about 5 miles, I lost all internet connectivity. Where normally, I get 4G.

  15. maxisgay says:

    Do you ever answer shit I see no replies from u. Many post no answers. Fuck r u doing u can’t reply

  16. Kelvin Tey says:

    After i installed this rom on my n9005 ..everthing looks faster but battery life is slightly worse than stock touchwiz rom ..and thats fine for me …but i changed my ma mind when i wanna watch a movie in my gallery cant even play the videos ..well can .but its in slow mo shit …and i tried to open gif images(moving pic) ..its unable to move like it should i thought is it about flash player or what?or should i install flash player …any suggestion guys ?overall , no reboots ,just the video cant be play normally

  17. RICKY says:

    how can i download it on at&t… it said you need a deveolper. where do i get it

  18. nancy says:

    The author of this site leaves out the fact many of these roms can NOT be used on the n900a ATT Note 3 with its locked bootloader!

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