Sacs ROM V4 + BeastMode Kernel for Sprint Galaxy Note 3! [2.726Ghz Overclocking]


For this week’s Sprint Galaxy Note 3 ROM of the Week, check out latest version of Sacs ROM V4.

Based on latest Sprint Android 4.4.2 KitKat firmware, Sacs ROM brings you the best of latest TouchWiz mods/features/customization plus BeastMode kernel with overclocking up to 2.726Ghz, which will allow you to easily have better performance than the new Galaxy S5.

Sacs ROM ships with a modded TouchWiz launcher and standard Android 4.4.2 KitKat launcher, both which run super-fast with no lag.  Although this ROM is fast out of the box, if you really want to boost the performance, use TricksterMOD to overclock your phone to 2.726Ghz and also undervolt 25mV to get the most battery life while at it.

The modded TouchWiz launcher provides Swipe Up customization for your favorite apps (I set mine to camera) and you will have a choice between 13 different custom themes to make your launcher your own.

Sacs ROM now ships with VN MultiToolMod, which includes many customization/features in one app including Battery Style changer, Ad blocker app, Ink effects, Pen Window Manager, Multi-Window Manager, Any App AirCommand, Launcher with PullUp, and enable auto call-recording.

In AROMA graphical installer, you will find options to choose Note HD app, custom fonts, headphone shortcuts, S Note app from S5, S5 UI Settings, Google KitKat launcher, ringtones/alarm sounds from MIUI, Sense 5.0, Sony Xperia, or LG G2, and some more.

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  1. alem says:

    thanks again for the great video Mac. Are you back to touchwiz as a daily driver?

  2. Xavier butler says:

    Same problem network not working

  3. Kevin says:

    Mobile Network does not work. Tried wiping everything and still a no go.

  4. Phillip says:

    Flashed rom and i get no mobile network, phone keeps saying preparing network. Do you have a solution for this ? The rom looks great and would like to use it as a daily , i”m coming from SAC v3 and i love it bit i want the s5 goodies. please help

  5. Aaron says:

    Same here. Love the rom but no mobile network. Any ideas max? I’d love to use this as a daily driver.

    • Slade says:

      Me too…I’ve been searching high and low on the web, upgraded from v3 too and same thing. I thought perhaps it was a kernel issue there’s are several beast mode kernels but I’m not sure if it’s a kernel issue or modem and/or if that’s part of the kernel. If I revert back to v3 it works. Initially after reverting it did not. I had to install another “non” sacs rom radio worked, did the “prep” mentioned on xda several time in a row, then installed v3 it worked, I had hoped that the upgrade to the latest would work and it has not, the phone works fine otherwise just no sprint service. Help.

  6. XavierB-) butler says:

    Zedo why does your network work for Sprint and no one else
    Does in the Sacs Rom v4

  7. Ron Wilkerson says:

    Looks like another great rom from Sacs here but like everyone else, no connection to the Sprint network. I have tried completely reactivating the device after install. Loading APR’s for the network which were saved just prior to installation. From what I see in this section, we are not getting an answer from the author. Please provide us some information! This is a fantastic ROM with super customizeable features but without some guidance here then I like most other people will just see the pretty ROM and only wish…. Come on, help us out.

  8. Elroy says:

    Installed with wipe could not get network. Restored v3 then installed without wipe, network still not available. Any fix?

  9. Raul says:

    For all you guys and gals that are having trouble with the network download lean kernel if XDA developers forum and then flash the rom do not reboot flash kernel and then do a factory wipe and your network problem should be fix. I just tried this and worked fine Im going to see if I can manually flash beast kernel to see if will work. Also see if I can get transparent accu weather on this rom. Try it enjoy share. Thanks

    • Aaron says:

      Hi Raul, I flashed the rom, and it went into aroma installer, I selected everything I wanted, and then before reboot, I went back into cwm and flashed lean kernel. then did a factory wipe, but my phone wouldn’t boot, It gave me a kernel error. any idea what I did wrong?

  10. Raul says:

    Oh forgot to tell you once you enter all your info reboot once more and you should be good.

  11. Raul says:

    Yep it’s the beast kernel that has to do with the network. Sticking to lean kernel for now.

  12. Raul says:

    Accu weather transparency can be set in settings. Dios not know that. And seems to not have tethering but can be achieved with an app from the playstore.

  13. Slade says:

    I solved my problem. I had downloaded BeastModeKernel-KitKat-1.2-ROAR-N900P kernel flashed that from the phone while on sacsrom v3. Then immediately flashed the V5 version within TWRP rebooted and it works. So far looks like everything is working. Assume so if not I will update this thread with additional information.

    Thanks to those who served our country!

    • Aaron says:

      Hey Slade, great information, Thank you! 🙂 worked perfectly. Now v4 is working great!

      • Slade says:

        Happy to help I know how frustrating it can be searching out solutions this is how we all learn and can pass that on.

    • Michael W. says:

      Slade you are the man! I had to do some searching but I found the kernel at, installed it with CWM (I don’t have TWRP) and just as you instructed installed ROM and shazzam all is well again! Had to do some additional tweeking to get my phone setup like before, but now it is perfect. My weather widget stopped working initially, but I did a force stop and deleted the data and it’s working again too. One other thing I had to do was download the google email app and re-setup my email accounts. I’m going to upgrade to the Note 4, but with this latest SAC v4 I’m not in as big a rush.

    • Jay says:

      Hi sacs this jay I have a note 3 and im having trouble with rooting my phone
      I don’t have access to a windows pc or nothing
      I just wanted to simply install from my device
      I tried to use root apps but I was unsuccessfull
      I just simply wanted u to give me link so that I dont have to install my self
      Pluss I think my phone is blocking me from using such software tell me what u think.

  14. Tanashe says:

    Love this rom but I will have to change it. Exchange email is missing even when click on stock samsung email during installation. Any suggestion since I need the email for my job.

  15. bootloop says:

    For the no network fix . You must manually enter APN under mobile network.

    • Derek Louis says:


      Could you please post a link or give instructions on how to manually enter the APN under mobile network? It would be greatly appreciated.


  16. Bootloop says:

    well actually guys with this rom its the beast mod kernel. I tried everything to simulate the problem last night and i noticed when you flash the kernel all net work is gone so use your nandroid back up recover to stock then flash your again. Let the rom flash the installed kernel but do not re flash the extra beast mod kernel that you are downloading separately . i thought entering APN info info would work but on this rom the *#*#(msl)*# is not accessible.
    hope this fix works for you too

  17. Tavo says:

    Somebody know how to make widget themes to work? Icons themes works but not widgets.

  18. Dana Joseph says:

    Do the new sacs rom version 4 with beast mode kernel come with native hotshot?

  19. Henry says:

    My video app is not working. Does anyone have a solution. The dreaded “unfortunately ….” message shows when I click on a video.

  20. Nathan says:

    Would I still have to do the method Slade mentioned or has the network issue been fixed? Im not sure I quite understand the work-around slade mentioned…

  21. Gino says:

    I told the rom to install beatmode but it didn’t. What do I do next.

  22. Gino says:

    I told the rom to install beastmode but it didn’t. What do I do next.

  23. Gino says:

    Why ask for help here when you have to wait days for a response.

  24. Gino says:

    I can receive text messages but when I try to respond I get error #34, network not responding, has anyone seen this?

  25. gino says:

    I found that my network error was coming from my sprint air raid.
    They changed my maid and all was well.

  26. Lee Harrison says:

    I noticed after two separate installs, I lost my ability to make any call as my service is gone and when I look at my specs, my imei and all other numbers are gone. Phone works if I go back to the original sprint rom. Thanks in advance! Sorry if this ha been already covered.

  27. Pavan says:

    Thank you for this Rom. It’s awesome. I have 3 issues id like some help with. The weather widget isn’t working. And on the pull down menu how can I get rid of the added top and bottom bars. The bar with the quick launch buttons and the bar with the sound power and volume up and down and also the system info on the top left of the screen. Please help I love this Rom.

    • Michael W. says:

      Don’t know if you got this fixed yet but I went into Apps Manager and listed all apps. Clicked on the Weather app and did Force Stop and delete data and it started working just fine after that.

  28. Gino says:

    Raul I need your assistance if you are still around.

  29. joseph says:

    Don’t like the dialer it doesn’t have the extra volume setting when I’m in a call I love the wrong but the dialer sucks

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