MOAR S5 ROM for Sprint Galaxy Note 3!


For those of you looking to turn your Sprint Galaxy Note 3 into a Galaxy S5, look nowhere but at the ported MOAR S5 ROM.  This is S5 ROM ported to the Sprint Note 3, which will essentially give you every feature on the S5 (except camera) on your Sprint Note 3.

For MOAR ROM on S5, see here.

Inside MOAR S5 ROM you will find goodies like a Download Booster, Ultra Power Saving Mode, Wifi Calling, unlocked Hotspot, Festival effects, and 15 different TouchWiz themes.  Also MOAR ROM comes with its own MOAR ROM Mod Control in Settings that allows you to fully tweak your UI to your liking.

Wait, there’s more cool goodies like quad multi-window and multi-instance browser.  This means you can open 4 of your favorite apps at the same time and also you can open 4 browsers (stock browser) at the same time.  And did we forget to mention you can easily overclock up to 2.726Ghz (which is faster than S5 and Note 4).

The only thing I noticed not working is the native Hotspot, which could be a deal breaker for some of you who use it daily but otherwise this ROM is really awesome.  So, definitely give it a test drive this week(end) and do let me know what you think!

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  1. Eduardo Canton says:

    I think you guys are doing a great job! I’m not a computer wiz and I’ve been able to root my device without any problems whatsoever. The only thins is that I’ve been trying to install MOAR S5 ROM and everything is succesful, however, when I enter finish to reboot my phone, it doesn’t but it brings me to the screen that says” Downloading… do not turn off” and it says at the top” Could not do normal reboot Odin mode”
    Can anyone help me with this issue?

    Thanks again!

    • Furman says:

      Pull the battery, restart holding down volume UP, home button, power button at same time. This should put you back in TWRP or CWM, whichever recovery you are using. Do a wipe first (data, system and cache) then reflash the ROM. I have had a similar problem and this resolved it for me. If this doesn’t work then basically start over and make sure you have a clean install ROM, sometimes during a download the files can get corrupted and then it will never flash correctly. I would do a fresh download of the ROM and then the wipe before install procedure.

    • Eduardo Canton says:

      thanks a lot, I got it to work!

  2. Furman says:

    Best ROM I’ve used so far for Note 3. Used Xposed Framework Modules to finish my customizing, this be the one so far.

  3. Sheldon Brown says:

    How do I activate the wifi calling Because It doesn’t seem to be working its saying that I have wifi calling now updated on my device but its not being activated. How do I activate it please email me ASAP….

    • Furman says:

      I used the Settings menu/Wi-Fi Calling and followed the prompts. Had no problem activating it? I’m not sure if installing that ROM fix might help? If you’ve got everything installed correctly try wiping the cache. Go to App Manger/All, find the Wi-Fi calling app and wipe the cache, reboot phone and try setting it up again through the settings menu.

  4. sheldon says:

    Thanks Furman Ill try that. Also what about hotspot, does it work for you? Because it doesn’t work for me man. Also when I try to add the wifi calling icon on the top of the notification tray it doesn’t move up there and when I try highlighting it, it keeps taking me through the prompts and confirms that its activated but the icon still doesn’t light up when I hit it in the notification window what do you think might be the problem?

  5. sheldon says:

    Hey furman how are you. I did what you said about the wifi calling. So how do I go about using it lol? I wiped the cache and rebooted the phone and went through the prompts to activate it so how do I know it works? Please help me man thank you. Ill be awaiting your reply bro.

    • Furman says:

      Hey Sheldon I will try to help you out. I haven’t tried anything to the notification panel but I will play with it some and let you know my experience with it. Now to use Wi-Fi calling you have to install a Wi-Fi app, I’ve tried a bunch but the one that works the best for me is Groove IP Lite, download it from the Google Play store, install and set up. It will give a good connection over Wi-Fi, save your minutes. Are you familiar with Xposed Framework? It has so many mods available for ROMs like this one. I bet there is a notification panel module in there somewhere, I’ll check it out later. Hope this stuff helps some, I really like this ROM, this developer hit a home run with this Mother Of All Only problems I seem to have are with the S-cover on my Note and sometimes the S-Pen flames out but other than that its all pretty cool.

  6. sheldon says:

    Wassup Furman I will try the Groove IP Lite thank you man. Also lemme know if your hotspot works man. Because mine does not work lol. Everytime I try to connect hotspot its saying I have to subscribe for it because I don’t have a subscription of it lol. So much for being free hahahaha. :-D. Anyway please try it and lemme know how the hotspot works and Ill await your reply ok.

    • Furman says:

      Hey man, I got the Wi-Fi icon up on my notification panel but it still don’t connect properly through the dialer, its a tad flaky. Just hold down on the icon and move it a tier at a time until you get it in your recent’s section of the notification panel. Also go to the Sprint web site and make sure the Wi-Fi calling service is active on your account. I just use the Groove IP app for wifi calling, its the best. I don’t use Hotspot but I’m pretty sure that’s a pay option with Sprint, check your calling plan on that also, I think you’re gonna have to pay to play…hahaha!

  7. John says:

    Sprint note 3 SM-900P
    Air view, Air gesture and Touch sensitivity are not working after flashing this rom.
    I reverted back to my original note 3 ROM and they worked.

    Please help!! I love this ROM but I use Air View a lot

    Thank you,


  8. Furman says:

    This is a great ROM but after putting it through the wringer for a few days it has too many hiccups. Back to KitKatKiller I go, its proving to be a hard one to beat. Wish I was not addicted to flashing stuff. If I get anywhere near anything Android I want to start the root and flash thing, man I need help…maybe an intervention?? My wife won’t let me anywhere near her phone or tablets anymore (sad face)!

  9. pete says:

    Hey Max,

    I keep getting the “process android.process.acore has stopped” error message and it is really annoying as it keeps popping up every time I clear it. Any way to get rid of this.


  10. sheldon brown says:

    Hey furman wassup I wanna flash kitkat killer too. But everytime I flash it, I get stuck in the boot loop on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen I wonder what to do. I wonder what I can do so I can get past that Freakn boot loop please help me out Furman…

    • Furman says:

      hey did you wipe data/factory reset before flashing? That Kit Kat Killer is pretty strong, just a few minor deals but its a good hybrid TouchWiz, the developer did a great job.

  11. craig says:

    I cant get the s5 camera features to work or the task killer working. Is there a way I can change the settings
    For them to work on another sift key button. I dont use google now at all wish that wasnt a feature. Thanks

    • craig says:

      Using sprint note 3 s5 mod and I cant figure out how to quick access the task killer menu without using the widget. Is there any way to make it a soft key feature like it is in the s5 and all other samsung phones? Please help I love this rom dont want to switch.

  12. scott says:

    Rom worked great for two days. Now apps are freezing and cant get out of them without hard reboot.

  13. craig says:

    Is it at all possible to get the s5 camera up and running or no? The other carriers versions somehow had the option but sprint does not. You guys rock so hard by the way I love this s5 theme. May not even get the note 4 now since this is exactly what I wanted the note 4 anyway was a new ui look and this hit the nail on the fuckin head. Pinnnnnng…lol anyway aldo how do we donate im a first time user here. Is there still an option to donate? Thanks yall

  14. lui says:

    hello i am ghaving an issue here ive been running this rom form about a month now works flawless never tried ultra power saving mode until today that i actually needed it but now i cant seem to turn it off i switch the toggle to the off position and nothing happens ive tried multiple reboots even took battery off while on and just goes back to ultra power what can i do??? dont really wanna reflash again

  15. dwight says:

    I have the note3 and this is the best rom ever but the hdmi port is not working on my I appreciate any kind of help

  16. mike smith says:

    if i am rooted with no custom rom installed just rooted will i still have to do a data factory wipe, or can i just go ahead and install this over top of what i already have?

  17. Andrew ledford says:

    Is this ROM compatible with the gear 2 neo?

  18. Tanya says:

    I really love the look of this rom but had to revert back to kitkat killer. The touch would stop working often. I wiped at least 3 times and it still did it 🙁 i cannot find how to fix it anywhere. Hopefully i can use it soon. Kitkat killer has things i don’t like too. But it doesn’t freeze and touch works.

  19. Raymond says:

    How do you delete apps like flipboard, scarpbook, sketchbook, Svoice and others?

  20. Clint says:

    Mirroring doesnt work on this rom….anyone solve…Sprint Note 3 Noop

  21. wiiliam says:

    im trying to install moar rom for sprint note 3 I wiped everything I applied the moar rom fix still boot loop can you help

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