Resurrection Remix ROM w/ Android 6.0.1 for Galaxy Note 3! [Marshmallow]


For those of you who want to get ahead with Android operating system on your Galaxy Note 3, you need to check out the latest Resurrection Remix ROM with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

Based on latest Android 6.0.1, Resurrection Remix ROM brings you the best of CM13 and customization. In fact, this is the BEST Android Marshmallow custom ROM I have tried so far.

Out of the box, you will get all of the latest Android Marshmallow features along with CM13 features like AudioFX, CM themes (compatible with all CM13 themes), and more.

If you have been following Resurrection Remix ROM with previous Lollipop versions, you will know the high number of customization you get with it. Inside Settings->Configurations, you will be able to fully customize your status bar, buttons, recents, notification drawer, lockscreen, and more. For navigation, you will be able to add stuff like App Circle Bar, Gestures, and PIE controls.

For your quick toggles/tiles, Resurrection Remix features two columns of tiles that you can edit easily using the “Edit Tiles” button. Of course, don’t forget that with Android 6.0 you can turn your microSD card into internal storage, which works flawless on this ROM. I was able to turn my 32GB Note 3 into 96GB Note 3 easily by adding a 64GB microSD card.

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  1. anuj says:

    max can it b used on smn900 ?

  2. Nawlen Man says:

    I’m using a samsung galaxy note 3 AT&T N900a software upgrades seem to be a bit different, if not incapable for it. So what is the good stuff that capable with it. Wish I had purchased a T-Mobile phone but I’m determine to make this one work.

  3. Adrian says:

    I am getting the following error
    E: Error executing updater binary in zip ‘ /external_sd/Note 3 Roms/CM 13 6.0/

    • Max Lee says:

      Sorry ROM file, this is the correct one:

    • Adrian says:

      Also this is a Note 3 N900W8

      • Asif says:

        I install this on sprint n900p i have issue when i turn off my phone or run out of battery i connect charger then no battery icon show up just black screen and not sure it charges the phone actually please tell me how to fix i really like this rom. Thanks

        • Ferny Morales says:

          The developer didn’t add that battery icon but the phone is charging, currently there is no fix but what I do is just charge my phone when its on. If it died, connect the charger then wait till the black screen and then power on.

  4. Aoues says:

    Hello Roma for a Note 3 sm- 9002 if you like it

  5. Jan says:

    hello Max
    I’ve installed the the rom but the phone tell me there is no sim cร rd there is one in mine phone
    whenI look at the setting of the phone it tells me Android version is 6.0 and not 6.01
    do you have a solution

  6. Arup Halder says:

    Hey Max, can this ROM be installed on SM-N900 ? Actually, i’m a noob and would be flashing a android phone for the 1st tym.

  7. Adrian says:

    Everything working fine now for me except my data keeps dropping I have to keep rebooting. I am on a WIND in Canada with the Note 3 / N900W8 Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  8. Gustavo says:

    Hello max this Rom works on the note 3 n900p sprint??

  9. adam says:

    I have tried several times, but can only download 233meg of this file and the server does not support resume. Is there another location I can find this rom?

    • Adam says:

      Canadian Note 3 SM-900W8 original carrier was Rogers. Currently in Mexico working on Telcel.

      I downloaded bothe the rom and gapps from the links provided on this site more than 15 times. I did get past the 233mb limit I was running into the first day. Each time I download files frome the provided links, the MD5 does not match. Though I can uncompress the files. Although the files are corrupt and cannot be flashed onto my Note ,3

      I did source the Rom and Gapps from links at xda developers without corruption.

      This seems like a Nice Rom runs fast. Sim works, but internet connection seems slower than factory rom. Usb drive transfers slower as well.

      For some reason icons disapear from the home screen when I shutdown and boot up again.

      Im going to keep playing with it.

  10. Neil pickles says:

    Pretty impressed so far sm9005, only one bug found volume for media over Bluetooth not working +- only on full

  11. ADISHESH says:

    Guys can any1 tel me which ROM link actually works without d simcard bug
    Currently am on 5.0.2
    Waiting for ur reply.

  12. reta says:

    Phone calls or whatsapp voice calls do not work on BlueTooth at all

    I love this ROM but I use bluetooth almost 12 hours a day. Will have to go back to 5.0 ๐Ÿ™

  13. Praleesh says:

    Hi Max,

    I am using n9005 International, everything is perfect except the bluetooth, its connecting but the sounds like alien when try to call. how to fix this problem. please help me…

    • Neil pickles says:

      I had the same problem earlier today with calls on blutooth, but it corrected itself later when i un paired my headset, pressed forget sbh52 turned off headset, rebooted phone then re paired headset.

  14. yorkshire41 says:

    Hi I’ve tried installing the required gapps but everytime play store opens it closed straight away any ideas?.

  15. Jeff says:

    Hey Max, Happy New Year to you, I installed these ROM yesterday, on the positive side I love the app circle, power button screenshot and screen video capture, a little glitch was I cant play them on my cell ( video capture ). I usually video capture the screen and post them to the social media for bragging rights, LOL. any solution? I even reinstalled the ROM as an option but no dice.

  16. step says:

    this does not have wifi calling but u said for tmobile

  17. derant Barrett says:

    Downloaded from last night been mingling with the limit just settling on it, quite OK I miss the cursor of the Norma call me lazy to reach all over the screen, anyone know of any stand alone cursor?

  18. Etienne says:

    Installed on my canadian SM-N900W8.
    I’ve got a GPS problem. It can’t fix the position at all.

    Also, a quick fix for the LTE/3G internet connection problem is to disable then re-enable LTE after each reboot.

    • Ferny Morales says:

      Thank you for the LTE fix, I created a tasker task to turn airplane mode on and off everytime I reboot and that fixes it also plus it’s automated

    • SBob says:

      Same here with the GPS problem. Satellites not getting locked but I do get an approximate location but doesn’t work with navigation. Did you find any solutions? I read somewhere about a driver update fix.

      • JACK MORROW says:

        To fix GPS grab a stock ROM for your model note 3 make a nandroid backup of the ROM your on. Flash the stock turn on GPS device only. Not high accuracy. Download GPS status & toolbox from google play. Open and go to manage a-gps, reset then download a-gps. Open google maps you should get a lock quickly. If compass is off pull notification bar down and click GPS status and calibrate compass if need be. Go back to maps make sure your locked. You should not see a big blue circle around your spot it will be just your blue spot. Now reboot into recovery and flash your backup. Bam

  19. shak says:

    the download link shows v5.0 ?!?!?!

  20. Jean says:

    Hey Max Happy New Year! Question dude does it work on Sprint note 3 SM-N900P

  21. SMN9005Owner says:

    this ROM available for video call or not?

  22. Abdullah says:

    Installed on N900w8 and works flawless. Only problem is I HAVE NO SOUND FROM MY PHOJE SPEAKER! If i use heaphones it works fine but i have no audio whatsoever from my phones speaker. Please help !!!

  23. grizzzzly says:

    good rom and works fine on n900w8, good job

    now I have a trouble the usb service fonction (*#0808) don’t works and I need to access it for my flash tool repair imei

    Have you the code for the android 6.0???


    • Ghostweiner Jackson says:

      What tool is it that you use? Someone sold me a phone and then reported that shit stolen. Love craigslist. So I’ve been trying to find something for the galaxy note 3 that can change the Imei, or whatever it is to make it work. I’ve never had to do this before, so I’m totally newbie at it.

  24. M. Gutt says:

    Anyone have any luck getting Android Pay to work on this?

  25. Toph says:

    Hey Max

    I noticed ever since I installed this ROM that the MHL (micro SB to HDMI) won’t work. Every time I plug the micro SB cable into the phone It turns off and gets stuck in a loop. Are there any patches or recommended fixes for this? I’m using a T-Mobile SM-N900T. Thanks!!

  26. Allen says:

    How can you recommend this ROM as a daily driver?????

    This P.O.S. is beyond broken
    -Bluetooth earpieces do not work
    -Cellular data is broken
    -My battery drains at an alarming rate now

    thanks, now I have “Alpha” software on my only phone.

  27. SEFA AYDIN says:

    my phone is Note 3 SM-N9000Q. Can I install it??

  28. dan says:

    did a factory reset while on this rom and it wont load the rom back up again, starts up and starts as if its going into my trwp recovery, and reboots, and over and over and over again.

  29. Eddy says:

    I’ve installed this successfully on my n9005 UK note 3, everything is almost flawless. Just having trouble with the updater. It just says “cant check update”
    Is there another way to update? Don’t want to risk corrupting it and restarting from scratch again. Thanks in advance

  30. Harold M. Serrano says:

    Hi, will that ROM works on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900L LG Uplus?

  31. Mouhamed says:

    Max. This ROM makes my phone really hot the battery drained faster and the phone shuts down because of the heat. Can u help?????

  32. Vagish Arora says:

    Great rim! Fast UI! But my battery started draining a bit fast..

  33. Ghost says:

    Great ROM only one problem is the BATTERY life is horrible! Drains 1 percent every minute or so and power save is on

  34. muhammad rafik says:

    All big thanks are for you MAX !!! You just helped me out from my nightmare… my N9005 keep ext4 error & can’t boot…… Now I’m very satisfied with this ROM….. You helped me… BIG THANKS BRO !!!!

  35. Atul Sharma says:

    Stuck on Patching System Image Unconditionally…
    I’ve waited all most an hour but the screen stuck at patching system unconditionally…
    Is it normal or something not good. Before installation i have complete factory hard reset , then i choose install from SD Card . Selected Resurrection Remix ROM, But it stucks for 1 hour. My battery is draining fast , What happen if battery dies during installation of this rom?

    Please help me out . Thanks in Advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Arjun says:

    Hey, I am putting custom rom for the first time and so I am pretty happy also that things are running smoothly. But the problem I face now is that the phone charges slower than it used to on the stock rom. So is it a problem faced for all custom roms or is it just resurrection rom? Is there any way to have the regular fast charging?

  37. Ahmed says:

    Hi ,
    i use galaxy note 3 N9005, lollipop , but it isn’t rooted , so i ask about can i install that rom from PC ?
    because my recovery window isn’t look like yours
    if i can do it , please inform me the way , by steps
    Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Allen says:

    I’ve tried several 6.01 ROMs for my T-mobile Note 3

    I’ve tried several different versions of both of these.
    It has been my experience that both are broken at some level and neither are suitable for daily use

    There are 2 deal breaker issues on both of these for me:

    1- Bluetooth ear pieces do not work properly

    2- Cellular network connections requires constant manual reconnecting and fidgeting with both carrier and connect speeds etc… Connections are neither automatic nor stable

    I spent over a month trying various versions of these. In all like probably 30 re-flashes.

    I went back to my AICP 5.11 ROM and I finally have my reliable Note 3 phone back with everything working

    • Steve says:

      Hi, I was wondering how you knew/discovered that cellular network connections were neither automatic, nor stable?

      • JACK MORROW says:

        It usually will show an exclamation point beside your cell signal. And you won’t get internet. On T-Mobile I had to manually change the APN fast-tmobile one and deleted the last one for MMS and add MMS to the fast T-Mobile to be able to send pictures and have a more stable data connection. When you lose connection just toggle airplane mode on and off and it will fix the issue

  39. ADI says:


  40. Mohamed Ahmed Wahdan says:

    Hello Max , is there any way to run air command for spen on this ROM ?


  41. Njdan30 says:

    Anyways to flash to verizon note 3 now that there’s root wroth flash fire?

    • Njdan30 says:

      Never mind not that I got a response lol. Recently root and unlocking of bootloader for Verizon note 3 available. I’m currently running note 5/s7 port 6.0.1 and loving this phone again I stopped using my s6 for the time being

  42. Njdan30 says:

    Dead thread I guess

  43. Mathew Pike says:

    hey im using twrp and on a n900p and it keeps giving me ” error 7 error installing zip file “sdcard/download/'”

    • Njdan30 says:

      Try doing a factory reset then try flashing I recently had that on my recently bootloader unlocked Verizon note 3.

  44. Harry says:

    Unable detect the SD CARD via computer.

  45. matt says:

    does nfc android pay work on this? does wifi hotspot work? im using the t-mobile version. Thanks

  46. raymond stelter says:

    i tried to install gapps on my n9005 but it keeps saying it has stopped working

  47. Soul says:

    Hey I installed it an all but now I can’t get my NFC function to work please help

  48. Benjamin says:

    As awesome as it is.. I have a massive problem (Galaxy Note3 SM-N9005). The OS will suddenly freeze and then reboots…
    And also it will ramdomly switch off and not turn on unless you plug the charger in (from any random time [regardless of battery life]). Any tips or fixes??

    • Allen says:

      Honestly, as much as I wanted to run 6.01 this ROM is just too buggy. I had many issues with it until I went back to AICP 5.1.1 ROM. I struggled for months with Resurrection ROM and other variants on my T-Mobile NOTE 3. The latest is NOT always the greatest especially if you need your phone to actually work reliably as a phone. Good luck

      • Deontae says:

        Hello and thanks for this awesome ROM. I’ve boot loader unlocked cwm recovery flashed and am now typing this out on a n900v aka Verizon note 3…all features work…as I’m using this phone on metro PCS 4g ltelte now. Best ROM I’ve installed on my note 3…

  49. Carlo Gaudreault says:

    SUCCESS! May 27 2016 :]

    A big thanks Max from Montrรฉal Canada, for your time and effort to make / update your websites!

    Background (sorry for my broken english):

    – I own a SM-N900W8 Canadian Videotron Galaxy Note 3 (Original model released Nov 2013)
    – Contract is done, kept the same monthly plan, not yet carrier unlocked
    – Apps and OS updated to the latest software offered (Android 5.0.1)
    – Phone was never rooted, nor did I ever consider dare try such a thing…

    I recently became frustrated with the frequent lagging of the device (the camera could take 5-10 seconds to open!), the lack of eventual updates, and Samsung’s hiddeous Lollipop aqua and yellow theme … so I started to inquire about custom roms.

    Notes I experienced from a novice perspective:

    – Upon Google search, your site was easy to find and seamed dedicated to the Note3 which made me want to pursue further into the idea of rooting.
    – The ads covering the text on your articles made me wander off immediately to find a solution elsewhere. You made me started reading about Cyanogen Mod and it’s benefits…
    – I found this post’s youtube video browsing, you seemed confident on the stability of CM13 on Android 6.0.1 which got me excited to continue reading your guides.
    – Most of the download links are surrounded by dubious adds .. I know you need revenue, but divided onto 3 pages it really discourages to continue as a novice user!

    I read all of your guides before installing this rom:

    – I first copied all of my personnal files to my computer and emoved my externalSD card to avoid any issues.
    Proceeded to root my phone like you described without a glitch.
    – Installed TitaniumBackup (ended up purchasing it, such a good idea to backup EVERYTHING to a personnal cloud drive) .. don’t forget to backup your SMS messages (damn it) :[
    – Did a full wipe user data + reboot before backing up my stock rom in recovery menu. That way I have a safe backup of the stock rom as lightweight as possible (2.17GB) on the local drive.
    – Already had samsung usb drivers installed on my computer so that part was not required when using Odin.
    – Installed the custom rom .zip and Google apps .zip, rebooted, took some time, works! All my PlayStore apps started downloading imidiately after initial sign in.
    – No problems with previous purchases, some apps had to be manually redownloaded for some reason (i.e. facebook)

    The Cons:

    – NFC is not working. When you toggle it on in settings it waits there a moment and shuts off. It’s not a deal breaker but a fix would be much appreciated (I switch frequently between my bluetooth headphones and portable speaker)…
    – Miracast no longer works … I previously installed a samsung patch to fix a similar issue on the stock rom, but it is no longer compatible to intall on the playstore ๐Ÿ™
    – There is no longer a USB notification dialog to activate “USB 3.0” (using the stock cable). Is it simply now supported by default? I did not yet test the read / write speeds…
    – I used to get 4G at home and now it switches between 3G and H+ … tried to hand write the appropriate APN settings as suggested … same results … will investigate further…
    – Battery seems to drain ~15% faster … I did not change any CPU settings after initial rom installation.
    – The default camera app is too simple (basic full res photo and video). Can’t simply install Google’s camera app (with panorama, photosphere etc). I will have to learn how to install custom .apk apps…

    The Pros:

    – Holy sh*t my phone is fast now! Camera is ready to shoot in 2-3 seconds, the recent apps drawer is instant, no more overall lag like before.
    – Customisations are endless and simple set up in settings. I purchased a 3$ theme on the Playstore (SwiftDark) and the entire phone interface is now dark matte (basically no apps show “white backgrounds”, anywhere, except for web browser pages / emails). Looks amazing on an OLED display and great on battery life)
    – GPS / Compass / IR sensor / Chromecast / Cast screen mirror / Built in screen video capture works great.
    – SPen works, same responsiveness and pressure sensitivity (tested in Autodesk Sketchbook). There is even a system setting to show a dot under your hovering pen tip.
    – My samsung flip wallet case still works (shuts on and off the display with magnet).
    – I can finally set the screen PPI size slightly smaller to show more details on screen!
    – Oh man, you can even set the phone rotation to accept all four orientation!


    CM13 + Android 6.0.1 feels like I just got a new phone. The pros overweight the cons in terms of experience. I just hope everything will hold … and that reverting back to my backup stock rom will be as simple as getting here!

    Hope this helps anyone!

    • Emmanuel says:

      thanks man great description

    • Master K says:

      Thanks for sharing your detailed experience with the ROM. I understand that English isn’t your first language, but you stated, and I quote, “Did a full wipe user data + reboot before backing up my stock rom in recovery menu. That way I have a safe backup of the stock rom as lightweight as possible (2.17GB) on the local drive.” Are you saying that you wiped your system data BEFORE backing up your stock ROM in the recovery? If that is so, it seems reversed. Please clarify. Also you said that the battery drains 15% faster than usual. During the day, how many hours of battery life do you get? Happy that you were able to get this ROM up and running.

  50. Nikki says:

    Hey Max, I’m an angry, Samsung-ignored AT&T Note 3 user…. I’m currently using my finally-repaired Note 3 running Android 5.0 (factory reset and unroot)… no OTA updates allowed for me cuz I’ve switched to Cricket.

    I’m scared to death to do this…. but this phone is a horrific battery killer, as is…. do you possibly have a step by step for chicken sh*t newbs?

    • Njdan30 says:

      Use samsung smart switch for updates when your not on original carrier or download Odin and tar and update that way.i think latest update is 5.1.1 for note3 not 6.0.1 att had locked bootloader last I checked verizon note 3 was in same boat but not anymore over been running darklord rom perfectly with some build prop edits and apns works awesome for me no issues at all s7 edge/note5 port

  51. Moe says:

    Hey will this work on the N900W8?

  52. Claus says:

    Installed it on a sm-n9005 Scandinavia Note 3, works good and very fast ๐Ÿ™‚ I saw a few problems, after reboot or switch off, some icons was not there only if i press the middle button (on the screen) i can find the apps and then move the icons to the screen, but next time i reboot they was not there again?. About the Join SD card to memory I did that too, but still the apps only install on internal memory, unless you move them manually, not all apps allow to be moved! //Claus – Sweden

  53. wavhyou says:

    hii max ..this rom can be used on SCL22???

  54. john says:

    Hai.can i ask if we install custom rom.wil it effect on my ram.

  55. Mustafa says:

    Hi. Is it work for N9000Q .

  56. zubair ahmed says:

    Signature failed error note3 sm n9005 plz tell from start to end process.feeling tired from week but not upgrading help guys

  57. zubair ahmed says:

    Footer error signature failed

  58. Nick says:

    How did you get Google camcorder to work on T-Mobile note 3?

    • Carlo Gaudreault says:

      I would also like to know how:

      I downloaded the “Android 6.0 Gapps package” suggested but the Google Camera app does not show anywhere. The default camera is too limited (simple photo / video with flash and timer .. no panorama .. sphere .. or extra features)


  59. Elias says:

    Help me please with S-Pen

  60. Donn says:

    Hi Max, I just applying this ROM to my SM9005.when the phone finished rebooting, ive entered the setting command and in the wifi setting, the phone keyboard messed up or forced closed by itself. i dont know what is the real problem. I done what u told in the post to wipe the system but when rebooting the system, it stays on the Android face for a really long time. please help me out Max or someone. thanks for your reply

    • Donn says:

      to be exact, the phone says ” Unfortunately, Android Keyboard (AOSP) has stopped.” so,what do i do now? do i need to change to stock rom back or just my keyboard just broke down? i need help asap

  61. agish says:

    please i need help
    respond asap
    I fucked up big time
    i wanted to install a custom ROM , i had 4.4.2 kitkat sn9005 Samsung note 3
    downloaded the link and perform as instructed but
    when i did the backup , i did on my phone memory not realizing that i was full
    and did the wipe now i cant install the ROM there is some error showing and plus i cant go back to my old phone settings please help me
    my phone is not working
    please do reply

  62. Carlos says:

    I need help for my N900p
    Resurrection Remix ROM work in my phone

  63. Adrian Pulido says:

    Hello Max, love the Rom but having issues with my connection. I can’t make calls and won’t detect network. I have a SM-N900P

    • Adrian Pulido says:

      do I need to flash a different firmware? I do not have issues with stock rom which is version 4.2 I believe. This rom is version 6.0.1 and not sure if this is the problem since samsung has only released ver. 5?

  64. Ovoxost says:

    Hello Max , do you have custom rom for SM n-900L ? This is another Korean Note 3

  65. Geofrey says:

    Is there Resurrection Remix Android 6.0.1 Rom for Galaxy note 3 SM-N900?

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