Biggins ROM v8.3 for AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon Galaxy Note 3!


For this week’s Verizon Galaxy Note 3 ROM of the Week, check out the latest Biggins ROM v8.3 by XDA user Deuce_biggins!

Based on latest Android 4.4.2 Verizon Firmware, the latest Biggins ROM is better than ever and this is my daily driver ROM.  Inside you will find a revamped Biggins theme, everything tricked out from your drop down screen, multi-window bar, icons, etc…etc…

UPDATE: I’ve tested Biggins ROM working 100% flawless on AT&T Galaxy Note 3 using Safestrap.  Just make sure to set APN.  Verified that 3G, 4G LTE, MMS, SMS, and voice all work 100%.  Should also work fine on T-Mobile.

I currently don’t have an SM-N9005, if you have SM-N9005, please flashing this ROM and setting the APN and see if it works.

UPDATE: For Sprint Note 3, I got everything working except MMS/SMS, you can get around broken MMS/SMS by using Google Voice instead.

Biggins ROM also comes with a modded S5 TouchWiz launcher, which is super-fast out-of-the-box plus you will be able to change themes easily and convert your Note 3 easily into an LG G3, LG Flex, Sony Xperia, iPhone, and much much more. (You will need to flash the TouchWiz themes add-on to get the extra themes btw.)

99 Responses

  1. Will says:

    So, I already have Biggins ROM. Am I able to just update it somehow without basically starting over?

  2. Robert says:

    Do i need to Download NC2 and upload it using odin if im on NC4? thats what the instructions seem like they suggest where as for NC2 it says only if it doesnt reboot upload NC4 using odin

  3. Jason truong says:

    Love this ROM

  4. Jason truong says:

    The only problems are WiFi doesn’t connect automatically on reboot
    And also it used 22gb on a clean installed stock ROM slot

  5. Daniel Johnson says:

    The ROM is great but I can’t connect to the WiFi.

    • Jason truong says:

      Did you use switch smart? And WiFi check? If yes then you can’t
      Connect to WiFi at all, I did use sswitch smart with WiFi checked
      Then I had wiped and restored otherwise can’t connect.

  6. jaime says:

    Do you know why my super su won’t upgrade?

  7. jaime says:

    Anything too fix the WiFi connect issues

  8. Travis says:

    I have flashed this rom and for some reason my gallery can no longer load my images. If i ue quickpic then i can load images but get an error (Unknown error (code 14) Could not open database)

    anyone else have this issue?

  9. jason says:

    Wifi is not working properly, it’s freeze every time I switch
    Network , have to wiped and restored twice a day between work and home,
    It’s annoying. Otherwise I think this is one of the best ROM
    Thanks Deauce!
    Please update fixed wifi 😉

  10. anthony says:

    installed 8.3, 5×5, per instructions no problem…..I’m not able to add or edit the APN. Anyone else have that issue or know how to fix it?

  11. Andrae says:

    Wifi wont connect….please help!!!!!!!

  12. Reid says:

    Do NOT install on AT&T phone. Will NOT function properly. This guy posts a bunch of lies so be careful what he says.

    • Max Lee says:

      Works fine on mine, what are you having problems with? You don’t need to accuse people just because you couldn’t get it to work, perhaps you are doing something wrong, make sure you wipe before installing.

      • Reud says:

        don’t sass me boy

        • Max Lee says:

          Did you even do the APN setting? Make sure you do everything I told you to do on this page, otherwise your phone will not function normally nor even be able to get any kind of data.

          I do my best to help people but I ain’t gonna spend my time on people who troll.

  13. Ulysses says:

    Don’t worry Max, we all know all the hard work you put into your video’s and appreciate your willingness to help us any chance you get when WE do something wrong or just don’t get it. I’ve been following you well over a year now and have never had any issues flashing ROMs with your videos and directions. Your videos are VERY helpful. I just finished flashing Biggins ROM v8 and V8.3 (which is an absolutely awesome ROM) on my Verizon Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900V without any issues and didn’t need to go into download mode and install NC4 firmware using ODIN. I did notice something I wanted to ask you though. I went to check the Build Number in settings and noticed that the build number shows as “bigginsROM V7 N900VVRUCNC4” and not V8.3 as I expected. Is this correct? Also, I travel a lot so I usually have my note 3 on my iBOLT xProDock Active Car Dock but even after setting the “Auto rotate screen” I can’t get my lock screen and home screen to rotate into landscape. I’ve also tried it with Xposed but still can’t get it to rotate into landscape for lock screen and home screen. Any advise? Thanks again for all you do!!

    • Ulysses says:

      BTW, I’m coming from bigginsROM V7 to V8.3. Should’ve I flashed bigginsROM V8 alone and then V8.3 etc..? I flashed them all together.

    • Max Lee says:

      You can try using Wanam Xposed app to get lockscreen to landscape, that’s not a Samsung feature out of the box so… Yes, you have to flash both files, it is V8.3 if it says V7, that could just be that the developer forgot to update the version number, just ignore.

  14. Nick says:

    I’m on stock firmware with my Verizon Note 3. I’m not having any issues flashing Biggins, simply because I can’t add the original Biggins custom ROM to my phone. My computer tells me that the .zip is invalid? I’ve never run into this on any custom ROMs before, so I’m pretty baffled. Is it a bad download?

    • Max Lee says:

      Yes must be bad download, make sure your internet is stable as these files are large and will not download correctly if your internet isn’t stable

  15. Jason truong says:

    Hi Max, last week I installed this rom, but I had a hard time
    Switching network it’s freezed every time on ms n900a
    I wiped and used stock rom, till today I see u posted a build prop editor
    So I installed again, but this time it got worst every time I got on
    G play and try to dl the build prop editor my wifi freezed and
    Never came back I tried install the rom in many different ways
    But with the same happened over and over, I’m now back at
    Knox raid , it’s great if you can help me with this, I like the DB rom

  16. jaime says:

    Know how to fix the 3 mint battery issue needs updating?

  17. TRILLIGAF says:

    Will this method work for any SM-N900Z ROMs since it changes the model number to the Verizon model?


  18. TRILLIGAF says:

    Oh, and I would love to have this in red instead of blue. Anyway possible?????

    Thank you,

  19. Jason truong says:

    Anyone else still got dead wifi other than me?

    • Daniel says:

      I’m still having wifi issues as well.

    • George Creel says:

      Yeah, I have an AT&T Note 3, and I just loaded the Biggins ROM with safestrap. I loaded it in a ROM slot rather than stock slot. Everything works except wifi as described above. I have tried the suggested Build Prop Editor, but this did not help. When I rebooted, wifi still did not work and the Build Prop value was “true” again.

  20. Ziliang Zhao says:

    This rom works on my AT&T Note 3. It does have wifi issue. After revising the system configuration using Max’s solution (BuildProp Editor), it can connect to wifi automatically. Although the system always freezes (for like 10s) after selecting wifi, it is tolerable. For AT&T users, you do need to add VPN to get mobile data working.

    So far so good. Thank you Max!

    One more question, if there is an update of this rom (e.g., 8.4), can I use Safestrap to flash the update zip file directly? Or I have to re-install the entire rom?

  21. Danny says:

    Love this rom, installed it over my stock rom slot per the instructions and have had no issues (including downloading biggins solid background and black theme mods). Only issue I have seen is that the 3minit battery is claiming that it is an out of date version and will force close. (in dbMods app). Any idea where the update is and how I can install it? This ROM is a lot nicer than the Jasmine I had installed prior.

  22. Jason truong says:

    I still got wifi issue even used Max method
    using build prop editor value always back to true from false and also fail to
    save . Is there any other way to fix? Even I have wifi all day, when I switch network wifi
    always crashed and dead.
    att sm n900a
    I really lIke the Rom especially battery consumption.

  23. bo says:

    Lost all my contacts….

  24. Edgar Gomez says:

    If everything is marked with verizon how is that we can install on AT&T. Please give detail instructions on how to install on AT&T. Video please…

  25. tazniner says:

    for everyone having trouble with wifi not working on the at&T model make sure to re root your phone after rom install and update supersu 🙂

  26. Paul says:

    Does this have to be flashed ver my stock rim and if so why?

  27. Paul says:

    Does this have to be flashed over my stock rom and if so why?

  28. Jason truong says:

    This is my current WiFi issue on DB room
    It doesn’t auto connect to a network from work to home
    or from home to work wifi, to be able to connect to a network
    or an open wifi, first I have to reboot the phone then connect
    manually or my wifi will crash and dead for good if I don’t reboot
    before connect to any wifi network,
    I’ve tested it many times.

  29. FriGiN Guy says:

    Tried to get buildprop workaround to work, re-rooted using kingoo’s root and super su just wont update at all wifi just wont work on this build for the att note 3

  30. Edgar Gomez says:

    I tried everything to make it work on AT&T Galaxy note 3. Even the BuildPro Editor to make WiFi work. Did not work. Only work data but you know you have limit to your data Gigs. So I went back to the S5.

  31. Jason truong says:

    I’m still using DB rom, I still need a reboot every time
    I connect to any network, my Supersu bin fail to update,
    titanium back up doesn’t recognize root access other than that everything it’s working great

    the S5 is not bad
    I found it consume battery rapidly and also my SM-N900A
    get hot even just browsing the web using main slot,
    so I just just use rom slot 1 and it’s working fine just a minor
    reboot issue

  32. Ken says:

    Hi, thanks for the rom and instructions. Works well on 900v. Is there any way to go to a stock theme vs the all blue?

  33. Kayla says:

    I just bought a Galaxy note 3. I am connected to the wifi at my house but its not working. it keeps saying connection timed out. and ive been trying to fix it and i dont have the auto connection thing or the other thing it could be called. i have no clue how to do it. please help??

  34. Brandon says:

    I got past the WiFi issue. What I can’t figure out is, in the status bar options I changed the color of my clock and it disappeared. I had to factory reset. When I go to edit a color for anything, the color codes change but no swatch indicates the said color. (Checkered gray and white) If I choose a swatch it will make things disappear! Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks in advance! (AT&T note 3)

    • Bkrayzay says:

      I’m having the same issue, everything else works fine, but not my clock. Same thing happened with my network speed, changed the color then poof… gone, nothing more than a fond memory! I reset my davlick cache, and cache. I won’t factory reset it since its not a major issue. I’m on a Note 3 n900v. Anything would be appreciated, other than this problem great work!

  35. Bryan says:

    I have the 900a. I downloaded the rom working fine. WiFi issue fixed with changing the My issue is my play store will not connect to google. It says It cannot establish a connection to the server. I went to settings and removed my account and was going to sign back in but now it won’t let me. Please help.

  36. vj says:

    It is working fine on a AT&T note 3
    1) install 8.0 and 8.3 via safe strap
    2) re root via towel root
    3) download buildprop editor make changes to A: Download and Install BuildProp Editor app from Play Store then change the line “” value from “true” to “false” then reboot.   That will fix the wifi is
    4) you may need to make this change several times to stick.


    • vj says:

      AT&T phone issues +phone number preventing responding back to text messages. Verizon Backup Online software cannot be removed. Themes keep crashing with or without reboot. I switched to Dynamic Kat ROM. Seems to be better with AT&T phones.

  37. James says:

    So I installed this rom last week….it was working fine then all the sudden I start getting the “internal storage full” issue and I tried everything to correct it and couldnt. So I decided to start with new clean wipe of phone to start from scratch again. That corrected the internal space however two issues now arise….
    1. My data speeds are extremely inconsistent……back to back speed test range anywhere from 12 DL/0.8 UL then next test 3 DL / 7 UL (this was just most recent as tests are all over the board)
    2. Phone seems to hang/freeze upon trying to install certain apps ie; Facebook hangs in “Facebook is loading” all blue screen. Also a game I play once I install and get into the game all the sudden my touch screen no longer works.

    I have tried wiping and refreshing several times but am getting the same result everytime. Lost as to what’s going on as this seems very odd. Any ideas as to what I can try? I am on Verizon and followed all steps including Odin kernel flash as my phone was already NC4 status.

  38. Paul Garcia says:

    Eve y time I connect to the Internet it say that I am getting an OA update and when I try to go to my settings to cancel it it tell me connecting to DM server and then nothing. How do I keep from getting the OA update and are you offering the same update for rooted phones.

  39. Dave says:

    how do i install the themes i only have the biggins default and its too noisy i like something less funky ( i installed along the rom when i originally installed biggins rom in safestrap…

  40. Jason truong says:

    I have been using this rom for awhile now with wifi issue,
    lately I found my phone reboot itself quite often, even
    power off itself, this rom is not for gamer it took awhile to load and also
    not best for youtube.

    Otherwise great rom.

  41. Jason truong says:

    Love the battery tho, it’s the best on battery.

  42. Tony Johnson says:

    Hi max I have a problem with getting a GPS lock with this rom. I the t – Mobile note 3

  43. Jaime says:

    Does this work with tmobile

  44. Tony Johnson says:

    works perfect with T Mobile note 3 everything working perfectly

  45. Tony Johnson says:

    normal recovery

  46. Jason truong says:

    Will flashing modules help the wifi issue? Since the
    editor prop won’t on my phone?

  47. jaime says:

    Can I use safestrap on t-mobile note 3?

  48. Jason truong says:

    I don’t think there’s a safestrap for tmobile
    only att and Verizon cuz we have locked bootloader

  49. dean says:

    What do i have to do to get wifi to work? i have tried using build prop editor and it has not worked i have rebooted and still nothing why wont wifi work?

  50. Dwangs says:

    I can NOT instal this on my AT&T n900a i been trying thru safetrap do i need to try thru the normal recovery? please help this stock rom is killing me

  51. hamid says:

    I install this rom on my galaxy note 3 SM-N900V. i am unable to switch on my 4G LTE. 4g switch app is not compatible with my hand set. plz suggest me what to do next.

    hamid hameed

  52. groove says:

    hey, do what vj will fix your wifi problem….also dont install the other zip file until after you get wifi working…i think may be to much going on for phone all at once…i let my at&t note 3 sit for bout ten minutes then re rooted and updated binarys then install build prop editor….worked like a charm.,….i was determine to have this rom…its great…also then i install all the launchers,,no wipe or factory reset…..

  53. Jean says:

    Anyone having a google music play issue….? “Package file was not signed correctly. Uninstall the previous copy of the app and try again.”

  54. Paul says:

    I am wanting to flash the biggins rom on my AT&T note 3 and when I add the zip to my question it says that this rom may render my phone unusable. Is the VZN rom ok to use on my at&t phone?

  55. Paul says:

    To mmy que nor question

  56. Paul says:

    I am using the SMn900a

  57. Paul says:

    I love this rom but I am having issues with my clock. It is 7 hrs ahead of where I am at and when I change it in my clock settings it say the right time but won’t show on my lock screen. Still shows the incorrect time. Please help.

  58. Jimmy says:

    How do I go.about downloading this room because everyone I do it stops downloading and says download unsuccessful..I downloaded es file manager and downloaded through that and try and un zip file and it says bad file please help I have the note 3 SM-N900V

  59. George Creel says:

    Re-rooting with towelroot and reinstalling supersu, followed by Build Prop Editor instructions solved the wifi problem.

  60. FriGiN says:

    I have the N900A and i’ve tried everything i can find or think of to get ro.securestorage to be false and nothing i do works this phone is wifi only right now so i can’t towelroot or reinstall supersu any suggestions would be keen.

  61. Vick says:

    I installed jasmine v5 on my Verizon note 3. Now i wanna try this beggins rom. Can i use flashfire to install this rom on my device? Thanks

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