X-Note ROM for Galaxy Note 3! [SM-N9005/SM-N900T/SM-N900W8][V15 NEW]


For this week’s SM-N9005 Galaxy Note 3 ROM of the week, check out the latest X-Note ROM by XDA user Soloilmeglio.  (You can also install this on T-Mobile or Canadian Galaxy Note 3!) Soloilmeglio has been making the X-Note ROM for many different Samsung phones like Note 2, Galaxy S4, and even Galaxy S5, you can trust his development work is solid and stable.

Based the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat international TouchWiz firmware, X-Note ROM brings you endless number of features and customization.

First, X-Note ROM ships with AROMA graphical installer which allows you to choose the features/customization you want. Once installed, X-Note ROM brings you a modded Note 3 or S5 TouchWiz launcher with 9 different custom themes! You can also install Nova launcher like I did, which is recommended if you use the X-Transformer app to change your DPI. (I set my DPI to 360 DPI, so I can get higher resolution screen and put an 8×8 Desktop/Drawer grid on it.)

At X-Note ROM’s core, you will find X-Note Control app, which contains many useful features like Floating Pen Window app, Multi-Window Manager app, Quad-multi-window mod, PIE Controls, and some more. In the “Extra” settings, there’s a ton more mods including TouchWiz launcher mods, TouchWiz Theme Changer, custom Battery icon, battery bar, Status network traffic meter, Color Mods (for status/notification bar), Sound Boost mod, and even some more.

156 Responses

  1. Gary Pakes says:

    Will this trigger Knox?

  2. Matthew says:

    no wifi ,i did the build prop install and instructions but wifi not turning on

    • Marc says:

      Do a google search for this file, N900W8 KK WIFI-NFC Fix.zip and then copy it into the root of your phone, reboot into recovery, and install that file from CWM. Wifi will work after that

  3. calvin says:

    Try the BuildProp Editor wifi doesn’t turn on. Help please

    • Francisco Ayala says:

      Aroma installer froze after installing, also all my backups are gone now. Got it up and running but did anyone else have these issues?

  4. Joni M says:

    do you have to wipe data,if you’re coming from older X-Note rom?

  5. steven johnston says:

    Wifi fix with build prop doesnt work

    • Max Lee says:

      On T-Mobile or Canadian? Make sure you flash the ROM, the Wifi Fix, then Compulsion kernel. Then if Wifi doesn’t connect, do the build prop but build prop doesn’t fix if WiFi doesn’t turn on in the first place.

      • Rob says:

        I flashed the rom with mobile Odin, what do you mean by wifi fix and compulsion

      • Vinnie says:

        Can you post a link for the WiFi fix for Canadian without any stupid programs or offers to download pls
        Thanks.. Really like this rom but I can’t make the WiFi work. I would appreciate your help

  6. praleesh says:

    I’m stuck at booting page…..please help

  7. Mac says:

    Can anyone tell me how to get Wifi Calling working?
    I have flashed the wifi patch, but wifi does not work..and I also noticed wifi calling is not even an option in this Rom..
    I have the N900T.

  8. nick says:

    Hi Bud..
    Ok. Flash this rom…and …It works floor-less bro. Everything works as far I can see.. there is so many mods here that I dont know ware to start first.
    Anyway, I will just leave it as it first..than slowy get to the moods..ohh yeah Max..How do You make the Weather Wigit big?? mine is like half size for some reason..


  9. Damien says:

    Hey Max,
    I flashed this rom and cant get the wifi to start working. Help me out please

  10. salvador says:

    hi, im having this issue
    when Im trying to make a call
    with the phone icon, I get error
    it stop..

    any help, thanks

  11. salvador says:

    unfortunately contact has stopped,

    • nick says:

      have you try, re flashing the rom ? if no..Do it. Do a clean wipe of every single thing..acept data n sd card, modam..

  12. nick says:

    Hi MAx
    Ok. Rom is working very good on my Note3 SM N9005. No issues yet..what so ever..n hope nothing comes by..haha.
    There is so many customization on this rom that I don’t no ware to start actually..any ideas??
    So im just on nomal..even with this..the rom works so smoothly..

  13. PROTUNER says:


  14. Blade78 says:

    There’s a update to X note v14. V15 is now available. If I flashed that,will i have to install the patch again to upgrade to the new version. I’m on T mobile.

  15. salvador says:

    I jut found the problem, that unfortunately contact has stopped,
    is when I tried to edit with build prop, ..Because I want to
    run on LTE, and this rom rum 0n 4G,
    When I edit it, theb stop funning the phone icon..

    any idea, thank you

    • Max Lee says:

      4G is same as 4G LTE in this ROM, so to check your actual 4G LTE signals, goto Settings->About Phone I think.

  16. Duronte says:

    Hey I have a t mobile version and everything went fine only problem I’m having is that I can’t wake up the screen with the home button is there something I need to flash for this or just a simple option I need to tap

  17. duronte says:

    hey max the rom is working great but i seem to no longer have my system animations. i’ve tried rebooting,i’ve even tried to re install the rom (it wiped everything). its just frustrating because i have the listview animation just that the window transitions stopped working. can you help ?

  18. CharlyGears says:

    Any fix for mexican telcel SM-N900W8, 4G works ok and no wifi after first boot, and wifi it works after wifi patch but next reboot no more 4G, Sim not detected.


  19. Eric says:

    Where do i find the wifi patch?

  20. Eric says:

    Wifi fix info anyone? BuildPropEditor method did not work

  21. Gary Yun says:

    B4 installing X-Note v14 with CWM Recovery, I formatted everything except firmware, firmware-modem & sdcard1 under “mounts & storage”. Now running X-Note v14 smoothly with everything to my expectation! Auto-CallRecording is a great feature to use! This is a GREAT ROM to go!

  22. Gary Yun says:

    Hi Max,
    I downloaded the kernel file “N900T_Compulsion_Kernel_KK_12_ULTIMATE.zip”. Can it be used with my Note 3 SM-N9005 for overclock purpose?

    • nick says:

      Hi Gary
      If u were u don’t over clock. This rom is fast on its own d..fyi

      • Gary Yun says:

        Thks for your advice! So far so good as everything is stable & running smoothly!

        • nick says:

          As long you are using the X note Kernal, you should not face any problems Gary. Every things works right out from the box as Max said it would. That being said, I did had issues when using the stock Kernal. Some times it would say, Touchwiz home has stop..if u face this problem..Just reflash Rom and use X note Kernal. I think in TW Launcher Theme Changer in X note extra, there has some issue..dont realy know what is it..but i know its from there.

          • Gary Yun says:

            Hi Nick,
            Still using the kernel N9005XXUEND5 came with X-Note v14 & not OC yet. I all the time use Nova Launcher instead of TouchWiz which gives no customization.

            • nick says:

              Hi Gary
              Ic..may b im hook on touchwiz..anyway i have use all 3 launcher..some times i just change for hack of it la..haha..have some deference all the time..

              • Gary Yun says:

                I use “Nova launcher” together with “Sense Analog Clock” to monitor the RAM situation. Always use “MobileCare” to optimize the phone to its tip top condition!

    • Gary Yun says:

      Upgraded to X-Note ROM v16 & running overclocked at 2649MHz with Compulsion kernel KK 12 smoothly! GREAT X-NOTE ROM!

  23. PROTUNER says:

    I apologize for already be using this “topic” to make a question that has to do with the Rom “X-Note”
    I installed it but I had a problem with the 3 buttons Note 3 (home button, menu button and the back button) it just did not work!
    I had to do was in answer to my problem and found nothing!
    I went back to Rom who had earlier (Bobcat) and run!
    Strange …?
    He liked to use the X-Note, for I have seen good reviews of it!

    • Gary Yun says:

      Inside X-Note ROM, go to X Transform to change DPI to 420 or 390 then click “Switch Selected” & follow steps to show or hide “Navigation Bar”. Don’t forget to Enable “Menu Hardware Key” & “Back Hardware Key” then reboot.

  24. Fernando says:

    I flashed this Rom yesterday on my SM_N9005 and it worked perfectly. No wifi issue or any other problem so far. This rom is awesome with all customizations you can imagine.

  25. Fernando says:

    I’m trying to add additional apps to the multiwindow list with no success. Any idea? I got no errors, it just doesn’t list the apps I’ve added even after reboot. .

  26. Tim says:

    Could somebody elaborate on where exactly can be found that infamous WiFi fix? The one provided on XDA by the creator of X-Note ROM sends the phone into bootloop, so that one is a no go. Are there any WORKING WiFi fixes that can actually be downloaded? Btw, the X-Note ROM is not downloadable from this page.
    Thank you for your time.

  27. nick pan says:

    I have updated X Note to V15 ND5. Now got some more new things …I like the camera shot ( shot it )
    Can take a shot with out going into the camera app..so cool. And it’s working very smoothly .

    • Gary Yun says:

      Good! May try v15 later.
      Installed Compulsion kernel & OC to 2496000Mhz. Monitoring right now!

      • nick pan says:

        Gary..awesome let me know how’s it’s going k..at moment I’m using X NOTE kernel. .which is very fast d..am using Apex lunches ..working so fine now..not like V14 ware I did have mods not working ..vat V15 is working very very well la..All mods are on line n working..hehe..
        So once u got ur thing going let me know..iI might one to follow..have a great day Bro. .cheers

        • Gary Yun says:


          Just switched to v15 & see some features are better than v14. However the icons such as WiFi, Mobile Data, GPS & Bluetooth…else under notification panel seem not showing on/off status clearly!!??

          • Gary Yun says:

            Last time using Compulsion kernel but not stable. The device hanged sometimes & rebooted by itself. Gave up this kernel & back to ND5 kernel.

            • Nick says:

              Hi Gary
              Use the X Note kernel. It’s much more stable n faster than stock ND5 kernel. My pull downs with mods all working ..It show me if wifi on or off ..data on or off..use the Theme in Launcher first..
              Since I upgrade to V15 , I have no problems with rim now. It’s working very smoothly n fast. No lagging at all.

              • Gary Yun says:

                Hi Nick,
                I have no problem with all the TOGGLES as I found the way of color setting inside Color Mods.
                May try the X-Note kernel you suggested later. Thks.
                Under v14, I could set “Screen Shot” under Navigation Bar but now can’t find the setting inside v15!! Any idea?

                • nick says:

                  Hi Gary
                  For Screen shots i will just swip screen or use the pen ..maks my life more easy hahaha…

                  • Gary Yun says:

                    I now use LMT PIE to set ScreenShot. LMT PIE may be better than Navigation Bar as it does not occupy screen space & only pop up upon use!

                    • Gary Yun says:

                      Switched to X-Note kernel 2.1 already. Very fast & smooth! Now my SM-N9005 is at its tip top condition. All settings & features are meeting my expectation! Thks!

              • Gary Yun says:

                Tested X-Note ROM v15 with two different kernels by AnTuTu Benchmark v4.4.2. X-Note kernel 2.1 achieved higher score 27175 while stock kernel ND5 was just hitting 260XX!

                • Gary Yun says:

                  Recently updated GravityBox (KK) having “Navigation bar tweaks” in which I can set “screenshot” to my preference under “Custom key settings”. X-Note ROM v15 is one of the BEST custom ROMs for Galaxy Note 3 I have ever seen!

    • Gary Yun says:

      Upgraded to v16 over v15 straightly without any wipes & running with compulsion kernel overclocked to 2649MHz smoothly. AnTuTu benchmark 32502. You should try this

      • Gary Yun says:

        Until today I am still running X-Note ROM upgraded to v20 long ago. I have been trying many diff. ROMs & so far X-Note ROM is the BEST stable & feature rich! Together with Nova Launcher, I can configure my SM-N9005 to meet all my expectation!

  28. Eric says:

    Here is the link for the wifi patch. It worked instantly and appears to b very stable. Just copy and paste into google browser.


  29. Quintin says:

    Is there a way to install the dap manager app or something similar? I like the Viper app but DSP Manager gives you different settings like studio, hall, room ext??? Please help I miss having it.

  30. BLR says:

    Where can I find X-Note kernel 2.1, I looked everywhere and I can’t find it. currently using CivZ-snapKat-Rev2.1-N900T.

  31. Tim says:

    Wel for the life of me I cannnot get x note v14 or v15 to work on my Australian (Optus) SM_9005. After install of the ROM it simply bricks. I have formatted, deleted, wiped, including going back to a complete instal of the original Optus ROM and the result is the same anytime.

    I relaly like the look of this ROM and would love to get it working. Any suggestions, especialyl from Australian users who ahve done this successfully would be appreciated.

    • Gary Yun says:

      Based on SM-N9005 & my personel experience, I unrooted my phone to Samsung original stock ROM then updated to latest KK ROM & firmware through Samsung official server. Rooted the phone again & did full backup with CWM Recovery. Did full wipes & formatted everything except firmware, firmware-modem & SD1 where I kept v15 ROM.zip. Flashed the ROM following on screen instructions.

      • Gary Yun says:

        Need to format “/sdcard” and “/data and /data/media (/sdcard)” as well! So backup is important!

  32. Tim says:

    Hi Max and everyone! Here is what I found out about this ROM being applied to SM-N900W8 Canadian running stock KITKAT 4.4.2 (updated via software install right after the device has been purchased). XRom installs just fine, wifi doesn’t work. Installation of suggested kernel/wifi fix send the phone into freeze at Galaxy Note 3 sign. In fact both, the kernel and the fix applied in any sequence cause the device to freeze on startup. Everything was wiped including the sdcard, system and etc. The recovery used is TWRP.
    After spending about 5 hours on research I found out the fix for a bootloop, not for a freezing on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sign. So, I have reflashed stock KitKat via Odin, rooted, installed TWRP recovery, flashed the XROM again, precisely as prescribed in this topic – NO WIFI. It doesn’t even turn on. My question to Max: have you actually tried flashing this ROM on Canadian Note 3? If you have done it, did wifi turn on or it didn’t? Please consider the fact that in Canada we have three versions of Note 3: SM-N900W8 from Rogers/Fino, imported SM-N9005, Exinos version; different phones for different providers. The fact that XRom works on N9005 doesn’t mean that it works on N900W8, I am sure Max knows it very well. Has anyone flashed this ROM on N900W8 and had it fully functional, meaning wifi, GPS, data, SIM recognition and etc.?

    • Zeeshan says:

      is ur issue resolved??? there is a fix for wifi…i am using this rom just fine…but having terrible issues with GPS locking….its just doesn’t work…

      I am still searching to fix this damn issue…let me know.

  33. mohammed says:

    I’m on cynogenmod 11 and trying put x-note v15 using clockwork but every time it installs, I get stuck on the Samsung screen and doesnt reboot. I’m using the latest version of clockwork on n9005. Can anyone help?

    • nick pan says:

      Have u did a clean wipe of ur HP? If not..u got to do that..but make sure u do A Back Up of ur ROM.

      • mohammed says:

        Hi nick

        I’ve factory reset and wiped caches, I’ve also tried mount and storage and formatted the system and data but keep still going on bootloop.

        • nick says:

          hi Mohamad
          Ok..there is only one thing i can think of for you to do. Unroot..and root back your note using the lates CWM. Y am i telling u this is because, I had the samae problem with Bobcatrom lates version. I unrooted my Note 3. Install back stock KK lates version. Than root once again.
          Than try flashing the X note rom once again..Make sure ur security is ( Off ) USB is On…It should work..Im now on X Note V15. Hope this works for u bro..

          • mohammed says:

            Hi Nick

            I’ll try that, do you have a link to kk 4.4.2 for n9005 lte, I’ve only got 4.3 and it’s rooted. Hopefully this will work. Thanks nick

            • nick pan says:

              Sorry don’t have the link. U can use sumsung official site..or just goggle it like what I did..it should show u the official stock roms. .or u could just look it up here at Max Web site…cheers.

  34. Gary Pakes says:

    Version 16 came out Y’Day

  35. Gary Parkes says:

    It’s on the X da N9005 forum will post linkage later .

    • Eric says:

      I updated V16 thru the Xnote Control and ROM update #2 using ES File Explorer to download and ROM Manager (both free from google play store) to install. Worked like a charm

      • nick pan says:

        Hi eric
        How did u do it..I have down loaded all files with es file explorer. Down load rom manager..but I don’t seem to know what to do next..any way in helping out thx

  36. neville says:

    this rom obviously has a wifi problem and there is no working fix for this so im going to have to say this rom is trash

    • Eric says:

      Neville try copying and pasting this link in web browser. This patch worked perfect for me.


  37. anshul says:

    I am confuused about the installation process of this ROM. In this post its mentioned to wipe data, factory reset and wipe dalvik but in the original post in XDA its mentioned only to wipe cache .Which process should I follow.
    There is also mentioned about something “0 folder” whats all that about?
    Will i be needing any fixes to install after flashin this rom .I am on 4.4.2 stock ROM rooted by following the process in your blog (CWM recovery)

    Thanks a lot

  38. nick says:

    updated my rom..some awesome TW Launchers now..all in all. I think X note is best Rom for SM N9005 LTE ..Todate I dont find any thing which is not working on my Note 3…every things works..its fast..smooth..

    • Gary Yun says:

      Hi Nick,
      Upgraded to v16 with compulsion kernel overclocked to 2649MHz but can’t use TW Launcher. Anyway, I always use Nova Launcher and change to Google Now Launcher sometimes. Everything is working fine!
      Where do you stay?
      Gary Yun from Singapore

      • nick pan says:

        Hi Gary
        Yes I also have up graded my X Note via Es file explorer. Only the kernel I’m on stock X Note I guess. I don’t want o mess to much with the rom. My Tw launcher is all working fine..use sone awesome launchers witch came with the up date. Wah bro u from Sg huh..I’m from malaysia. When down let me know we could mitt up for teh tarik. .or satay hahaha..by the way..ware did u get the compalsion kernel. .??? N how did u flash it..? Ok.. hope hear from u

        • Gary Yun says:

          Max did mention the Compulsion kernel & u can dl fm there or WhatsApp me at +6594566922. I can send u the zip by WhatsApp. Install through CWM Recovery. Take care!

  39. bobby says:

    Got the installed on Canadian variant everything is working but I can’t make any phone calls please help max!!!

  40. Tim says:

    Interesting….so it does NOT work on W8…gush, so much time was wasted for nothing…why mentioning canadian Note 3 than?

    • Max Lee says:

      The older versions did work, just the latest version doesn’t. When I wrote this it worked on the older version I used.

  41. slasher1986 says:

    Won’t install on my n9005 : ( just getting installation aborted regardless of what recovery I use

  42. Cletus says:

    Can any one help me? I keep getting stuck on the samsong galaxy note 3 sm-n9005 screen after installing.
    Even after completly wiping it back to factory settings and re rooting

  43. Cletus says:

    Ok I’m Guessing Australians will have to wait for the roll out of kitkat 4.42 before this rom will work.
    Max: unless some one knows how to update kitkat to 4.4.2 on australian network phones

  44. nick says:

    Ok..Tried CM11 rom..Not stable after one day of runing it on my Note 3 SM N9005.
    When back to my trusted X Note rom. Did a benchmark with Antutu ..hitting over 33xxx..last week was at 34650..and this is without over clocking…blazinggggggg….so i realy dont know what other roms can hit this..CM11 was at 32xxx on;ly

  45. Gary Pakes says:

    V17 has been released xda N9005

    • nick says:

      Hi Gary
      Got the link?? I realy dont how to go into XDA..if do also..Its not in ENG…hope you can send me the link..

  46. nick says:

    Hi All
    Have just up grad to V17 X Note FS3. This Rom is super fast..did an AnTuTiu Bench mark..It Hit 35119..
    never tot it could go that fast..anyway there is lot of improvement with the rom..but i have no time yet to actually go through it..BUT this is the rom to use..So darn stable ..not like the rest..good one day and crap the next. This very very stable rom..best in the market.

  47. duronte says:

    hey ive had this x note rom for quite a while and I love it but it does have one bug. the NFC does not work is there anyway to fix this bug. pleases get back to me asap

  48. Gary Pakes says:

    V18 released Y’Day

  49. Cletus says:

    Max I’m having trouble getting the quad multi window mode working. on mods 5.1, 15 and 18. Ive watched your video a couple of times and dont know where else to look.

    Love the site, you’ve priety much been my tutor into the world of how android systems work.

  50. Cletus says:

    Yeh, im a tool…. you need to drag and dropp them.

    Why do you always work these things out just after you post that your having a problem?…

  51. Cletus says:

    Ok heres a new one. I’ve just updated to build 18 and now i cant connect my device to Samsong keys. whats a good driver to use as an alternative?

  52. zeeshan says:

    Hey Max,

    So I have this candian N900W8 version, and you have mentioned earlier that its not compatible with tm/candian variants bcoz of some S5 infrastructure built in; is there a version available now for me? or do v have to wait for that to happen…


    • Max Lee says:

      I would advise installing another ROM yes, latest version of X-Note isn’t compatible anymore (it used to be) even with patch.

  53. Mike says:

    Just download the X-Note Build 15 work very good ..the best rom i installed. for the wifi and hostspot use this link in you browser and it will fix everything.

  54. Gikos says:

    I have the note 3 Canadian version N900W8. I tried V 15, V 16, V7 and finally V 18. V 18 was having issues with NFL, and app settings was not working and I the ROM wasn’t stable. So I downgraded back to V17 and I can say that so far V17 has been stable. Everything is working fine so I am sticking with this version for now.

    I also tried Darthstaker V7. But this V7 was not compatible with my note 3 because whatever I try the PIN security would not work.

    So my question why V 18 has issues with the canadian version and any idea how to fix the PIN issue on the V7 Darthstaker. What’s amazing if I use comp kernel with V 18 I get the same PIN issue. I am currently on NB7 baseband.

    And one last question are there any ROM that has Google spell check feather other Tha Darthstaker?

  55. Mike says:

    where i can download the x-note build 17? or build 15 is better?

  56. Cletus says:

    Worked out its probably a driver software issue. Don’t know whether that would be on the pc or phone.
    I’m guessing pc. Any one know where to source useful driver software?

  57. Cletus says:

    I can still use my note 3 as a wife tether through the usb port so. ..

    Gicose. I don’t know what issues your having, on via mine some up with notices saying sharing error and get mail is not working but on investigation things seem fine.

  58. K4naK says:

    Sorry, but this ROM works in GN3 SM-N900?

  59. ellie says:

    I Have No Idea What Any Of This Mean But I Need Help With My Note 3 That Was Rooted When I Received It I Was Told That It Would Need Updates But My Battery Is Being Drained Faster And I Don’t Have Some Of The Things I See In The Videos. The ROM is X NOTE but that really all I know. I just want to have the best phone for the money I paid for it. Can anyone help me?

  60. Kieran says:

    Hey Max!
    Love all the tutorials and informative videos.

    I was hoping you could help me out.
    I have a Canadian Note 3, I followed your instructions including wi-fi patch and & compulsion kernel.
    Everything seemed to be working flawlessly! I ran into one problem I have not been able to find a solution to.
    My data doesn’t work. I can’t go on the internet nor use any apps that require data because it’s not working for whatever reason. When I went into the options then checked my status of my phone it said “mobile network state: disconnected”. My texting and calling works fine, just my data. Got any solutions??

    Appreciate it buddy,


  61. A. El-Nakib says:

    hey guys,
    want to know as you tried both x-note and CM 11 for N9005, which is better or what differs between both ?

    • Max Lee says:

      CM11 is an AOSP ROM, see What is AOSP here:

      So it’s a different type of ROM.

  62. TheSuperKareem says:

    Hey Max .
    I’ve downloaded the one on xda forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2472301
    in steps 3 and 7
    1- Untick reactivation lock in security settings
    2- do a EFS backup from your KitKat firmware
    3- check the MD5 of your downloaded X-Note zip
    4- reboot recovery
    5- wipe data (don’t do other wipes)
    6- install zip and choose the rom in your sd
    7- follow aroma, reboot system.
    8- leave the phone 5 minutes
    9- look at your internal sd card, if you have a folder “0” (zero) cut and paste the content (xnote folder) outside the zero folder
    10- use X-Note app the first time to enable/disable home button + traffic meter + status bar elements color
    11- done.
    how do I check for md5 and what is aroma ???

  63. Martin says:

    Installed xnote on my international note 3 and i can’t play videos from sites such as ign.com and viasatsport.se. When I’m at ign.com the video never starts and on viasatsport.se there is just a broken video icon where the play icon is supposed to be! Any tips?

  64. Poul says:

    Are there polish language?

  65. ayush says:

    is it working with sm n900

  66. Gary Pakes says:

    It seems X-note v18 is no Longer ,but there is a ported version from the S5 knocking about is this any good as I’m looking for a good TW rom on decent battery life .Any advice would be appreciated .


  67. Paul says:

    I can’t seem to get my NFC to work? Is there a patch or fix? Thank You.

  68. Zeeshan says:

    Max, I just love this X-Note ROM I am using build 15 ND5….I am having horrible issues with GPS not locking at all…there are a lot of ppl talking about it but no resolution yet anywhere…should I update to the latest version like v19 or v20?…i have canadian variant N900W8.

    would you recommend me doing that? or is there a resolution I am not aware of.

    please help!

  69. Spartin says:

    This BULLSHI! ROM deleted everything from my system after I used CWM and backed up my system. My photos my downloaded pictures and different items. I’ve done the EXACT same procedure mutiple times but this crap never happened to me before and seeing as I trusted this site to NOT to help f#$k up my system I won’t come back again and seeing as Max Lee runs this site I’ll stay away from everything with his name attached to it. Besides this ROM sucked and was slow and nothing worked. Thanks for enabling me to f#×k up everything I setup on my system by allowing such a shirty ROM on your site and killing credibility. Like my first Note that go messed up, I refuse to look at anything offered there AKA: dead. Sure I’m not upset at Max Lee or this site but next time I’ll probably hard brick my device from something that is offered on this site not just losr the CWN backup I made just before flashing the file from this site..

  70. aelaan says:

    I read that this ROM would resolve the issue with the GPS not locking.
    I have a SN3 – N900W8 (Canadian)
    The moment I get into Aroma it shows as SM-N9005 ROM? It says that it is compliant for the SM-N900W8?
    Then it asks me what programs – which is normal – just pick and choose.
    Then it asks me for my CSC????
    That does not seem right as I am on Telus in Canada I stopped as I did not want to risk my phone being softbricked.
    Is there a later version that does work with the Exynos proc?
    I did install CM11 which worked but of course I need the TW Framework installed to be able to use some applications from Samsung.

  71. Jaime says:

    Hey my battery life is kinda bad in this what can I do to improve it cause I switched from biggins now I’m here and like this rim just need better bat life

  72. Hubert says:

    Hello, anybody here encountered screen mirroring problems using this rom with samsung tv and how to fix it?
    thanks in advance

  73. Caleb says:

    Max! I have a question. Is there ANY POSSIBLE way to Install the X-Note rom onto a AT&T SM-N900A?? Using Odin or changing firmware first or ANYTHING? Please let me know aid there Is the slightest chance. Or Is there any way or going to be any way to unlock the bootloader for a SM-N900A? Thank you for you time.

    • Caleb says:

      Oh, and also, I Installed a rom recently that turned my SM-N900A Into SM-N900V. Does this mean that I can use any Verizon rom because It has a locked bootloader as well? Again, thank you for your time.

  74. chris says:

    Hi Max
    This was truly the best rom I’ve had and have found it hard to move on to others.
    Any idea what’s going on since the last version v21?
    I’ve seen x note apps on the app store but no more news on the note rom

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