KitKatKiller ROM for Sprint Galaxy Note 3!


For this week’s Sprint Note 3 ROM of the week, check out KitKatKiller ROM by XDA user JoshBeach!

Based on latest Sprint Android 4.4.2 NC5 firmware, KitKatKiller ROM brings you a killer
blue custom theme along with 6 additional colors you can choose from for your icons.

You will find a blazing-fast S5 TouchWiz launcher that’s so fast you won’t believe it’s TouchWiz!  KitkatKiller ROM also comes with BeastMod kernel which allows you to overclock up to 2.726Ghz for those of you hard-core gamers who want to get your Note 3 running faster than a Galaxy S5.

Inside KitKatKiller ROM, you will find KitKatKiller ROM Settings that will allow you to tweak your status bar and includes useful apps like CPU Voltage Scaler, CPU Sleeper, Cache Cleaner, Battery Calibration, Call Recorder, PRL Writer, Battery Bar, Pen Window Manager, LED Blink Customizer, and some more.

Performance is excellent on the KitKatKiller ROM along with improved battery life over stock as all Sprint bloatware have been removed along with system tweak for faster/longer phone. Wifi Hotspot is unlocked so you can tether your laptop to Sprint 4G LTE all day long and other useful tweaks include ability to add up to 999 contacts, use camera while in a call, audio sound in-call boost, loud sound mod for speaker, custom drop down, and even YouTube app with download option.

6 Responses

  1. mcgee says:

    Was wondering if it had gmail

  2. Megatron says:

    Hi, I love this rom so far. My only issue would be when I swipe up for magazines or left for google now it says app not installed. Any way to fix this?

  3. sergio says:

    Hey I notice the gummy having issues with the GPS
    Does this has problems with it?

    • mario says:

      I had gps problems with crom also then i installed fre3 rom and it got fixed aswell as the video recorder didnt work with c rom either

  4. Matthew Champigny says:

    i have a question i have a note 3 with kitkat killer and want to usb teather but when i plug in it wont so anything with the phone. can any one help please.

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