S7 Edge Avengers Conversion For Galaxy Note 3!


For those of you having trouble converting your Galaxy Note 3 into a full-fledge Avengers S7 Edge, it’s actually easy to do, you may have to erase files under “trialjson” directory while installing the Avengers theme.

The Avenegers themes are fully compatible with DarkWolf ROM for the Note 3 (or probably any other S7 Edge port ROM) and if you add some Avengers boot animations to go with it, you will have a fully-converted Avengers Edition Galaxy S7 Edge.   Performance is excellent along with Screen Off Memo and full set of features from Note 5.  This is a really S7 Edge/Note 5 hybrid ROM that will give your Note 3 new life along with support for Always-On-Screen(which is a bit dim but still works).

Overall, this is a fun way to really take your Note 3 to the next level with all of Samsung’s latest features instead of being stuck in Neverland.

The tutorials are pretty much the same as before but in case you may have forgot, here’s the steps again:

Step 1. Install DarkWolf ROM for your Galaxy Note 3. (If you are on older V2.0, also update to the latest V8.5)

Step 2. Install Avengers theme and boot animation of your choice. (Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, etc…etc…)

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  1. Khalid says:

    Not able to find download link, its taking me to some different page n gets stuck

  2. Khalid says:

    page is different as its use to be before a year.

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