Tweaked ROM for Galaxy Note 3! [Material L Theme]


For this week’s Galaxy Note 3 ROM of the Week, check out Tweaked ROM with Material L Theme by XDA user Dwitherell.

Based on latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat TouchWiz firmware, Tweaked ROM brings you lots of cool “tweaks” including a Material L theme that’s going to get your Note 3 as close to the latest Android L Preview as much as possible.  You can install this ROM on T-Mobile, Canadian, or SM-N9005 models.

Tweaked ROM also gives you option to install along with ColonelX kernel (choose this instead of stock during installation), which allows you to easily overclock to a stable, whopping 2.8Ghz!  You can get Trickster MOD app on Play Store to change the frequency settings if that’s too much for you.  There’s also quad multi-window with multi-instance support for the stock browser, allowing you multi-task to the fullest.

As its name implies, Tweaked ROM is certainly one of the most tweaked custom ROMs I’ve seen, you also have a choice of 3 different custom themes including Material L Theme. (See all themes here.)

For tweaking UI, you will find TSM Parts in Settings, which will allow you to fully customize your status bar, lockscreen, enable call recording, enable screen-off/lockscreen NFC, and much much more.

19 Responses

  1. Big rafa says:

    Im still on NB1, should I upgrade the firmware before doing this? And if so, will the effortless version of NF9 work with this? He said it had a new bootloader so I wasnt too sure

  2. slasher1986 says:

    Hay max what is the basic install prep file and do I need it for the n9005?

  3. slasher1986 says:

    Not a bad rom. Would be better if the theme theemed all the icons. Will stay with multiX v1.9 for now : )

  4. deadfront says:

    Want an OPO invite to give away? I just purchased mine, haven’t gotten my invites yet. Obviously when I do it would be a quick turn around. But I figured this is a way I could give back to you for all the knowledge and doors you have opened for me. I’m assuming you would have access to my email I entered from this post. So if interested get back at me and we can hash it out.

    Android 🙂

  5. Karan javeed says:

    Hi I have tried to install it first I install the aroma and do my selection then I install the main file but every time it fails to install the colonol xb kernel I mean installing on smn90005 and while installing aroma I do select the colonol xb kernel but again it don’t install it what is the problem please guide me as I need to use this room badly plz help me out

    • Gary Yun says:

      I’m using TWRP & my phone is SM-N9005. Firstly I put the 2 zip files ( & under one folder inside an external USB drive. Wipe the factory/data reset & advance wipe the system & devlik cache. Aftrer that, start to flash by going through a series of selection then the the TweakedROM followed automatically. I don’t know why the ROM is very unstable. After many settings & adjustments, I decided to restore back to X-Note v20.

  6. tom says:

    Very nice! but polish language…

  7. Gary Yun says:

    I tried this TweakedROM with my SM-N9005 & ended up with very unstable easily reboot or totally switch off by itself. I used Teamwin Recovery Project to flash to the ROM following the instructions given (wipe & adv wipe). To be adviced, MUST have total back up done properly & restore any time ready b4 you flash the ROM. otherwise, nobody can help you!
    Good LUCK!

  8. Jonathan says:

    I know this is probably a stupid question but how do you install the theme? After I installed the ROM and everything is working alright I tried to flash the theme but CWM Recovery aborts the installation and I am lost.

  9. BN says:

    Question does anyone know if I can go from 4.4.4 to 4.4.2? I have tried installing the rom but I keep on getting stuck in a boot loop. I am going from liquidsmooth rom 4.4.4 to this rom 4.4.2…. please help

  10. David says:

    My wifi not working… heeelllllpppp

  11. 곽케빈 says:

    Download link not working?

    Download Tweaked ROM for Galaxy Note 3 (for T-Mobile, Canadian, or SM-N9005)

  12. Eric says:

    Hey Max

    This ROM has worked great for a couple of days however i just encoutered a problem with NOT being able to answer incoming calls because the slide bar will not perform the answer function. It allows me to deny the call by sliding left but it will not slide right. Any other user reports of this specific flaw?

  13. jony says:

    My WiFi Hotspot is not working.. really like this rom..?

  14. JY says:

    I downloaded this rom and I am suspicious there could be some kind of mallware type in the rom. the phone become laggy and whenever i try to reboot, it shows toast notifications like “call me ishmael” “WUT DID U DO? ” “you know it’s not going to work, right? ” Your system is f**ked”. does anyone know what might be causing this? Thanks.

    p.s. I suspect it might be from rom or one of the module from xposed..I don’t know.

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