Jedi Elite ROM for Galaxy Note 3! [T-Mobile/Canadian]

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For this week’s T-Mobile SM-N900T and Canadian SM-N900W8 Note 3 ROM of the week, check out Jedi Elite ROM by XDA user Ptmr3.

Jedi Elite ROM is based on T-Mobile’s Samsung firmware, bringing you lots of great features along with Saber kernel which allows overclocking up to a “whopping” 2.649 Ghz.

This custom ROM will keep most of your Samsung features but add new features like Viper4Android audio app, LMT Pie, floating notifications, Xposed Wanam app, Pen Window Manager app, Xposed Settings app, and much more.  You will also get TWO cameras, Android 4.3 PhotoSphere camera along with regular Note 3 camera.

You will also find some nice Light Saber UI sounds for Star Wars addicts out there.

As for performance, Jedi Elite ROM is powered by Bravia Engine 3 for better quality photos and videos. You can use the onboard Trickster MOD app to overclock/underclock your CPU, adjust CPU voltages (for better battery life), and even enable fast USB charge (for charging faster on computer USB port).

Overall, Jedi Elite ROM is another great start for those of you who own a T-Mobile or Canadian Note 3 and certainly will be one of the best custom TouchWiz ROMs again. So, definitely check it out for this week(end) and do let me know what you think!

40 Responses

  1. Rick Daoiz says:

    Does anybody already tried this ROM? I used to had it on my late galaxy note 2.

    • Alik says:

      it crashed my phone so badly, i didn’t know if i could even recover from it. none of the apps worked, and even after full wipe and stock ROM installation, i think i still have some remnants left in the system

      • Abdullah says:

        I have successfully flashed my note 3 with this and it is working excellent. Note though I used twrp and v3.1 of the rom not 2.2 here.

  2. S3 Prototype says:

    I’ve been seeing alot of bugs with other roms having WIFI and bluetooth problems? does this one suffer too?

    • Jwoodcapital says:

      Killed bluetooth on mine. I have the N900-T. Can’t seem to find a fix for it yet. Gonna gave to go back to stock rom for now, I need bluetooth for driving.

  3. Mr Smith says:

    I could not install the rom. I get an error signature failure.

  4. Rocky D says:

    I have the Canadian Note 3, and i haven’t tried this rom personally i am using another T-Mobile based rom called DarthStalker Note 3 + SaberKernel Red 5.2 – My phones battery life + performance is off the charts amazing! I would recommend this rom highly to everyone interested!

  5. James says:

    I had this for my Note 2 on the at&t version which was my all time favorite rom. When will this be available for the at&t Note 3?

    • Rocky D says:

      I dont know about this rom, but you can flash Darthstalker Note 3 rom anytime on your AT&T Note 3. The rom developer has added support for other carrier / models … While your flashing it asks you to choose your country & carrier’s Note 3. Just goto the XDA page for it rom and read up on it! (Be sure to also combo it with SaberKernel Red 5.2 for amazing performance + battery life!)

  6. lx2 says:

    can I install this on sm-n9005?

  7. samh says:

    It works fine on my tmobil note 3 thank you.

  8. klerin Hercules says:

    Working like a charm on SM-N900T. Battery life is so much better, the tweaks are really good, and over all I’m satisfied. I followed the directions just as stated here and XDA. even the 10 mins rule, which I thought it was stupid but he bought me when he mentioned the build of the Cache. I didn’t mess with the voltage nor over clocked the device, it’s fast enough for every game/task/multitasking I throw at it. Hopefully in a future they incorporate a browser from its predecessor, note 2, as that one supports flash. Small tip: you might want to stay away from the 5×5. the 5×5 will probably ruin most of your widgets. The widgets stay 4×4 and cannot be resized.

    • Alik says:

      really???? my phone was getting HOT, battery life dropped at least 3 times… awful.. Reboot gives me warning about non-standard kernel being used, takes 3-4 times of looping before it actually boots up…

      BTW, i went all the way to Jedi Master 17 on my note 2 and never had any problems, so…

    • Jwoodcapital says:

      Having the same troubles as Alik on my N900-T. Phone is getting hot, bluetooth no longer works, battery is draining faster than I can recharge it. Gonna try a different rom, this one isn’t working for me.

  9. Abdullah says:

    The xda has version 3 of this rom but the one here is v2 so which one should we try?

  10. Daniel says:

    I flashed the latest version of the ROM from the xda forms using CWM recovery and its working flawlessly so far. The battery life has improved, better performance and less ram usage. However the rom still uses touchwiz so I would recommend getting nova luncher from the play store and using that instead.

  11. Dom says:

    Does Wifi calling work? i have jedi master 17 on my note 2 and wifi calling is horrendously bad.

  12. Rocky Gray says:

    I have the Gear watch I got with my Note 3. Will it still work the same with this Custom ROM?

  13. Scott says:

    I tried to install with newest TWRP and got a boot loop.

    It said: kernel is not seandroid enforcing

    I was able to restore, and I tried to do a full wipe, and same thing.

    I then had to go in and do a factory restore through ODIN.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    • Robert H says:

      make sure you have the latest version of TWRP. Also, I get the same error message on boot about the kernel but it loads the OS and works like a charm.

    • Robert H says:

      Download and open Goo Manager app from Play Store. Hit Menu button and select “Install OpenRecoveryScript”.
      Double-check that the end of the filename matches your device name and hit “Yes”.

      AT&T Galaxy S4 = jflteatt

      T-Mobile Galaxy S4 = jfltetmo

      Sprint Galaxy S4 = jfltespr

      Verizon Galaxy S4 = jfltevzw

      GT-i9505 Galaxy S4 = jfltexx

      Canadian Galaxy S4 = jfltecan

      US Celluar Galaxy S4 = jflteusc
      Once it’s successfully flashed TWRP recovery, you will see “Recovery has been installed” .
      Choose “Reboot recovery” to reboot into TWRP recovery.
      Wipe and try installing again….good luck

  14. Jwoodcapital says:

    Overall this ROM isn’t working for my N900-T. It’s getting hot, the battery is draining so fast that I have to plug it into a wall socket because my computer’s usb 3 port won’t charge it fast enough to stop the battery drain.

    It killed my bluetooth so that now my phone can’t find my BMW bluetooth, my Plantronics bluetooth headset, or any of my other devices.

    It does allow for free/unlocked tethering, however, which is why I wanted to try this one but I’m gonna have to go back to stock and try another ROM. I need bluetooth more than I need tethering.

    Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this one.

  15. imix says:

    Does this ROM support Bluetooth Tethering? I’m not Canadian Note 3, for some reason under tethering option, BT Tethering is not available. Wondering if this one has it enabled.


  16. Gonzalo says:

    Hi, im downloading this rom V5 from XDA, it still compatible with canadian note 3 n900w8??? please anybody?? 3:

  17. Dante says:

    Any word on Jedi Elite kit kat?

    • Alik says:

      i have been checking XDA every day nit nothing yet on KK version. BTW, v5 has some of the KK features and seemed to be exceptionally stable unlike versions 2 and 3 in my previous postings

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  19. Austin Brown says:

    I flashed JediElite 4.4.2 + Compulsion kernel on my SM-N900W8, all great except no data. ! Too bad, kick rom otherwise.,
    Any fixes???

    On the Telus network btw.

  20. Michael says:

    I have a samsung note 3 usa t-mobile n900t, i rooted the phone, downloaded chainfire’s region lock away and I continue to get the same error: the result of updating the modem was unexpected-can’t be sure if the patch worked or not! Rebooting and trying again sometimes fixes the problem……..I tried rebooting and running the program several times but nothing. Can you please help I really need to fix this. I am using a straighttalk sim for at&t. Hoping you can get back to me soon:

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